Jane’s Dream?

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Jane is sailing alone one day on a small sailboat, just enjoying the day and exploring some small coves. As the afternoon sun gets warmer, she starts to doze.

She is horny and begins to play with herself. As she strokes her pussy, she falls into a dream that she has had many times in the past but this time it seems so real.

In the dream, she is sailing alone on a small sailboat, just enjoying the day and exploring some small coves. Suddenly, her boat is becalmed and a dense fog rolls in, she can’t see her hand before her eyes.

It feels as though the world is closing in on her and then she faints. When Jane awakes, she is laying on a beach, completely nude. She must have been there for a while since her skin is beginning to get sunburned. There are some bushes at the top of the beach, so she runs over and hides in them, trying to remember how she got there and, for that matter, where there was.

As she wracks her brain trying to remember what happened, she becomes aware of someone behind her. Jane whirls around only to be faced with a man whose face was hidden in shadow. There wasn’t anything to create a shadow, it was just there.

“Nice breasts. You’ll do just fine.” Jane just stands there speechless, one arm trying vainly to cover her nicely shaped but heaving breasts while the other hand was cupping her neatly shaved pussy, which, she is embarrassed to admit, is getting wet. “I am Morpheus, the god of Dreams. I promised to send some dreams to some human friends of mine. But I think I will send the real thing instead. Don’t worry, you won’t make a mistake. I will put the commands in your head so that you will do exactly what they want.”

By now Jane has overcome her shock and is getting angry. “What do you mean? I will do what they want! Who do you think you are?!”

Morpheus just laughs and says “For tonight only, you will have the power of flight. You will visit three men who will each fuck you. Then you will attend a bachelor party where you will be the guest of honor. Oh, one more thing. Each man will be able to shape your body to his desires. You will return to normal after he has cum.” With that, he waves his hands and she begins to feel light.

She is flying! Jane tries to scream as she rises up into the air, but nothing comes out. For that matter, she can’t control her body. She begins to move very fast through the air, strangely, she is not cold. After 20 minutes, she sees a town up ahead. Now Jane begins to wonder what is going to happen. She is both scared and excited.

Jane swoops down low over some houses and begins to dart toward an open window. As she glides through the window, she sees a man in his 30’s laying in bed asleep in a king size bed. It is quickly apparent that he is very horny as Jane notices the “tent” over his crotch. She lands and despite everything she can do, her body moves over to the bed, lifts the cover and climbs in.

Almost immediately he rolls over and places his arm across her chest, murmuring “Alice, I’ve missed you.” He begins to stroke Jane’s hair which she now realizes has become long and wavy.

Then he cups her left breast and begins playing with her nipple, pinching it lightly and flicking it with his finger. He takes the other nipple into his mouth and begins to suck with increasing desire.

Suddenly, he rises up and forces her legs apart. Then with a quick hard thrust, he enters her. The czech gangbang porno whole time, he continues to suck on her nipples, alternating between one and the other. Jane tries to move away or do anything to get out of the situation but her body is not hers to command.

He is moving in and out of her with increasing force. To Jane’s horror, she realizes that her body is responding and she is so wet she can feel a puddle growing beneath her.. Finally, he cums in an explosion which her body mirrors. It is one of the most intense orgasms she has ever had. As Jane begins to recover, she is torn between feeling revulsion or excitement about what just happened.

But before she can resolve her feelings, he rolls off her and falls back asleep. Her body rises up into the air and drifts to the window.

Then Jane is off again, this time to a lonely farm house. As she flies toward the bedroom window, it opens and Jane drifts inside. This time the man is awake. He sees her land and just grins, ogling her body. “Damn look at those tits!” Jane looks down and realizes her breasts have grown huge with nipples an inch long. “I am going to do some titty fucking tonight! Hot Dog!!”

Once again Jane is just a passenger in her body as it climbs into bed. He quickly strips off his clothes and climbs on top of her chest, putting his cock between her now massive breasts.

Jane’s hands reach up and press her breasts around his throbbing cock. He starts to dry fuck her breasts but then stops and moves up so that his cock is pressing on her lips. Jane opens her mouth and takes it all the way in. She has never deep throated a cock before, but her body seems to know what to do.

He fucks her mouth with two deep strokes before pulling out and putting it back between her breasts. Now lubricated with her saliva, he begins thrusting back and forth with a look of intense pleasure on his face. “I’ve always wanted to fuck tits this big. Now I can die happy.”

He begins to play with her nipples. It seem as though Jane’s nipples are hardwired to her clit. Every twist and pinch he gives her nipples stimulates her clit, until it becomes almost unbearable. She is in orgasmic heaven and begins cumming in waves. He continues to slide his hard cock between her breasts, now his precum is making the passage smooth, the waves of pleasure washing over her.

Finally he cums, spurting his seed between her breasts and over her face. So much covers her face that one eye is glued closed and she can’t breathe through her nose. He collapses beside her with a look of utter contentment on his face.

Jane becomes aware that her body is rising again. As it rises, her breasts return to their normal beautiful selves and the cum that covered her disappears.

Her body then moves out the window. This time she looks over the countryside as she flies. It is a strange sensation to be flying in the air with nothing holding you up and to make it stranger, you are completely nude and everyone below can see your naked body. A couple of teenage boys point at her and their friends all look up. There she is, on display for these strangers but then her flight takes her out of their sight and on to her next sexual adventure.

By now Jane is beginning to look forward to it. She feels so free since she has no control over what is happening and she revels in that freedom. As she finally reaches czech harem porno the third man’s house, she wonders what is next.

