Lunchtime Surprise

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“Hey, let’s meet for lunch,” I said in a sexy, persuasive tone into the phone.

“Sure Emily, you pick the place, and meet me in my office at noon,” he responded.

My heart pounded in my chest, knowing my naughty plan would be employed this afternoon. I’d dated Mathew five times, and he was a great guy, and a real gentleman. It had been entirely too long since I’d dated someone who was so thoughtful and opened doors for me. Perhaps he was a little too gentlemanly, since I was anxious to pounce him but his affection had so far been limited to holding hands and chaste goodnight kisses.

We hadn’t gone out for over a week since he’d been so busy with work. I’d thought about him often, and went to bed the night before thinking of a way I could get our relationship to progress. My brainstorming soon turned to fantasy, and my fantasy turned to taking advantage of myself before blissfully falling asleep. I awoke this morning with an inspiration for how I could show him I’m interested in much more. The scheme of surprising him made me both excited and nervous. What if he doesn’t like surprises?

I put on a lacy black bra with half cups, so that my nipples were peeking out of the tops, and then added a matching black lacy garter and stockings. Over that I put on black lacy thong panties, with material so thin they were barely panties at all. The little triangle covered my smoothly shaved pussy, and the back of the thong rode up into my crevasse, exciting me even more. I could feel my pussy tingling, imagining what Mathew would say when he sees.

I fixed my hair and make up conservatively, with my long auburn hair in a twist held with a silver comb. I threw on some tall heels, and posed in front of the mirror. I was amazed at how sexy I looked, and how excited I felt. The texture of lace on my nipples caused them to crinkle and harden, and I pinched them a little to get them even more erect. “OK,” I said to the slut in the mirror, “now or never.” And with that I put on a long coat, grabbed a bag out of the refrigerator, and headed out the door.

I walked into Mathew’s office and let his frumpy secretary, Eunice, know I was here to see him. She looked me up and down, and I stayed pretty composed considering how nervous I was about this plan. “He’ll be right out Miss, shall I take your coat?”

“No!” I blurted just a little too quickly. “Ummm…I mean…no, thank you, I’ll hold on to it.” She smiled almost knowingly, has she guessed I’m nearly naked under this? There’s no way she could…could she?

I sat in the lobby for five long minutes, thinking and rethinking how good an idea this was. Mathew walked through the doorway, and seeing him in his suit and tie made my heart skip a beat. He smiled warmly, and I stood. He walked over and gave me a hug and a little kiss on the lips. Restraining myself from doing anything unprofessional in the lobby, Mathew smiled at me and said, “Listen, I just have to finish a couple things really quick, come back here and sit in my office while I do them, then we can go to lunch.”

I followed him to his office, holding my coat closed and feeling the cool air brush over my exposed ass underneath. He sat behind his desk, and I sat on the other side of the desk in a cozy leather chair. As I sat in the chair, trying to be patient and taking deep controlled breaths, he looked at me and winked, then picked up the phone to make a call. I crossed my legs, and watched Mathew closely. He talked on the phone, about business or some such, and as he did I let the coat open from the bottom so that my legs peeked out, and the very top of one stocking could be seen. I watched as Mathew’s eyes widened, but he didn’t miss a beat on the phone and continued on with the conversation. The coat actually was rather warm for the office, and I loosened up the top several buttons of the coat, letting the top open to reveal the top of my chest and a little cleavage. Mathew was watching so closely, and at that point I think he actually gasped slightly. I knew I was being a tease, but he was so hard to read, I couldn’t tell if he liked it or if it was making him uncomfortable.

After two more minutes, Mathew finished the call and looked at me smiling. His eyes were so happy, and his smile so warm, any nervousness I had was melted away. He looked at me for a minute, sitting there in silence, as he seemed to be carefully calculating what to say. “Have you decided where we should go for lunch?”

I stood up and walked around the desk, my coat opening just a little more, so the straps of the bra were showing. “Yes, Mathew, I thought you might like it if I brought us some lunch to share in your office.” Still sitting in the chair, smiling up at me, he said, “Wow, you’ve brought lunch…I can’t wait to see what’s on the menu.” He stood up moving up close in front of me, peeking down into the bag I brought, then longingly down into the coat to my cleavage. I looked up at him and smiled, “I brought pendik escort us fruit, cheese, and crackers. What would you like to start with first?” As I said that I let my coat open, and his eyes traveled over my nearly naked body, and he stopped grinning. He stepped back, looking seriously into my eyes, and for a fleeting minute I thought, “Oh no! He doesn’t like the surprise!”

