Seducing Anya Ch. 03

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This is the third chapter of an ongoing three-way romance between a brother and sister, and the brother’s bisexual girlfriend. To recap: Valerie, a cute and kinky twentysomething blonde, falls in love with her boyfriend’s lovely younger sister, Anya. After a drunken night out, Valerie seduces Anya and has passionate sex with her. Anya admits that she is secretly in love with her brother Cal, and also reveals that she was badly abused by her past boyfriends. Valerie decides to get Cal and Anya to have sex, in the hope that she can have a relationship with both of them.

As before, be aware: this is an incest story which also has strong elements of bisexual/lesbian romance and some pissing (though not as much as earlier chapters). It also has a backstory involving abusive relationships, but the main story itself does not involve any kind of abuse. Comments are welcome.

Warnings: Piss, Big Cock

All characters involved in sexual activity are aged over 18.


Valerie lay naked in the darkened guest bedroom and waited for her boyfriend to return. She knew it was well into the early hours of Sunday now, and she hadn’t slept a wink. Usually she would be impatient with arousal, eager for Cal to get back and fuck her raw. He tended to come home horny when he’d been drinking, and she was always happy to oblige. But she’d already had sex tonight, three wonderful, passionate times – and not with Cal.

Anya was sleeping peacefully by her side, her long, graceful legs warmly entwined with Valerie’s. Cal’s little sister was so beautiful, even with only the faint outlines of her angelic face visible in the darkness. Her naked body was only half-covered by the disordered sheets, and Valerie couldn’t help but gently trace her fingers over her full, firm breasts as they lay together. It took all her self-control not to do more to the sleeping girl – to kiss her, fondle her, lap at her gorgeous tight pussy. She very much wanted to wake Anya up and make love to her again, but she knew how exhausted the younger girl was; she had a lot of wine to sleep off. And Valerie couldn’t let Cal catch them together, at least not yet.

It was past four in the morning when Cal finally came home. He’d been out with his friends for hours, and Valerie knew how much he liked his beer. She listened to him walk heavily through the dimly lit living room. She worried momentarily that he would notice her and Anya’s discarded clothes on the living room floor, but it quickly became clear that Cal had only one priority. She heard him stumble into the bathroom further down the corridor and click on the light. After a long night of drinking, she knew exactly what Cal would need.

“Ohhhh, fuck,” Cal sighed loudly, and the sound of his drunken piss filled the silence. Valerie listened, silently aroused despite her nerves. She decided now was as good a time as any. She rose from the bed, kissing Anya’s lovely pale face as gently as she could so as not to wake her, and padded naked out of the room.

Valerie saw Cal’s tall, muscular silhouette in the doorway of the bathroom. He was dressed in loose grey jeans and a checked shirt, and was barefoot – he must have kicked off his shoes in the living room. His back was to Valerie as he struggled to piss out God knew how many pints of beer. Valerie walked silently up to him, her pussy wet and her nipples standing up hard with arousal once more. She could see Cal’s cock dangling down, uncut and enormous, pissing a ceaseless flood into the toilet. Any other day, she wouldn’t have hesitated to initiate a sexual encounter with him. But this time, she had Anya to think about. Her only hope of keeping that heavenly girl in her life, without ruining her relationship with Cal, was to get the two siblings to become lovers.

She watched Cal urinate for a very long time, walking closer to him slowly, her bare feet silent in the carpeted corridor. She was almost right behind him before he noticed her. His piss stream gradually dwindling at last, he turned bleary-eyed and smiled a tipsy smile when he saw her nakedness. “Hey, Vali,” he said, his voice drowsy. “You look so good, babe.”

She stood beside him, standing on her tiptoes to kiss him on the cheek, and softly stroked his broad, muscular back through his shirt. Wordlessly, she reached out her other hand and gripped the enormous shaft of his cock, giving it a gentle squeeze that made him grunt with pleasure.

“I thought you were asleep. I broke the seal,” Cal said apologetically as he let her shake away the last drops of his piss. He slid his strong arm comfortably around Valerie’s naked waist and leaned his head down to kiss her ash-blonde hair. “Didn’t mean to wake you.”

“I don’t mind. I like watching you,” she replied. She felt Cal gradually becoming hard in her grasp, his big cock growing even longer and thicker. His foreskin was pulling back to reveal the swelling red tip of his glans. His balls hung down big and heavy. She gently rubbed his shaft, stroking her fingers playfully along its glorious smooth length. “How much did you public agent porno drink, honey?”

