Kiara’s Pity Fuck for a Nerd

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Kiara had been around the Uni campus quite a lot in the past 2 weeks. She, along with a thousand or so others, had just begun their higher education in their various courses.

But the subjects weren’t what Kiara remembered most. On the first day, she had sex in the toilets – and it came to a shock for her to who it was. Thomas was in her grade at school, and the two had never even flirted before, but he tricked Kiara that day. Thinking it was someone else, Kiara freely went with the flow as Thomas got a blowjob and a fuck from her!

Since then she had skipped a couple of her classes to catch up with Thomas for a quickie – it was like a ‘friends-with-benefits’ situation. But today she decided to go to the lecture instead. Walking up to the main hall where the lecture was to be held, Kiara realised she was almost half an hour early. She looked around to see if any of her fellow peers were waiting at the hall also.

Kiara spotted Marvin, a guy in her class, sitting at a table nearby. He was a short and skinny kid, and like any nerd, was as white as a ghost and had big glasses. Obviously, he wasn’t the chick magnet, and it seemed like he didn’t care that he wasn’t.

He was vigorously reading a textbook, secluded from society as his eyes raced through the fictional text. Kiara giggled to herself, kind of disgust but also in pity for him. She was a nice girl and didn’t like people to be left out, so she went and sat right next to Marvin at the table.

“Hey, Marv,” she said.

“It’s Marvin,” he retorted, his eyes still glued on the page. But just seconds later, his eyes stopped scanning through the words as he realized what was happening. He looked up to Kiara as she sat there smiling at him.

“Wow, you’ve stopped reading,” Kiara joked. Marvin laughed nervously, blushing as his body was inches away from a girl’s. He couldn’t help his eyes from scanning her body up and down, her tight shirt pressing hard against the firm breasts that lay beneath.

Kiara watched as Marvin looked her up and down rather creepily.

“Sorry,” he laughed nervously again, stopping his eyes from searching her body even more.

“That’s okay,” Kiara laughed as she watched Marvin go bahis firmaları back to reading, a smile clearly across his face. She leaned over to read what he was, and could feel Marvin become uncomfortable. Kiara was basically flirting with him at this stage! Why and how it came about, she didn’t know…

“What’s the book?” Kiara asked.

“Um… It’s, uh…” Marvin was starting to sweat with nerves. Kiara saw the title of the book at the bottom of the page.

“The Female Body” she said, surprised. ‘He’s reading a book on the female body?’ Kiara asked herself.

“Um… yeah, it’s for… studies,” Marvin remained nervous.

“But we’re studying Business.”

“Uh… personal study,” he said with a wry smile, avoiding eye contact as he continued to read.

Kiara didn’t believe him. Just then, a movement caught her eye. She looked down, noticing movement in Marvin’s crotch area. Kiara watched as his cock rose to a peak, his pant’s materials coming to a point. It was personal study, alright! And maybe Kiara could be his practical study…

“Um, Marvin, I just remembered that we’re supposed to be in the other hall,” she lied. They weren’t really in a different hall, but she wanted to test something.

“Are you…sure?” he stuttered.

“Yes, now come on, we don’t want to miss it.” Kiara got up from the seats and began to lead Marvin. He closed his book as he followed closely behind her. Marvin’s eyes couldn’t help but begin scanning again. She had a perfect body; even his nerdy, science-enriched mind knew that! Kiara dressed for the idea of sex. She had a tight ass that flaunted heavenly through her mini skirt, and her petite, curvaceous body led to her sassy blonde hair and down to her nicely tanned legs.

Kiara took a quick look behind at Marvin and saw his eyes fixed her skirt and noticed his boner had grown even more. She couldn’t wait any longer – her strange attraction to Marvin made her jolt and she could feel her pussy coming damp.

“In here,” she said, turning left into the nearest building. She grabbed Marvin by the arm and pulled him in the room as she opened the door.

“This isn’t the hall,” Marvin said, his eyes now meeting Kiara’s.

“No,” kaçak iddaa Kiara agreed. In a swift movement, Kiara dropped off her skirt, baring her wet pussy. “But this is!”

