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Before I share the experience I had a couple years back I want to give you a little background of my family. To start off my parents were always very loving and relatively supportive, but we really had very little in the way of a relationship. My dad was a workaholic and my mom spent nearly every free minute reading every romance novel ever written. Neither one of them were huge influences in my social, mental, or moral development due to the relative non-existence in my life. To put things in perspective, a little, I never got “the birds and the bees” talk. My dad handed me a book outlining the details and left it at that.

I have one older sister and two much younger brothers. I think the older of my two brothers was a surprise and mom and dad just figured they might as well have two while they were at it. My sister was just a couple years older than me but we attended different high schools when we would have normally gone to the same place. She went to a local public school that offered more classes in art and such; whereas I went to a local private school where the level of education was a bit higher but not nearly as diverse. This made things pretty interesting because a lot of my friends from school did not even know she existed.

I remember one time during my senior year I was hanging out at the mall with my friends when a buddy of mine came out of a department store and asked if I had seen the hot chick working in there. My sister had been working in the men’s department at that time as she had taken a year off from college to save up some cash.

Fearing the worst I asked, “What did she look like?”

He answered enthusiastically, “She was about 5’2″ with short brown hair, freckles, and big titties.”

“Was she working the men’s department?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yeah, she’s the one. She’s got a nice round ass on her too,” he responded.

“That’s my sister,” I sighed.

“What? You don’t have a sister,” one of the others shot back.

“Yes, I do.” I followed and reached into my back pocket and pulled out my wallet to show them her senior picture from two years earlier.

From there the questions mounted about how they did not know about her and why I never said anything. I explained that we were completely different and other than our parents had nothing in common. She was artsy and quiet; while I lettered in nearly every sport our school offered. Even though she was cute she never really dated much and I dated almost every weekend. I prided myself on being pretty nice to everyone I encountered, while she was the bitch that only cared about her small circle of friends. Besides I did not want to be known as Angie’s little brother. I wanted to be known as the nice guy jock with the rock hard abs. So far that plan had worked pretty well

I made every effort to change the subject as quickly as possible and soon we were back about our business of scoping out the ladies and making our way to whatever the big action flick was at the movies that weekend. Somehow that day managed to have a much larger effect on me than I anticipated though. I had never thought of my sister as a “hot chick” before. Prior to that day she had always just been the girl in the room next door that I was much more likely to get in a fight with than anything else. But now I was starting to notice that she actually was pretty attractive.

A couple weeks passed after that day and I found myself coming home from a frustrating loss at the baseball diamond. Due to my heightened frustration and temper I argued most of the way home with my dad about who-knows-what. When we got home I charged upstairs to my room and threw my things on the floor. Still steaming I picked up the baseball that had slid from my bag and threw it against the wall. It stuck.

Suddenly my anger turned to fear as I realized the damage I had done to the wall and knew there would be repercussions. I quickly stepped over to the wall and began to pry it out with my fingers until I finally pulled it loose to reveal the undeniable mark I had made. My mind raced as I scanned the room for something to fill the hole. A poster I had just picked up at the video store caught my eye. I retrieved it from the corner of my room and began to unroll it realizing that covering the hole would work just as well as repairing it for now. As I tacked the top of the poster up and began to hang it in place I looked at the hole one more time. I could see right into Angie’s closet. I took a few seconds to look around and then finished my task of covering the hole. Then I took a few deep breaths and headed to the shower to clean up.

By the time I came out of the shower and returned to my room Angie had come home from work. Initially I thought it would be a waste of time to look but decided to check out my new peep hole nonetheless. Before lifting the poster up to take a peek I made sure to turn off the light in my room so none would show through to the other side. Then I pulled up the corner of the poster to reveal the hole bahis firmaları and took a look. Much to my surprise it worked better than I could have imagined. Angie was standing next to her bed pulling off the khaki’s she had worn to work and threw them in her laundry basket. Then she took a couple steps towards her closet to choose her outfit for her girl’s night out. Before she got a chance to shuffle through her hangers her cell phone rang and she retreated to her bed to get it.