“Fuck, I don’t even know. A lot. It was two-for-one pints all night. The rest of the guys were wrecked to shit by the time I left. I paced myself, though.” Cal was slurring his words slightly, but Valerie could see he wasn’t very drunk, more just sleepy.

“And how do you feel?” she asked him, kissing his shoulder. She massaged his stiffening cock as gently as she could, hoping that arousal would wake him up a little.

“Kind of drunk. Tired. Happy to see you,” he said, eyeing her naked breasts with a lecherous smile. “You look so fucking good. I think I can manage a quickie. Not too drunk for that, at least.”

“Mmm, not yet. I like playing with it,” she said, and he chuckled and kissed the top of her head. She continued to stroke him gently but teasingly. He was still some way from being fully erect, but he certainly wasn’t flaccid any more.

Then came the question she’d been silently dreading. “Did you have fun with Anni?” Cal asked, his arm still loosely round her slender hips.

“Yeah,” Valerie said, keeping her face as straight as she could. “Lots of fun.”

“How long were you out?”

“A few hours. Anya loves her wine.” Valerie kissed Cal’s shoulder again, still holding his dripping cock. “She drank so much we had to stop for her to pee on the way home. She pisses like a racehorse, just like you, honey. It was hot to watch.”

Cal frowned at her in surprise. “Come on, babe, that’s my little sister. Don’t get pervy on her.”

“I couldn’t help it,” Valerie said. She realised she was crossing a line from which she could not retreat. She felt fear and shame and delightful wickedness as she went on. “Anya’s so beautiful. She pissed a flood,” she added, squeezing Cal’s cock and making him flinch in surprise. “I watched her, I was touching myself the whole time, baby.”

“Vali, what the fuck?” Cal said. There was actual shock on his face. “I mean, why would you tell me that?”

“There’s more, Cal. I’m sorry.” Valerie locked eyes with Cal, letting go of his dangling penis. She took a deep breath. “Cal, after she was done peeing, I kissed her. I fingered her pussy. And she kissed me back.”


“I brought her home,” Valerie interrupted him. “I brought her home and…I fucked her, Cal. I went down on Anni, I made her come. She loved it. She squirted like crazy.”

Cal was staring at Valerie in mute bewilderment. His huge semi-erect cock swung wide as he turned away from the toilet to face her. Valerie had a horrible sense that she’d made a huge mistake. Was she throwing away everything she and Cal had together, all for the sake of her selfish lust? But it was too late to backtrack now.

“And we did it again, baby, twice more after that. She’s asleep in the guestroom now. I can still taste her pussy. She tastes so good.” Valerie took another deep breath. She looked up at him, trying not to let tears brim in her eyes as she spoke. “Cal, I love her. I’m in love with Anya. I only realised that today, but I’ve wanted her the whole time she’s been here. I’m sorry.”

Cal licked his lips and finally spoke. “So, what, you’re done with me? You fucked my little sister, and you think you love her, so now we’re just…over?” His voice was low and flat. The look in his eyes was a combination of shock, sadness and outrage.

“No,” Valerie said. This was it. She had to convince him, or she’d lose him, and probably Anya too. Anya was devoted to her big brother and would take his side in the breakup, bitterly feeling that Valerie had just used her for sex, like all those abusive boyfriends she’d had. The two most beautiful, perfect lovers Valerie had ever had would simply vanish from her life. She couldn’t let that happen.

“No, Cal,” she said again, as firmly as she could. “We’re not over. Because I love you too.”

“But you cheated on me,” he retorted. His voice was louder now, incredulous and angry. “You fucked Anni. In my fucking apartment.”

“I’m sorry, Cal, I really am. I love her and I wanted to make her happy. She’s suffered so much, baby. But I haven’t chosen her over you. I’m choosing both of you. I want it to be the three of us.”

“So, what, I’m supposed to be okay with you fucking her too? What’s supposed to happen, she lives here and you just swap between us when you feel like it? She’s my baby sister, Valerie!”

“No. I’m not swapping. Like I said, it’ll be the three of us. All at once.”

Cal frowned in confusion. Then his eyes widened in pure astonishment. “You want us to have threesomes? With Anya?”

“Yes.” Valerie said, meeting his gaze unblinkingly. “Cal, you’re beautiful. She’s beautiful. I want her to live with us. I want to fuck you both senseless, every night. And…I want to watch you fuck her, too.”

“Valerie, that’s insane. That’s fucking insane.” Cal was shaking his head in disbelief, sobering up fast. “She’s my fucking sister. She’s not a goddamn sex toy for you to spice reality kings porno up our bedroom with.”

