Megans Revenge

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My name is Tony Nash I am a 30 year old Production Engineer. My marriage is on the rocks and my wife and I have just gone through bitter separation as we went through the agony of applying for a divorce and separation of our few assets. Fortunately we had no children , although we had been married for five years. Marylyn my wife had an affair with her friends husband, for which she expected me to forgive her, she showed no remorse but actually implied she was going to carry on with the affair, but I could not live with that.. Not that I was any saint but I never went in for affairs just a couple of one night stands that had come my way.

It was with a relief when a good job came up in the North of England to manage a quite modern medium size engineering Plant, making turbine blades for jet aircraft. The job was a good one, but the pay was lousy, but it enabled me to get away from the area in which we had lived The owner and the Managing Director was not a very likeable sort of man. He was about 25 years of age, arrogant and mean. I know that both Scots and Yorkshire people were reputed to be mean but Jack Mower could have written a book on it.

At the end of my first day in the job he invited me to go for a drink with him and he did not offer to pay for a single drink. I ended up paying for all the drinks and the meal. While we were out I told him that I was looking for an apartment to rent and that I wanted it near work, cheap and clean. I also explained that I needed some free time to go around and have a look at potential apartments,

His reply was “Aye lad you can do that for a week or so and I’ll not dock your pay. In fact I will lend you my whore to help you in the search ” The whore he referred to was his very attractive young wife

When I first met Megan I soon became enchanted with her she was about 5’10”, a natural blonde, her hair colour was the kind of blonde colour which is commonly known as ‘dirty blonde’ which I personally find more attractive than the bottle blonde colour. She was not a big girl she was almost fitting the description of petite.

I found her far better company than her husband, and after busy evenings surveying properties we started having dinner and a few drinks together. Initially she seemed a very sad person and in a way I suppose I was not at all surprised being married to Jack Mower. After a few drinks she would begin to loosen up and she was good fun to be with. When the subject of her husband came up she would go very quiet. She refused to condemn him or to speak ill of him in many ways.

Eventually I found a lovely apartment with two bedrooms near the factory which I would have been a fool to turn down and which meant I could turn one bedroom into a study come TV room. To my surprise Megan volunteered to help me with choosing the furnishings. Eventually the apartment was complete and on the last occasion that we had a legitimate reason to be together she cooked a dinner for the two of us as a house warming celebration.

Fortunately for us it was a night when her husband was away on business and after a couple of bottles of wine, she went silent for a bit and then she fell into my arms and we soon found ourselves kissing passionately. I notice her eyes as reached out to me they were full of lust. She knew what she wanted and she wasted no time as she unbuckled my belt and let my trousers fall to the floor . My shirt and underwear quickly followed.

She knelt and grabbing my cock she popped it into her mouth. This was something which I had not experienced in my ill fated marriage and I heard a low moan force its way from my throat as her mouth bobbed cebeci escort up and down on the length of my cock. I held her head gently between my hands. She moaned softly as she worked. At the same time she was gently massaging my balls . Her other hand was on my buttocks with one finger gently probing the ring of my anus, as though she was trying to push her finger in..

“Not just yet, darling. Not just yet!” I pleaded as our lips sought each other out again as I carried her to my new bed. I lay her back gently on top of the blankets and stretched out next to her, folding her in my arms. My cock, rubbed gently against her thigh as our lips met again. Her tongue forced its way into my mouth. I let my hand probe between her thighs finding its way through her damp pubic hairs .

I quickly found her clitoris and let my fingers stroke and fondle her, bringing a loud moan of contentment from her. Her juices dribbled out of her down on to the bed clothes. Her moans increased in volume as I took one of her tiny nipples into my mouth and sucked on it. I gently finger fucked her. Causing her to jump and bounce in time with my fingers on the bed.

I kissing my way down her lovely smooth belly. “Oh-h-h Go-o-od!” she cried as my nose led my tongue through her tangled mass of pubic hair. Then, my tongue fondled her clit. She froze instantly. A muted scream came from her throat as I licked her pussy with my tongue several times.

