Jenny Cheats Ch. 01

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She bit her lip as her husband spoke on the other end of the phone.

“Need anything else from the grocery store? I’m heading out now.”

She slowed down her breathing and put a casual note in her voice. Her other hand cupped the balls of the man fucking her from behind. “I think the dogs are out of treats if you want to…” She groaned as he slammed into her, just once to make his impatience known.

“You alright, hun?”

She took a moment and sighed, “Yeah, I just kicked the cord for the computer out of the wall. I lost the spreadsheet I was working on…” She pushed back on the cock inside her and wiggled her ass.

He sounded concerned. “Anything big?”

She couldn’t suppress the smile on her face but endeavored to make her voice sound only slightly annoyed. “No just a favor for the boss, I can work on it tomorrow. I should be home in an hour or so, depending on traffic. I think we just need more dog treats.”

The cock inside her thrilled her. He continued to fuck her, slowly now, never stopping even as she spoke to her husband of five years. His dick sliding almost completely out and then back in again. She could feel how much more wet her cunt had gotten since she’d answered the phone call.

Electricity raced up and down her spine and she could tell she was about to cum. As much from being fucked as the naughty feeling she had. She had to hang up soon or he’d know something was off.

“Love you.” She said as her orgasm began.

He chuckled on his end of the phone, “Love you too, babe. Drive safe.”

She quickly hit the ‘End’ button and made sure that the call was ended before a low groan escaped her lips. “I’m coming…” She whimpered as her body shuddered.

Her toes pointed, lifting her ass slightly and the desk she bent over slid forward a tiny bit every time he slammed into her. She felt it all at once, his balls slapping her clit, her pussy clenching and unclenching around his dick as she hardcore porno came harder than she ever had before.

By the time she was finished they were both panting. He slowly rocked in and out of her as she came down off her toes. His cockhead popped out of her slit and she stood. She had expected to feel guilty after she came. It came as a shock to realize she was even hornier.

She’d sucked off an old boyfriend once a few years ago but this was the first time that she’d ever let someone fuck her since she’d said ‘I do’.

Instinctively she knew what her boss wanted and turned around, her black thong still around one of her ankles, and knelt in front of him. Her mind raced as she gripped his meat in her hand.

She could see her wedding ring glinting in the florescent light as she slowly jerked him off just inches from her mouth. She wanted to climb back onto his cock in her hand and ride him until he shot his load deep inside her but the clock was ticking. She had to get home and she might not have time to take a shower.

All the dangers of getting caught flashed through her mind as she opened her mouth and licked the tip of his dick. She tasted herself on his hardness and smiled up at him. She knew he’d been dreaming about this for a long time and she allowed herself to take a moment to give him a show.

She rubbed his cockhead over her lips, smearing a fat drop of precum all over them. Millimeter by millimeter she took his dick into her mouth, stopping when the head rested completely on her tongue.

The smell of their sex was strong as his dick slipped further into her mouth, not quite bumping the back of her throat. She pulled back, taking him completely out and licked the underside of his pulsing mea. Her eyes and his locked. When she spoke, her lips brushed the head with every movement.

“Are you going to cum in my mouth?” She asked, looking up at him with the innocent eyes that she knew her husband hd porno loved.

He nodded, his breath quickening.

She kept jerking him off, tickling the head with her lips. “Do I look pretty with your cock in my mouth, Dan?” His head lolled back and he groaned and her pace increased.

He wanted to fuck her mouth and she could tell but she wanted to make sure he remembered her like this every time he saw her from then on.

His eyes glazed when he looked back down at her and she knew he would. “Cum in my mouth, Dan. I want to taste you.”

Finally she sucked him back into her mouth, bobbing and licking in time as her hand jerked him off. She felt his balls tighten and his dick swelled, ever so slightly as he went over the edge.

Quickly she pulled him out of her mouth, squeezing and jerking him as he erupted. She was very careful and held the tip of his cock inside her open mouth but she tilted her head back so he could watch as thick ropes of his seed splashed over her tongue and careened off the roof of her mouth.

It was a surprising amount to her but she couldn’t help but give him a cum filled smile and swallowed, her eyes on his. She gave his slit a last lick and stood up. She’d already spent more time than she’d planned to and quickly pulled her panties back on.

She took a moment to look at Dan as he collapsed back into his leather office chair and smiled. He was a good looking man, almost ten years older than her and well built. A bit of salt and pepper in his hair but he looked delicious in a suit.

If she regretted anything it was that he was a good boss and this would definitely change the dynamic between them but she could think of worse ways to spend the last hour of work.

He smiled at her when he noticed her looking. “Still going to work on that spreadsheet tomorrow?” He asked and chuckled.

She laughed and walked up to him, cupping his balls in her hand and kissing his neck softly. latina fuck tour porno “Only if you bring the snacks again.”

Dan watch Jenny sashay out of his office, her ass bouncing under the modest black pencil-skirt she wore and marveled at his own luck. The woman was incorrigible.

Only a little over five foot tall she had an exotic look. Not quite Asian and not quite Italian. Silky black hair and smaller breasts but an ass that wouldn’t quit. Whether she kept herself in shape or she was just lucky he didn’t know and didn’t care. The results were very sultry.

He’d wanted her since her interview almost a year ago.

She’d always been very professional with him. She dressed modestly. It was hard to hide a figure that good but she’d never openly displayed it like so many of his other personal assistants had.

He fervently hoped that the work dynamic didn’t shift. As a lifetime bachelor he’d been burned on a few trysts where women expected more than he could give them.

She drove home quickly, the pulsing feeling in her clit gradually fading until it was almost gone as she pulled into their driveway. There was still no guilt and oddly, she felt guilty about that.

The idea of getting caught was drenching her panties still and if she could squeeze a shower in before Chris got home she’d lay him down in bed and ride his cock until she was screaming.

She came to a stop, glad that his truck wasn’t in the driveway and hurried inside. She set her keys down and brushed her teeth. She didn’t enjoy the taste of cum but it didn’t gross her out or anything. He would smell it on her breath if she didn’t clean up a bit though.

For good measure she used mouthwash as well and then slipped into the shower. She could hear the dogs barking in the back yard. They knew she was home.

She had just finished drying her hair when she heard him open the front door. “Hey, I’m back!” Chris yelled into the house, his hands full of groceries.

She came out, still naked and kissed him and he grinned at her. “Anything fun today?”

I fucked my boss, swallowed his cum and found out I love cheating. She said in her mind. To him she said, “Not as fun as what’s going to happen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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