A Bedtime Story

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[Author’s note: All characters in the story are at least 25 years old. None of them are real. But all of them seem to be having a great time.]

A shudder rolled down her back and through her hips, pushing her up against his mouth. From years of invigorating experience, David knew that an orgasm would soon follow.

He withdrew his tongue. A moan escaped from Sandra’s mouth. He moved slowly up her body, tongue and fingers touching along the way. Soon, David lay on top of her, full length of bodies matched as best they could, he being six feet tall and she a more modest five foot three. He licked her ear.

“Would you like to hear a story?” he asked softly. After ten years of enjoyable sex, David and Sandra had recently come across a new kind of foreplay: shared fantasies. And since David was the verbal (and very oral) side of the mating, he shared his fantasies with his wife as they made love. The results were some fantastic orgasms.

“Mmmmmm,” responded Sandra. Her hands rubbed up and down his back and pressed down at the lower end. David’s very eager erection began to penetrate. “I’m all ears….”

David snorted. “And I’m Mr. Potatohead.” He slid into her and sighed deeply. Then he pulled back out. “But as you may be aware, Mr. Potatohead loves to tell stories.” He licked as much of her neck as she would let him, then lifted himself up above her, straight-armed. He smiled a deep smile and flexed some muscles.

“We are invited over for dinner by a couple. That’s cool. What we didn’t quite count on is the top-quality hashish they served as appetizers. Dinner was excellent, as we floated along at 30,000 feet. But dessert turned out to be a surprise. As Bob – the husband – and I cleared the dishes, the woman, let’s call her Pat, walked up behind your chair and gave you a slow burn of a neck rub. The guys went in and out with the plates and glasses, and each time we came back to the dining room, your head had fallen a little farther back and Pat’s hands has reached a little farther over your shoulders and down your blouse. Bob gave me a couple of shrugging smiles. The hash had settled pleasantly into my brain – and yours, from the looks of things.”

David paused to reach down and swirl a nipple around in his mouth. Sandra traced a finger down his chest hair patterns to his navel. Her eyes closed, she relaxed, fell into the rhythm and sensations of the fantasy. From previous conversations with Mr. Potatohead, David knew that his wife was comfortable with seductions from both sides of the chromosomal mix.

The nipple swollen, David returned to his plot….

Things moved pretty rapidly from there. By the time Bob and David started up the dishwasher and got back to the dining room, Pat was actually straddling Sandra’s legs, her blouse wide open. David’s heart beat pretty damn fast and with good reason. His wife’s breasts – beautifully round and full – were exposed, her nipples stiff. Eyes still closed, she let Pat’s hands roam freely, around the contours of her breast, up to the nipples. Then Pat leaned over and enclosed the right nipple with her mouth. Sandra let out a gasp which slowed into a sigh. Her hands came up to Pat’s head and stroked her brown hair.

Meanwhile David and Bob stood at the entrance and panted heavily. David had no inclination to initiate any sort of move on Bob and, fortunately, it looked like Bob felt the same way. All eyes rested on the women. David had been fully erect from the moment Pat first kissed Sandra. By this time, the erection was throbbing and in need of some freedom. He walked a little awkwardly over to the women, knelt next to Sandra and slowly moved his hand up her leg, under the skirt, to her thigh, under and around. Again Sandra sighed and this time opened her eyes.

“Oh, David…” She smiled dreamily and closed her eyes again.

Pat pulled away from Sandra and turned to David. She reached across his wife’s legs and pulled his face to her. They kissed. Pat’s lips were warm, burning. Her tongue explored his teeth, lips, tongue, cheeks.

After a very long time the kiss ended. David gasped for breath. Pat smiled and caught his eye. “I suggest that we all move çeşme escort to the bedroom.”

In just a few minutes, the king-size waterbed was at their side. Clothing was peeled off an item at a time, David and Pat, Sandra and Bob helping each other, as much with their hands as their tongues. Then everyone was naked and the world paused, as they each looked at one another and teetered on the edge of new territory. David was struck suddenly at the physical pairings he saw. Pat was a tall and compact woman. She worked out regularly and you could see it in her well-defined muscles, flat stomach, erect posture. Her breasts weren’t as large as Sandra’s, but they were firm and high. Her nipples, small and dark, pronounced themselves thoroughly excited. Pat’s hips and buttocks were slender, sleek, curved just enough to make David ache at the thought of gripping them.

Her husband was quite different. Shorter than both women, Bob was dark, wide, solid. David could see just the hint of a tire developing at his waist. Yet his arms and legs were powerful. His shoulders and chest were hairy and provided an unbroken trail straight down to his crotch. The dark mass of pubic hair would certainly have hidden his penis entirely, except that it was managing quite well to point up at the ceiling all by itself.