With lightning speed he raced to the front of the desk and through the door leaving me there. I ducked behind the tall desk chair, pulling my coat closed and thought, “Oh my god, he thinks I’m insane, and he’s getting security.” Within a minute he was back, grinning from ear to ear, “I’ve asked Eunice to hold my calls, I wouldn’t want anything to interrupt lunch.” With that he smiled widely, turned to lock the door and turned back around revealing the beginnings of a tent in his pants.

He walked back in front of me, kissed me fully and I could feel the warmth of his body near mine. He tongue slipped just into my mouth and I swirled my tongue around his. “God Emily, I’ve been dreaming of doing that for weeks. I just didn’t want you to think I was only interested in you physically.” Still kissing deeply, he loosened his tie and undid the top 2 buttons of his dress shirt without his lips leaving mine. His arms slipped down, and he gently opened the coat. I felt his warm hands lightly trembling as they rested on my hips, sliding up my sides. I let the coat fall from my arms to the floor, then pulled the comb from my hair letting it cascade around my shoulders. He stepped back and looked me over, his eyes wide with excitement, then sat in his chair pulling my hand to him. I giggled, finally sure he liked the surprise, and he pulled me into his lap. My legs swung to one side, he wrapped an arm around my back. His face was at my chest level, just inches from my lace-covered breasts. Squirming in his lap I could certainly tell he was excited, as the bulge in his pants brushed against my nearly naked bottom.

I pulled open the bag and spread the lunch items on his desk. Mathew appeared to be making a real effort to not make any sudden moves. He was clearly enjoying watching me feed him for the moment. I fed him the variety of lunch items I had in the bag, some cheese and crackers, and an assortment of fruit. When I put a strawberry to his lips and he bit down, juice ran down my fingers.

Unable to hold back any longer, he took my hand in his and gently licked the juice off, making me dream excitedly about how talented his tongue seemed. He kissed the palm of my hand, trailing kisses up my arm and toward my breast. He hooked his finger into the left cup of my bra, teased the nipple, then gently eased the nipple out and lightly licked it. He sucked my aching nipple into his mouth as I moaned and ran my hands through his hair. His warm hand trailed down my body, then over my hips to my thighs. The sensation of being nearly naked with a man who is fully dressed was very erotic, and added to the feelings of naughtiness. His cock beneath me seemed to jump as he traced his fingers up the insides of my thighs. Did he even know how crazy this was making me? How much he was teasing me?

Trailing his fingers over the tops of the stockings, he gently eased my legs apart slightly and approached my middle. I wrapped my arms around his neck, burying my face in the top of his chest peeking out of his dress shirt. I trembled with anticipation as he caressed my warmth and wetness through the panties. He pulled me toward him to kiss his lips, his tongue searching deep in my mouth as I felt his fingers pull the lace panties crotch aside and lightly traced his fingers up my smooth pussy lips.

“Oh god, Emily,” he panted, “You’re so wet.” And with that he slipped his finger inside me. “So wet and warm and tight inside.” I moaned quietly, loving the feeling of his strong hands touching me. He looked into my face as he fingered me, “Is this what you want?” Oh God, I wanted more than that! Would he make me beg him for it?

Before I could respond he picked me up off his lap and placed me onto his desk, legs forward, then pushed everything on his desk to the side. He gently laid me back on the desk with one hand beneath my neck, and leaned over me, kissing the tops of my breasts. With the other hand he hooked the side of my panties, side tugging them down over my stockings and pulling them from my legs. Mathew continued to trail kisses down my body as he positioned himself between my legs. My back arched with the sensations, his lips we so warm on my gooseflesh skin. Reaching into the sack, he fished around for another strawberry and held it up, smiling wickedly. Holding the strawberry tantalizingly in front of me, he used the other hand to slide one bra strap down, then the other. He lowered the bra enough to expose each breast, then crushed the cold berry into my already throbbing nipples. Before the juice could run down my breasts he licked and lapped maltepe escort against them, the light roughness of his tongue causing them to ache even more.

