The Cabin Ch. 02

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Sorry for the wait, I want to do these characters justice and develop a real story. If all you’re looking for is a quick fuck scene between siblings, I’m sorry, but this isn’t the story for you. Comments and feedback are always welcome!

Chapter Two

A few hours later I’m woken by the Suburban suddenly hitting a rough, dirt road. Dad always talks about coming up here in the summertime to pave or at least smooth out the half mile driveway from the highway to our cabin. I sit up and put my seatbelt back on as the SUV bounces its way up past the neighbors’ driveways along the way. Ours is the last one on our private drive with three other turnoffs to other homes along the way.

There’s already a good packing of snow on the drive and on the pieces of property lining the road. After spending five years away from the snow, this truly makes my heart feel full in a way. Christmas was never the same in California with the lack of weather changes. If there was any place in the world that could convince someone of climate change, it’s southern California. It rarely got cold there; at least, not cold enough for this Colorado native.

We pull up onto the only pavement at the cabin, a large square of cement in front of the garage. The garage isn’t attached to the house, but there is a covered breezeway that connects the two with a side door from both the garage and the house. We typically use the side entrance, all but ignoring the front door unless we get a surprise visit from one of the three neighbors we have.

“Here we are!” Dad chimes happily as he always does when we get here. If he could live here full time, he would; actually, I know for a fact he plans to move up here when he retires.

Angel and I exit our respective doors and head to the back of the SUV before Mom and Dad can get back there.

“Hey,” she says when I open the back hatch to begin unloading the luggage, “are you okay?” she asks.

“I’m fine,” I say looking at her confused. “Why?”

“You got weird when I noticed, your, uh, you know,” she says trying to hide a mischievous grin.

What is going on with her? I haven’t seen a girl act like this since the girls I used to hook up with in California, but she’s my sister. But then again, didn’t I jerk off to her in the shower and then get a crazy hard-on dreaming about her and my cousin? My cousin! Holy fucking shit, what is wrong with me?

“Yeah, well, you’re my sister,” I say a little grumpier than I really wanted to, but I’m extremely conflicted about how to handle this situation.

She looks at me sadly but doesn’t say anything else as our parents join us at the back of the SUV to grab their own luggage. We follow them silently into the house through the side door, passing through the mud room/laundry room, then the large kitchen to our right and a study on the left; Mom typically comes up here when she’s stressed with work and needs to get away to get it all sorted out. Her assistant, Mary, tends to join her and help keep her organized and fed while pouring over her work.

Just past the study is the official entry of the house and directly across from there is the large living room decked out with a complete entertainment center. An 80″ flat screen is mounted on one wall with an L-shaped sectional couch facing it on the opposite wall; a set of recliners along the adjacent wall the couch is agains; a Bluetooth capable stereo system with a complete surround sound speaker set up is set up just below the television on a television stand that looks like a fake fireplace; it’s an electronic unit that gives off heat, but we only use it when we run out of firewood because in the corner of the room is a potbelly stove heater with black piping leading up into the ceiling. Between it and the television is the door to our parents’ master bedroom. That’s where they head with their luggage just a few quick paces ahead of me and Angela.

“David, can you get the cooler with the food out of the Suburban?” Mom asks. “It’s got what we need for dinner tonight and breakfast in the morning. Plus, there are some emergency things in there in case we’re unable to get to the store in the morning; there’s supposed to be a bad storm rolling in that we want to try to get ahead of early tomorrow,” she instructs.

“Sure, Mom,” I say and then follow Angela down the hall to our rooms at the other end of the house.

Angela’s is on the right and mine is on the left. The house is eastward facing, so I typically get the sunrise in the morning and being a morning person, it’s what I prefer. Angela is a bit of a night owl and prefers to watch the sun set at night.

I can’t help but stare at Angela’s ass as it jiggles inside of her yoga pants; and to think I got to hold that ass a few hours ago. Damn it, Dave! She’s your fucking sister! I mentally slap myself. Fuck, I need to get to my room and let off some steam; maybe I can take another shower.

“Dave!” Angela calls from across the hall in her room.

Dropping my bag on my bed, I cross the hall and step into Angela’s room keçiören escort and see exactly why she was calling for me. There’s a large tree branch sticking halfway through her window.

