Sweet Sister

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After waiting five years, Tina finally decided to give Greg what he always wanted. She knew that he was watching her from the time he turned 13 and found out what a girl was for. Being two years older she should have been more experienced but all she ever did was give her boyfriends a blow job. What she wanted was to save herself for the man she would love forever. After two years in collage, she found that the only one she would love was her own brother. She had planed to give herself to him on his 18th birthday, but that failed when their parents said they would go with them to celebrate. So when spring break came she invited him to join her at her apartment. He came with a small bag of clothes “for the beach” is what he told her. But she did not intend for them to go to the beach. Because she went to school in their hometown, she had plans for them to go to a hotel over a hundred miles away. She put off packing until he got there so they would be leaving late and their stopping for the night would not catch him off guard. “Lets stop. I am getting tired and need to get some rest. “

“Ok sis. Anything for you. ” She had him pull into the parking lot of the hotel she had made reservations at. They went in and she told him to sit in the restaurant and wait for her to get the room. She picked him up and took him to the room. “Hey, they must have given you the wrong key sis. There is only one bed. And I know you would not sleep with me. “

“Are you so sure, brother dear?” He looked shocked when she said that. “What? Are you saying that ataşehir escort bayan you would sleep with me?”

“More than that, I would even let you fuck me. “


“Don’t look so surprised. I know you have been watching me and trying to look at me when I am naked. I also know you jack off after watching me. “

“So you don’t care I do that. “

“I was shocked at first then I got to thinking… Who do I want to take my virginity?”

“You’re a virgin?”

“Yes. I decided that the one to take my virginity was the person I would love for life. You. All of the others wanted sex and only sex. I knew you loved me and always would. So… Let’s get busy and do it. ” She was smiling at him as his expressions changed from shock to lust as she talked to him. She knew she was built. 5’6″ 34-26-34 blond hair blue eyes. Perfect except for one thing, she was a virgin and she wanted her own brother. Guilt was a strong emotion at first and the more she planed to fuck her own brother the further from her it got until she did not feel it any more. What she felt was that this was right. She moved over to the bed and as she went she took off her clothes until only her sexy lacy bra and thong panties were left. “Now you. ” He came to her on the bed taking off his shirt and pants. When he got on the bed his dick was a steel bar sticking out of his boxers. “Oh my GOD… Look at the size of your dick. Is it always that big?”

“Only when I am looking at you. ” She pulled his boxers off and took his shaft escort kadıköy in her hand. She slowly moved her hand up and down it and it seemed to grow even bigger. “Wow I just have to taste this. ” She bent down and started to suck on the head of his cock. Licking slowly around and down the shaft to his balls. She took one into her mouth and gently sucked it. “Ohhhh… Yeah… Suck on my cock and balls sis… This is better than any dream i’ve had… “

“It will only get better. ” was all she said and then continued to suck on his huge shaft. He laid down and enjoyed the feeling of his sister sucking on his cock. God could she give a blow job. This was better than the only time he had done anything with his girlfriend. Then, she had taken a look at his cock and changed her mind about them doing it. All that he got was a quick feel and a jack off session after he got home. Even then he was not thinking of his girlfriend, he was thinking of his sister. And now here she is, his own sister, about to get a mouthful of his cum. “Oh god I’m gonna cum… ” She just sucked harder and got what she was after. His cum came flooding out into her mouth and she swallowed each spurt as if it was her last meal. When she finished, she looked at him and said, “My turn. “

“Yeah let me at that pussy I want. ” She took off her bra and he started to suck on her tits. Her nipples reacted to his sucking by getting hard and sticking out. “God can you suck on tits. “

“Just wait till I get to that pussy. ” He started to kiss down her belly until bostancı escort he reached her panties. “Lets get these out of the way, shall we. ” He pulled her panties down and stared at his sisters bald pussy. “What a sweet pussy. Does it taste as sweet as it looks?”

“Taste it and see. ” He started by licking all around her slit. Then he teased her with light licks outside. “Come on brother, do it. ” He looked up at her and smiled, then he dove in. He did all he could to lick as much of her pussy as he could. He found her clit and started to suck on it. “Oh god… I’m cumming… ” She shook as her orgasm took her. “I’m ready for more, if you are. ” She looked down at his cock and saw he really was. “I guess you weren’t lying… God I want you… Give it to me. ” He climbed up between her legs and placed the head of his cock at her opening and slowly entered her. As he did he felt he cherry pop. “Are you ok?”

“No, you stopped. Keep going until I tell you to stop. ” He did and then felt himself hit bottom. “God you are so tight. “

“FUCK ME!!” Greg started to pound his cock in her pussy. “Ohhhhhh… Yeah… Do it… Make me cum again.”

“Oh Tina I never thought you would let me… Ohhh God you feel great… “

“Brother you fit in me perfectly. Don’t stop… DON’T STOP… I’M CUMMING!!” She arched her back to meet his thrusts and he pounded harder. He could feel her pussy spasming around his cock. “Oh god sis I’m cumming too. “

“In me little brother, fill my pussy up with you cum. I want to feel it in me… “

“God Yessssss… ” He came in her until it leaked out. He rolled off her and said, “What a woman I have for a sister. “

“That was your birthday gift. Do you want your Christmas gift early?”


“Because, you just got me pregnant. “

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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