Lusting Jase

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It looked just like something out of the Swiss Family Robinson tale; huts built up on stilts, primitive living everywhere. It was so quaint it could have walked out of a storybook. People were working on various tasks, mostly wearing khaki shorts and tank tops with a white long sleeved thin shirt. It was like the unmentioned uniform in the jungle, anything to stay cool and protect your skin at the same time.

Samantha had been traveling for a week to get to the nearly unspoiled island. A small community was formed so scientists could survive in the wilderness year round while exploring the ecosystem and discovering new species. She had worked hard for the past five years, waiting for this moment. Only a select few would be chose to work on the island.

“I’ll introduce you around and take you to Jase. He runs things around here, kind of like the head scientist. He’ll know where to put you up at as well. If you have any problems, go to him, He’ll get you anything you need.” The guide grabbed her overstuffed duffel bag and walked in front to lead the way.

Winding through the camp, Samantha nodded to the friendly men and women as she passed. Making their way to a large hut, the guide called out.

“Sir, the company you were expecting is here.” He nodded to Samantha and dropped her bags, walking away. “Good luck!” he called out over his shoulder.

Samantha looked back into the hut, slowly stepping in. The cool breeze captured her attention and she instinctively walked over to the fan to cool off.

“Well, hello to you too. Please make yourself at home and stand in front of my fan.” Jas called from a corner.

Samantha forced a smile. She wasn’t usually to help herself to anything, but the heat was overwhelming. “Sorry about that. I wasn’t expecting the heat to be so intense, and I felt the breeze….”

“You must be my new biologist…. Samantha, is it?” he continued to peer at her, looking her up and down. The woman’s brown hair hit below her shoulders and flew in the breeze. She was curvy in a sexy way, muscular even. But best of all he noticed her round, firm breasts jotting out from her shirt.

“Yes, Samantha.” She didn’t even notice that she was licking her lips, looking over at who must be Jase. He was just a bit taller than her, muscular and sporting a sexy shaved head. He was standing there, looking like he had walked out of any woman’s fantasy. Cut off jeans, sandals, and a blue and white shirt hung open in the breeze. He had a days’ growth along his jaw line, giving him a rugged look.

They stared at each other for a while, both wondering who was going to speak first.

“Are you feeling okay? You look a little dazed.” He said, wondering if she was already heat sick. It wasn’t abnormal for the newbies to take a week to adjust.

“I’m fine, just a little tired.” Samantha was embarrassed and quickly looked down.

“Let me show you to your new home. Then I can get you started in the field, unless you wanted to wait until tomorrow.”

Samantha followed Jase as he took her to a small hut that was apparently next to his. It was bad enough that she was going to have to work with him, but be so close to him at night? This had to be a joke.

Jase made sure she was comfortable and got her started on her work. She worked hard, day in and day out. Time seemed to be in fast forward. Samantha worked with Jase a lot, and with the heat they often ended up picking at each other. Some days Samantha found him incorrigible, while Jace found her impossible to reason with when she had an idea in her head. Both always felt the need to have the final say. The worst was when Jase thought that there were things she didn’t need to do, or ‘men’s work.’ Samantha fought back that much harder and took chances, often hanging miles over top the jungle canopy. She decided pendik escort that anything he could do, she could accomplish ten times better and at a faster speed. And there wasn’t a damn thing that she was scared of.

It had been a rather long day, and Samantha was in a mood. She had been sweating to death in the laboratory, trying to make her data match up. In frustration she walked out and vowed to work on it in the morning. It was dark, and most had either headed to their cabins or relaxed by the kitchen area playing cards. All that she wanted to do was get into something completely comfortable and go to bed, forgetting that today had ever happened.

Samantha flipped on her small light and pulled out a pair of panties and a matching tank top; the less to sweat in, the better. Pulling her hair atop her head, she made her way to the bed. Something moved out of the corner of her eye and she immediately froze. She looked to her left…. in between the door and her bed slithered a snake. It wasn’t a huge man-eater, but it didn’t matter. It was a snake, her one and only true fear. Go figure….as if she didn’t know there would be snakes in the jungle.

Unable to help herself she let out a blood curdling scream and jumped on top of the bed. She was convinced that if she stood on the bed it couldn’t possibly touch her. If Samantha didn’t know better, she was either going to pass out or have a heart attack.