He popped what was left of that strawberry into his mouth and reached into the bag for another. Mathew watched my face as he trailed the cold strawberry down between my breasts, over my abdomen and lower. His eyes never left mine as I felt the cold strawberry trail over my mons, lightly tracing along the lips of my pussy. I giggled excitedly, barely able to stay still on the desk. “Don’t move Emily, let me enjoy this beautiful lunch you’ve prepared.” I felt the strawberry dipping further between my pussy lips, the coldness on my clit nearly made me jump. I could feel juices running down my pussy, and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t from the fruit.

Mathew stepped back and sat down in his chair, so his face was just inches above my pussy. He gently placed each of my feet onto the chair armrests, and I felt very exposed. He pulled encouragingly on my hips, to bring me to the edge of the desk. As he reached up and eased my legs wider apart, I was practically dripping onto the desk. His face was very close to my pussy, and I could feel his warm breath blowing on the wetness. Mathew looked up at me grinning and then slowly and purposefully said, “The appetizers were wonderful, but I’m interested in the main course now.” With that he popped the strawberry covered in my juices into his mouth, and looked into my eyes lustfully.

Mathew bent down to kiss the tops of my stockings, then tantalizingly trailed his tongue up the inside of my thigh. Reaching toward my pussy with both hands he opened my pussy wide with his fingers. He could see everything, how smoothly I’d shaved, how wet I was, and how my little clit was swollen and practically throbbing to be touched. Slowly, too slowly, he began teasing me with his tongue, licking over each of my lips, missing my clit entirely. Suddenly his tongue dived into my pussy, darting in and out making me crazy. “Mmmm….you taste so good, Emily.” The humming made me even more wild, and without thinking my hand slid down to my rub my clit. Before I could touch it, Mathew grabbed my wrist, and gently said, “I’ll touch you everywhere, don’t worry, just relax.”

Soon enough he ran his tongue up, a long lick from below the hole all the way up to my clit. He ran his tongue over and over around my clit in circles, making me squirm on the desk and open my legs wider. My juices trickled from my pussy down along the crack of my ass. I felt his fingers open my pussy wide as his tonguing of my clit continued. He slipped a long thick finger into my pussy, pressing upwards and finding my spot inside. He pressed against the spot, and I began moving my hips, wanting him to finger fuck me deeper and harder. He’d barely even started, but I was already so close. He added another finger and began rhythmically pumping in and out of my wetness, never stopping with his lingual assault on my clit. He licked for many minutes and I felt my pussy twitching inside, very close. His thumb trailed down my wetness and teased gently around my other hole, pushing me over the edge. I exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm. Waves of pleasure washed over me as Mathew’s fingers continued to pump inside me and I could feel my pussy contracting around his fingers.

As I slowly got back to my senses, I raised myself up on elbows and saw Mathew looking at my face, grinning. “That was excellent. How about you? Are you hungry too?” All the kissing, licking and touching had made me beyond excited. As I looked down into Mathew’s lap, I could see he was very excited too. The semi-firm bulge I’d felt while sitting in his lap was now a full fledged tenting, and his eyes sparkled with lust.

I slowly raised myself up, sitting on the edge of the desk. He had teased me, and I’m looked forward to teasing back. Unhurriedly I slid down off the desk, between his legs. Standing in front of him, I leisurely reached behind me and unhooked my bra, looking at his eyes while I lowered it, letting it drop to the floor to join my panties and coat. My perfectly round breasts were inches from his face, and the hard nipples ached to be touched. I then slowly bent over at the waist leaning my hands on his thighs. I leaned forward putting my lips close to his ear and whispered, “Yes, very hungry. Got any suggestions?” He stared at my breasts in front of him and reached up to touch them. I pulled his tie over his head, and unbuttoned his shirt quickly. I stood up, and he reached forward to tweak my nipples. Leaning back over I kissed his lips tasting my juices on him. As I kissed down to his neck and chest I was overwhelmed with how good he smelled. I pulled his hands from my breasts and put them on the arms of the chair, signaling him that it was my turn to make him feel good.

