The Cabin Ch. 09

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Chapter 9

I don’t know how long I’ve been out, but I wake up to an empty bed; Dad isn’t in the living room area watching TV; I can’t hear the shower going either, but the door is shut. I slide out of bed and knock on the door. He doesn’t respond, so I open it up and the automatic light turns on; the bathroom is empty. Maybe he left to get dinner.

On the small round table just off from the kitchen is a simple note from Dad that reads, “Left to get something to eat. Please get dressed.”

I laugh. “Yeah, like that’s gonna happen,” I say to myself and then decide to shower again just to get the stickiness of Dad’s cum off of me. I think back to the last time I took my pill and then sigh in relief as I remember I took it the morning David and I first fucked, but I don’t remember taking it since then. I’ll have to remember to take it when we get back…whenever that will be. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve; if I don’t get Dad back to the house by then, things won’t be looking good for their marriage. Maybe I need to convince him to look for something special for Mom tomorrow morning before the stores close up for the holiday.

After my shower, I curl up in a blanket I found in the closet next to the bathroom, and turn on the TV to watch some Christmas specials. Luckily they have the Hallmark channel, so I’m able to watch my sappy movies. Yeah, there’s only like five different stories with different actors, but who doesn’t love a good, cheesy romance every once in a while?

The clock on the wall reads 6:45 when the headlights of the Suburban finally shine through the front window as Dad pulls in with dinner. He walks in with a large, white bag with Styrofoam containers with delicious smelling food. He’d gone back to the pub I first blew him at; I guess they serve food there as well.

“I hope you like your steak medium,” he says, setting the bag down on the table. “Please tell me you…” he stops as I step up to him, dropping the blanket on the floor to reveal my still-naked body. “I guess not,” he says grumpily.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” I ask in my bratty voice. I know he’s annoyed but I can also see that hunger in his eye again, too. He’s not going to turn me down; I just need to lead him there again.

“You couldn’t follow one instruction, could you?” he says, his tone changing slightly as he sighs to express his disappointment.

“You’re not going to spank me, are you?” I ask, feigning fear.

“You’ve left me no choice,” he says, pulling a chair from the table and setting it up in the middle of the room. He takes a seat and nods to his lap, so I hold back a grin, biting my nail as I step up to him, my tits jiggling with each step.

“Please, Daddy, don’t spank me,” I pout and then he grabs my hand forcefully and pulls me down onto his lap, laying me over his thighs with my ass perfectly exposed; I’m pretty sure I’m already leaking fluid from my pussy onto his jeans.

He holds me down with one arm over my back and then sharply strikes my bare ass with his free hand. I jump forward startled and almost fall off of his legs, but he pulls me back into position with no effort at all. He spanks me again to reprimand me for nearly falling off his lap. He’s not holding back, either; this is the hardest I’ve ever been spanked. I hope I can get David or Chelsea to spank me like this one day. It’s not long before I actually have tears forming in my eyes from the pain; and it’s making me horny as fuck! Dad is too; I can feel his cock pressing against my tummy.

Dad takes a break to rub my stinging ass. “Is my Baby Girl sorry for not obeying?” he asks and I look over my shoulder at him and nod, my eyes wet with tears. “Did that hurt my Baby Girl?” he asks and I nod again. “But she enjoyed the pain, didn’t she?” he asks; I nod once more, allowing a small smirk to appear on my lips. He spanks me again and says, “Such a dirty slut my Baby Girl is.”

I never expected Dad to act this way; now I’m concerned he only wants me and isn’t taking lessons anymore. I can’t stop him now, though; he’s doing so well. When the act drops, I’ll have to talk to him and make sure he still wants Mom back.

“Daddy,” I say with a pout.

“Yeah, Baby Girl?”

“Do I get your cock now?” I ask him, attempting to slide off his lap so I can undo his jeans.

He spanks me to stop me from leaving, but he also subtly grinds his cock into my hip since I’d shifted slightly.

“I will decide what you get and when you get it,” he informs me; he’s definitely regained his confidence.

“Yes Daddy,” I say and then wink at him, which causes him to spank me again, but this time more for pleasure than punishment.

“On your knees,” he commands and I obey, resting my tits on his knees as he unfastens his belt.

“Can I help you, Daddy?” I ask and he shakes his head slowly. Instead, I sit back on my knees and begin to play with my tits; massaging them, squeezing them and pinching my nipples.

