The Funeral

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I nursed my husband full time through the last three years of his life, three dreadful years as I watched him deteriorate to become a vegetable. Three years of making excuses for his increasing verbal abuse. Language that was never previously a part of his vocabulary; all down to the illness with him not knowing what he was saying. There were more years than I care to remember of not knowing what it was like to be held by a man, kissed or made love to. Those last three years was like living in purgatory, continually feeling I was being dragged down to hell as my own health suffered, at times wishing he would die. If it wasn’t for our son Tyler, who tormented the life out of me, ensuring that I ate, remained clean and fit and maintained my dress standards, I think that I would have passed away before him. The day he died I’m ashamed to say that I was relieved, pleased even, although I couldn’t show it.

Tyler, my son, who still lived at home realized just how much weight had been lifted from my shoulders and spoke openly of the suffering and the torment I was subjected to. After my husband’s body had been taken away to prepare him for burial Tyler held me in his arms to console me, kissing me on the forehead. He insisted that I go and soak in the tub and relax for an hour and make myself beautiful, his words not mine, insisting that he take me out for the evening.

Even wearing my best dress, when I looked in the mirror, all I saw was an old woman, a dowdy old woman, wondering how my son would want to take me out looking like this. As I walked down the stairs Tyler was very complementary telling me how beautiful I looked, we both knew he was exaggerating, but I loved him for it anyway. He was a perfect gentleman, offering me his arm when we got outside, opening the car door for me, then shutting it after ensuring that I was safe and comfortable. We drove for about an hour, I asked where we were going Tyler said that he knew of this restaurant which was off the beaten track. He thought it unlikely that we would meet anyone we knew, thereby preventing any embarrassment with people extending their sympathy, or the need to explain our motives for being there. After surprising me with a quick kiss on the lips said, “What the gossipers don’t know they can’t talk about.”

We had a very nice time at the restaurant, Tyler, when we spoke called me by my first name, Tracy or Trace, as his father called me. I think because of the romantic atmosphere, and crowded mainly with young couples, he refused to acknowledge me as his mother, and so I became his lady friend for the evening. Our meal was great and after sharing a bottle of wine we smooched around the dance floor packed with young couples. Having finished the first bottle of wine Tyler ordered a second which if my recollection is correct I drunk most of. I have never been a big drinker one glass of wine has usually been my limit, what enticed me to drink so much more that night I will never know. What with the restaurant’s ambience, relief of not having to attend to my husband and with an opportunity to let my hair down, probably for the first time in my life, I went overboard. I remember nothing of the journey home or going to bed, but woke up the next morning in bed hung over, wearing just my underclothes, my dress neatly folded and placed over the chair back.

Grabbing a robe I made my way downstairs, Tyler raised his head as I entered the kitchen, the grin on his face just got bigger and bigger. “That was quite a night mom, how do you feel?” Having suggested that he ask less stupid questions, I likened my condition to being kicked in the head by a herd of stampeding horses. Would I like breakfast? As if I could eat anything, but Tyler insisted that I should eat something and slipped a couple of slices of bread in the toaster. I wanted to know how I came to be in bed in just my underclothes. Tyler told me he took my dress off so that it wouldn’t get creased and since the room was dark and he kept his eyes shut, my dignity was untarnished.

Every time I wore that dress there was always problems doing the buttons up, and worse problems undoing them. It was highly unlikely that Tyler could remove my dress in a dark room with his eyes shut. I began to wonder just how much of my body he saw and if he deliberately peeked or even touched me. From what I remember about our closeness, and the way he held me while we danced, I couldn’t tell whether I was sad or pleased that my dignity was untarnished. For the first time in my life I began to look at my son in a different light.

For the next week we prepared for the funeral, by the end of which we had almost got over the stage where people were sending their condolences. Tyler suggested that I needed to buy a new outfit for the funeral, because when I tried on and showed him the black clothes from my closet, he said, and I agreed, that they were old and shabby. Tyler told me exactly what to buy a black skirt with the hem just below knee level, black satin or silk blouse and black lingerie. He ended up taking me shopping ensuring I bought items which cebeci escort pleased him. When I tried the items on they seemed a little bit on the risqué side compared to those clothes I had in my wardrobe. For the first time in my life I was going to wear, what I considered clothes that were sexy, not just to please myself but to please someone else, my son. My son, I wanted to look nice to please my son, nobody else just him.