Then she seemed to go berserk . She grabbed my head with both hands, forced my face into her pussy. My tongue licked her hot button. She was bouncing her hips insanely. Her head whipped back and forth as mewing sounds came from her mouth. Her juices flowed copiously which I lapped up hungrily. “Oh, God, oh God, ” she cried. “Fuck me Tony please, Give me your cock! I need it! I need it bad!! Its been such a long time.”

That was all the invitation I needed. Her juices dripped off my chin as I quickly mounted her. I grabbed her thighs, spread them as wide as they’d go, and pushed my cock into her all the way to the hilt. She sucked in her breath as my balls bounced off her buttocks, but she quickly regained her composure, and locked her ankles behind my back, pulling me further into her wet warm pussy. I pushed in and out of her at an increasing pace. She moaned loudly as spasms of pleasure washed over her again and again.

Suddenly, the end was near as I felt my juices rising.. I pushed my cock into her as far as I could. My orgasm swelled as my cock expanded painfully. Joyful spasms of intensely painful pleasure broke over me as my orgasm pumped my juices into her. Megan stopped with me for the rest of that night and over a period of several months we got together as often as e could, we grew very close. But the company was not a good place to work. Jack was a nasty bit of work when he was sober, but after a few drinks he became almost impossible.

Being close to Megan and having a drink on the odd occasion with her husband Jack I soon painted a picture of their marriage. However as I soon found the worst was yet to come. In bed one night Megan told me that it was not long after they were married that the physical side of the marriage had broken down completely, and Megan knew that Jack was seeking satisfaction elsewhere. He had a mistress, and a series of one night stands with one or two of the female employees and he made no real attempt to hide it from her. Then one day Jack did something, which to Megan was totally unspeakable. She was sobbing quietly her head on my shoulder as she told me her story.

It was one day shortly after I cebeci escort bayan had joined the company, that Jack had asked her to lay on a dinner party for a business contact who he proposed to entertain who was based in Glasgow. I remembered the occasion as I too had been invited and after the formal negotiations had been completed. I had left shortly after the dinner. I had found it particularly hard to tolerate the way that Jack spoke to Megan. Before the event Jack had told Megan “Mr. Cameron is a very special guest. If we play our parts right he will place a big order with us. I expect you to your best to entertain him properly, in every possible way.” He said this with special significance, which she at the time Megan did not fully comprehend

Megan found as I had that evening that Mr. Cameron, was a particularly repulsive and crude character a real product of the Glasgow slums. From the very beginning of the evening he regaled us with very crude jokes to gusts of laughter from Jack. When Megan was around he was very suggestive and all through the meal he was eyeing Megan, and attempting to grope her under the table. Eventually Megan felt that she could make her excuses to go to bed. Being a good hostess, she left a bottle of Whisky out for Mr. Cameron and left Jack with an ample supply of his favourite beer.

Megan quite quickly went to sleep, and it was somewhere about 2,00 am in the morning, when she suddenly woke to feel someone getting into bed. She naturally assumed that it was Jack her husband she turned on her side with her back to him, to go back to sleep. It must have been only minutes later, when she felt hands roughly fondling her breasts inside her night-dress, the back of her night-dress had been raised and a cock was trying to force its way between her legs.

Realising from the smell of whisky Megan realised straight away it was not her husband, but that it was Mr. Cameron who was trying to force himself on her . Megan fought fiercely to get him off. But Cameron was livid at her resistance, telling her. “Jack told me that you would be grateful for a good fuck.”

Megan wriggled and tried to scream, but his big hand was across her mouth. Megan struggled desperately as he again attempted to force himself on her. Reaching out wildly her hand came into contact with the alarm clock and swinging it, she hit Mr. Cameron on the head, opening a quite deep wound, causing him to move away from her in alarm, as blood poured down his face .

