Sinful Needs of the Flesh Vol. 02

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I had fallen in love with my cousin Samantha–or “Sami”, as I affectionately called her–from the moment I laid eyes on her.

We met for the first time 3 days ago, at our family reunion in California. During our first day together, we had simply talked. By the second day, we were falling hard for each other and holding hands on the beach.

By that evening, we were having sex.

That was 2 longs days ago. After that, we had planned to secretly meet in her tent every night, in the midst of the resort campgrounds, literally, surrounded on all sides by family. Sami and I both knew what we were doing was wrong, and that the potential to get caught was high. But we were helpless but to give into sinful needs of the flesh.

Unfortunately, our desire to meet clandestinely at night didn’t go as planned. Our family reunion was in full swing, and there were constant activities, excursions, and other get-togethers that took up our time. Sami and I were together for the majority of it, and we would furtively cast a glance at each other, knowing how badly we wanted each other. More than once, I had to resist the urge to reach out and touch her…to hold her…to kiss her.

On the flip side, I was having a lot more fun on this family reunion than I had expected. I had never really known my extended family, and to meet a multitude of them, most of whom I never even knew existed, was actually an extremely wonderful feeling. It gave me a sense of belonging, like I was suddenly part of a greater whole. Because of Sami–perhaps even in spite of her–I felt an alien sense of familial fulfillment.

My parents and I had arrived in California last Saturday. It was now Tuesday. We were scheduled to return home to the East Coast on Friday, which was why I was impatiently waiting to sneak away with Sami again. We both were acutely aware that our time together was running out, and wanted to make the most of it. We thought we’d be able to spend more time alone than we were able to, since there were so many family events to attend.

We currently found ourselves in a small tour bus with our parents heading north for a daytime excursion in the mountains. My parents sat in the front seats next to my Uncle Bruce and Aunt Tabitha. Sami’s sister, Breanne, who was almost as beautiful as Sami, had elected not to join us.

Too bad, I thought. Breanne, with all of her body piercings and tattoos and voluptuous figure, was food for the eyes.

My cousin and I sat all the way in the back, 2 empty rows of seats separating us from our parents. As our they chatted extensively, Sami and I were lost in our own conversation. We sneakily held hands, careful to keep it hidden from view. Sometimes, we when our conversation waned, we would simply stare deeply into each other’s eyes.

Our parents were completely oblivious.

At one point, I was looking idly out of the window, when I felt Sami’s hand on my inner thigh. It sent a tingle through my body immediately. I looked at her and smiled, but my cousin didn’t stop there. She slid her hand further up, rubbing the huge bulge that had rapidly developed in my crotch. I gave an audible sigh. I didn’t need to tell her to continue, or what I wanted. Sami very quietly unbuttoned my pants and, maintaining a casual expression so no one would notice anything amiss, she calmly reached into my pants and began stroking me.

I grinned at her and then turned to look out the window again, unable to maintain eye contact with her and afraid someone would see my rapturous expression. Sami kept her motion slow and steady at first before gradually tugging more heavily. I was breathing harder now, and had to bite my lip so I wouldn’t moan aloud.

I closed my eyes, imagining that my burgeoning cock was buried in my cousin’s mouth and that her lips were vacuumed-sealed around my circumference… her head gliding up and down the entire length of my shaft. I idly wondered if Sami could fit me completely down her throat.

My manhood was rock-hard and burning from the friction. Sami kept her body still to avoid detection, but she was masturbating me more furiously now with just a flick of her wrist. Things were building up to a wicked crescendo, and my lungs, just like cock, was about to burst in ultimate elation.

Then Sami stopped.

I nearly groaned in dismay. My erection was in such dire need of release that I almost finished the job myself. But my cousin planted a furtive kiss on my cheek and whispered in my ear, “Just imagine what you’re going to get tonight.”

My penis was hard for the rest of the bus ride.