He stands up, unbuttons his jeans and slides them down keçiören escort to his ankles. I hold onto them as he steps out and then I toss them aside. He then sits down in the chair again, his thick cock standing proud and ready to be sucked. I move my mouth towards his cock but he grabs my chin, stopping me and forcing me to look up at him; I haven’t asked permission yet.

“Daddy,” I say looking up at him with my puppy dog eyes. “Can I put him in my mouth?” I ask.

He nods as he releases my chin and then slowly strokes himself in anticipation, a hard glare on his face; I should tell him that he doesn’t need to look mad all the time when he’s taking charge, and that he can smile too. The point is confidence, not intimidation.

I flash him an excited grin and then rise up on my knees again; he spreads his legs to give access to his cock as well. I take his thick, short rod from his grip and then tease the thick helmet with my tongue for a little bit before sinking his salty tool into my mouth. Slowly I slide my mouth up and down his rod, desperate to feel it inside of me again, but I want to take my time because I have a feeling this might be our last time doing this. The fact he’d slipped out alone for a while tells me he’s got something planned and I can’t wait to find out what. Despite not being great at pleasuring Mom, he’s always been romantic and that’s what’s kept their marriage alive for as long as it has. Mom just has a strong, sexual appetite that he hasn’t been able to satisfy. So, I’m hoping I’ve taught him some new tricks to keep her from leaving.

Dad is doing his best to keep control over his already building orgasm, so I decide to test him and increase my efforts. I bob my head up and down his cock faster, his thick, meaty pole ramming the back of my throat each time. I take breaks to breath, jerking him quickly as I do, but he’s not showing any sign of blowing his load just yet. I’m proud of him! I really am! He’s already showing improvement. Of course, it could just be that he and I have already fucked and David seemed to last longer each time we got going again fairly quickly. Do your cocks really get desensitized after a round or two?

Suddenly, he takes hold of my hair and pulls my mouth off of his cock again and stands me up, walks me to the foot of the bed where I fall into the foot-board. I turn to face him but he forces me back around again and then shoves my shoulders forward. Holy shit! Dad is really taking control! He better remember to do this with Mom!

Once I’m bent over, my red, stinging ass spread out in front of him, I watch over my shoulder as he drops to his knees, forces my legs apart a little further and then attacks my pussy with his tongue. I immediately begin to wail; no one has ever eaten me out from behind like this! And, fuck, he’s doing a good job! It’s almost as if he switched minds with David or Chelsea or something! It doesn’t take long, but my legs begin to buckle as a small orgasm makes me shudder. That’s when he stands up, lubes up his cock with my juices I’d gushed out and then works him into my sopping wet pussy.

Daddy begins to pound me, harder than he did earlier. But he doesn’t stop there; he begins to spank me more as he fucks me good and hard. With his other hand, he has my hip clenched tightly in his grip; I can’t pull away from him. He’s making it impossible to put up a bratty fight! I’ve never been more proud!

He takes things a step further when he shoves my face down into the mattress and completely engulfs my body beneath his. With my head turned to the left, he pulls my hair out of the way and puts his lips close to my ear; all the while the hand he’d been holding me down with on my hip has slid around to my pussy where he’s now roughly rubbing my clit. Who possesses my father right now? Did some sort of sex demon take over his body?

“Does my Baby Girl like her Daddy’s fat cock stuffed in her tight little cunt?” he whispers hoarsely in my ear.

My eyes grow wide; he was out researching the past few hours, wasn’t he?

“Yes,” I whimper as he slams as deep into me as he can, stretching my cunt wide with each pounding, thrust.

He slams in even harder and holds himself deep inside me. “Yes, what?” he demands before pulling back and slamming in again.

“Yes, Daddy!”

He shoves his body against mine while still buried deep inside me. “That’s better,” he says and then pulls out of me, turns me over and spreads my legs wide before he slaps my pussy with his hand. The pain sends a shock through my entire body and I want to explode all over him. I glare at him defiantly and he grits his teeth and spanks my pussy lips one more time. I whimper and tears even form once again in my eyes but he doesn’t stop…I don’t want him to. He slaps my pussy one more time and then lines his hard cock up to her throbbing, and now stinging, lips. They part like the Red Sea and swallow him up like a thirsty, slutty mouth and he slides easily all the way in again. keçiören escort bayan He then puts my legs over his shoulders and bends me in half to continue fucking me into oblivion.

