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“I’m not showing you guys my tits,” Melissa said, rolling her eyes, and giving my brother Max a playful push to the shoulder. “You’re such pervs.”

I couldn’t help it. Anytime that my stepsister Melissa mentioned anything even mildly sexual it would inspire me to jerk off to her at least a couple of times. Of course, I never told her, or anyone else, about that. I had always had a thing for Melissa, well before our parents had even started dating. She was a few grades ahead of me in elementary school, and she used to live just down the street. Every boy in my class thought I was the luckiest kid in the world to live in the same neighborhood as the goddess, Melissa Dawson. Needless to say, I convinced my mother that I had taken a sudden interest in astronomy so that she would buy me a telescope for my birthday.

I never did get a good view of Melissa through her window, and over the years, after she started going to junior high, I started to see, and think about her, much less often. When I finally made it to junior high, she became a freshman in high school, so we were separated again. The final nail in the coffin seemed to be when her family moved to the other side of town. By the time that she was almost no more than a memory to me, I found out that my mom was going on a date with Melissa’s dad.

Now up to this point, I had never actually spoken a word to Melissa. I was positive that she didn’t even know of my existence. The possibilities presented by our parents dating made me nervous enough to feel sick to my stomach. I was shy enough around average-looking girls my own age, but the idea of simply being introduced to Melissa Dawson in person drove me to the brink of madness. As the relationship between our parents progressed, I actually avoided meeting her. I just knew she would think I was a loser.

When my mom accepted her dad’s marriage proposal, I couldn’t put off the introduction any longer. My mom told me that the “future family” was going to get together for dinner so that we could all get to know each other. My older brothers, Dean and Max, went to school with Melissa, and they were really excited about it. Apparently over the years, Melissa had earned quite the reputation.

When the night finally came for me to meet Melissa, I thought I was going to have a fit. I remembered her as a cute girl that I had a crush on, but she had become a gorgeous young woman who would make any man’s jaw drop. She came to dinner wearing a small tube top, a stark contrast to the size of what was underneath, and the tightest pair of hip-hugger jeans that you could ever imagine. I spent the whole evening trying to avoid staring at Melissa, unlike Dean and Max, and most of all, to avoid standing up and revealing the throbbing hard-on that I was sporting under the table. That night I masturbated for the very first time, and as you might have guessed, I thought of Melissa the entire time. From then on, my infatuation was unstoppable.

As the years went on, I thought about her all the time, and did my very best to hide my secret crush from everyone. My older brothers however, were much less secretive. They were “accidentally” forgetting to knock on the bathroom door almost every day, and she was constantly catching them listening in on her phone calls. It didn’t take long for Melissa to start hating the situation with Dean and Max, and my shyness actually started to work for me. I was too bashful to try anything with her, so to my delight, she was pretty nice to me.

To make things better, she had a brother Mark(he lived with their mother) who was the same age as me. He came over now and then, and I ended up becoming pretty good friends with him. I think this, along with the comparison to Dean and Max, made me seem like a nice guy. I didn’t have much in common with a popular cheerleader who was always invited to the coolest parties, but I still managed to get along with her as the years kept passing. To further solidify the growing bond between us, I started to cover for Melissa whenever she stayed out late with one of her many boyfriends. I guess this sort of made me “cool” in her book, and despite my continued feelings for her, she really did become like my real sister. I even started to feel kind of dirty about my fantasies, and in a strange way, that made them more enjoyable.

Anyway, I should probably steer this back to the beginning. After I turned eighteen, and the time came for me to graduate from high school, Dean, Max, and best of all, Melissa, came back from college for the ceremony. If possible, when Melissa came back home, she was even hotter than ever. I hadn’t talked to her in quite a while, and to my chagrin, I almost felt like we were strangers again.

The night after my graduation, when our parents had gone to sleep; Dean, Max, Melissa, and myself were playing cards in the basement. Most of their friends had moved on to college as well, and since I really wasn’t one for parties, we decided to hang out together. It sounded like canlı bahis a good chance for all of us to catch up, but it ended up being a boring display of just how little the four of us had in common. The T.V. was on in the background, but we weren’t watching anything in particular.