“Oh shit,” I say and carefully step up to see how bad the damage is. “I’m sure Dad’s got some plywood in the garage we can use to patch this up, but it’s going to be freezing in here at night,” I say.

“Yeah, and with the storm coming, there’s no way any repair company is coming out anytime soon,” she points out.

“You’re probably right. Is anything else damaged?” I ask inspecting the mess.

“No, just the window,” she says.

I wrestle the branch back through the window, taking out most of what’s left of the glass on the way.

“And a tear in the carpet,” she adds once the branch is removed.

“I don’t think Mom and Dad will care about that as much as the window,” I say and then turn for the door. “I’ll go look for a piece of plywood or something we can put over the opening and a trash bag to try and insulate it a little,” I tell her.

“Okay, I’ll get the vacuum and clean up the glass,” Angela says. “Thanks for your help,” she says.

“Of course, Angel,” I say returning to my warmer attitude towards her, and then head across the house. I bring the cooler into the kitchen before I get yelled at for forgetting and then I search the garage for anything to cover the window up with. There’s no plywood small enough but I do find some strong, black trash bags and duct tape to cover the window with until I can find Dad’s tools to cut a piece of plywood with.

“What’s that for?” Dad asks as I leave the garage to head to the back of the house.

“A branch had fallen through Angela’s window before we got here, so I’m covering up the hole with this until a window repair guy can replace the window,” I tell him.

“Are you serious?” he asks almost angrily. “Okay, go ahead and patch it up; it’s going to get too cold in there for your sister to sleep. Do you mind taking the couch and she can have your room or vice versa?”

“Yeah, Dad, she and I will figure it out,” I tell him.

“Great, where is your sister?”

“She was looking for the vacuum so she could clean up the glass in the carpet,” I tell him. “Also, the branch tore the carpet a little,” I add before he can get too far away.

“Okay, thank you, son,” he says and then enters the house again looking a little upset.

I don’t blame him; they spent a fortune custom building this house and for something like this to happen when you’re not here to take care of it right away really sucks.

When I get to Angela’s window, I realize that it’s higher outside than inside due to the sloping backyard and the house being on a raised foundation, so I go back to the garage and find a ladder so I can reach the top of the window. I set the ladder up in front of the broken window and climb up. When I reach the point I need to be I find Angela vacuuming up the glass but her back is to me and I have a perfect view of her ass; she’s taken off her sweater for some reason and is in just a plain, white long sleeve shirt that doesn’t quite reach the top of her yoga pants.

I’m even more surprised to see a tattoo on her lower back; she must have had a really fun 21st birthday. I can’t see the whole thing, just a little bit of colorful ink but then she stands up, straightens her shirt. I begin to unravel some tape from the roll to tape it to the siding of the house.

“Hey there big bro,” she says leaning on the windowsill now clear of glass.

I look down and see the top of her extremely full breasts through the V-neck of her skin-tight top. Dear God take these sinful thoughts away from me! I plead in my head.

“Hey sis,” I say and then attempt to tape the bag to the siding, but it’s too cold and damp to allow it to stick. “Shit, I should have looked for a staple gun,” I grumble.

“Want me to go find one?” she asks.

“No, that’s okay, I’ll just come inside-“

“You think so, huh?” she interrupts me with a devilish grin.

I fluster again and then shake my head laughing at her. “You’re a brat,” I tell her.

“I know,” she agrees with a wink. “So, what was up with you earlier?” she asks.

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, when you were an uber dick to me,” she says.

I sigh as I descend the ladder. “I’ll talk to you inside, okay?” I say and she nods, moving away from the window.

I return the ladder to the garage and then take the large garbage bag to Angela’s room and she shuts the door so we can talk privately.

“So, spill. Why were you so embarrassed with me in the car and then blow me off when we were getting our bags?” she demands, her arms crossed in front of her, lifting her beautiful melons up, showing off just how perfect they are. I can’t even see a sign of a bra strap through her painted-on shirt.

I sigh again as I begin to tape the plastic bag to the frame. “I was embarrassed in the car ride not so much because of what you saw, but because keçiören escort bayan of the dream I had that caused it.”

“Were you dreaming of some hottie you know?” she teases.

“You could say that, but there was more than one,” I say.

“You were dreaming of a threesome?” she asks, her eyes wide with excitement. “With who?” she asks eagerly.

