Magical Mystery Tour Ch. 02

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Arnold Craven was facing out through the big window of his Manhattan office, speaking on his cell phone when his pal Johnny Olron strode in. Turning, Arnold finished the call to welcome Johnny whom he was eager to see.


“How’s it hanging old fart?” Johnny said in his standard greeting.

“Still tight.” Both laughed aloud.

Arnold was jubilant. “Hey, thanks for the gift. That was awesome!”

“Beyond your imagination, huh?” Johnny said throwing himself on an expensive leather chair next to Arnold’s large mahogany desk draping one jean-clad leg over the arm.

“Blew me away, dude.”

“Told you.” And they both laughed and slapped high-fives in the air.

“James Bond!” Johnny grinned shaking his head. “Way cool. Wish I had thought of that.”

“But Charlie’s Angels, man that’s a triple treat. Who’s the best among the three?”

“Wow, I can’t pin point who’s the best,” he sighed glancing toward the ceiling then back to Johnny. “It’s different strokes for different folks and I really had a blast.”

Johnny leaned back on his reclining chair making a steeple with his fingers. “I feel a lot different now like I had the most wonderful vacation in a short period of time. My mind is clearer and I feel younger. Beats any spa or vacation spot in this world.”

“Guess that’s the way to put it.” Johnny smiled his killer smile.

“Listen, I’m hungry, how about lunch?” Johnny offered.

“Suits me.”

Over at lunch in their favorite restaurant, Arnold asked Johnny how he got into this fantasy game. Johnny told him about the guy he saved last year from a ski accident in Switzerland. Shortly thereafter, they became friends and when they parted, the guy gave him the card in gratitude for his being a Good Samaritan. With regards to Madame Rose, Johnny recounted what she told him about her operation.

“We are a mobile company, like a touring circus and the number of our clients are only few. In less than a year from now we’ll go into membership. That’s how far Rosy babe goes to tell me about her operation. It’s just a fantasy. Don’t go deeper than that,” Johnny said in between mouthfuls of pasta. “Anyway, she assured me that nobody gets hurt here and I would just have to follow instruction. The discipline to listen and follow is of the utmost importance,” Johnny continued.

“So where’s your next target?” Arnold asked buttering his bread.

“I don’t know, haven’t got a call from her in almost a week,” Johnny replied twirling his fork over the noodles.

“But who’s your next fantasy playmate?”


“You’re kidding me?” Arnold stared at him in an amused disbelief.

“Yeah, so every time I’d see her on TV, I’d say hey we’ve fucked a storm, didn’t we?”

“You’re incorrigible.”

Johnny just laughed.

“Did you ever have a lousy fuck here?” Arnold asked

“I haven’t had one though. Now who would want a lousy fuck? You gotta have your money’s worth all the time.”

“Yeah, like if you don’t have a good product you wont sell. By the way whom did you act out in your fantasy the last time?”


“Whoa! So maybe next time I’ll try Batman to fuck Catwoman,” Arnold chuckled.

“Or Superman to fuck Lois Lane,” Johnny said with wide grin.

Arnold laughed. “This is outrageous. We’re like kids here in a candy store. Just take your pick and fuck till you drop your prick.”

“What if we swap fuckmates?”

“Why not? Yeah. And see if the scenario and quality are the same.”

“Yeah. And another thing is what if we take the same fuckin’ mate at the same time. Would that be possible? I mean can they clone a particular celeb so you and I can have her both at the same time?”

“Well, apparently we don’t have the same schedule but it is something that we gotta know from Rosy. I venture that maybe Rosy would say, ‘oh she’s already taken, give me your second choice,’” Johnny said.

“Or maybe we can end up in the same fuckin’ bed with the same chick we’d chosen.”

Both laughed with a laughter snagging the attention of some of the diners nearby.

Johnny gestured a slicing hand below his chin meaning to cut the laughter.

“The incredible thing here is how Rosie babe can do it. What’s her friggin’ formula?” Arnold spoke in hush-tone.

“Maybe she’s tapped some age-old hidden secret,” Johnny said going for the dessert. “That’s why she’s doing her damnedest best to keep it secret by always moving around and picking clients whom she could trust.”

“But how can she know whom to trust?” Arnold asked.

“Simply by face-reading. That’s why she’s always wearing a mask. That magic mask helps her focus her reading into your face.”

“And what if she didn’t find the client trustworthy?”