I was completely sore in my crotch when we arrived at our destination, a hiking lodge at the base of one of California’s many picturesque mountains. After a brief respite, we set out on one of the main trails, backpacks filled with necessary supplies, following markers to a waterfall that was situated near the peak. It was still early morning when started; with any luck, we’d reach our goal by noon. realitykings porno

Unfortunately, it was soon apparent that Sami and I were going to quickly outpace our parents. My father’s troublesome back slowed him down, and my Aunt Tabitha quickly developed blisters on her foot. They urged Sami and I to go on ahead without them, but naturally we wanted to remain as a group.

However, after about an hour of light hiking, we decided to break for a while, and our parents urged us to continue without them.

“We can’t keep up with you kids,” my father puffed. “Go on without us, and we’ll meet you both at the waterfall. If we’re not there by 1 o’clock, just find us on your way back down the trail.”

Sami and I looked at each other, then at our parents.

“Go on.” Aunt Tabitha made a “shoo-ing” motion at us. “We’ll be fine. Go have some fun. We’ll be right behind you.”

It took a little more cajoling, but eventually Sami and I gave in, and separated from our parents. We continued up the trail alone. After about 5 minutes, once they were completely out of sight, my cousin and I pulled each other close, and kissed heartily. There were a few other hikers on the trail, so we tried hard not to be too graphic with our public display of affection! We continued the rest of the way hand-in-hand, and although Sami was my blood relative, I couldn’t help be so in love with her, and believe that I was meant to be with her.

Such is the naiveté of youth.

When we finally reached the waterfall about another hour later, Sami smiled.

The waterfall was several stories high, and cascaded down the face of the mountain. It emptied into a huge crystalline lake in a thunderous roar, with mist splashing back up to the heavens. Sunlight reflected off the running water to cast a rainbow-like prism.

Sami stared at the majestic scene. “It’s beautiful,” she breathed.

I looked at her from the side, wonder etched on her beautiful face, the curves of her profile making my heart beat just a little bit faster. “Yes…yes, you are.” It was a cheesy thing to say, but so appropriate in the moment.

Sami smiled at me and led me toward the water while still holding my hand. There was a wide strip of beach at the water’s edge where a handful of people already wandered. We placed our backpacks on dry land, rolled up our pants, and tentatively stepped into the lake up to our ankles.

I was expecting the mountain water to be freezing, but it was actually quite warm.

I playfully kicked water at Sami, and she squealed in surprise before returning the favor. She then began pealing off her clothes.

“Come on, let’s go in!” My cousin already had her top layers off. I couldn’t help but stare at her as she took her clothes off to reveal the bikini she wore underneath. Sami’s plain black top contrasted shapely with her bright pink bottom. It was a plain combination, but it, nevertheless, hugged her feminine perfectly, and looked incredible on her. The bikini bottom of course had those side-ties that accentuated her hips, which always drove me to lust-filled insanity.

Sami splashed water at me again when she saw me gaping at her in appreciation. “Come on, silly!” she urged. She threw her clothes at me and began wading into the water.

Barely able to tear may eyes away from my cousin, I we went over to our belongings and carefully placed Sami’s clothes into her backpack. Then I began stripping down to my own swimming trunks that were beneath my loose hiking pants.

As I was about to turn, a solitary hiker strolled past me. He appeared to be middle-aged, with slightly graying hair. “Your girlfriend is an absolute stunner,” he said to me, without breaking stride. I followed him as he headed back down the trail.

The hiker’s compliment aroused me, and I quickly ran into the water after Sami before anyone could notice my bulge.

This area of the lake wasn’t deep, and we waded towards the waterfall. The sound of the water emptying into the lake was loud as we approached. We could now feel the cascading water as it poured down over the edge of the mountain, remaining just outside of its splash zone. The water already in the lake was so much warmer than that of the waterfall, which surprised me.

Sami and I decided explored the base of the waterfall. We hugged the cliff face, careful not to loose our balance on the uneven rocks. The roar of the waterfall became almost deafening, and we could feel a fine, cool mist spraying on us.

There was large, natural outcropping that jutted out from the mountain which caught my attention. Leading Sami by the hand, we went over to explore. Upon closer look, we discovered that the outcropping curved out from the rock wall, forming a small space inside that was essentially hidden from view. It was also provided cover from the waterfall, letting in only a single stream. It was a cozy and romantic little spot. More importantly, it was private.

