Is Will Really Vid?

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This is unfinished. Should it stay that way?

Will fell into a daze while starring out of the window. This was happening more frequently now. At least a few nights a week Will would fall into a daze, and then sink deep into the back of the consciousness he shared with Vid, who would then rise to the surface in Wills place. They were aware of one another; after all they did share the same mind and body, but neither could remember who was there first. Their symbiosis served their individual needs, even though they didn’t agree with each other’s methods.

Vid noticed the time, it was 10:30pm and he was ready to go. He quickly grabbed his essentials; keys, wallet and lighter. He’d pick up smokes on the way. One of the things Will didn’t like about Vid was that he still smoked. Will had quit several months ago and found it challenging to stay quit when he and Vid shared lungs. But once again, they each tolerated the other. Will quietly watched from the back of their mind, while Vid parked the car.

Moments later Vid smashed his empty shot glass down while savoring the whiskey burn. He quickly snapped open his Zippo to light a cigarette. Vid was fast, but he never rushed so much as to miss the enigmatic flame. He loved to shield it with his hand and then watch as the cigarette ignited, wanting to share its hypnotic qualities with the right woman. He wondered whom it would be tonight. From the back of their mind Will chimed in “Why are you here? Do you think this time will be any different?” Vid curled the corner of his mouth down in disgust and whispered, “Don’t chastise me.” He searched for something else to focus on, and quickly found it. Through the smoke and dim light he saw her sitting alone at the bar.

With dangerous power Vid stared at her. He emanated his entire aura to make her aware of him. Long moments drifted across the waves of music and the silhouettes of people before she finally turned. She had an almost confused look on her face. Vid watched as she scanned the room, and he enjoyed that she didn’t know exactly what she was looking for. His eyes embraced her movement, while her facial expressions excited him. Her features were Asian, but her body language was definitely American.

After a time her eyes stopped on Vid, somehow realizing that he was the source. While she raised a cigarette to her lips Vid simultaneously rose from his seat. He then moved towards her, crossing the bar with predatory movements. Before she could think, there was a flame from his hand, carefully extended to the end of her cigarette. She puffed gently and then with a snap the flame was gone…and so was he. Before she had looked up he’d returned to his seat. He was sitting there starring at her. She felt as though he was inviting her to join him, without words or movements. A part of her silently screamed, “Are you nuts? This guy is weird!” Then inhibition swept over her, and she suddenly turned her back on him. “What is his problem?” She thought to herself.

“You want another beer Sheri?” Asked the bartender, while pouring a couple of drafts.

“No thanks.” Sheri answered. She considered asking the bartender about the weirdo, but changed her mind. This moment was hers alone, whether it be intrigue or strange…or both.

With calculated intention Sheri glanced in the mirror behind the bartender, trying to catch a glimpse of the weirdo. She couldn’t see him. It looked like he was gone. After a moment of consideration Sheri carefully turned around for a peak, and found it to be true; the weirdo had left. She felt confused and disappointed.

“What was that all about?” She whispered aloud. With a heavy sigh Sheri collected her coat, dropped a tip on the bar and left. She had to study for a few hours anyway, and didn’t want to waste anymore thought on the strange guy.

Vid took ankara escort a long drag off his smoke before dropping it. He circled his shoe on it, and then exhaled. He could hear her footsteps approaching from around the corner, and with that rhythm he aligned something inside himself. He collected all of his energies.

Sheri rounded the corner to find her path blocked. It was the weirdo from the bar. He was standing in front of her with an expression that she couldn’t describe or understand. In the back of her mind she thought she should be scared, but that wasn’t what she felt.

“I’ll walk with you.” Vid said with gentle authority. Sheri felt frozen in the moment, incapable of rational thought, but also fearless. With a vague sense of purpose, she linked arms with Vid and walked in the direction of her apartment. They’d only walked for a few silent moments before the confrontation happened.

“Give me your shit man.” The voice was a growl and stank of whiskey. From the shadows on the right the mugger postured out, followed closely by his silent, less intimidating comrade. Sheri clutched Vids arm tightly as her heart rate increased. Finally she was beginning to feel afraid.

“You heard what I said?” The would-be criminal snarled, puffing out his chest and moving closer. His friend flanked around the other side. Sheri felt Vid sliding his arm out of her tight clutch, and realized he must be going for his wallet. She decided to follow his example and reached in her coat pocket for her own wallet.