“Then she’ll use hypnosis and erase whatever negativity she may find in the guy.”

“Does she do that?”

“It’s one possibility. She’s a magical person, I believe.”

When Arnold was back in his office, çankaya escort he found in his E-mail that his destination was Istanbul. Arnold wondered why in Istanbul, then remembered that James Bond went to this place in the movie From Russia with Love. Arnold E-mailed his reply as to when he’s going to Istanbul.

Johnny Olron received his message from his cell phone. It said: Oprah, it ain’t but your second choice S.H. it is. See you in Sta. Cecilla Mexico. “Yes,” Johnny hissed and muttered under his breath Salma Hayek.

* * * *

After landing in Istanbul Airport, Arnold took a cab and headed to St. Sophia church. As per instruction he will hear confession and speak to the father confessor this way: “Father, forgive me for I have sinned. And the father confessor would answer: “What sin have you committed my son?”

“Umbop.” he would say. That’s his password.

The moment Arnold uttered the password, the priest announced his absolution and ordered him to remain standing for a second. When he stood, the tile flooring beneath him slid open causing him to slip through a circular hole. Whoops! It was a fast slide all the way down till Arnold dropped into a casket. The casket lid closed automatically and Arnold felt the motion that it was being wheeled. For awhile Arnold panicked and tried to push open the lid but it wouldn’t budge. Arnold is mildly claustrophobic and thought this wasn’t funny anymore. When the coffin stopped, it automatically creaked open by itself and as he peered cautiously above the rim of the coffin, he saw that he was in a mortuary along with other coffins. The room was in dead silence. When he climbed out of the coffin, a voice called out his name coming from someone dressed in friar’s robe standing before a door. The hood was drawn to his bent head and so he didn’t see his face.

“Yes,” Arnold answered as he walked towards the man. When Arnold came near, the man raised his head revealing to his shock a skeletal face.

Arnold was jolted backward. “Who are you?”

“I am your guide and your bones beneath your flesh,” the man with a skeletal face answered, like his voice was computerized.

“Then I suppose you’re bringing me to Madam Rose.”

“Come, follow me please.” Turning around the man produced a key from his robe’s pocket to open an ornate door.

As soon as the door opened, the man asked him to enter. “After you, Mr. Craven.”

“After you, where? It’s too dark in here. I can’t see a thing.”

“You will. Just walk on.”

Arnold hesitated for a moment.

“Go on, Mr. Craven,” the man’s voiced bellowed shoving Arnold inside. Though he felt that was rude, he hadn’t had the chance to say anything as the door quickly locked him inside.

Arnold wondered what surprise was in store for him in this black as ink place. Recalling his first venture, a mummy almost cut him with a scythe in the dark tunnel he was treading. Whatever it would be, he’d got to move on. When he made his first step forward, a bluish square lighted on the floor underneath his foot. Immediately he thought that this was his guide. Another step and there was another square lighting up and so on as he walked. He began to be amused by recalling Michael Jackson’s music video in the 80s and thought that a music background would have been cooler. The popping lights on the floor stopped only when a bigger light came from above illuminating a small round table draped in white cloth with two chairs about it. Two goblets filled with the potion intended for him were already set on the table.

Arnold pulled one chair and as soon as he had sat down, a familiar voice greeted him.

“Pleasure to see you again, Arny. Welcome back,” Madam Rose said appearing again with a mask and outfit that was different than the first time he saw her. She wore a cropped black pin striped top half-buttoned at the chest to show ample cleavage and a matching mini skirt with garters attached to black shimmering stockings.

“Same here,” Arny said and they shook hands.

“Ah, Rosy, how come you’re always wearing a mask?”

“Masquerade. Otherwise it’ll be just be like you’re talking to your neighbor or your secretary. What’s important is that you fulfill your fantasies here. Be that as it may, I hope you like my outfit whenever we see each other.”

“Ok, got your point there, and you look great, ” Arnold said.

“Thank you,” Madame Rose smiled aware that she had trapped his eyes by her busty chest.

Arnold lifted one goblet and faced it to the light finding some raisins settling on the bottom. “What are the raisins for?”

“Just part of the formula for blood circulation and virility.”

“Hmmm, wonderful,” he said with earnest expression.

“You’ve already chosen your partner for this session and I’m glad to say that you’ll once again fulfill another exciting fantasy. As usual, drink the potions as numbered in sequence and enjoy our complimentary show while you sip them away. So have a good time Arny.”