She was right: her flaps were like a hall; a passageway! As with everything, Marvin’s eyes fixed on her pussy.

“Vagina!” he said in awe.

“Okay, nerdy boy, enough,” Kiara said impatiently. She dropped to her knees, loosening his belt and pulling down his pants. Marvin barely had time to process what was happening, and before he knew it, Kiara was rolling her mouth over his balls.

“Have you ever masturbated?” Kiara asked hurriedly. Marvin shook his head.

“No. It makes you blind,” he said.

“Fucking Christ, Marvin, that’s science!” Kiara was getting angry – it happened sometimes when she was horny. He couldn’t even answer before Kiara was rapidly jerking his cock with both hands.

Marvin stumbled to his knees within seconds as his cock pulsated. He felt a quick surge going through him before he exploded cum in Kiara’s mouth, the veins in his cock tightening.

Kiara sat back and opened her clit. Marvin watched, still panting, his cock loose and rather tired.

“Come on, we gotta get to class soon,” she said. Marvin hurried up – he wanted this and he knew it. Although he was a virgin, it didn’t mean he didn’t know how to do this. Sure, he’d never watched porn before either, but what do you think he would be reading about all the time? Page after page of the female orgasm, their mindset, what different styles different girls like.

“Should I get a condom?” Marvin asked, remembering what he’d read could happen.

“What are you? A wuss?” Kiara said with a giggle. “Come on, I’m not gonna wait forever.”

Feeling pressured, Marvin slid his cock into the opening and immediately began pumping all he had. He definitely wasn’t going to give up this chance! With every thrust, Kiara’s g-spot was being hit like no other; her body rocking. This definitely wasn’t the nerd everyone knew. Yes, his face was beyond distracting and repulsive, especially during sex, but his nervousness had somewhat faded.

But missionary style still wasn’t enough. Kiara took control, playfully kaçak bahis pushing Marvin on his back. She adjusted herself and sat her beckoning pussy on top of Marvin’s erect cock.

Kiara’s hole was the perfect size for his thick cock, as she rode it with all she had. She could feel her orgasm was going to come thick and fast. Marvin could only watch in delight as Kiara kicked into full throttle. Still rocking up and down, back and forth, she took off her top, grabbed Marvin’s hands, and pulled them up to massage her tits. Marvin couldn’t help but realize – even in this unpredictable sex-fest – that Kiara only had a top a skirt on – no bra or underwear. It was Kiara’s way of preparing for the day ahead – a potential fuck was always right around the corner!

Cum gushed from Kiara’s hole, as she moaned and ran her hands through her hair. She smothered her fingers through her juices, before rubbing them over her perky breasts. Kiara slid herself from his cock’s grasp. Fingering herself, she lay down and began licking the head of Marvin’s cock. Her riding may not have got him to come, but Marvin was tingling as she took his meat in a whole, gagging as she wore out his cock. The sensation returned again as Marvin let out his hot, gooey load into Kiara’s mouth, as, simultaneously, her finger fucking climaxed and juices oozed from her pink flaps.

Still coming, Kiara sat herself of Marvin’s face, letting him lap up all she had. Marvin could barely breath, but that didn’t bother him – he was buried in Kiara’s hot flesh and cum juices; this was heaven! He could feel Kiara squirming; her moaning intensifying as he sucked and licked her flaps liked a depraved animal.

Kiara came again and Marvin’s face was well and truly cum-filled. Kiara stood up and watched him lick her juices. Both of them were worn out and blown away by how good the other was.

Marvin was no longer a nerd – not to Kiara. Maybe he could get some confidence out of this and stop being so nervous.

“Next week, class,” Kiara said in a teacher’s imitation, “we’ll have a lecture and prac on doggystyle.” With a naughty smile, Kiara put her clothes back on and left the room. Marvin just lay there for another five minutes, putting the recent events into his photographic memory.

What started out to be a pity fuck had turned into something much more. And Marvin was determined to ace this next class and give Miss Kiara his best effort!

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