“You can go now.” Vid spoke, addressing both men simultaneously. Sheri was confused. She didn’t see Vid hand over his wallet, but as the men closed in she realized that was never his intention.

“You a wise guy?” The mugger asked while snatching at Vids collar. Sheri and the muggers silent partner watched in confusion as Vid spun in a blur of movement.

“OWWWWSHIT!!” The mugger shouted in pain. Before he knew it he found himself driven down on to his knees, the result of Vids twisting grip on his little finger. Panic washed over him. “…my finger.” He begged.

“I’ll break it.” Vid responded, he expression registering a slight uncertainty. And then quickly and silently within the back of their mind, Vid addressed Will. “Just let me break the fucking finger already.”

“It’s not necessary. Watch.” With that Will briefly came to the front, let go of the muggers finger, and then returned to the back of their mind. The man gasped in relief, cradling his undamaged finger. Sheri watched in astonishment as the man slowly rose to his feet, hunched over like a dog with its tail between its legs. With fear in his eyes he uttered one word.

“Sorry.” He mumbled and then rushed away, followed closely by his confused friend. Sheri starred at Vid, again feeling stuck in time. For a moment she thought she might have pissed her self, but then realized that was not the case. Her pussy was soaked. Vid stepped toward her, closing his eyes inhaling deeply through his nose.

“You smell lovely.” He said. After a brief contemplative moment Sheri gave herself to the situation, choosing to embrace it fully. She grabbed Vid by the hand and rushed to her apartment.

The door swung wide open and before she knew it, Vid has scooped her up in his arms and put her over his shoulder. Sheri began to laugh uncontrollably while Vid kicked the door closed behind them.

“Which way to your room?” Vid asked.

Sheri answered between laughs. “Second door on the right.” Without hesitation he strode down the hall while Sheri struggled to control her laughter. “Not too loud or we’ll wake my roommate.” Sheri said, but suspected they already had. Vid kicked open her bedroom door and placed her down on the bed. From the back of their mind, Will took a personal moment to appreciate escort ankara Sheri. She really was quite beautiful, someone he would consider making a painting of. But Vids intentions were another story.

“Pull up your dress.” He said in a matter-of-fact tone. Sheri Reclined, supporting herself on her elbows while she caught her breath.

“And why should I do that Mister Man?”

“So I can kiss your pussy.” Again Vids tone was direct but gentle. Sheri sat up, reached down and curled her fingertips around the bottom of her dress. With one motion she stood up and pulled the dress over her head, tossing it off to the side. Vid examined her, pleased that she wore a black garter and stockings, which matched her silken bra and panties. He stepped to her, letting his coat fall to the floor, pressing his lips to hers. As Sheri felt the presence of his cock against the front of her panties, a switch flipped in her mind. It was almost as though a shadow of her had come to the front, driven by lust and without inhibition. Or maybe a reflection of her, capable of matching and even surprising this mysterious man. With urgency she pulled his shirt off, dropped to her knees and then undid his pants.

“Tell me what your doing.” Vid asked, playing the game. Sheri pulled his erect penis out and began to pump it with her hand.

“I’m sucking your cock.” She said with her own authority, and then quickly closed her mouth around it. As she bobbed back and forth on it, she momentarily reflected on her current behavior. “I can’t believe this.” She thought as she popped his prick from her lips, but the thought quickly passed. She pumped it quickly a few more times, pressed it against his stomach and began tracing his balls with her tongue.

Tracy laid in her bed in the dark, listening. She’d been annoyed when Sheri first barged in, waking her when she was nearly asleep, but had since settled into quiet amazement. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing from her roommate. It was something she would have never suspected from “honor-roll Sheri”. In the entire six months they’d lived together, she’d known Sheri to have one guy stay over and they didn’t make a peep. She knew Sheri wasn’t really a prude, but this was unprecedented. Tracy concentrated on listening to the soft but audible sounds. She heard a male voice speak.

“Get on the bed.” Tracy listened to shuffling movement, and then heard Sheri moaning.

“Oh yeah. Do that.”

“Do what?” The male voice replied with deep seduction.