The day before the funeral I paid one of my rare visits to the hairdressers, and the morning of the funeral when I came downstairs dressed all in black, Tyler said that I looked beautiful. Tyler assisted by his sister Ann had everything organized, the food, the drink, he had taken full charge and all we had to do that morning was lay it out. Things got a bit of a tight squeeze when we extended the leaves either end of the table. Several times we rubbed up against each other, sometimes facing each other where Tyler’s chest would brush across my breasts. Sometimes his pelvis would brush against my butt, or my pelvis would brush against his butt, we never seemed to pass back to back, with butts brushing against each other. I’m pretty sure it became a bit of a game, with him waiting for me to be standing at the table. Not that I minded, at least I was getting some attention and enjoying it to a certain extent, even though it was from my son.

The funeral service was on a Tuesday, early in the afternoon, a religious affair as requested by my husband. It wasn’t until the casket was being lowered into the grave that I was overcome and nearly collapsed, grabbing Tyler who supported me for the rest of the service. Most of the mourners returned to the house, where really I could have done without them and their sympathy. Tyler and Ann were a tower of strength making sure everybody got something to eat and drink, I did what I could and a couple of friends helped out, with everyone seemingly satisfied. Most stayed for a couple of hours then began to drift away, finally leaving Tyler, Ann and my two friends who helped to clear most of the things away before saying their farewells. When Ann said that she was about to leave, and noticing that I was tired and upset suggested that I go and lie on the bed for an hour, leaving Tyler with the last few things to clear away.

Tyler must have come upstairs and heard me sobbing, after it dawned on me that I was now a widow and alone with little prospects on how I was going to survive. There was no way I could rely on Tyler to support me he was obviously going to get married even if it was later rather than sooner, although he never had a girl friend at that time. I heard my bedroom door open, then felt movement on the bed as Tyler eased himself alongside, pulling me into his arms, attempting to pacify me as I snuggled closer to him. No words were spoken, laying safely in his arms, my sadness temporarily forgotten as I listened to him breathe. Thinking back I tried to remember when a man last held me on a bed in this manner. When someone held me so close that my breasts were pressed tight against them, allowing me to feel the rise and fall of their chest.

Suddenly I almost stopped breathing, obviously Tyler could feel the pressure of my breasts against his chest, but there seemed to be a stirring lower down. Time passed, nothing, but wait there it was again; Tyler shifted his position moving slightly away from me. I became curious wondering if our closeness was causing him to become excited. Under the pretext of getting more comfortable I eased myself closer to him, pressing tighter against him than before. Momentarily I slightly increased the pressure between us, then eased back proving to myself that he was sporting an erection, our closeness seemed to be causing my son to become aroused. The circumstances were unusual, how could a son have sexual thoughts about his mother, if that in fact was the case.

It became a challenge to test my son to see if he was sexually attracted to me, again I briefly increased then released the pressure of my groin against his, twice in fact. Tyler never reacted. Quite what I was expecting I couldn’t say, I suppose my only hope was that I would receive some sign from him confirming my thoughts. I pressed myself against him a number of times, further increasing the pressure, which certainly had an effect on me. It became like a drug, the more I pressed myself against him the more I wanted. By the time I became aware of the erotic effect of my behavior, I was continually rubbing myself up against him.

Tyler whispered in my ear, “Oh baby that’s nice.” Not only was I giving myself pleasure, but my son also. I was so aroused that I couldn’t prevent myself from going as fast as I could and applying as much pressure as possible, to feel my son pressing hard up against me. The situation wasn’t ideal with me wearing a skirt and him with pants on, I just had to make the best of it. For me the situation became very fraught, the longer and harder I rubbed myself up against him, the more aroused and aggressive I became. Towards the end cebeci escort bayan his hand gripped my ass, and I began grunting each time I rammed up against him. Eventually my grunting turned to whimpering then almost screaming when I eventually and surprisingly orgasmed.