I rip her up porno naughty idea suddenly sprang into my mind. Without pausing think, I quickly ushered Sami into the little niche.

“What are you doing?” she demanded, but the sound of her voice was muffled by the thunderous waterfall.

Placing my hands on her hips, which I openly had a fetish for, I spun Sami around so she faced way from me, and pushed her upper body forward. She instinctively extended her arms, catching herself on a bench-like rock formation before her. Water from above poured onto my cousin, wetting her hair and running all over her body.

Sami, it seemed, belonged in water.

I pulled one of the side ties on her bikini bottom, then the other. Before she could react, I withdrew the fabric from her, exposing her incredible ass. Completely overcome with primal need, I yank my hard on from my swim shorts and, without any preamble whatsoever, rammed it into my cousin’s pussy from behind.

I could barely hear Sami’s surprised cry over the roar of the water. I secured my hands on her hips and, for the second time which was long overdue, began having sex with my cousin.

“Scream all you want! No one can hear you!” I couldn’t tell if Sami heard me, but for emphasis I began bucking into her harder and fast. I didn’t even slow down as I pulled her bikini top over her head and tossed it aside along with her bottom.

I continued pumping into her from behind as I stared at how her blonde hair and smooth skin glistened as water cascaded onto her…I drank in the small of her back, her ass, and her hips with my eyes… I watched proudly as my erection seared in and out of her vagina.

She cried to the heavens each time I thrust into her.

I had fucked my cousin once before, but this time seemed much different. My erection felt like it was going to literally burst inside of her and my lust felt more akin to a berserker rage as I moaned and howled.

This time somehow felt a million times better than the first…and the first time was one of the greatest experiences of my life. An odd realization dawned on me: when Sami and I had sex in her tent, it was virtually pitch black inside, and I could barely see her.

This was the first time I clearly saw Sami naked.

That fact alone was enough to send me over the edge. Growling in sheer ecstasy– part of me dimly hoping that someone would hear me and catch us in our sexual glory–I pulled out of Sami even as my manhood began spewing forth cum.

There was never a hesitation regarding what I did next.

Grabbing a hold of my spasming erection, I stroked myself furiously, giving my cousin a shower of another kind all over the small of her back, her ass, and hips. Sami swiveled her head around and watched with serpentine eyes as I unloaded myself on her. After I was completely spent, I took my still-erect penis and rubbed it all over her butt. In response, she undulated her pelvis slightly, sending another pulse through my shaft.

I finally staggered back. I still felt a sense of wrongness at having sex with cousin, but I didn’t feel as guilty as the other night, and I ruefully realized that I would experience less guilt with each subsequent fuck!

Sami straightened her back and turned to look at me, unintentionally unleashing the full force of her breasts at me. Up until now, I could only admire them through her sexy bikini tops, and fantasize about what they really looked like. Now I could finally admire her body up close.

Sami slapped me in the shoulder and brought me out of my reverie. “Thanks for making a mess on me!” she shouted over the deafening waterfall.

“I’m sorry!” I yelled back sheepishly. “You just have the most incredible hips and ass I’ve ever seen. Here, let me help you wash it off!”

I playfully splashed water at my cousin, then began cupping water in my hands and pouring it over her ass. As I did so, my cousin rubbed her hands all over her butt, rubbing and rinsing my semen off her skin.

I became aroused again just watching her. Unable to contain myself, I grabbed her and pulled my cousin towards me, smearing my lips on hers. Afterwards, Sami sat me on the bench-like rock formation that she had her hands on earlier. She allowed me to watch as she draped her bikini top over her chest, delicately depositing her supple breasts into the cups. As my cousin began donning the bottom, I stepped over to her to assist her. She drew the fabric up her tone legs, and I happily secured the side-ties against her hips, which I found extremely arousing.

I was already wanting to have sex with my cousin again.

Sami saw the desire in my eyes. Instead of giving me what I clearly craved again, she bounded out of our little hiding place with a laugh. Shaking my head and smiling, I followed.

We remained frolicking at the lake for a while longer. I kept wanting to take Sami back to our hidden spot again, but by now rus porno the area was crowded with other hikers and tourists. And it was almost 1 o’clock.