“Thanks, Rosy,” escort çankaya letting out a sigh of relief.

“You’re welcome Arny. See you later,” she said and stood signaling him not to do the gentlemanly act of pulling her chair anymore. She turned and walked into the shadows from where she emerged from. A moment later the blackness at his side was parted away vertically and his eyes squinted at the burst of light that shone upon him. As soon as he’d adjusted his eyes at the light, he discerned that he was looking into a glass that revealed an underwater view of a swimming pool that is lighted under. Somebody dove in gracefully. A beautiful naked woman. Another followed and then several more. They performed dances under the water to the tune of the James Bond music theme. The dance culminated as their bodies linked together to form 007.

Arnold was delighted and amused to the point that he clapped his hands. The moment he finished all his drink, the artistic show ended and once again he felt a bright light encroached upon him. His mind swirled into a myriad of colors bursting and throbbing like he was into an LSD trip.

When these swirls of colors stopped Arnold found himself inside the bathroom of a bridal suite room of an old, elegant hotel with a light blue towel wrapped around his waist. The mirror beside him reflected his youthful self, a little resemblance of Sean Connery—sleek, lean body with fine musculature although his dark hair was not like ironed flat but similar to that of Warren Beatty’s in the 60s.

“Here I go again,” he muttered to himself touching his well-scrubbed face and admiring his tanned and virile physique. It flashed to him also that this was the prelude to James Bond’s romantic affair with Daniella Bianchi as the Russian defector Tatiana Romanova of From Russia With Love and whom he chose as his fantasy playmate. Not long after he heard some noises and a thud from the direction of his bedroom. Reflexively, he picked up his gun and scurried silently into the balcony. Peering through the iron grill work that guarded the glass window of the bedroom he saw the intruder—a naked girl dashing toward his bed and getting into the bedcover. “Wow!” was the word that actually jumped from his mouth.

James twisted down the door handle to open and padded inside absentmindedly holding his gun but otherwise pointed to the intruder. She’s blond, elegantly beautiful, cream and peaches complexion with a curvaceous body underneath the sheet. Having a vast appetite for sex and conquest, his manhood swiftly thickened under the towel.

“You looked surprise. I thought you were expecting me,” the intruder spoke in her sexy best voice.

“So you are Tatiana Romanova,” he said softly in manly tone. “My friends call me Tanya.” “Mine call me James Bond.”

She held out her hand and James shifted the gun to his left hand to shake her hand, breathing in as he felt its softness.

“Now that we are properly introduced…”

“Oh your gun!” she cuts him. “Guns upset me,” shoving aside his gun- wielding hand away from her direction.

“I’m sorry, I was…um upset a bit myself,” he said putting the gun on the night table.

“I saw you in the photograph.”

James couldn’t pull off his eyes on her. He saw her with just the black choker on her neck and nothing else. It’s only the sheet drawn up to her chest that covered her nakedness.

“You’re one of the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen,” he said as he sat next to her on the bed.

“Thank you, but I think my mouth is too big.”

“It’s just the right size, for me that is.” James said and without hesitation moved to kiss her gently on her slightly parted, moist apricot lips. His lips made feathery kisses on her lips, softly caressing, grasping, and brushing over her silky face from chin to her cheek bone which she gladly welcomed. When he broke the kiss, her arms slipped into him and rested her chin on his shoulder. “Where’s the Lecter device?” James asked relishing her Chanel 5 perfume.

She eased from his shoulder and faced him a head away. “James, forget about our dialogue. I only have my licker here,” she slightly giggled and showed the tip of her tongue lolling across between her even teeth, not dentist even teeth, but human even teeth.

“What? Where’s the movie crew, the director?” James arch eyed around realizing that it wasn’t like before when he and Honey Rider saw them like stiffs or wax figures.

Her green eyes infringed with long lashes open wide. “Is that what’s upsetting you? We’re supposed to rehearse here for the bed scene tomorrow. Didn’t Terence tell us to make out and practice today so we could do this naturally like we knew what we’re really doing?”

“Gee, I simply forgot. I’m sorry.” A frown knotted on his brow. This is the game, he thought.

“Is that a sorry face or a horny face?” Her cute smile unfaltering.

“Make it both.”