The angry look in his face turns to desire, though the aggression is still there. I revel in that look no matter who is fucking me. The few partners I’ve had that I’ve been able to get to this point, though never as quickly as this, have brought out some of my biggest orgasms. I can’t wait to get David there one day; maybe as a Christmas present, if I’m lucky.

I recognize Dad’s grunts as his orgasm builds and I’m glad for it; Dad needs more release like this and I really believe that our time together is coming to a close, so an explosive orgasm from us both would be the perfect ending.

Reaching up and running my fingers through his hair, I get the attention of my father once again, though he’s still too horny to stop fucking me. “Cactus,” I whisper and he does. His pounding reduces to a slow, steady thrust and he lifts up a little straighter, looking down at me with softer eyes. Using Mom’s safe word worked a miracle; she hadn’t been able to use it in years with him and I think hearing it once again has finally awaken the lover in him he once was.

“Take your time,” I add gently and he pulls out of me and gives a subtle nod towards the head of the bed.

Grinning, I roll over, lewdly sticking my ass out for him as I crawl cat-like to the center of the bed. Then I lay on my back, my head sinking into the soft pillows and then I spread my legs, reaching down and slowly rubbing my clit, smiling at him with my cutest baby-face grin. Then I close my eyes and let out a small gasping, whimper as a tingle spreads through my body suddenly.

When I open my eyes again, Daddy is joining me on the bed, placing himself over me. I remove my hand from my pussy and pull him into me, his cock squeezing its way back inside my warm tunnel. His mouth locks onto mine and we kiss deeply and passionately like desperate lovers finally meeting after years of separation, or as if we know this is our last night together, which I know it is. Tomorrow is a new mission that I’m hoping Dad will begin with Mom.

He wraps his arms around my body, holding me in close as he slowly thrusts into me. I run my fingers up and down his back and through his hair as we make love, reminding him of what it was like when he and Mom were young and in love. I match his movements with my own, keeping just enough friction to stimulate our genitals but keeping the movements as minimal as possible to prolong the session. Our breathing grows louder and deeper as our passion grows. I gasp wordlessly as he breaks his mouth away from mine and begins to kiss my neck or nibble my earlobe. I can already feel another orgasm building deep inside of me, my heart beats faster, and my stomach tightens and grows hot. It continues to build and build as Dad begins to thrust with more power, though he doesn’t go much faster. I don’t want him to go faster; I just want each thrust to pound harder each time. It must be exactly what he wants as well since that’s what he does.

I want him to cum deep inside me, to keep me pinned beneath him, unable to move except in the ways he makes me, though there’s a part of me that wants to ride him for all he’s worth as well. Maybe we can make both happen. Maybe I can get him to cum twice in one session…maybe that’s lofty goal.

Desperate to get him deeper inside me, I hook my legs around his thighs and pull him into me each time he thrusts. The leg curls I do at the gym help with this quite a bit, I realize. Picking up on how much harder I want him to fuck me, he matches my leg curls, using the momentum to drive deeper into me, as much as his short, thick cock can. His breathing suddenly becomes ragged and he begins to grunt as well; his orgasm is coming and I’m ready for it. Mine has been building for the past few minutes and I’ve been desperate for the release. I just need something to send me over the edge and I think feeling him blow his load inside of me will do just that.

“Cum for me, Daddy,” I beg. “Fill your Baby Girl up with your hot, sticky cum!” I say louder and he picks up the pace, slapping sounds from his balls hitting my ass can be heard now. “Daddy, please, yes Daddy, yeeah, yeeeaaah, yeeeeeeaaaaaaaahhhh!” I scream as he finally explodes inside of me, his cum hitting a spot his cock couldn’t reach like a baseball hitting the target of a dunk tank, sending me into my ever-building orgasm. He cums and cums and cums as if he’s been built up for weeks….months….years! My body tries to fold in half in convulsions as my orgasm takes me for a ride, but Dad is still lying on top of me, holing me in place as his balls empty into my womb.

“Fuck,” he whispers after a few long seconds of silence.

“Yeah,” I agree with him.

“Did you…?” he asks lifting his head to look down at me.

I nod and smile at him. “I did,” I tell him. escort keçiören “Big time,” I giggle.