As she opened her mouth to scream again, the snake moved and she froze in shock.

Jase didn’t bother to knock, but rather bolted through the door and stopped in his tracks. He wasn’t sure whether to laugh at the situation….or try to sympathize with a woman obviously paralyzed in fear.

Reaching down, he grabbed the snake firmly behind the head and scooped it up. It was merely a baby; probably more scared of Samantha than she was of it. Then again, it might be a close call, based on the look on her face. Turning briskly he waltzed back out the door, snake in hand.

Jase returned moments later and noticed that Samantha was still standing nervously on the bed. He walked the room, looking around and under everything. He made absolutely certain that there were no other snakes lurking in the corners. It was all slightly humorous to him. Here was a woman who came to and island to work, that was completely covered in jungle terrain, yet she was completely frightened of snakes.

His search produced no other snakes, so he walked to Samantha and offered her his hand, allowing her to step down to the floor. She gingerly lowered herself to the bed, but didn’t let her feet touch the floor. Just in case.

“Um….thanks…I wasn’t expecting company to be waiting for me.” She was suddenly aware that Jase was shirtless with only a pair of his famously hot cut off jeans. Holy cannolis!

“Are you going to be okay? You’re shaking.” He said, looking her over. She sat before him wearing a pair of lacy underwear and a sexy tight tank top. He could see her nipples protruding from her thin shirt, as if calling to him. He reached over and grabbed her hand, sitting next to her on the bed. Her long legs wrapped around her and she merely looked at his hand.

“I hate snakes. Hate them….thanks for your help. I don’t know what I would have done had you not heard me screaming.”

“Maybe you should lie down…. you look like you’re in a little bit of shock.” Jase leaned closer and touched her forehead. He didn’t know why, she wasn’t sick. But he wanted to touch her and it seemed like a good excuse.

Her skin was soft, and his hand couldn’t help but run his hand down to caress her cheeks. Cupping her face with both hands, he looked her in the eyes. A passion was welling up inside him, a passion that he had been holding back since the day she walked into his office. He was taking maltepe escort a risk here; if she didn’t feel the same way this would potentially ruin a working relationship. If she did feel the same way, he planned on having her in his bed from here on out.

Samantha was holding her breath, not sure whether he was going to kiss her or not. In her mind she was begging that he make the move, but she was arguing in her head whether she should kiss him if he didn’t do it soon.

Jase leaned forward and gently grazed her lips. It was so soft and sensual that she immediately felt a jolt of electricity slam through the lower half of her body. The moment happened too quickly for her, and she immediately missed the touch of his lips.

Jase looked at her, and in a moment he saw in her eyes that she wanted him as badly as he did her. The two collided as they moved in unison to join their lips. He explored her mouth slowly, not wanting to miss a thing. Jase already planned on exploring her body the same way.

Samantha could feel her nipples harden in excitement and she desperately wanted to feel them pressing up against his warm flesh. She reached out and softly ran her fingers down his bare, muscular chest. She listened as he let out a hiss of breath. Now running her palms up and down, she gently reached out and pinched his nipples; following with her mouth. At first she merely ran her tongue across one, then the other. Throwing it all to the wind she ran her hand down to his crotch and gently massaged the growing bulge in his pants while taking a nipple in her mouth and teasing it, flicking it with her tongue.

Jase reached down and grabbed her shirt, lifting it over his head. Her breasts bounced out of her shirt and tilted up as if calling to him. He moved her so that she was straddling his lap. Burying his head between her breasts he groped them with both hands, teasing her nipples with his thumbs until they were rosy read. Moving his mouth he suckled one and then the other, teasingly biting them as a groan caught in the back of his throat.

Samantha threw her head back, loving the feel of his hands on her body. She quickly bent down and bit his shoulder, nibbling her way up to his neck, his earlobe. She blew softly in his ear before she kissed her way back to his mouth. Jase anticipated a kiss, but instead she tilted his head back and ran the tip of her tongue from his jaw line all the way down the front of his neck. She massaged Jase’s chest, as she stopped to kiss him gently from time to time. When she got to his pants, she suddenly stood and pushed him back on the bed. Jase did as he was told and scooted to the top of the bed.