“No, baby, you don’t understand. You have to fuck her to help her. To heal her. She needs it, you don’t know how much she needs it.” Valerie realised she was crying, but she didn’t care. She had to see this through to the end.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Cal, the bad relationships…those guys who messed her around…she told me what really happened. They hurt her, Cal. Worse than you ever knew.” She told him what Anya had told her – about the cruel, controlling men who had seduced and intimidated her into being their trophy girlfriend. She described the forced social isolation, the emotional abuse, and worst of all, the repeated rapes Anya had suffered at the hands of her so-called lovers. Cal listened, his expression turning to horror and silent fury. Valerie had never seen so much anger in his eyes, and she was genuinely frightened.

“She was too scared to tell you, honey,” she said through her tears. “She thought you’d be disappointed in her. She loves you so much.”

“I’d never be disappointed. For fuck’s sake, I’d do anything for her. If she’d just told me…” Cal’s teeth were clenched with rage. “Christ, why couldn’t she have just said something? I would have helped her. I’d have killed those fucking sons of bitches if I had to. Anything.”

“I know, baby. You’re so good to her. We can’t change what happened to her. But we can heal her now.”

“What, by fucking her? You think that’s gonna fix it?”

“More than that, Cal. Making love to her. Wiping away those bad memories, showing her what real love is. Those guys broke her heart. You can fix it for her, I know you can.”

“She’s my sister, Vali. My little sister. I can’t…”

“You have to,” Valerie said, trying not to sob. “Cal, you have to. She loves you. I mean…really loves you. She’s wanted you for years, can’t you see it?”

“What? No. I mean…I knew she had a crush on me, when we were kids. But she grew out of it years ago, Valerie, she must have.”

“Baby, she told me she used to call your name out during sex. She dated guys that looked like you, she dreamed of you every night. She still does.”

“Fuck. Fuck, Valerie. I mean…” Cal stared down at Valerie, a strange sight with his bewildered expression and his penis still dangling hugely out of his jeans. “She’s my sister. She’s my ma’s baby girl. What am I supposed to do?”

“You know what to do,” Valerie told him. She knelt in front of him and softly kissed his cock. She sucked lightly on his thick foreskin, feeling the elastic smoothness of it on her tongue, and smiled up at him tearfully. “You’ve made me so happy with this big lovely thing, honey. Make Anni happy too. Make her your girl.”

“It’s not right, Vali,” Cal said, though he sounded like he didn’t quite believe his own words. “I love her. And…yeah, she’s beautiful. But she’s my blood.”

Valerie’s response was to start sucking him off. Despite all her months of practice, she still struggled to take his shaft in her mouth – it was so long, so brutally thick. But she took as much of it as she could, feeling it slide down her throat until her gag reflex kicked in. She began moving back and forth on it, teasing it with her tongue, hearing Cal groan with pleasure. She finally moved off his cock, gasping for breath, and met his gaze.

“I’ll be with you, Cal,” she panted. “I’ll help you. But it has to be you. She needs you so much.” Cal stared down at her, wordless, looking simply exhausted rather than angry now.

She stood back up, got on her tiptoes, and kissed her tall, handsome, bemused boyfriend full on the lips. She helped him laboriously tuck his huge, slick-wet, semi-hard cock back into his jeans, pleased at the sight of the bulge it made against his leg. Then she took him by the hand and said, “Let’s go make Anya happy.”


Still naked, she took Cal into the guest bedroom, her small soft hand clutching his big strong one. To her surprise, he didn’t try to resist. He seemed to be in a daze now, still a little drunk and utterly confused. Valerie felt a stab of guilt. Was she doing the right thing? Was it real love she was encouraging here, or just sordid incest? She knew Anya needed Cal, and she loved them both so much, but what if she was inadvertently ruining their lives by seducing them into this?

It was too late for doubts, though, of that she was certain. Whatever happened, there was no going back for any of them now. She reached for the dimmer switch on the wall and turned it up just enough to faintly illuminate the room. She led Cal over to the big double bed, where Anya slept naked among the tangled sheets. Valerie’s heart hammered with love and apprehension at the sight of her precious girl. “Look at her, honey,” she whispered to Cal. “Just look. Isn’t she gorgeous?”

Cal stared in mute astonishment at his sister’s naked body. Valerie saw his gaze rove over Anya, taking in her beauty – her lovely rus porno face with its fine high cheekbones and cute little nose, her luxurious mane of raven-black hair spread out on the pillow around her head, her firm young breasts and smooth, exquisitely toned belly. And, between her long, slender, athletic legs, the smooth pale mound and the divine pink pearl of her vulva. Valerie had watched that perfect cunt piss a glorious flood; she’d licked and kissed its soft wet lips, teased the delicate bud of the clit. She longed to do it again – but right now she knew Anya needed something different. She needed a man.