I was about to come up with an excuse for going to bed early when Melissa suddenly mentioned that poker would be more interesting if something was at stake. Dean and Max had calmed down from when they were teenagers, so when Dean jokingly mentioned that we should be playing strip poker, I genuinely believed he was kidding around. Whether or not it had been a serious suggestion, that’s exactly what we ended up doing.

Ten more minutes into the game, and the vibe had taken an abrupt turn. We all joked around and teased each other whenever someone had to remove a piece of clothing, but I could feel a sudden tension from my brothers every time Melissa lost a hand. A tension that could only be rivaled by the strain growing within my jeans. The moment that she took her shirt off, we were all reminded of just how beautiful this woman really was. Her breasts were so perfectly shaped that I almost wondered if she had a boob job while away at college. I couldn’t believe the lust that was already sweeping over me. Her breasts were the kind of perky that you only see from centerfolds.

The three of us made such a spectacle of not staring at her chest that it had to be extremely obvious that that was what we really wanted to be doing. As if God was specifically trying to lighten everyone up in that basement, a “Girls Gone Wild” infomercial started playing on the T.V. screen. We all noticed the coincidence, and shared an awkward laugh. I took the distraction to subtly shift the way I was seated. I had lost my shirt in the card game, and if my pants were to come off, there would be no way of hiding my massive erection.

I was stunned when Max made a gutsy attempt at humor.

“I wonder how many beads it takes for Melissa to do that?” he said, nodding at one of the girls flashing on the T.V. screen.

“You wish,” Melissa said with a scoff.

That’s when things really got started. It was as if even the most remote possibility of seeing Melissa’s breasts was enough to set off old feelings within my brothers. They goaded her on like they were only kidding around, but I think we all noticed the strong sexual undercurrent. Dean and Max were acting like perverted little kids again while I just sat there trying to focus on the cards in my hand. I didn’t want Melissa thinking of me in the same category as my brothers, but I was secretly praying that the two of them would manage to convince her.

“I’m not showing you guys my tits,” Melissa said, rolling her eyes, and giving my brother Max a playful push to the shoulder. “You’re such pervs.”

Her tone was pretty insistent, and Dean and Max seemed to have the wind taken out of their sails. Being shot down like that must have embarrassed the two of them, because before long they were looking for an excuse to leave. Melissa probably noticed how awkward they felt as well. Her hand was cupped over the bottom of her face to hide a grin. To my pleasure, she even shared a knowing look with me. I shrugged back at her with a sheepish grin as if I had no excuse for their behavior.

The best thing Dean and Max were able to come up with was that they were suddenly feeling tired. Melissa was pretty cool about it, and didn’t give them a hard time. I assumed that she was also going to come up with a reason for leaving. After all, why would she want to hang out with her nerdy little stepbrother? To my surprise, she shuffled the deck of cards, and started to deal another hand.

We kept playing poker for the next few minutes, but neither of us took off any more clothes. Though she didn’t take anything else off, she never bothered to put her shirt back on. Between Melissa sitting there in her bra, and the “Girls Gone Wild” infomercial that was still playing, I didn’t feel comfortable letting my eyes wander around the room. I also couldn’t get up and leave, because that would expose the huge tent pitched in my jeans.

I felt strange sitting there without talking, so I tried to make conversation. Melissa had seemingly noticed my glances at the T.V., and since I didn’t want her thinking that I was getting a kick out of it, I came up with something to say.

“Can you believe those girls?” I asked, scoffing with mock disapproval, not even considering that Melissa could have things in common with them. “What do their friends and family think when they see them on T.V. giving it all up for a string of beads?”

Like she did with my brothers, Melissa tried to hide a grin behind her hand. This time it was different though, like she wanted to say something, but was holding back. What was so funny? I didn’t think that I had said anything all that stupid.

“What are you grinning at?” I asked. “Did I make a joke?”

“No, sorry,” she bahis siteleri said, her smile growing wider. “It’s just that you said that those girls on T.V. are “giving it all up”. Flashing guys on Bourbon Street is pretty tame compared to what goes on at college parties.”