I’m not sure I can tell her and she can see my hesitation and it’s almost as if she can read my mind. Her face turns red but she seems to be hiding a smirk.

“That explains why you got so weird with me,” she says quietly, taking a seat on the edge of her bed.

“You’re not upset or weirded out?” I ask her.

She shrugs. “It’s not normal, but why would I be weirded out?” she asks.

“Because you’re my sister,” I reply.

She shrugs again. “You had a dream; you can’t control your dreams. Unless that’s something they taught you at school,” she laughs.

I grin and laugh as well. “No, there was no class on controlling dreams; not your own anyway,” I say, looking at her sideways.

Her eyes grow wide for a second until she realizes I’m messing with her. “Dick,” she says and then laughs. “Here,” she says and then helps me hold the bag up to the window frame so I can tape it up. Despite her being short, she can just reach the top of the frame if she stands on her tip-toes.

I do my best to ignore the two fleshy mountains jutting out from her chest as she stretches to hold the corner of the bag to the wall while I pull off a piece of duct tape and apply it to the black plastic. I make sure all four sides of the window frame are sealed up with the trash bag and tape to prevent the elements from entering the room. With Christmas being five days away still, not to mention the blizzard reportedly heading our way, it’ll be more than a week before a repair company can send someone up to fix the window.

“There, that should hold,” I say. “For now anyway,” I add.

“Yeah, thanks for taking care of this for me,” Angel says standing uncomfortably close to me.

To avoid being too close, though, I stoop down and pick up the roll of duct tape from the floor and then head for the door to return it to the garage.

“Oh, if you want you can take my room and I’ll take the couch; Dad’s suggestion,” I tell her. “I’m okay with whatever you want,” I tell her.

“Oh, yeah, I’ll take the room I guess; I’d rather not hear Mom and Dad fucking at night,” she says.

I grin and nod at her. “Fair enough,” I chortle. “I’ll go grab my bag then,” I tell her. “I hope I packed my headphones,” I add with a wink.

“Dave,” she says when I open the door.

I turn and face her, halfway into the hallway already. “Yeah?” I ask.

“Don’t get weird with me because of a dream, okay? I’ve missed you for too long, I don’t want anything to ruin our relationship,” she says and I realize just how distant I’ve been acting towards her.

My heart sinks as I stare back at my baby sister. I can’t control my dreams or my dick, but I can control how I treat my sister, my best friend. With an apologetic smile I cross the room and wrap my arms around her, extremely aware of how her incredible tits feel against me as she squeezes me around the middle, her head against my chest. I’m also painfully aware of my growing erection that begins to press against my sister somewhere between her tight stomach and her…fuck! I slowly release her and step back to readjust my cock as she eyes the tent pitching. She’d told me to do it on the drive up so it shouldn’t be a big deal to do it now, right?

“Sorry,” I say embarrassed again. “I’ll go get my bag,” I say.

She nods without saying another word, fighting with herself not to stare at my crotch. I quickly leave and fetch my bag from my room and then drop it off on the couch on my way back to the garage to return the duct tape. I search for a staple gun but can’t find one; it’s a good enough distraction to make my sinful erection die down.

When I return to the house, Mom and Dad’s bedroom door is shut and I can just hear the faint sounds of moaning and hushed voices. I sigh in frustration; this is going to be a longer week than I thought.

Digging into my large duffle, I take out my hiking boots; I need to get out for a little bit and clear my head. Maybe clear my other head if I can find a secluded enough of a spot. I dig my heavy coat out of the back of the Suburban, knowing Mom packed it for me since it’s not something I’ve had to think about for a few years.

Zipping up my heavy coat, I venture out towards the back of the property since it’s not fenced in and venture into the open woods that now has a good inch or so of snow covering the ground. Our property shares a ridge with three other lots, so anywhere I go now is going to be downhill; I keep that in mind to remind myself that I’ll have to make the same trip back heading uphill and I haven’t acclimated to the altitude I haven’t lived in for five years.

A good ten minutes later escort keçiören I find a grouping of boulders that create a sort of shelter. I decide to check it out, preparing myself for a hibernating creature of some kind being in the small cave the rock formations create.