Over the next several minutes I watched and listened as she talked with her friend Kim about what they were going to do and wear. During that time I was pleased to catch her posing in front of her mirror as she checked out her bikini-clad bottom and removed her top to reveal her large pale-skinned breasts, cupped in a soft blue bra that matched her panties exactly. Unfortunately the fun ended there as she hung up the phone and returned to the closet. Just as I thought I would get the view I was waiting for there was a knock on my door.

“Are you ’bout ready? Supper is just about done,” my mom hollered.

“I’ll be down in a minute,” I barked back in frustration.

I decided to take one last peek before I finished getting dressed, but discovered that during my sister’s search for an outfit she had slid a couple dresses over in front of the hole blocking my view. I was pretty confident it was coincidental so I did not worry about it and just put the poster back in its place. Once I felt sure that it was sufficiently hidden I headed down the stairs to dinner. The night’s excitement was over.

Over the next several weeks curiosity and raging hormones seemed to get the best of me. Every chance I got I found myself peeking through that hole trying to catch a glimpse of my sister in some form of undress. Occasionally I would catch her in her bra and panties but through one unfortunate event or another I never got to see any further than that.

Most of the incidents involved her simply sliding her clothes around in the closet restricting the view, but several other times my progress was interrupted by phone calls from one of our friends or one of our ‘rents knocking on the door.

After a while, I got frustrated at constantly having to sneak back into her room to slide her clothes over to give me a better view so I rigged up a contraption I could use from my room. Once she would leave, I would take a short stick with an upturned hook on the end, slide it through the hole and turn it vertical until I could just barely reach the necessary hangers and push them just far enough over to give me the clearance I desired.

Shortly after putting my contraption together I dropped it while trying to accomplish my task. Angie returned home just as I exited my room to go retrieve it.

“Hey there,” I blurted nervously, not expecting to see her coming up the steps. I could feel myself starting to sweat already.

“Hey,” she responded curiously, obviously wondering why I was acting so strange. “What’s going on?”

“Oh, nothing,” I followed with my voice cracking just a bit. “I was just headed down stairs to get a snack. You want anything?”

“No,” she replied, as if bothered by my question and stepped past me towards her door. “Kim, Christy, and I are going out. I will eat then.” And with that she walked in and closed her door.

Frustrated and nervous, I stepped down the stairs all the while muttering to myself, “Please don’t find the stick, please don’t find the hole..” over and over in my head. I knew there was no way I could explain it if she found them.

As I sat in the family room eating the microwave popcorn I had prepared I heard the doorbell ring. Looking up at the clock I realized now that nearly an hour had passed since I came down stairs and this must be Kim and Christy coming to pick Angie up.

I set down my bowl and headed towards the door to let them in. The second I opened the door the girls practically barged in past me and up the stairs to my sister’s room. Despite the fact they barley noticed me, I definitely noticed them.

I never quite understood why Kim hung out with Angie and Christy. They seemed to get along most of the time, but she was much too sweet for those two. Kim is tall and thin with long wavy, brunette hair that fell to the middle of her back. Her breasts were practically non-existent, but her long legs and tight ass more than made up for it. In addition she knew how to dress in order to show off her assets. She wore a purple silk blouse that clung to her chest and caused her nipples to poke teasingly at the fabric. Her skirt was short, plaid, and pleated and swirled at the top of her magnificent thighs as she climbed the stairs. To top off her outfit she wore a pair of 2″ heels which matched her top and caused her legs to look even longer and sexier than should be allowed by law.

Christy, on the other hand, was more like my sister. Not only was she bitchy and demanding like Angie, but she was built more like her kaçak iddaa as well. She was about 5′ 6″ with auburn hair and piercing green eyes. She wore an exceptionally low cut emerald green top that accentuated the green of her eyes and pushed up her more than ample cleavage. Most guys would have trouble looking away from her beautiful eyes, but today her tits were definitely putting up quite a fight for attention. Christy’s look was finished off with a short black leather skirt that went perfectly with the boots she wore. The boots had a 3″ heel and zipped up the side; while the skirt went to the middle of her thigh and was slit almost to the top. These ladies were definitely dressed to thrill tonight.