“Jesus,” Cal breathed at last. The outline of his stiffening cock was clearly visible in his jeans, bulging huge against his thigh under the grey denim. “She’s incredible. And…you fucked her?”

“I did,” Valerie replied. “Now it’s your turn, baby,” She left his side and leaned down over Anya. The sleeping girl’s superb breasts rose and fell gently with her breathing. Valerie hesitated for a second, then kissed Anya on the lips, placing one hand on her right breast to knead it gently. “Anni,” she said. “Time to wake up.”

Anya frowned, and her lovely blue eyes flickered open. She squinted up at Valerie, and the most heartwarmingly happy, sleepy smile came to her face. She still looked a little bit drunk, but a few hours’ sleep and the water she’d had before bed had taken the edge off. “Vali?” she murmured. “Is it morning already?”

“No, baby. There’s someone who wants to see you.” She squeezed Anya’s breast and glanced aside at Cal, who was standing at the foot of the bed, gazing at his sister with a faraway look in his eyes. There was a moment when it seemed he might back away, and Valerie briefly feared the worst. But then Cal finally made up his mind, and came closer. Valerie stepped back so Cal could lean down to smile lovingly at Anya.

“Hey, little sis,” he said.

Anya’s eyes grew wide with surprise. “Cal?” she said. She looked aside at Valerie in confusion, then panicked as she realised she was stark naked in full view of her brother. She scrambled to cover herself with the sheets. “Oh God, Cal, I’m sorry, I-“

“No, Anni. It’s okay,” Cal said, gently taking hold of Anya’s arm and uncovering her again. “It’s okay.”

Tears welled in Anya’s eyes, and she stammered helplessly, “But you’re my brother, I’m naked, I’m-“

“Don’t be afraid,” Valerie told her. “You’re so pretty, Anni. Let Cal see you.”

Anya looked from her brother to Valerie and back again in utter incomprehension. Then understanding dawned in her eyes, and her expression became one of love and longing and desperate hope. Anya wept as she sat up to embrace her big brother. Cal sat on the bed and wrapped his muscular arms around her slender, bare torso, kissing her hair and whispering softly to her as she cried into his chest.

“I’m sorry, Cal,” Anya sobbed. “I’m so sorry. I love you so much. And Valerie, I love Valerie too. I never meant to hurt you.”

“You didn’t hurt me, Anni,” Cal said, kissing the top of her head and stroking her naked back with one strong hand. “Vali told me what happened. I know you needed her. It’s okay.”

“I need you, too. I need you, Cal. So much.” Anya’s shoulders shook with each great helpless sob.

“I know, babe. Valerie told me everything. I’m here for you now.” Still holding his weeping sister tight, he glanced round at Valerie once more, looking conflicted. She realised that, despite it all, he was asking for her permission. She gazed back at him and nodded, smiling with tears in her eyes.

Cal gently ended his embrace with Anya so he could look into her tear-streaked face. “I know what you need, Anni,” he said, his voice no longer drunken but deep and strong and comforting. “I want to help you. I love you. You know I love you.” He kissed her firmly on the lips, making her flinch back in shock.

Then he kissed her again, and this time Anya eagerly kissed her brother back. Their kiss deepened, became long, passionate, breathless. No longer merely a kiss between siblings, this was a true lovers’ kiss, and it went on and on with all the intensity of newfound love.

Cal broke the kiss to unbutton his shirt and toss it aside. Anya, still crying with happiness, marvelled at her brother’s broad, muscular chest, stroking his firm pectorals with her delicate fingers before their kiss resumed. Cal’s powerful hands roved over Anya, exploring the beautiful body he’d never touched so intimately before. He stroked her elegant shoulders, gently kneaded her pert, full breasts, and ran his hands down her sides towards her finely curved hips, kissing her all the while. Finally, one of his hands made its way between her slender thighs, and Anya gave a gasp of breathless pleasure as Cal’s fingers touched her vulva. Standing there beside the bed, watching it all, Valerie felt her own pussy grow sopping wet, and she reached down to stroke and finger it, never taking her eyes off Cal and Anya.

Anya whimpered as Cal skilfully played with her pussy, his fingers teasing her wet, delicate labia, toying with her fiercely erect clit, and sliding into her dripping vagina. Anya moaned and shuddered in her brother’s hands. She gasped his name. Beautiful and beguiling though she was, she was just a girl, and Valerie knew that Cal could play any girl like a violin.

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