She giggled and lay back on the pillow, hands above her head, palms up framing çankaya escort bayan her glowing, beautiful face. A provocative sight. He studied her smooth, perfect skin, the short rise and fall of her twin globes flimsily hidden by the covers. Arching her back a little bit caused the sheet to ride up precariously to the crest of her full, rounded breasts stopping in the nick of time to flaunt the nipples.

“Hey, we’re just alone here, like a couple of honeymooners.”

“That explains the bridal suite,” James said and leaned in to reclaim her lips, feeding himself with her sweetness while he reached over her hands and clasped each with his, fingers interlacing against each other. Soft and warm caressing of lips followed, gentle stabbing of tongue, every cell of his skin absorbing her fragrance as they wound up to a long, sensual kissing.

Finding it too irresistible to ignore her tits, James broke his kiss and nibbled his way lightly from her well-chiseled chin down to the column of her throat and to her valley of cleavage. His chin hooked down the hem of the covers unveiling out in the open her creamy latte nipples. Greeted by the sight of her bared tits, his hands swept down along the course of her arms toward her twin soft globes long protracted to be cupped and fondled. Having established the frontline of romance, James licked lightly around the dollar size areolas watching how her nipples grew spectacularly. His mouth closed over one and sucked it like a baby, the other one got rolled gently between his fingers. Tanya gasped slightly, her eyes falling into dreamlike state as James slathered the hardened nipples one after the other with his expert tongue. When his teeth rubbed over the stubby nipple and bit it lightly, Tanya squirmed and moaned vehemently.

“Was I rough on that one?” James asked long enough to see her grimacing face.

“No, James. If you keep on doing that I’ll peak sooner than you know. Go back to them James, I’ll just have to hold on to your growing arousal here,” she said drifting down his hand to shuck off the towel wrapped around his hips. The towel was tossed nonchalantly and his hardening member slapped over her thigh. Unabashedly, she grabbed a hold of it.

“Go on James, play my nipples and I’ll jerk you off, I am about to come,” she cooed and jacked him off they way she knew from experienced from the backseat of her date’s car. James resumed his suction at her nipples.

“Oooooh, that’s very good, oh, ohhh, here I come, ohhh I’m coming…” she prattled then James paused. Her face took a look of desperate need and then disappointment.

“No. don’t come yet, we’re not even half-way through. Save your energy.”

“James, believe me I’ve got all the energy to last me all this night.”

Her nipples looked as they’re about to burst.

“I believe you, that’s why I’m taking my time…the longer time you wait the more satisfying your orgasm will be. Calm down we’re getting there.”

“Gosh, this is so big and hard,” she groaned as her hand ran the full length of his manhood squeezing it.

“I hope you’re not disappointed,” he said appraising her reaction.

“Disappointed? This is the right size, for me that is,” she said mimicking his earlier statement.

“Fine. It fits all,” he smiled and took his turn to pull the covers completely off her body. After that, his eyes took a wild wanton look at her long shapely limbs twisting against each other as if this was the only vestige of modesty she could cling on to guard her most guarded secret. James took in every inch of her body, tits and pussy and all the rest that his eyes could lay on.

For awhile James allowed her hand to play with his cock, averting his eyes from what she was doing and drew his attention to her elegantly, sophisticated face. He removed the pins in her expertly coiffed hair style deciding that letting it all down was better.

“Like it that way James?”

“Which one? He asked as she continued palming his hard-on and feeling the angry veins illustrating the shaft.

“Loosening my hair.”

“Oh ah yeah, more natural,” James replied.

“Like the way I take pleasure in your full, throbbing erection.”

“Eee-yah.” The only answer James could utter for that. Evoking in her face a high state of arousal, like aching for a desperate need, James began stroking her inner thigh moving up to the apex between her legs and cupped her curly mound making tiny grasps of its delicate softness. She was moist. He fluffed the wisp of auburn hair that covered her there, marveling at its silky smoothness. After a while, his middle finger rubbed gently back and forth along the source of her wetness until it slipped inside her, her ass lifting to accommodate every knuckle of his finger.

“Ohhh…I never felt so sexed up like this before,” Tanya said breathing raggedly as she pushed her hips against his insinuating finger. “James, you’re so cool.”

“I try to be. Now I think it’s time for my dinner,” James said softly.

“Tell me where and what you’re going to eat.”

“Where else, but in your paradise inn where a hot pussy is served tender and juicy.”

“Oh, can I watch while you eat?”

“I’m a voracious eater.”

“So am I. And I’m glad you’re not on a diet.” she said her green eyes twinkling mischievously.

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