These two friends were mirror opposites to David and Sandra. David was tall and slender, with big feet and hands and enough muscle to power his martial arts and daily three-mile runs. Sandra was shorter than he by a head. David was slim. Sandra was not, however, wide. She was lush. She was full. Her breasts did not defeat gravity quite as completely as Pat. But, hey, she’d breast-fed their four-year old. Her nipples were thick as David’s pinky finger (he’d compared them closely).

As David looked around him, he realized that physically Sandra and Bob matched up well. And Pat – Pat looked as though she could mold directly against his body. She looked as though he could enter her with both standing and no one off balance. She looked — directly at David, then moved forward and, as if she’d read his mind, pressed up against him, and enveloped him in a kiss. The room spun away. He wrapped his arms around her back and squashed her against him. His erection pulsated against her stomach.

She nibbled his neck and he opened his eyes to find Bob and Sandra in a similar embrace.

Pat separated slowly, peeled herself away. She turned and stroked Sandra’s fine black hair, ran fingertips over shoulder blades covered with a sheen of nervous sweat.

“Sandra,” she said softly, “would you be interested in playing a game?” Her hand moved down to the other woman’s buttocks, then around to Sandra’s abdomen, played with the upper wisps of dark pubic hair.

Sandra nodded, eyes closed, head resting against Bob’s shoulder. “Game?” she murmured. “At this point, I think you’ll find me interested in just about anything you have in mind.”

Pat smiled broadly, moved her hand to her husband’s erection (which was having trouble staying away from Sandra’s thigh) and gave it a playful squeeze. When she spoke her voice was low and easy. “You are a beautiful and very exciting woman, Sandra. Lay down on the bed.”

As Sandra moved to the bed, David stepped forward and cupped her head in his hand. He looked into her eyes, found nothing but burning desire, bent to share a hot, wet kiss. Then Sandra lay on the bed and looked to Pat.

“Close your eyes, lovely lady. Close your eyes and concentrate on pure physical sensation.” Sandra closed her eyes. Pat perched on the edge of the bed, legs crossed. Her right hand twirled Sandra’s right nipple, then the left, very softly. They immediately filled out impressively.

“This is a very simple game,” Pat continued. “Keeping your eyes closed, you will feel two different erections, one after the other, enter you for a short amount of time. These masculine monsters will minimize any contact with you outside of their fantastic cocks. You will then try – and you have to experience both first – you will then try to guess which of those erections was your husband’s. If you guess right, he gets to fuck escort çeşme you like crazy. If you guess wrong, you get to experience Bob’s cock through and through. Not a shabby consolation prize, believe me.”

Sandra’s breathing quickened. Her own hands flickered over her stomach and legs. David swallowed. He glanced over the length of his wife’s thoroughly stimulated body. His eyes flickered to Bob, his thick body, his thick erection – and a wave of doubt washed over him. He ran a hand through his hair (thinning a bit at the front).

“David?” Pat spoke in the brief silence, as if she sensed his doubt, but also to invite him. “Do you want to play the game?”

Sandra opened her eyes, ran her tongue over her lips and her hands over Pat’s breasts, and generally showed very few reservations about the rules. That decided David. He even managed a smile and a nod. Sandra closed her eyes again, spread her legs, knees partially lifted. Her fingers ran down her thighs, trickled into her vagina, parted the flesh. Pat bent over and added her tongue to the foray. After just a few minutes, Sandra was lifting her pelvis to meet Pat’s stimulation. Her breath was ragged, but she was a fine player: her eyes stayed closed.

Pat withdrew; David felt a tremendous rush of desire as he watched his wife’s cunt jut into the air, looking for a tongue, a cock, anything. Pat put a finger to her lips.

A game played in silence. She nodded to David and directed him to his wife. He knelt on the bed between his wife’s legs, planted his hands on either side of her body, suspended himself over Sandra. She reached up to touch the body she could sense was there, but Pat said “Uh uh!” and she pulled away. Her back arched. Pat reached in and got a firm grip on David. She guided him to a very wet opening and slowly let him push the tip of his erection in.

Sandra had wondered if she would recognize him. No one but David had entered her for the past seven years, but that could work both ways. She should know every nuance of his penetration, and yet she had no way of measuring just how sensitive that would make her to feeling differences. But at the very first moment of contact, Sandra knew at a level deeper than conscious thought that this was her husband. Everything was familiar and solid and very, very nice. Sandra almost blurted out his name, but she remembered the rules and, with a tingle through her body, remembered about round two. Still, she relaxed around David’s stiff penis, happy to let him slide in further while he was there.

And then Pat’s fingers came up firmly against her clitoris and rubbed. Sandra moaned and pushed up to get more cock….but she was blocked.

“Take it easy, there, little sister,” said Pat. “That’s just the first one.” She motioned to David, who pulled out, disappointed but still looking happy enough. That was understandable considering the expert motions of Pat’s fingers. She apparently took pity on his poor thick penis, because she then bent down and took it in her mouth. Bob felt left out, so he stepped up behind his wife. As she increased her coverage of David’s crotch, he spread apart her buttocks and slid into her cunt long and deep.