Megan promptly switched on the light and reached for the telephone and dialled 999, for the police. When the police arrived, they took Mr. Cameron away by ambulance, and Megan now thoroughly upset, made her charge of attempted rape.

To her horror Jack told the Police that Megan had agreed to sleep with Mr. Cameron, but later Mr. Cameron now angry with Jack for leading him on ,told the Police that Jack had told him he could sleep with his wife, and that she would welcome his attentions. The Police after weighing up all the statements, seemed to believe Megan, although obviously they were not keen to prosecute because of the conflict in evidence. A sympathetic woman constable said to Megan quietly.

” I would leave that bastard if I were you.”

But eventually, they told Megan formally that they doubted whether they could bring a successful prosecution, as he had a lot of influence in government circles and the weakness of the evidence..

Megan was sobbing quietly, on my shoulder as she told me all about it. “Why haven’t you left the bastard.” I asked angrily.. Megan clung close to Tony. “I’m getting my revenge escort cebeci on the bastard in the only way I know how” She whispered. “And this weekend is when it all happens – you see, over the past few weeks, as I work part time in the office I have gradually been able to transfer all Johns assets into my name, or mortgaged them, and transferred all the money into my bank accounts; including all the property, stocks, shares and his personal accounts and all he has left is the money in his pocket and his flash Rolls Royce..

He has as usual, signed all the papers I put in front of him including his resignation as a Director and . I’ve had them witnessed by staff in the office, who despise him almost as much as I do, and they will testify that he did it all freely, and I have also made a voluntary payment of all his past arrears to the Inland Revenue, and the Customs and Excise. I have also made a statement to the police about my suspicions on his activities on tax evasion, and bribing civil servants, giving them as much documentary evidence as I have available.”

I laughed at her ingenuity but I had no idea of the criminal activities that he had been engaged in, I knew that he had put the costs of entertaining his mistresses through the company , but I laughed as I realised just how carefully and cleverly she had laid her plans and executed them.

“My Solicitor has checked all the documents, and assures me everything is all legal and above board.”

“You are going to have one very annoyed husband when you get home.” I told her admiring her courage..

“Yes. I have had all the locks changed, and there is a letter waiting for him pinned to the front door.”

Megan had now stopped crying. Her hand was still fondling my cock which was as usual responding well to her ministrations. Suddenly she surprised me when she asked.

“Will you move I with me Tony. I love you to bits and I want to marry you .?” As she struggled up on to her elbow she looked down at me.

” Of course Megan The money is not an issue dear, money means nothing to me, strange as it may seem, all I want is you and a chance to enjoy working where I will be appreciated. We both have divorces to contend with. But if we are still lovers and happy when the time comes then I will want to marry you.”

Tony dear I have never known a man like you. I promise that I will be waiting for your proposal on the day that both our divorces are final.”

Megan whispered as responding to my hardness, as again she straddled me, putting her hand down and guiding me to her opening, feeling my cock enter her, she settled down happily on to me once again. She said Tony I will need a friend in the next few weeks and I feel married to you already especially if as I suspect I am pregnant.”

My body was shuddering; and I knew that soon I would come again, she was fondling the base of my cock, she put her hand round my scrotum, fondling my balls, at the same time her hand was stopping me from penetrating her fully. Then as she sat up, she let my cock go penetrate a little at a time. She tensed her muscles holding me tight. A broad smile of happiness crossed her face. She told me later that in that split moment she had decided that she wanted my baby. Having made the decision, she drew me deep inside, rubbing herself on me, moving against me, using her muscles to stroke me. The tempo was increasing, tormenting her as she shook her head from side to side, she screamed out her pleasure, half sobbing, holding on to me for dear life.

Her entire body was alive with sensation and when I relaxed, she buried her face against my shoulder, letting the last ripples of orgasm wash over her. Her heart pounding, her legs still wrapped round me, their bodies covered in perspiration, she was feeling very relaxed and tired.

“Welcome home darling each time is better than before.” She whispered.

The End

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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