Seconds after they shot past me I heard the door open and close as they disappeared from sight. That is when I realized that hole would be good for more than just sneaking a peak at Angie. I could not wait to check it out.

I quickly and quietly headed back to my room and pulled the edge of the poster back. As I peered through the hole I could not believe my luck. I saw Angie standing in front of her mirror in just a red thong and matching bra. My cock began to twitch immediately. In her hands she held two equally sexy dresses that she was trying to decide which one to wear.

As she turned back around towards her friends she acted as though she caught Kim staring at her breasts. She dropped both dresses on the floor and squeezed her tits together teasingly and chimed, “You only wish you had tits as nice as these.”

“You are such a bitch,” Kim responded. “I get plenty of looks on my own.”

“She is just messin’ with you.” Christy laughed along with Angie and threw one of Angie’s stuffed bears at Kim.

Kim laughed uncomfortably and told Angie to get dressed. “I am ready to get drunk,” she followed.

Shortly thereafter Angie threw on a tight white mini dress that allowed a hint of the red from her thong and bra to show through to anyone who cared to look. I could tell from the way these girls were talking, and were dressed, there were going to be a lot of lookers tonight.

Minutes later they came out of the room, ran down the stairs, and out the door. There I was alone with my frustration, erection, and raging hormones. As I am sure any red blooded young man would have done, I settled onto my bed to take care of the problem myself.

After finishing my task to satisfaction it occurred to me that I still had not retrieved my stick. I wiped myself off and pulled my pants back on and went to get it. Luckily I found it right where it had fallen. It was obvious she had not noticed it.

The rest of the night I spent watching some TV until mom and dad called from San Antonio where dad had to go for another one of his seemingly endless business trips. Once I convinced them that everything was fine, they hung up and left me to entertain myself.

Several times during the night I got calls from my friends to go out with them, but I kept coming up with excuses to stay home in hopes of catching my sister and her friends when they returned home. I was not disappointed.

I must have fallen asleep in the chair watching TV because the next thing I remember was hearing the front door open as the girls came rushing in just after 2:00 in the morning. They were obviously a bit hammered as they fell through the door in a pile, giggling.

Acting concerned I walked towards the door to confirm their status. There I found Kim, Angie, and Christy clambering around on the floor giggling like twelve-year-olds as they tried to get to their feet.

“What do want?” Christy barked as she spotted me. She had obviously not gotten drunk enough to drive the ‘bitch’ out of her.

“Nothing,” I responded. “I just wanted to make sure you were all right.”

“How sweet,” Kim giggled. “He wanted to see if we were all right.” With that she worked to pull herself from the floor while her skirt flew up revealing her bright pink panties.

“He’s my little brother,” Angie followed in abhorrence. “Nothing he does is sweet.”

As those words left her lips I just shrugged and muttered, “Whatever,” and then moved past them towards the stairs and up to my room. There I waited anxiously for them, hoping to get another glimpse of skin.

Several minutes passed before I heard them enter the room; they were still just as giggly and rambunctious. I left the light off in my room to give the illusion that I had gone to sleep and because it allowed me to see into Angie’s much better. I quickly and quietly found my way over to my peep hole in hopes that they would give me something worth watching. The first twenty minutes were very disappointing as they simply sprawled out on the bed and beanbags while they talked about the guys they flirted with that night.

Just as I was about to give up and turn in, things got a little more interesting. Angie reached under her bed and pulled out a bottle of peach schnapps. “I’ve got an idea,” she announced. “Let’s play kaçak bahis a little game.”

“What do you have in mind?” Christy questioned with a smile.

“How ’bout a new version of ‘spin the bottle’?” Angie answered, with a glint in her eye.