I gently kissed his chest, and licked lightly over his nipples. Soon his nipples were like little pebbles, and kartal escort he began to moan quietly. As I alternated between nipples I began to unfasten his belt, while rubbing lightly on the bulge. Pleased at how excited I’d made him, I carefully unzipped his pants and tugged down on the sides. He lifted his hips, helping me. I kneeled so my face was even with his hidden cock, and watched his eyes as I slipped my hand into the waistband of his boxers. I gingerly grasped his cock and felt it hot and throbbing in my hand. With the other hand I tugged down on the boxers, pulling them to his ankles with his pants. I looked up into his eyes as I slowly started to run my hand up and down his shaft. The precum on the tip lubricated my hand movement, and I could tell Mathew was using supreme control in keeping his hips still.

Slowly I eased his legs wider and licked one very long lick all the way up the length of his cock. With the other hand I gently caressed his balls, which were already very tight. I knew if I wasn’t careful, this wouldn’t last long, and I intended to have plenty of fun. I took Mathew’s hands in mine, and directed them to the sides of my breasts, then leaned forward to slide his cock between my breasts as he pressed them together. As his cock peeked up from between my breasts, I lightly licked the head, lubricating his cock as it began to slide up and down between my breasts. Each time the head peeked up I licked a little more, and then finally his cock slid up and I took the head slowly into my mouth. Mathew released my breasts as I gradually eased his cock further into my warm, wet mouth. With one hand on his cock, and the other on his thigh to signal him to keep his hips still, I slid slowly down his cock with my tight lips pressing further and further down. Finally he was deep into my throat, and I could feel his trimmed pubes tickling my nose. God, he tasted so good.

Sliding his cock from my mouth, but without letting the head from my lips, I began to slide up and down his cock. I could feel his cock throbbing on my tongue. My hair fell in front of my face, and I felt Mathew gently gather my hair in his hands and hold it behind my head. I quickened the pace, but was careful not to be too rhythmic since I wanted his pleasure to last. I licked down the front of the shaft to his balls, taking each one gently in my mouth as I continued to stroke his cock with my wet hands. Occasionally I held just the head in my mouth, looking into his eyes to see how excited he was. After only a few minutes, I could feel his need rising. The hand holding my hair began to press lightly and urgently on the back of my head. His hips began to move, just slightly, pushing his cock even deeper into my mouth.

I popped the head of his cock from my mouth and said, “Are you ready, Mathew? I’m going to make you cum now.” He groaned loudly, unable to even put in words how much he needed to release, and that was my answer. I held his cock tightly in my hand, and slid him deeply into my mouth. I tightened my lips around the shaft, and began to move up and down, deeper and deeper. I didn’t stop, but kept the same pace, not too fast. I felt his hand behind my head and let him pick the pace, gently pulling my mouth down onto his cock. With my other hand I lightly held his balls, now they were so tight it was clear his end was eminent. “Oh God Emily, don’t stop!” And I wouldn’t stop, not until I felt his cum spurting into my mouth.

After only another minute, he thrust his cock deep into my mouth and came, shooting gobs of cum into my mouth as though he’d been saving up for weeks. I held my mouth still around him until his cock stopped twitching and gently released it from my lips. Looking up at him I smiled, and he looked pleased and slightly dazed. “Sorry we didn’t go out for lunch?” I teased.

Mathew laughed, “Now why would I want to go out, when we have such fine cuisine here?” And with that he pulled me up into his lap and we kissed, each of us tasting each other on our lips. We helped each other get dressed, and I was shocked to see that this lunch break had taken much more than an hour. He took one last look at my body before helping me into my coat. As I buttoned the coat he stepped toward his door, unlocking it.

He opened the door, and as I stepped through I saw his secretary staring right at us. I spun around, my eyes wide and wordlessly asked him if she could have possibly heard what we’d done. He smiled down at me in a comforting way, taking any worries I had away. Looking directly and unabashedly at his secretary while holding my hand, he simply asked, “Were there any calls?”

Shaken from her wide-eyed stare, she replied, “No, no calls.”

“Then that will be all, Eunice.” For a second she just stared in disbelief, but Mathew didn’t flinch. She stood up in a snit and stormed out of the room.

“Poor dear probably hasn’t had sex in a decade,” Matthew said. “In fact hearing us might have been the most action she’s seen in years.” I giggled, feeling less embarrassed and more in awe of this wonderful man.

He leaned over and kissed me passionately, promising me with his lips that there would be many more intimate occasions for us to look forward to.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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