Joyful Valentine

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This was to be my night – my special night. You had asked me to book this suite for us and now I sat on an easy chair waiting for you. I could look out of the circular windows to see the lights of the city sparkling in the cold February air or to see the silvery reflections of the moon in the river, but my eyes were now drawn irresistibly towards the stairs.

This was no ordinary hotel room – the hotel had been built into a much older building and it retained the circular room on the roof. Windows were on three sides. On the fourth side, stairs led up to a balcony from which you could look down on the king size bed below. It was to this balcony that my eyes were drawn. You had gone straight up there as soon as we arrived, cautioning me not to look upwards until you were ready. I opened the champagne provided by room service, poured two glasses and sat them down on the small table by the window and waited.

Then I heard you moving and I knew the long wait was over. I turned to see you above me, the red velvet dress clinging to your curves, the neckline cut to accentuate the swell of those wonderful breasts, the trim waist the softly curving swell of your hips and then your shapely legs encased, as i knew they would be, in smooth black stockings. You had dressed to please me and you could see in my eyes that the trouble and effort had not been in vain. My face a mask; reflecting my joy, my desire and raw lust which seeing you always developed inside me.

I watched, transfixed as you slowly descended the stairs, the tight skirt riding up as you descended, revealing tantalizing glimpses of lacey stocking tops. Everything was deliberate but subtle; you knew the way to my innermost desires and were playing them to the full. Each step was a sensual act, designed to kindle my wants and needs.

I felt my mouth go dry as you reached the floor, your black heeled shoes sinking into the rich pile of the carpet. Slowly, deliberately, you moved towards me; your eyes holding mine, daring me to try and look elsewhere but I could not.

Then you stopped. And paused, the silence in room was almost painful. I could hear my own heart thumping in my chest, but could not hear yours; just watched as your body slowly moved with your breathing. Your smile, a soft, sweet, sensual look which told of joys to come.

Then slowly, oh so slowly, you turned, revealing the back of the dress – a weave of thin straps which knitted the sides together like the laces of a shoe; the opening narrowing to a point as it met the soft swell of your buttocks.

You turned a complete 360 and that smile locked my eyes once again. A knowing smile that promised so much. I now had to fight with myself; fight to stop myself rising from the chair and simply grabbing you and throwing you onto the bed. But I had promised, promised to stay seated until you gave me permission to take an active role.

You reached down and picked up your glass of champagne and I watched carefully as you brought it to your lips then stared as your vivid porno tongue slowly snaked out to sample the pale liquid. I could see the bubbles dance on your tongue before you slowly drank the contenst of the small flute.

You set the glass back down on the table, your eyes watching me; knowing that I would seek to look into the top of your dress, or the smooth creamy skin of your back, or the silky sheen of your stockinged legs (or all three). It was like being a voyeur; wanting to look, to see everything, but not wanting to be caught out.

As you stood before me, I watched your hands move to your hips before crossing over and start to move up you sides in a a self caress, a move I wanted so badly to do. How I yearned to feel you under that smooth velvet dress.

Your hands caught slightly as they reached your bust, the subtle movement sending a soft ripple through the exposed swell of your breasts. Your eyes partially closed as the palms of your hands moved over your breasts. Could you feel your own hard nipples? Oh how I wanted to feel those nubs of flesh again under my own fingers. Then your hands, arms still crossed, reached your shoulders; your fingers spread caressing your own skin the way I had done in the past with my fingers and lips.

Agonizingly, you took precious minutes to reach the thin straps of your dress; your slim fingers slowly hooking under the bright red fabric before easing them to the points of your shoulders where they fell in unison down your arms. The dress now fell open, exposing a little more of the breasts they I adored. But this night they looked fresh, new; almost as if I was with a new woman and this was the first time I had seen her naked body.

I was aware again that your eyes were open, that you were watching me. I had been caught out again as I had drifted off into some dream world. Again your knowing smile, almost arrogant in your knowledge that you had captivated me so completely.

The merest movement of your hips and the dress descended. It was like watching a slow motion video, but gravity was the master and the soft fabric simply glided over your skin.

There was no attempt to cover yourself, no bra to conceal your breasts and their perfect shape topped by those coral nipples which I ached to caress. You stood before me now naked, apart from a simple black lace G string which did little to cover the crest of your vulva.

You walked the two paces to close the gap between us. My hands reached up to cup your bosom but your hands softly but firmly pushed mine away. It still was not time and I obeyed your unspoken command. Silently you knelt between my thighs, never loosing that look into my eyes, still captivating my attention.

I heard the soft rasp and felt the slightest touch as your drew down the zipper of my slacks, then released the simple catch on the belt to draw the material aside. My jacket, removed when we first entered the room, was soon joined by my polo neck shirt; itself slowly drawn up above my head woodman casting porno by your own hands. I knew you had pre-planned this action, knowing I would enjoy seeing the way your firm breasts would rise up on your rib cage before settling back again.

