Lucky Man

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You come to my place, I meet you at the door in a t-shirt and socks…nothing else…you take your shoes off in the kitchen next to the door because it’s been raining all day, as I reach into the fridge for a beer. Bending over into the fridge, my t-shirt creeps up exposing my tight ass and pussy you look up in time to catch a glimpse before I close the door.

I move to the counter and pop open your beer, take a few sips before handing it to you…you’ve moved across the room and stand in front of me, take the beer and forget about it. You kiss me hard and run your free hand from my knee to my inner thigh, just short of my lips skip to my belly, and under my t-shirt to my tits. I hop up on the counter and wrap my legs around you, pulling you in closer as you move up and down my body with your hands, running the cold bottle on my nipples, and between my legs. I pull off my shirt and you trickle beer on my chest a little at a time, licking and sucking it off my nipples as they get hard from the cold of the beer and from your touch.

My hands behind your head and across your shoulders, scratching and rubbing…pushing you down between my legs, begging you to taste me. Finally your tongue runs down between my tits to my belly, you skip my pussy again and nibble at my pendik escort very inner thigh. I’m crazy with anticipation and wrap my legs around your head…pulling you in close to my pussy. You descend with a rapid tongue and flicking fingers and nibble on my hard clit. Pushing fingers in and out in and out, one then two and then three as I push against you wanting more, wanting so much to cum all over your hand and face.

You start to stand and lick and kiss up my body, I wrap my legs around you again hoping to feel your hard cock against me only to remember you’ve only taken off your shoes. I jump down from the counter and kneel in front of you, unbuttoning your pants pulling back the waste band on your boxers and lick the head of your cock. Running my tongue across the tip back and forth. Slowly parting my lips and taking the tip in between them, pulling your boxers and pants down and sucking down your cock putting it all inside my mouth. Pressing my lips at the base and running my tongue in circles back to the tip. Moving up and down up and down on your cock faster and faster taking it deeper every time till its all the way in, holding it there and sucking hard, running my tongue in circles around you inside me.

You move back and stand me up. You motion maltepe escort towards the table as I walk backwards, you are kissing me and running your hands all over me till I hit the kitchen table. I lay back and spread my legs wide as you lean in teasing my pussy with the tip of your cock biting my nipples and sucking them hard into your mouth. Flicking them with your tongue and then slam your cock all the way up inside me. I’m so wet that it slides in easily but I gasp at the sensation of force of your cock inside me. In and out slowly, each thrust further and deeper inside. Faster and faster fucking me more and more, harder and harder. In and out. In and out. My legs are wide open and you grab my ankles and put them over your shoulders, rolling me up and fucking my pussy harder and harder.

My hands are on your back, behind your head, on your arms, everywhere, scratching and rubbing…I’m moaning with every thrust inside me. You pull me up to a sitting position and pull me to the edge of the table, you wrap my legs around you and push your cock deep in me. Your hands in my hair and on my back. Around my waist and grabbing my ass. I beg you for more and tell you to fuck me harder. You stand me up, turn me around and bend me over the table. You pull me kartal escort back up with my hair asking me if this is what I want, I whisper yes, and you tell me to say it louder, Yes I repeat and you start to tease my pussy with the tip of your cock, you ask again, is this what you want? And I scream YES pushing my body against your to get you inside me. You push me back onto the table, grab my hips and push with everything you have and shove your whole cock into me. Back and forth. In and out. Slapping my ass and pressing on my asshole with your finger as you slam into my pussy over and over again. I reach down and flick my clit as you slam into me.

I can feel your balls on my ass and your finger’s pressure on my hole and beg you for more of it. You stop instead and go to your knees, fighting with my fingers to get at my clit as you slide your fingers in and out of me. Eating my pussy, sliding your tongue in between my lips and shoving it in far. Rubbing my clit you stand again and push your cock deep into me, massaging my clit with one hand and holding my hip with the other as you fuck me harder and harder till I explode all over your thick cock. You can feel the tingling in your vein as you push a finger in my tight ass to make me cum again as you pull out your cock and spurt all over my ass and back.

As we compose ourselves, you ask me which room the TV is in. After all, that’s why you came over today, to fix my TV. I tell you its in the bedroom and we laugh at the irony that we never even made it that far.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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