“I made that happen?” he asks and I raise my eyebrows at him; he reminds me of the first boy I’d had one-on-one sex with, asking if I’d had an orgasm. I hadn’t, but he was so sweet in his concern for me that I had to lie and tell him I had and that he did a great job. It boosted his confidence so we fucked again and I actually did orgasm during the second time; I think he noticed and knew I’d lied about the first one but he never said anything.

“You did, Daddy,” I say in my sub voice, not wanting to ruin the moment by reminding him of our real relation.

He rolls to his side and I do as well so I can continue to look into his eyes.

“Do you think you can do this for Mom now?” I ask him and he looks down sadly but when his eyes return to mine again, there’s confidence and determination there.

“I do,” he says. “Your mother has tried to get me to do things like this for so long, I don’t know why I was fighting it,” he says frustrated with himself, rolling onto his back rubbing his face with both hands. “I love your mother; I don’t want a divorce,” he confesses to me.

“Then you need to fight for her,” I tell him. “Take control of your sex life again; she’ll appreciate it. Mom has to be in control all the time at work, she just wants a place where she can let go and let someone else be in charge.”

He sighs and then drops his hands to his side. “Does she know what you had planned?” he asks me.

I shake my head. “I didn’t tell her what I was planning, but Mom’s not dumb; she probably knows I seduced you to boost your confidence,” I tell him.

“And how would she know that?” he asks.

My cheeks blush. “I tell Mom everything; I’ve told her about the different…relationships I’ve had,” I tell him.

“Relationships?” he asks skeptically.

“Okay, fine, sex contracts,” I say bluntly.

His head whips around to gawk at me. “Sex contracts?”

I nod confidently. “This isn’t the first time I’ve been a submissive. I’ve had four different contracts over the past three years: two with men where I was the sub and one with a man who was my sub and then one with a girl my age where we were switches.”

“Men, as in older?” he asks, his protective side beginning to show.

I grin at him. “Dad, I’m only twenty-one, most men are older than me; especially men who understand the BDSM lifestyle.”

Dad looks like he wants to either kill someone or hyperventilate. I guess dropping this kind of information on him, and so much of it, was a bit much.

“Dad, no one was ever abusive, no one hurt me more than I wanted, there was always respect; which is why the contract exists,” I explain to him. “It’s for both party’s protection.”

He lets out a heavy sigh. “So, your mother assumes something happened,” he says and then is silent for a long time before asking, “Do you think she fooled around with your brother?”

I freeze up, unsure of how to answer his question. Do I tell him the truth and risk a falling out of our entire family? Or do I trust that he’ll be understanding due to the fact that he and I fucked as well?

“Don’t forget that we did things we shouldn’t have,” I tell him. “But, I think Mom either seduced David, and probably Chelsea as well, or allowed David to seduce her. Hell, Mom and I are so much alike, she probably led them into it like I did with you,” I tell him.

He turns his head to look at me. “You are like your mother, aren’t you?” he asks doing his best to hide a grin from me.

“I am,” I flirt with him, hoping to stir him up to fuck again, though I know it’s not likely since we literally just finished. But he does kiss me as if I was her, passionately and full of love. When he stops, I’m disappointed. Not only am I disappointed because we stopped and no sex will be following, but because I know we won’t ever get to be like this again.

Sensing my mood, he pulls me into him and cradles me in his arms, caressing my back with his fingertips until I drift off to sleep.

Early the next morning, I wake to the smell of food cooking in the small kitchen. Still naked, I stumble out to find dad re-warming our forgotten dinner on the stove. He’s repurposed the steaks he’d gotten and diced up the meat to make breakfast burritos.

“Good morning, beautiful,” he says and I reach up on my tip-toes and kiss him on the cheek. He sets the spatula down on the counter, turns towards me and pulls me in for a real kiss. Maybe things won’t go back to normal quite as quickly as I’d assumed.

“Good morning,” I reply after our kiss, looking up at him, a good amount of stubble has darkened his cheeks this morning; I kinda like the look and wonder how that scratchy, stubble might feel between my legs. “How much longer until breakfast is ready?” I ask but from the looks of things, the food looks ready.

“Go ahead and make yourself a burrito,” he says. “I’ll join you at the table.”

Smiling, I kiss him on the cheek and then step around him to start filling a large tortilla with scrambled eggs, diced steak and chunks of bacon, cheese, salsa and sour cream. Dad makes the best breakfasts. Soon, Dad joins me at the table and tells me his plan for the day, especially since it’s Christmas Eve.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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