I felt your hand reach in and capture my manhood through the thin material of the black thong I was wearing; the thong that, until 10 minutes previously, I had assumed was my present on this lovers’ day. Your finger tips passed gently over my length, tracing the thick vein from its base until it reached the crown and stroked around the sensitive ridge. Then they moved to the head, that lightest of touches enough to allow my first pre-cum to escape and leave a dark patch of the silky material. Your finger was like a minature lance, emitting small electric shocks as it passed over my rigid flesh.

Again I started to reach out but this time a slow shake of the head and a mischievous grin was sufficient to make me stop. As if you could read my mind, your fingers moved to the waistband of my underwear and, hooking your fingers into them you drew them down. A pause while I raised myself off the chair then the disrobing was complete, slacks and briefs drawn to the floor and tossed into a corner. Socks followed and now I was naked to your view, my rigid pole seeking to bridge the small gab between us. Still I yearned to touch you to feel your kiss, your touch. Eyes half closed, I let myself be drawn in that blissful state of anticipation.

I was barely aware of any movement but the I sensed your warm breath on my flesh; a long slow passage of time in which your warm air caressed me. Then the merest touch. Through half closed eyes I watched as your tongue moved to touch my penis. Tip to tip, the briefest of caresses, and it was gone. A thin gossamer strand of cum linking me to you, the only trace of that initial contact.

A second touch; longer this time, the tip of your tongue tracing the slit at the end, drawing a silvery trace behind as it now descended over the engorged purple head and down to the crown’s ridge. This was sublime torture, my cock twitching to each movement of your tongue.

Still that was the only connection between us, but how I wanted to grab you by the back of your head, force you downwards. To drive myself between your lips, but the tension of the moment and the passion now rising within me, held me back.

I watched as slowly you took the head between your lips, and felt your tongue caress around it, bathing it with your oral juices. Then that tongue again passing lower this time, coating my shaft so that it almost sparkled in the pale light of the room.

Minute by slow sensual minute, you coated my flesh with your warm tongue, stopping when you reached the head to suck me between your lips. A sexy smile, a playful bite and the feeling of your teeth behind my cock head. Tugging me gently towards you, before releasing me so that it bobbed in front of you. Then the tongue returned, türkçe alt yazı porno smooth, soft, caresses passing down the shaft and up again to hover above the head.

Then your lips formed into a kiss, almost heart shaped, as they passed once more over the swollen head. This time they did not stop, your eyes locked mine as my shaft slowly sank deeper into your mouth. I felt the head graze the roof of your mouth then, after the slightest of pauses I felt it pass into the tight confines of your throat. This most of intimate of caresses was delivered with no change of expression, your eyes still locked to mine. I nearly erupted in an instant as I felt myself drawn further into your throat than ever before, knowing that this was your gift to me this day.

You withdrew until my cock was barely lodged in your mouth before once again you pushed down and engulfed me, a little deeper this time. My mind was reeling. In all my experience this was special, the most perfect oral sex and delivered with no touch other than that between phallus and mouth. Once again you withdrew, only to descend a third time. The movement slightly quicker, more hurried.

At the fourth time I knew I could not hold out long, the constriction around the cockhead as it passed into your throat was almost unbearable, like a warm ring of flesh squeezing me as I passed by on each stroke.

My climax was imminent and I knew you could sense it. My cock tried to twitch in the confines of your mouth, my body wrestled with itself in an effort to keep in place and I fought the urge to lift upwards to meet your descending mouth. My hands clenched the chair as I fought against the inevitable. Blood pounded through my veins as I strained to hold back the rising tide of cum. To no avail, it was a battle I could never win.

You sensed it too; my nerve fibres tightening, straining, as my climax arrived with sudden, but inevitable speed. Just as the first spasm erupted, in amazement I felt you descend again over my shaft; pushing down forcefully until you had engulfed me entirely. That first shot of cum passed directly into your throat, your neck muscles seeming to tighten around me to squeeze my cock and milk the juices from the shaft. The second volley also served to coat your throat before you rose up, taking the third and fourth into your mouth as my shaft twitched and spamsed. As the tension relaxed i felt your tongue coaxing the final droplets from the over sensitive tip. I was spent, drained as my cock lay on your soft tongue.

Only then did one of your hands come to gently take the weight of my penis and lift it gently from between your lips and lay it against the inside of my thigh. My eyes opened slightly and I was greeted with your smile. A shared pleasure and to see that smile, nobody would have guessed that you had just performed the most exquisite sexual act.

The that innocent smile slowly changed into that wicked, naughty grin that I knew so well. As it broke out across your lips, they parted to reveal your tongue coated with the remnants of my cum. Rising up to meet me, I slowly leaned forward. Our lips touching, our tongues entwining to share, as we always liked to do, each others love juices.

“Happy Valentine” Your first words on what would be a long night under the stars.

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