“Seriously?” I said. I’m not completely naïve about things. I knew that plenty of sorority girls were supposed to be pretty loose, but I couldn’t believe anything beyond flashing could happen at a party. Who would have any kind of sex with a bunch of other people around? “What do you mean? What happens at college parties?”

Hopefully, I didn’t sound too eager for a hot story or two.

“Well, you know,” Melissa said, shrugging her shoulders as if it were obvious. “A lot of the same stuff that happens at high school parties. Haven’t you ever gone to one that got a little crazy?”

What was she talking about? There weren’t any crazy sex parties with high school kids, were there? Like I said, I’ve always been kind of shy, but I think I still would have heard about anything wild going on. Was Melissa just kidding around with me, or was I really that ignorant to the way things were?

“I guess I don’t know much about that stuff,” I said, making a pathetic attempt at nonchalance. “I’ve never been all that popular.”

“I know,” Melissa said. “But you’re a good-looking guy. Haven’t you even been invited to a rainbow party.”

“A what?”

A surprised expression came across Melissa’s face. I think she was realizing just how inexperienced I really was. Part of me wanted to change the subject to avoid embarrassment, but another part of me was getting incredibly turned on by the discussion.

“A rainbow party,” Melissa said. She started talking to me like I was a kid. I didn’t mind it very much. She was actually nicer to me when she was thinking of me as her little brother. “All the girls wear a different shade of lip gloss, and the guys try to get as many different colors on their penis as they can before the party is over.”

“How do they…?” I began, realizing how stupid I was half-way through the sentence. “Never mind, I get it. I still don’t think that stuff was going on at my school.”

“Ahh…” Melissa said, making that noise people make when a baby or a puppy does something cute. “No offense, but you should get out more. You’re missing out on a lot of fun. It isn’t the 50’s. Most dates in high school end with more than a goodnight kiss. I’m surprised you don’t know more of this. I mean, how long was it before your last girlfriend gave you a hummer or a handjob?”

Now I was getting totally flustered. There were beads of sweat running down my forehead, and I must’ve been blushing terribly. I was thrown off by such a direct question, and didn’t have a clue how to respond.

“I’m sorry,” Melissa said. “That really isn’t any of my business. I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

“No, no,” I quickly replied, not wanting to discourage her from talking like that to me. I already knew that I would be able to jerk off for weeks thinking about this conversation, as uncomfortable as it was at that moment. “It’s okay, I don’t mind. You just caught me off guard.”

She smiled again, but this time, it was somewhat sheepishly. Melissa had been sitting in a chair, with me on the couch, and to my surprise, she was sliding over next to me. Having her so close to me, and so scantily clad, made me feel like fainting.

“Hasn’t a girl ever done that for you?” Melissa said, almost whispering. “Given you a blowjob?”

I let out a self-deprecating chuckle that may have come across as a nervous croak.

“Not really,” I said.

“Not really?” she asked.

“Okay, not at all,” I admitted. It was still weird talking to her like this, but somehow she was managing to be very comforting. I knew that she wasn’t making fun of me.

I jumped slightly when she put her hand on my shoulder.

“Haven’t you ever wanted that?” she said.

I grunted noncommittally.

“It’s nothing to be ashamed of,” Melissa said with a laugh. “I’d be more concerned if you didn’t want to get head.”

What was she saying? I couldn’t believe we were talking like this. Was it normal for a girl to speak like this to her stepbrother? If it was possible, I think I started to blush even more.

“I guess I should’ve sent out more of those R.S.V.P’s,” I said. I was thrilled to get her to laugh again. “I’m still shocked that those parties actually happen.”

“Where do you think I went all those times you covered for me with our parents?” Melissa said, giving me a wink.

“Are you serious?”

“Of course I am,” Melissa said. “It’s no big deal. It doesn’t even count as sex. Technically, I was a virgin all throughout high school.”

We shared another laugh, and I could’ve sworn that Melissa slid even closer to me. I was absolutely flushed. Was I imagining things, or was my stepsister flirting with me? I could only assume that she was doing it in a playful bahis şirketleri way, and that she didn’t mean for it to go anywhere.

I was wrong.

“You know,” Melissa said in a sly tone of voice. “I never did pay you back for those times that you covered for me.”