She flies into the window and notices that the bed has straps on each post. Jane starts to get a strange feeling about this. Immediately after she lands, her body moves to the bed and lies down, arms and legs spread wide.

At that moment a man enters the room and begins to use the straps to tie her down. When he is finished he begins to stroke her body, paying special attention to her breasts. His hands glide over Jane’s body barely touching her. The feeling is incredibly erotic and makes her skin tingle.

His fingers glide over her pussy and she can feel yourself getting very wet. But then he begins to massage her legs, kneading the muscles as he works his way back up to her pussy. The change is so startling, first she was stimulated and now her muscles are getting so relaxed.

Suddenly, he slaps the inside of her thighs and then without warning plunges two fingers into her moist, hot pussy. His fingers continue to move in and out in a steady rhythm for a minute or two.

Just as she is getting ready to cum, he pulls them out and brings his wet fingers to her face, indicating he wants her to open wide. As she does, he puts his fingers in and Jane licks her own juices off. When she is done, he reaches over and releases Jane from the straps, flips her over and straps her down again.

She can’t imagine what he is going to do now. She feels something warm being poured onto her back and then he begins to massage her shoulders, slowly working his way down to her ass.

After 20 minutes or so, she feels his fingers as they find her tail bone and then trail down her ass, stopping briefly at her puckered bud where he takes a finger and gently inserts it in up to the second knuckle. It is both uncomfortable and incredibly stimulating. Then he pulls it out and inserts his fingers into her pussy again. This time he plays with Jane’s pussy and clit until she cums.

But he isn’t finished yet. He starts spanking her bottom, first one cheek and then the other until it is a nice rosy red. Then he takes his thumb and starts playing with her clit. The feelings that wash over her are intense and become more so as he takes the fingers of that hand and starts fucking her pussy with them. He does this until she cums once again. He then releases the straps holding her legs and pulls her ass up.

Jane wonders what is going to happen next until she feels him get on the bed behind her. “Oh no! Not in the ass. Please not in the ass!” she silently cries. But suddenly she feels his cock ram into her pussy as he begins to fuck her harder than she has ever been fucked before. His 10 inch cock bottoms out inside her repeatedly, each time bringing intense erotic feelings.

He grunts as he begins to cum inside her. As if that was a signal, her body begins to orgasm. It is another intense orgasm and Jane faints. When she wakes, the straps are off and she begins to rise into the air as she heads to the last erotic adventure of this whole strange episode.

The trip to her next destination takes hours and, weirdly enough, Jane falls asleep exhausted from so many orgasms. When she wakes, her pussy feels a little tender but she knows that it will be even tenderer, if not sore, before this is all over with.

It is dark now and she sees czech sharking porno city lights below. Jane swoops down, but this time there isn’t a window for her to enter the building. Instead a door opens just as she arrives. She floats down a hall and into a room where 10-15 young men are drinking while watching a woman strip on a small stage. But when the men catch site of Jane, they lose all interest in the stripper. It isn’t every day you see a nude woman float into the room.

One of them reaches out and touches her body. As if that is the signal, she feels hands all over her body, pinching, prodding, and feeling her naked flesh. Then one man pushes his fingers into her pussy. The feeling of all those strange hands combined with the fingers fucking her pussy causes Jane to orgasm again.

She floats over to a large table and her body comes to rest on it. “Tom. You’re the guest of honor tonight. You get to fuck her first!” A man comes up the table and drops his pants before climbing on top.

“Damn right I get her first! This is last strange pussy I ever get and I don’t want sloppy seconds.” With that, he starts to fuck Jane, the other guys cheering him on. She feels like a piece of meat or a table ornament for all they care about her feelings.

Once again she feels the freedom of not being in control and start to revel in the feeling of this strange man fucking her so intently. All too soon he cums and she feels a strange sense of disappointment until the next guy mounts her. At that point she realizes they are all planning on fucking her, her first gang bang.

As he fucks Jane, the other guys start to play with her body. “Damn, will you get a load of these tits! I’m gonna fuck them!” says one the other guys.

“Shit, I’m going to fuck that mouth. Move over.” With that he rams his cock into her mouth and begins to fuck her face.

The next few hours go by in a blur. She is titty fucked, face fucked and pussy fucked but luckily not ass fucked, perhaps because there is always someone on top of her so the other guys can’t roll her over. Whatever the reason, she is grateful.

Finally the guys begin to wear out. By this point she has swallowed so much cum Jane doubts she’ll be hungry for a year. Her breasts are covered in cum and more cum is dripping from her aching pussy. She has cum so many times she lost track after 20 and now Jane is so sleepy she can barely keep her eyes open.

One of the guys notices this and throws a pitcher of luke warm beer on her. While this does little to really wake her up, it does wash some of the cum from her breasts. Jane begins to drift off again into unconsciousness and then realizes she is flying again. But she can’t stay awake and falls into a deep sleep.

When Jane awakes, she is back in her boat fully clothed. The wind is picking up again and she decides this was all an erotic dream. “God I’ve got to get fucked more. I can’t believe that dream. It was so real.”

As she steers the boat back home, her hand drifts down to her crotch. She rubs it and then brings her fingers to her nose. It smells of sex, especially semen. That can’t be! She hurriedly unzip her pants and pulls them down.

Her panties stick to her thighs and resist being pulled down. Jane realizes that her crotch is covered in dried semen. Jane takes off the rest of her clothes and realizes her breasts are also covered in cum. As she stands there, naked in the sun, another boat sails by. It is full of guys doing a little fishing.

They are all staring at her and then one yells “Want to have some fun?!” Tempting as the thought might be, she realizes that she is sore from all the sex and not that horny. “Maybe next time!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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