Sis Helps Out Ch. 03

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Please read other parts to help you understand.

The party had started to dwindled down after the sex show. I was relaxing in the jacuzzi when I could hear some females voice shouting inside. Then the back door burst open, a woman my age came stomping outside.

“You boys stay inside!” She shouted and closed the door. She walked up to the jacuzzi.

“May I ask what a woman of your age is doing at a party like this? She yelled at me.

“May I ask what difference if make to you?” I answered.

“If it matters I am the dean of this college and I heard that some older tramp was here taking, well doing things that are not appropriate.

I leaned back so my tits bobbed to the surface of the bubbling water. Her eyes darted from my tits to my eyes.

“I don’t condone things like that at my school.”

“You don’t condone fucking? Or is it you don’t want to hear about a lady your age getting big hard young cock, when it is not you.” I sat up on the edge of the jacuzzi with my legs slightly parted. Her eyes went to my trimmed pussy. “You should have seen the huge cock that fucked me, Ms dean.”

“Well, Well, I have never!” She protested.

I slid my legs down and walked up to her. “Maybe you should, then you won’t be so uptight.” I grabbed her hand softly and played with her large wedding ring. “If you are like me, hubby doesn’t give it to you enough and when he does it is a wam bam thank you ma’am.” My face neared her’s, my mouth just inches away from her quivering lips. My tits pressed against her well endowed tits covered in the business like jacket. I could feel her hot taboo heat porno breath. “Or do you like pussy more than cock?” I placed her hand on my hip as I kissed her lips gently. Her lips parted as I snaked my tongue into her mouth. Her hand explored my wet ass cheeks as I unbuttoned her jacket to expose the silky fabric under.

“Your party interrupted my husband and I. I didn’t get too change the jacket and skirt is covering it.”

I hear the boys gasping as I unzipped her skirt, reveling the garters, thigh high stockings and thong. All black and silky fabric. The jacket just hit her waist so the boys have a great view of the deans ass.

“I have never been with a woman before.” She whispered.

“Neither have I.” I purred back.

Our soft lips embracing in a kiss, as our hands explored each others bodies. Her long finger nail running over my pussy lips. I found the snaps on her thong, it flew off her smooth silky ass. My finger easily slid into her soaking pussy. Our hips gyrating as we fucked each others long slender fingers. I opened my eyes and saw ten of the frat guys standing behind her jacking their hard young cocks.

“We have a big audience.”

She back me to the jacuzzi then looked back at them.

“Maybe they would like to see the dean, eat some pussy.”

She bent over, her finger tips felt like feathers as they traveled up and down my thighs. Her tongue delicately licked my pussy lips as my hand caressed her hair. Her soft lips cradled my clit as she started sucking on it. My back arched as she slowly worked her silky tongue teach that bitch porno deep into my pussy. He tongue was darting in and out of my pussy as I watched my son walk up behind her. Her cries of pleasure were muffled in my pussy as he drove his throbbing cock into her. Her sexy ass rippled as he body slammed into her with each hard thrust. Her soft mouth worked my pussy faster as he ravished her pussy harder. She moaned into my pussy as I saw my sons body go stiff as he shot her pussy full of cum. As soon as my son pulled out her pussy was filled again with a different cock, the boys were in a line waiting for their turn to fuck the sexy dean. I quickly sucked my sons cock, tasting her sweet pussy juices on his shaft. I was happy to see my son had maintained his erection. I loved the feel of her lips on my pussy, but I needed a cock. My son laid me back and started making love to me, our bodies melted together as he slowly fucked me. I looked at the sexy dean, as the boys started using every available opening. One was fucking her ass as she straddled him as one spread her legs and fucked her pussy. Her mouth was moving from cock to cock sucking like a wild animal. My body exploded as I felt his hot cum shooting inside my pussy. We watched as the boys continued to fuck the dean.

As we pulled into the driveway of my house I saw my daughter’s car parked out front.

“How will I explain going out dressed like this?” I asked.

“Well the house is dark, maybe she is asleep mom.”

“I hope.” I giggled.

“Damn and I was wanting to fuck you in your team skeet porno bed.”

“You will have time for that, sweetheart.”

As we walked into the dark house I could hear talking in the back room. There was Steve’s twin sister in her cheerleading outfit and there was my brother sitting on the couch with his fat cock sticking up.

“Oh uncle, that is one big fucking cock you have!”

“All the better to fuck your tight pussy.” He joked back.

I watched her slip the panty part of her outfit off and climb on my brother and impale her pussy with his fat cock.

“Ohhhhh, yessss!” She squealed.

Her petite body bouncing wildly on his cock. I could tell this was not the first time she had rode a cock. My brothers hands were gripping her firm ass. My son took advantage of me bending over while I looked around the corner. I had to bite my lip as I felt him slide deep into my pussy. It was so wet from watching her hips as she grinded on his cock. I grabbed the wall as he started plunging into me harder. My brother was squeezing her tits thru the top of the outfit. He was grunting loud as he would thrust up to meet her sweet pussy. Then my son pulled out and started to put the fat head into my ass. I stood up quickly, his long cock was holding up the back of my dress. I grabbed his hand and we when upstairs quickly. Without a word a jumped on the bed and got into a doggie position. My mouth buried into my husbands pillow. The pillow muffling the cries as he preceded to slowly slide his cock into my ass. It was a very uncomfortable feeling but at the same time so erotic as my ass stretched to accommodate him. The more I adjusted the more I loved the sensation. Slowly he started to pick up the pace until he was fucking my ass as hard as he loved to abuse my pussy. His big balls slapping my pussy with each hard thrust. Then with one hard thrust I felt his hot fluid coating my inner ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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