Reluctantly, we toweled off and got dressed.

I held my cousin close. “I guess I didn’t have to wait until tonight, after all.”

Sami looked at me, as a predator might look at its prey. “Patience,” she told me cryptically.

Giving each other one last kiss, we headed back down the trail to find our parents.

Sami and I found them not far from where we had left them, no worse for the wear. They had been eating lunch, and we joined them at the perfect time since we were famished. After taking a bit of time to digest, we trudged our way back to the lodge, where we eventually boarded our tour bus and headed to the resort where our family reunion was being held.

On the return trip to the resort, my mind kept thinking about our secret sexual encounter beneath the waterfall. I realized that it was the first time I ever had sex outdoors, and it was a wild and liberating feeling. The fact that I experienced with Sami, my cousin, only had it that much hotter.

I also couldn’t help but feel that Sami and I had taken another step in our romance. Sure, this wasn’t the first time we had sex, but things felt more differently know. Whatever inhibitions we had clung onto had been completely discarded.

I knew it was a prelude of better things to come.


“Are you sure she won’t be here?” I asked Sami desperately, much later at night.

“I’m pretty sure,” Sami answered. “Breanne told me she was going out. Probably met another boy, knowing her. Unfortunately, she can be a little slutty like that sometimes.”

Sami was leading me by the hand to her sister’s hotel room. We had originally tried to meet back in her tent earlier in the evening, but the area around it was absolutely crowded. Many of our family members had decided to gather around a campfire by Uncle Bruce and Aunt Tabitha’s trailer which, unfortunately, was right next to Sami’ tent.

My parents and other relatives were currently hanging out in our hotel room, so Breanne’s place was our last resort. Fortunately, she had given her sister a room key.

Sami insert the key into the lock, opened the door, and paused. I held my breath as she called out, “Hello?”


The room was dark as we poked out heads in. Still no sound. Finally, we walked in and turned on the light. The room was a complete mess. Clothes and other personal belongings were scattered everywhere, and it looked like maid service hadn’t been here in quite some time.

But most importantly, Breanne wasn’t here.

Sami and I looked at each other hungrily and smiled. We were instantly in each other’s arms again, making out once more as if we hadn’t touched each other in years. It seemed as though we couldn’t keep our hands off each other whenever we were alone!

“Mmmm…” I murmured, tasting Sami on my lips. “You are SO worth waiting for. I’ve been thinking about you all day. The fact is, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you since we met.”

Sami smiled at me so affectionately that I thought my heart would burst. No other girl ever had such a profound effect on me.

She wrapped her arms around my neck and touched her head to mine. My cousin stared into my eyes, and it seemed as though she was looking into my soul.

“Tell me what you want.”

It was a simple request that left me speechless.

“I…I just want to be with you,” I stammered. It was a lame response, but it was also the truth.

Sami looked at me gravely. “Tell me what you want,” she repeated in a whisper.

I stared back at my cousin, and told her exactly what was on my mind: “Get on your knees and take me into your mouth.”

Sami gave me a devastating smile as she began undoing my pants. My penis was already fully erect by the time they hit the floor. Then she dropped to her knees right in front of the bed and examined my erection almost clinically. Without warning, my cousin lunged forward and licked the underside of my penis, from base to tip.

My knees almost buckled. “Oh fuck…that feels good.”

Sami began attending to my manhood, licking and kissing it all over, caressing it with her hands and nuzzling her face lightly against it. My cock had never been treated so delicately before, and I was so hard that it was actually blissfully painful.

Sami suddenly tossed her head, flinging her long golden hair over one shoulder. My heart leapt as I knew what was coming next.

Sami opened her mouth and slid me coolly into her mouth.

I was in such heaven that I arched my spine, threw my head back, and moaned. She choked a bit as she drew me down her throat. But to her credit, she didn’t stop or withdraw, she merely recovered and began giving me the best blowjob I had ever experienced.

I placed my right palm behind her head. My initial instinct was to control the speed of her head travelling up and down my shaft, but I forced myself to let her dictate things. I did, however, slip my other hand down the front of her shirt to cup her breast and play with it. I could her erect nipple poking into my palm.

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