Something Different (Angel)

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A beautiful Saturday morning, your mother had to work and since you have no classes it’s just you and me. Think I’ll take my lil Angel shopping. She has been a good girl lately and has done well in her pre-law courses. But first we need a shower.

Walking down the hallway I hear…no, couldn’t be. We’re the only two in the house. Opening your bedroom door I get a surprise. There’s my lil Angel riding some boys cock! I stand there in silent awe for several minutes dumbfounded, but very excited.

I’d forgotten what it was like to be eighteen and fuck like rabbits. I clear my throat making them both jump. Startled, they reach for the blanket.

“Don’t cover up on my account.” You try to explain that he’s a friend from school.

“I just wanted to try something new daddy.” Her friend looks very confused.

“Ok Angel, you want something different that’s fine. But we’ll do something different together.” At that you smile big and reply.

“Ok daddy.”

“Well, don’t just sit there boy, stand up. She’s obviously seen you, now it’s my turn.” He looks at her and she nods her head yes.

“Go ahead Eddie.” As he stands I can tell that he’s nervous. I also notice a look of joy on her face. It’s at that moment I realize that I’ve created a sexual deviant with a monster appetite. A deviant that I intend to enjoy for years to come.

Not a bad looking kid. Decent cock, pretty lips, and a nice ass. I’m SO having fun today! Angel gets off the bed and walks over to me. We embrace in a passionate lovers kiss. As we kiss I look at her friend. He’s obviously confused. She begins rubbing my chest and we break our kiss.

“It’s really simple. My daughter and I have a secret. One which you WILL keep to yourself. Because you’re about to become a part of it.”

I haven’t had a MFM in years but it’s just like riding a bicycle, you never really forget what to do. Angel lets out a wicked little laugh and walks over to her friend.

“Relax babe” she tells him, “daddy taught me everything I know. You’re in good hands.”

I walk over to the two of them and give her a peck on the cheek. Grabbing the back of his head I give him a deep kiss. Once it’s broken I walk behind him and she replaces me kissing him. I nuzzle my semi erect cock between his ass cheeks and he never fake hospital porno flinches. This is going to be easier than I thought. As the two of them kiss I reach around with one hand and pinch one of her nipples while I begin to massage his balls with the other.

“So has she sucked your dick yet boy?” He hesitates but eventually says

“Yes Sir she has.”

“Good, I taught her how and I hope you took good mental notes. It’s quid pro quo time.” I turn him around and begin to push him back towards the bed until he’s sitting on the edge. I look over at Angel and see a devious little smile on her beautiful face. If I didn’t know better, which I don’t, I’d think she planned all of this.

As he looks up at me I drop my pajama bottoms to the floor. Then I grab him on both sides of his head and pull him toward me, he opens his mouth and I place my entire flaccid dick in his mouth. Mmm, nice, wet, and warm. I hold his head still, savoring his mouth. My cock begins to swell so I start face fucking him. Yeah, this is going to be a good day! She climbs onto the bed behind him, leans forward and gives me a big, deep tongue kiss. I pop my dick from his mouth, she backs up and I push him backwards, she promptly straddles his face.

“Eat me, bitch” comes rolling off her tongue. I’ve taught her well. As he begins eating her slick shaven cunny, I kneel down and lick his balls so that she can watch. As lust glazes over her eyes, I start sucking his cock. I see why she chose him, he does taste good. They both start to cum, I raise up and start jerking him off. Yeah, you can tell he’s young. He can’t take anymore and squirts all over his stomach and chest. Watching him cum is too much for Angel and she cums all over his face. Panting, she sits back. I grab his hand and pull him to his feet.

“Go wash up in the bathroom then come straight back.”

“Yes sir” he replies. Once gone she starts giggling which I immediately cut off. Grabbing her by the hair I jerk her off the bed, sit down, pull her over my knees and begin spanking. SMAK! SMAK! SMAK!

“But daddy!”

“But nothing, damnit! Don’t you think (SMAK!) You should have (SMAK!) Told me before (SMAK!) You pulled (SMAK!) This little stunt of yours?”(SMAK!)

“Yes sir, but I just fake taxi porno wanted to make you happy.”