Tyler was well aware of what happened and asked me outright if I had cum. I couldn’t look at him instead buried my face in his chest and confirmed that I had orgasmed before bursting into tears. He dismissed my apology saying, “Its okay baby I know it’s been a long time for you. Please don’t be concerned I enjoyed being with you and glad that I was able to take part in relieving some of your tension.” We lay quietly together for an hour or so before Tyler said, “Trace can I rub myself up against you until I cum?” Thinking about it I wasn’t really sure whether I should or not, I know that I shouldn’t allow him to do it, but felt guilty about the way I’d behaved. So in all honesty how could I refuse, shouldn’t Tyler have the same opportunity?

“Yes darling you can rub up against me.” Tyler got off the bed and began undoing his pants. “What are doing?”

“I’m taking my pants off and I want you to take your skirt off that way we can be closer together and feel more of each other.” I wasn’t prepared to take my skirt off, and told him so, I hadn’t removed it before, so why should I take it off this time. He intended that we should keep our underwear on. After removing his pants and his shirt he climbed back on the bed beside me wearing only his jockey shorts and pulled me close. His hand was feeling around the waistband of my skirt searching for the clasp. I asked him not to undo it, but he took no notice.

“Tyler please don’t pull my skirt off.” Even though it was trapped beneath me, he tugged at it, gradually dragging from under me. “Darling please don’t, not my skirt.” He took no notice and continued to pull on it. “Tyler now stop it.” By this time it was no longer trapped beneath me and he pulled easily down my legs and off over my feet.

“Come on babe spread your legs.” I wasn’t prepared to but he pushed them apart by forcing one, then both of his knees between my legs spreading them until he could finally lay on top of me. I felt his erection nestle along the entrance of my vagina, and because the area was saturated with my bodily fluids it felt as if there was nothing between us, nothing to prevent him from slipping inside me. My half-hearted struggle had been in vain, having been caught between not wanting him to remove my skirt and not wanting to hurt his feelings. He lay on top of me taking his weight on his forearms, his erection tight against me; his chest lightly pressing on my breast, slightly flattening them. He looked me straight in the eye as he began to work himself back and forth while pressing hard against me, I turned my head to avoiding looking into his eyes.

He began talking to me as he became more physical, saying things like, “You know Trace with your beauty I can understand why my father married you.” I really wasn’t listening to what he was saying, I was more concerned how his actions were playing with my emotions. Whether he was teasing me I couldn’t say, but he was moving at a reasonably slow steady pace when I turned my head to look at him. I felt myself push up slightly against him as he pushed down on me. Tyler also must have felt my movement because he slipped his hands under my shoulders and asked if he could kiss me on the lips.

I couldn’t have stopped him if I wanted to, and who said I wanted to, as if resigned to the situation said, “If you must.” His first kiss which was fairly brief was light on the lips, after that they progressively lasted longer with just the right amount of pressure. I began to enjoy his attention and responded with kisses of my own. Initially, I took up a posture of non-cooperation, my arms by my side, but that changed after feeling some physical attraction towards him. I placed my hands on his shoulders, before finally wrapping my arms around his neck pulling him down to crush my breasts.

“Trace take your blouse off.” I insisted that it wasn’t good idea, although I knew it would eventually be taken it off. “You haven’t got a skirt on, what difference can taking your blouse off make, you’re wearing a bra?” We discussed it in between kissing and of course Tyler watched as I undid the buttons. I didn’t actually take the blouse off. The situation was reaching a climax, and neither of us wanted to stop to allow me time to sit up so that I could remove it. Tyler just opened it wide then began rubbing his chest across it.

It was his first time since he was a teenager or at least became sexually aware, that he had seen me in this state of undress. It was also his first time he had seen my cleavage and the top of my breasts as they protruded above my bra. Tyler seemed to be approaching a climax as was I. Everything seemed to be taking me in one direction, my state of undress, his kisses, the friction Tyler was creating between our bodies, and the words he whispered in escort cebeci my ear describing my body. I think what pushed me over the edge was when he was describing my panties, saturated with my own body fluid and the fact that I had cum in them while fully dressed. That was it for both of us, I felt the warm fluid as Tyler, grunting like madman cum all over my panties and stomach.