Apprehensively Kim inquired, “A ‘new’ version?”

“Well yeah,” Angie began, “I am certainly not going to play the typical version with you two.”

Over the next couple minutes the girls agreed on some rules: Each of them would take turns spinning the bottle. If the top of the bottle was pointing at them they were to take off the cap and take a swig. If the bottom was pointing at them they would remove an article of clothing. If the front label was towards them they would answer a ‘truth’ question. If the back label was towards them they would take a ‘dare’. The final rule was that they had thirty seconds from the time their task was determined to begin. Apparently they wanted to keep the game moving and ensure that no one chickened out.

I was about to watch something beyond my deepest fantasies unfold before my very eyes; as a result I felt my shorts growing tighter and tighter. I was so glad I had not given up two minutes earlier, when I was first tempted.

The first round was entertaining but just a hint of things to come. Kim had taken a swig, Christy had admitted that she liked some guy named Chad, and Angie had removed her shoes. (They determined that a pair of shoes, socks, stockings, etc…counted as one.)

From there the rounds got progressively more entertaining. By the 5th or 6th round the girls had each taken a couple swigs. Kim was wearing just her dress and panties, and she had confessed that she had never sucked a dick and had fantasies about being spanked. Christy had done the ‘Hokey Pokey’ in just her bra and panties. I thoroughly enjoyed the sight of her tits bouncing as she “put her whole self in.” Angie had only lost her shoes, but had a drink or two more than the others and you could tell she was on the brink of taking the game to another level when she went into great detail about how she used her vibrator to bring herself to orgasm after orgasm in a single night.

I could hardly stand it anymore.

The next couple rounds were like winning the lottery. By the time they had gone around just two more times their inhibitions were practically nonexistent. Angie had lost her dress and bra on her two turns and seemed to be absent mindedly pulling at her nipples as she sat and commented relentlessly on everything the others did. It was blatantly obvious she was growing hornier as every second passed, by the glazed over look in her eyes and her repetitious remarks of needing to get laid.

Christy had taken another swig and had been dared to put her hand down her panties and play with herself for two minutes. With her head thrown back and her eyes closed she looked very relaxed while pleasuring herself. Her grunts and moans proved that she did not mind the audience and that it may have actually heightened her enjoyment. It was at this point that I became so turned on that I had to remove my boxers and began to slowly stroke my throbbing cock. In my mind I knew I did not want to come as I might risk missing some of the action, but my twitching member was begging for attention that I could not deny it. Nevertheless I made a conscious decision to keep it under control. I knew this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and I did not want to cut the moment short due to lack of control.

Kim’s experience was a bit bittersweet for me. The bad news was she had not been made to admit to anything nor been dared to do anything. The good news was she was now completely naked and the other two did me a favor by making her spin around and “show them the goods” before they would move forward with the game. Her tits were as small as I had imagined, but her nipples were quite mouth-watering in spite of this. As suspected her ass was spectacular, but the real bonus came when she revealed her completely shaved pussy. I covered my mouth to conceal my gasp of excitement and joy.

The next round would change my evening and possibly my life forever…

Angie went next and was forced to take a dare. An evil grin immediately took residence on Christy’s face. She wasted no time before blurting out Angie’s task. “For the next three minutes you have to lick, suck, fondle, rub, and tease Kim’s boobies in every way imaginable,” she exclaimed.

Angie paused for a moment as if she was going to make a fuss, but must have realized that after everything she had made the other two do she was not going to talk her way out of this and proceeded to make her way over to where Kim sat. Initially Kim started to balk at the idea, but before her words could even form a sentence Angie’s lips were wrapped around Kim’s hard left nipple as her left hand worked its way over to fondle the other. Kim’s reluctance quickly turned to acceptance and she soon found herself lying back as Angie worked back and forth from one nipple to the other. She would lick and suck one while caressing, squeezing, pinching and pulling at the free one; then after a good while, she would switch. This went on until time expired at which time Kim was obviously disappointed and seemingly frustrated.

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