“Rub my clit.” Sheri responded, followed by more shuffling and moaning. Tracy noticed that her nipples were getting hard. With a sigh of acceptance she threw off her blanket, undid the drawstring on her pajama bottoms and then slid them off. She gently ran her palms over her freshly shaven legs, enjoying the smooth skin while guiding her fingers up to her freshly shaven crotch. She didn’t normally shave her pubic hair but this time for some reason, possibly boredom, she did. With her right hand she began to work her mound in small circles, while her left hand unbuttoned her pajama top. Tracy let the top fall open and took her large breast in her hand, gently pinching and twisting her nipple.

Sheri watched Vid pull her panties off, and then pushed her legs back so that her knees were parallel to her tits. She quickly unclasped her bra and tossed it aside, taking both breasts in her hands and massaging them. Vid was intricately tracing circles around her clit with his tongue, slowly working his thumb into her pussy. Sheri was entranced with the situation, by both the pleasure of it and the fantastic abandon she was now experiencing. She’d never even been in the position she was now in, let alone watching with shameless enjoyment while her pussy was being eaten. She couldn’t remember ever having ankara escort bayan sex with the lights on. And she’d never even considered using the kind of language they’d been sharing. “Tongue-fuck my cunt.” She found herself saying before she realized it. She felt completely high on sex.

“Yes princess.” Vid responded with a plotting grin. Sheri worried momentarily about the volume of their sex and if it would wake Tracy, and then she felt Vids tongue pass over her asshole and didn’t care anymore.

“Oh god.” She gasped. Sheri felt her buttocks momentarily tighten while her mind raced through repressive memories and fears, and then both her mind and her muscles relaxed again, consumed with sexual abandon. Vid alternated his tongue between Sheri’s pussy and ass, tracing and lubricating. He took a moment to watch as Sheri squeezed her tits, while gently pressing his thumb against her little asshole. “Can you put that in your mouth?” He asked, referring to her breast. At that moment Sheri felt more intoxicated than she ever had before due to any drugs or alcohol. Between gasps she answered.

“No, but I bet my roommate can.”

Tracy wasn’t quite sure what she heard through the wall. She eased up a bit on her masturbation and listened carefully, hearing the guy’s voice.

“And what makes you say that?”

“Because her tits are big.”

Tracy stopped entirely, propping up to listen even more carefully. “Are they talking about me?” She quietly wondered. She heard shifting and then the male voice.

“And do you like her tits?”

“Yes. I love her tits. Big fucking tits.” Sheri purred while Tracy listened in utter amazement.

“I bet you’d like to see her suck her own tits, wouldn’t you.” He said. Tracy heard shifting and then moans from Sheri.

“Oh God yes.”

“And what else?” He asked followed by moans but no answer. He asked again. “What else?”

“I’d suck on her big fucking tits.” Tracy heard her roommate say the words, but didn’t quite believe it. She sat up on her bed struggling to hear every detail, wondering if they were actually talking about her. Her mind began to boggle in total confusion, while her body stewed in it’s own sexual arousal. She actually wondered if she was dreaming. She slowly panned her eyes across the soft blue light of her room, hoping to find a clue. Then she heard the male voice again.

“Want me to go get her?” Tracy heard that completely and her heart began to race, pumping the blood through her body and back to her tingling pussy. She quickly got under the covers and turned so her back was to the door, quietly cowering.

“You wouldn’t dare.” Sheri said in a challenging, seductive tone. Tracy felt frightened and excited, wondering what would happen and what she should do. She held her crotch in her palm.

“If you want me to…I will.” The male voice responded. Tracy’s mind raced waiting for what was next. There was a long silence, and then finally she heard Sheri’s voice.

“Go get her.”

Tracy couldn’t believe it. She thought she should lock the door quickly, or button her pajama top and put on her bottoms, but she couldn’t move. She was frozen. Distantly from the other side of the wall she could hear Sheri giggling, and heavy footsteps moving across the floor. Another moment passed, and then she heard the sound of her door slowly opening. Tracy closed her eyes, feigning sleep. She listened as the footsteps walked around the perimeter of her bed, stopping right beside her. She didn’t open her eyes, but she could smell that sex was very close. She felt her blanket delicately sliding off of her, but she didn’t move. She felt two warm and powerful arms slide under her and lift her, cradling her against a powerful chest, but she didn’t move. She felt the cool familiar air of the hallway pass through her hair, and mingle with her warm pussy as she was carried from her room, but she didn’t move. And finally she felt herself placed down on Sheri’s bed. Completely confused, Tracy stayed inert pretending to sleep.

To be continued…?

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