Seconds later I cried out as I experienced my second orgasm in as many hours, my moans and groans gradually subsiding. Tyler rolled off me, leaving the warm fluid running down my thighs. We lay apart, silent, slowly recovering from our exertion and possibly the stress of the day, this intense sexual encounter was a new experience for me. I cannot remember, even when my husband and I were courting, such a situation developing whereby either of us became so excited we achieved sexual gratification while dressed. The relationship between me and my son had changed forever, and I wasn’t quite sure where it would lead, to say that I was concerned was an understatement.

I was the first to move, telling Tyler I was going to have a shower, suggesting that he should have one after me. He grunted is consent as I grabbed my black satin nightgown and headed for the shower. While showering, with my confidence shattered I broke down crying, not knowing what was going to happen with my life. No husband, no job, no skills or work experience and a son who probably only wants to use my body for sex. My life and prospects had never been so disastrous. I finished showering slipped into my nightgown and headed back to my bedroom.

Surprised that Tyler was still lying on my bed, having assumed that he would have returned to his own bedroom. He got up as I entered and walked out without saying a word, which only reinforced my thoughts that his only interest was my body. After shutting my bedroom door I climbed into bed, slung several pillows behind me to prop myself up, grabbed a book attempting to block out the day’s events. I was unable to concentrate on the printed words, my mind was drifting everywhere but on the book. Twenty minutes later my door opened, Tyler stood at the bottom of my bed naked his body highly aroused and just looked at me.

The very sight of him sent shivers down my spine, the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end, somehow knowing our evening wasn’t over. He watched as I eased the spaghetti straps from my shoulders, expecting the top of my nightgown to fall around my waist. Instead it caught on my nipples failing to expose my breasts. Nervously I pulled the covers back, inviting my son into my bed. Climbing in beside me he propped himself up on one arm then slipped his other hand into the top of my nightgown. The movement of his hand as he gently massaged my breast liberated my nipples, thereby freeing the nightgown allowing it to gather around my waist.

Somewhere between five to ten minutes I sat there while Tyler explored my breasts lightly squeezing them, poking, pushing and tapping them to watch them shake and shudder. My nipples also received some attention being pulled, squeezed and twisted. I watched as he lay down before turning onto his back, unprepared for what was to follow. No words had been spoken since he walked back into my bedroom, and at that moment as he looked up at me, with our eyes locked together said, “Kiss me Trace.” I leant over him my breasts the first part of my body to make contact and I just kept going until our lips met. With our arms wrapped around each other time was not a concern as we lost ourselves in a romantic period.

“Baby scoot up the bed a bit and let me suck your tits.” I did as he asked and stroked a nipple along his lips. He wrapped both hands around my breast, pulled me towards him so that he could captured my nipple in his mouth. Tyler seemed happy to suck one then the other alternating between the two bringing back fond memories as I stroked his head. “You have beautiful tits Trace and those wonderful nipples as large as prunes and just as wrinkled, but not as dark. I bet dad couldn’t leave them alone, did he have them in his mouth at every opportunity?” I had forgotten all about the funeral, what with the distraction with Tyler it seemed a life time ago instead of a few hours.

“Your father didn’t show much interests in my breasts, in fact even when we were first married I couldn’t say he was a sexual man, our bedtime antics were far and few between.”

“Well, perhaps we could do something about that, are you ready baby?”

“Am I ready for what?”

“Are you ready for extreme changes to your life?”

“What sort of changes?”

“I assume that you are worried about your future, so consider this, I will look after you for the rest of your life. Publicly we will be mother and son, privately with will live as man and wife, with you doing everything I ask of you. We will sleep together and have sex anyway, anywhere and anyhow I deem fit. You my sweet will be my sex slave, do and wear exactly as I ask.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, the implications were too horrendous. To become his sex slave meant he could do anything he liked to me. Refusing his offer could mean that I would be alone for the rest of my life requiring me to seek employment. Qualified only to perform menial tasks, it could be necessary for me to sell the house, perhaps he would compromise.

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