What was that supposed to mean?

Taking a deep breath, I replied, “It was nothing.”

With her one hand still on my shoulder, her other hand rested on my knee.

“If you want me to,” she said, practically purring. “I will.”

What was she talking about? This had to be a joke. She couldn’t mean…

Letting out the most awkward laugh of my life, I said, “Quit kidding around, Melissa. We’re related.”

Her hand moved up my knee, and to my thigh.

Referring to her earlier remark, she said, “Only technically.”

Suddenly everything started happening as if I was only watching it from a distance; like an out of body experience. Melissa pulled down on my shoulder, forcing me to settle back into the couch. As part of the same smooth motion, she slithered down to her knees, positioning herself between my legs. A myriad of thoughts came racing through my mind. Was this actually happening? Could I have fallen asleep into the greatest dream of all time? If this really was happening, wouldn’t it be wrong to let it? What would my parents think if they found out about this?

The only way to answer those questions was this: I hope so, I hope not, and a double “Who cares?”.

“Relax,” she whispered. “No big deal, remember?”

I nodded my head, and uttered what could only be described as gibberish. It was easy for her to suggest relaxing. For me, I was convinced that my heart was about to start beating out of my chest, and she hadn’t even touched me yet.

Melissa ran her hands up my legs, and rested her grip on the button of my jeans. Though I was watching her every move, I couldn’t work up the nerve to look her in the eyes for very long; as if doing that would remind me too much that she was my stepsister. She undid the button, and with a sexy giggle, pulled down my zipper with her teeth. The bulge inside of my boxers immediately popped up, giving me nice relief from the constraint of my pants. Melissa’s eyebrows arched for a moment when she saw how hard I already was, and I could only hope that it was because she was impressed, not disappointed. She made quick work of taking my jeans off, and tossed them aside.

It was just too unbelievable. How could I be this lucky? Her gaze took on a mischievous gleam as she turned her attention back to my groin. She rested her hand gently on the tent in my boxers, and began to softly massage my package. My breathing really started to pick up when I noticed her tipping her head downward. Melissa pursed her lips as her mouth came into contact with my protruding underwear. I squirmed restlessly when she kissed and nibbled at my cock through the thin fabric.

“Oh shit…” I whispered, sighing with pleasure.

Melissa grabbed the waist strap of my boxers, and said, “Maybe I should cut back on the teasing. Don’t want your first time ending too early.”

She pulled off my boxers, and I finally felt my throbbing cock spring out of its confines. My dick wasn’t that much longer than average, but I thought that the girth of it was probably bigger than most guys. At that moment it was probably the biggest it had ever been; the head of my penis actually pointing right at the ceiling. It was a surreal image to have Melissa on her knees in front of me, my exposed cock inches from her face. If I didn’t keep control of myself, I would’ve exploded any second.

My body trembled, and I groaned softly when Melissa’s hands at last wrapped around my swollen member. She squeezed and lightly tugged on it, sending a nice tingling sensation through my body. Her grip became more firm, and she worked her pumping arm into a steady motion.

Melissa suddenly tipped her head to the side, and dug her mouth into my scrotum. Her lips smacked together as she started making out with my sack, rolling my balls with her probing tongue. I could tell that she was getting into it, her demeanor becoming more and more aggressive. She was feasting on my testicles like they were candy.

Melissa gradually worked her lips upward, moving her kisses and licks to my shaft. I became harder still as she used her dripping saliva to lather my manhood, leaving no inch of my groin unattended. She placed her tongue flat against the base of my cock, and ran it slowly up to the tip, using a fast flicking motion at the end. Feeling that sweet stimulation to the head of my penis sent a wave of euphoria through my entire body. Never in a million years did I think Melissa would one day be giving me a blowjob.

“Do you like that?” Melissa said with a slutty little smirk. “Do you want me to take you into my mouth?”

This was incredible! Not only was she giving me head, but she was talking dirty to me while doing it. Melissa was starting to remind me of a pornstar. I was simply overwhelmed. I figured that I might have to start getting a bit dirty too just to keep up with her. I didn’t want to come across as a wimp. Still, I wasn’t sure what to do.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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