Pat let out a strangled, bubbling groan of pleasure. Sandra cried out “What? What?” and had to struggle not to open her eyes. Her hands moved to her clitoris, almost reflexively. Pat arched her back and pushed herself more firmly against Bob. She held herself still that way for a moment. Then slowly, reluctantly, she let David’s erection spring out of her mouth, and pulled away from her husband as well.

“Okay, Sandra,” she said, her voice soft and wistful, as if a close friend had just said goodbye, “Round Two.” Bob very enthusiastically moved to the bed and took position over Sandra. His penis and his forehead both glistened – but only the latter jumped noticeably with his pulse. Pat again wrapped a hand around the erection, this time stroking it ever so lightly, and then allowed Bob to make his move.

The darkness of closed eyes can make one’s world either very broad or very narrow. Sandra’s senses had already been pretty well focused after the first feeling çeşme escort bayan of a fuck, but when the head of Bob’s erection came into contact with her primed cunt, it was if her entire world collapsed, both time and space, into a cone of pure physical energy right between her legs.

Just as she was immediately sure that her husband had been first in line, recognition of DIFFERENCE was instantaneous with the second penetration. But it went far beyond recognition, for as Bob’s wider, slightly rougher-textured (could she really feel that? Sandra wondered all in that incredible instant) penis moved further, in to the limit of Pat’s fingers, a hunger exploded from within. It started in her vagina, but the wrenching ache soon reached to her neck, her arms and legs, her lips. Sandra’s body wanted very badly to be fucked by this DIFFERENT penis. Seven years a vegetarian, it seemed to be saying, now I want some meat! She was stunned by this force, but simultaneously whatever passed for the rationale part of her mind was working overtime to play the game:

I want Bob to fuck me. I want Pat to take away her hand. So I can’t guess right, even though I know this is Bob and that was David. And I know that David knows it. I don’t want to hurt his feelings, but I want Bob. Now. I can’t guess right. I’ve got to be wrong.

“David! This is David!” whispered Sandra hoarsely. She pushed at Pat’s hand. Pat laughed and let go. Sandra opened her eyes, arched her pelvis up to Bob and literally sucked him in. Bob grunted in surprise and satisfaction, lowered his body to hers. Sandra closed her eyes again and felt the full strangeness of this non-husband inside her, stretching the walls, pushing up deep. She understood that there was a man attached to the erection, that he was laying on her, that his tongue, in fact, was searching out her mouth, but all that was barely noticed. She just wrapped her legs around Bob’s hips and pushed him in further. She lost herself in this massively wonderful intercourse.

Meanwhile, back at the husband, David was a bit nonplussed. His erection lost momentum as he watched his lovely wife abandon herself rather completely to another man. Maybe this wasn’t such a grand idea after all, he thought.

“Hey, David.” Pat broke into his thoughts. She came up behind him and pressed her body against his. “C’mon, guy. What did you expect? When Sandra let me sink my tongue into her, she wasn’t thinking about fidelity — and either were you. Leave her to enjoy Bob.” She ran her hands down his chest to his penis, stroked it, reached under and around his scrotum. “I want to get to enjoying you.”

The jealous husband closed his eyes and concentrated on feeling Pat’s breasts flattened against his back, a very wet public mound tickling his ass, and above all her fingers, which had brought his erection back to full strength. David could still hear Sandra gasping, grunting with each thrust from Bob, but it no longer seemed as important as getting Pat to respond to David in the same way.

As David came to terms with the various lustful tendencies present, Pat kissed her way down his back. She lingered at the small of his back, licking and massaging. Then she continued down his buttocks, tracing finger and tongue between his muscular butt cheeks. She gently pulled them apart. David shuddered and bent forward onto the bed. He felt an stab of fear, as Pat’s tongue found his anus and licked. No woman had ever gone after him like this. He felt control slipping away and stiffened. Pat circled her tongue patiently, ran her fingertips up and down his erection. Soon David relaxed, eased up, gave himself up to whatever would happen.

Pat pushed her tongue further into David’s ass, while at the same time squeezing lightly on his balls. She darted her tongue in and out, pressed against the sides, made him wet and slippery. David stopped being relaxed. What he felt was very much the opposition of relaxation. He felt an explosion growing in him, unlike any orgasm he’d ever experienced. He trembled; his muscles contracted spasmodically. His penis jumped in Pat’s hand. He groaned and pushed back at Pat’s face. She sensed that he was about to come and didn’t want him spent so rapidly. She moved two fingers at the base of his penis and pressed up firmly. She withdrew her tongue. Instantly, David felt the overwhelming need to come recede. He was left breathless and fell onto the bed.

“God, Pat,” he gasped. “Can you give me lessons?”

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