“Oh you have Angel, you have. But you need to let daddy know first.” We stand up, face each other other and kiss deeply, with passion.

“Daddy still loves you Angel.” At that she gives me a big smile, that’s more like it.

We lay on the bed, kissing, rolling, our legs entwined. I roll her onto her stomach, pull her hips up and admire her sweet pussy, mmm, nice and wet. Think I’ll let her little friend have some cream pie. I enter her from behind, she feels so good! Fucking her in ernest now, my balls slapping her pussy each time I thrust forward. She grabs at the blanket, breathing heavy, I know her body so well. She’s about to cum. I begin slamming into her harder, faster, and rougher. I can feel my nuts begin to tighten up as her eyes close tightly. She moans so seductively that it sends me over the edge. Shot after shot, cumming inside her sweet, tight pussy. Just as we finish he enters the room.

I pull out of her, satisfied for the moment. She collapses to the bed smiling. My lil Angel is so beautiful. I want her again but I need to teach her bitch a lesson.

“So, you like fucking her?”

“Yes sir”.

“You like eating her pussy?” I ask.

“Yes sir.”

” Well at least you address me properly. As you should address my daughter as well. Got it?”

“I understand Sir.”

“Do you know what a cuckold is boy?” Nodding his head I can only chuckle.

“As long as you want to date my daughter, that’s what you’ll be. I am to be called Sir and you will address her as Ma’am, at all times, to include school. You’ll only have intercourse when I allow it and then only with her, myself, or someone we agree on. That’s the deal, take it or leave it.”

“I’ll take it, sir.”

“Good, now get your ass on the bed and lay down.” As he walks to the bed I remember the creampie I made for him.

“Wait, on second thought, Angel, roll onto your back mmm spread your legs, good girl. Now, eat her pussy.” The cum on her labia is so noticeable but he starts eating anyway. This excites me to no end. Grabbing the baby oil from her dresser I get onto the bed between his legs. I raise his ass up and squirt a small bit family stroke porno of oil on his puckered hole and slowly push my thumb inside him. He subtly pushes back against my thumb as he vigorously sucks and licks Angels engorged clit. I remove my thumb from his ass, oil my cock up and place the head against his willing hole. I ease my dick into his ass slowly and deliberately. The feeling of his young tight ass is phenomenal. I begin with a nice slow rhythm. Watching Angels face as he continues to give her wet pussy the attention it deserves. He clamps down onto her clit and sucks hard. Angel grabs him by the hair and tries to force his face into her pussy. She lets out a scream and orgasms. Without a thought she continues rubbing her pussy all over his face as wave after wave of pleasure wracks her body.

Once the orgasms slow down I ease my cock from his ass, have him lay on his back and ease back inside. Without having to say a word Angel kisses her way toward his semi erect cock. I keep a steady stroke as she sucks just his head into her mouth. She steadies herself with one hand and starts rubbing his balls with the other. A very audible moan escapes from his mouth.

“Easy baby. Don’t want him to cum too quickly. Daddy is still a few strokes away. And don’t forget your manners. Make sure you swallow every drop.” Without letting his dick leave her mouth she nods yes. I begin to build my tempo and she smartly keeps a slow stroke on his cock. I know it won’t be much longer now. His hips begin to move trying to match my strokes and increase the friction from Angels mouth. Watching the scene below me unfold I begin to thrust harder. She can barely keep his cock inside her mouth. I take one last hard stroke and cum in his ass. At the same time I can hear her swallowing wave after wave of his cum. Barely able to keep up, some escapes from the corner of her lips. I’ve released what feels like several quarts into his hot tight ass. I let my dick begin to go flaccid while still inside him. Angel takes a finger and pushes some of his errant seed in to her greedy mouth. Daddy’s beautiful little slut.

We collapse into a nude heap of humanity. None of us completely spent but definitely satisfied. Once we’ve all caught our breath he gets up from the bed.

“May I leave now Sir or am I still needed?”

“Damn, your boy sure learns quickly. Yeah you can go but make sure your available next weekend. I may have something for you to do.” He answers that he will, dresses and exits the house leaving us alone to cuddle for as long as we like. Hell, we can go shopping for something for my lil Angel tomorrow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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