Jase looked at the woman before him and watched as she slowly shed her underwear, exposing her completely shaved mound. She continued to stand as she unzipped his pants and slid them off with his boxers. His cock was hard in anticipation of what was going to come next. He watched as Samantha wasted no time in taking a ball in her mouth and massaged it gently with her tongue. She reached for his dick with one hand and slowly began stroking it. She immediately felt a small splash of cum the tip of his dick. Slowing down, she kissed his groin and around his pelvis. She watched as his cock danced in delight whenever her mouth got close to it.

Samantha ran her tongue from the base of Jase’s cock to the tip where she lapped up the small drop of cum. She put only the tip in her mouth at first, running her tongue in circles and massaging the length of his dick. Slowly she would slide a little more of his cock in her mouth until she had as much as she could take; but continued to hold the base of his cock in her hand, pumping it into her mouth.

“I’m not going to be able to go much longer if you don’t slow down. It feels so fucking good.” Jase was biting kartal escort his lower lip as several “oohs” and “ahhs” escaped his lips. He reached down and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling it out of her eyes. Samantha looked up and saw the desire in his eyes, fighting to not let go. She saw how much he wanted it and began sucking and sliding him in and out of her mouth, keeping a firm grasp with her mouth.

Jase couldn’t help but to push down on her head as he was getting so close to exploding in her mouth. He was pushing his hips up to meet her face as she fucked him with her mouth. Bucking harder, he knew he couldn’t be a gentleman much longer.

“I’m going to cum any second, so if you don’t want it in your mouth, just jack me off.” He said, barely breathing.

Samantha looked up at him with a gleam in her eyes. She sped up her pace sucked him hard, running her hands down the shaft of his cock with as much of him in her mouth as possible. She could feel his body tensing up as his warm ball of cum exploded in her mouth, filling it up. She swallowed it, letting it slide down her throat.

Jase’s breath was heavy as he realized he had just released six month of pent up sexual frustration in her mouth. He watched in amazement as she let his cock fall out of her mouth, only to lick him clean. He watched, completely aroused at the site before him. He knew tonight he didn’t need to recoup.

Jase pulled her up to lie on his body, and kissed her deeply.

“Thank you.” He said, pushing her hair out of her face. He could feel her animalistic need in her kiss as she pressed into him hard. He could feel her wetness on his leg. “Now it’s your turn.”

Jase slid below her so that she was sitting in his face. He pulled her pink lips to the side and exposed her clit. He licked around it and flicked it with his tongue only to take it in his mouth and suck. Jase ran his flattened tongue down her slit, lapping at her juices. Slipping his tongue inside her, he fucked her with his tongue while he rubbed her clit with his thumb.

“Oh, fuck…Jase…that feels so good…” she growled as she ground her hips against his tongue. It felt so fucking good that she wanted to cum right in his face.

Jase ran his tongue up and down her pussy one last time then quickly flipped her on her back.

Samantha fell to her back and cooperated as Jase took her legs and stretched them up his chest. He grabbed her hips and lifted them up; she was tight and he had to push his way to get all of him in her. She groaned as his cock stretched her and filled her up. Jase pulled his cock out of her, only to tease her clit with it. She was about to beg for him to fuck her when he pushed his cock into her again. Slow and steady he slid back into her. She felt a drop of sweat fall onto her abdomen and she knew that he was trying hard to be patient as not to hurt her.

Teasing her again he slowly took his cock away….Samantha was about to scream if he didn’t bring it back.

“Please, Jase….I want you to fuck me, make it hurt. It’s okay, I want it. Please, fuck me!” she cried out.

Jase felt his cock harden even more as she continued to talk dirty to him.

“God, you have an amazing cock, and you feel so good….mmmmmm…..please….oh yeah……” she moaned in ecstasy as he began pushing his throbbing dick into her pussy, harder and harder until he was slamming into her with all that he had.

They both grunted like animals, Samantha’s moans getting louder with the “oh, yessssss’s…..she couldn’t hold out much longer. Curling her toes she felt her pussy tighten around his cock, her own warmth surge forth.

With Samantha’s moaning in his ears and her hips jutting up to match his strokes, Jase’s body shuttered as he came inside her, filling her for the second time tonight. His arms shook as he gently rubbed her thighs and slowly slid himself in and out of her until the orgasm faded.

He fell to the bed and cradled her to his chest, brushing her hair off her forehead and kissing her until they both fell into an exhausted sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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