When I reach the outcropping of stones I find that it’s uninhabited by any woodland creatures and discover quite the opposite; it seems like it’s a secret getaway for someone to hide their pot use from their parents. I don’t touch their stash, though the way I’m feeling right now, it’s tempting to help make me forget my current frustration.

How am I going to deal with this? I can’t be attracted to my sister, and not because she’s not attractive, she obviously is, but she’s my sister. It’s so…wrong! She doesn’t even seem to be fazed by it either! How could she be so okay with this? Does she want it? Does she want me? I can’t think like that, she’s still my sister no matter how incredible of a body she has.

There’s also the fact that Chelsea had been in my dream as well, and with her on her way here, and with how distraught she’s probably feeling over her divorce, or annulment, that’s going to make things difficult. We used to be able to cuddle up and watch a movie when one of us was down and now all I’m going to be able to think about is her bare tits poking my forehead in my dream a few hours ago.

Before I know it, my mind is back in that dream, imagining Chelsea’s full tits dangling over my face as my head rests in her lap. All the while my sister is riding my cock like a porn star. Apparently, the fantasy I dreamed about earlier has just progressed without me being there. Then Chelsea shifts, cradling my head until it rests gently on a pillow before straddling my face, lowering her tight pussy to my mouth. I snake my arms around her shapely legs, holding onto her perfect, round ass. I begin to lick up and down her slit, nudging her clit with my chin and fingering her asshole as I do.

I’m not sure when I started, but my sweatpants are down around my ankles and I’m stroking my cock again, imagining myself in a dirty threesome with my sister and cousin. There is seriously something wrong with me, but I’m too worked up to stop now, so I continue to think about them.

Angel rides me feverishly, I can just barely hear her skin slapping against mine through the muffled sound getting through Chelsea’s thick, sexy thighs. Couple that with their cries and I’m sure it’d be a beautiful, orgasmic sound of sex if it were really happening. And then before I know it, I’m blasting my spunk all over the rocks directly in front of me and I’m suddenly back to reality again; the cold air beginning to freeze my exposed cock.

Then I hear the sound of footsteps quickly moving away in the snow. I pull up my sweats as I quickly step around the boulder I’d been hiding behind to see Angel trying to run away.

“Angel?” I say and she stops dead in her tracks, turning around slowly; she has her sweater back on plus a light blue beanie.

“Hi,” she says timidly.

“Hi?” I almost squeal at her, my voice cracking like a teenager. “You sneak up on me with my dick in my hand and you say ‘hi’?” I could almost laugh at the situation but I’m too angry with her. “What are you doing out here?” I ask her.

“You seemed pretty upset earlier, I wanted to make sure you were okay,” she says innocently.

“But then you decided to spy on me while I was rubbing one out?”

She cracks a smile, it’s an infectious smile; how can I stay mad at her? I know deep down I can’t so I sigh and then wave her closer to me. She steps up and I pull her in for a hug.

“Don’t spy on me again,” I request with my chin resting on the top of her head.

“If it’s any consolation, you really have nothing to be embarrassed about,” she says.

I pull back slightly to look into her crystal blue eyes inquisitively.

“I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert, but it’s the biggest and thickest I’ve ever seen,” she says impressed.

“I don’t even know what to say to that,” I say and then chuckle. “But, you always find a way to make me smile again,” I say slipping my arm around her shoulders as I walk us back. “Do you think Mom and Dad are done fucking?” I ask.

“You mean three-pump-Dad? Yeah, they’re done,” she says and I can hear the eye roll in her sarcastic voice.

“What does that mean?” I ask.

“It means I’ve introduced Mom to the world of sex toys to help her get off. Honestly, it saved their marriage,” she says.

“Really?” I ask and we slow our pace; it took me ten minutes to get down here alone, walking back with my arm around Angel will only take longer so I’m not worried about us being overheard.

“Oh yeah, our parents haven’t been the happy couple you saw when you got home this afternoon,” she tells me. “Mom’s been pretty frustrated lately, probably for a good year now, because Dad either can’t get it up, or he only lasts like a minute at best when he does. He’s seen a doctor and they’ve prescribed stuff for him, but nothing is helping; he was hoping a long trip up here would help.”

“Wow,” I say feeling sorry for Dad. “I mean, he doesn’t do other things for Mom?” I ask, wondering why I’m talking so freely about this with my sister, as if it’s a completely normal thing to talk about our parents’ sex life.

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