Inside the Tide

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I watch warm tropical air brushing against your shirt, tapping it lightly against your chest.

Your shirt, in a range of colors, accents your hazel eyes. They dance with a hint of mystery in the moonlight.

We chat, marveling at our chance meeting in the hallway at the trade show. How long had it been? We’d tried to put memories of our passionate trysts far behind.

How did we let each other slip out of our lives?

We unwind at a small table for two, sipping cool beverages. While ears are tuned to our words, our eyes capture how we each play with the glass in our hands and lips.

I keep making you laugh delighting in how your deep voice cracks and your head lightly bobs back. You observe me and take in a thousand words that I do not say. I flit back and forth between effervescent, thoughtful, giggly and my sentence trailing off at the intensity of your gaze.

Your presence floods thru me, like humidity pressing inside my lungs, pungent and delicious. It makes my breathing take uneven skips.

We walk the beach, damp sand pressing between our toes. As the waves crash lightly, I stumble slightly toward you trying to avoid the salty spray. Your hands grasp my arms to hold me safe. Your hand slides through my fingers and we walk quietly.

Thousands of miles and years of silence melt helplessly in the sand while we enjoy this simple gift walking side by side. Your thumb strokes the side of my hand, reassuring me that you, too, feel this comfort.

We banter until we slide down to sit with our backs against a large boulder. While the night air cools down, the rock presses the warmth stored from the day against our shirts. With your arm behind me, I lean comfortably into your shoulder, as if there is a space there that is mine.

Your fingers play lightly with my blond curls brushing them away from my cheek. I drift back and forth between the gentleness and electricity of your touch. Your hand gently presses my head into your chest and you take a deep, long, cleansing breath. You don’t need to say anything. It’s just like it feels.

My heart embraces the fullness of what passes between us. It’s a joyous reconnection of souls. These are deeper souls growing into what fits us better.

As you release your deep breath, it is followed by, “Humph.”

“What’s funny?” I ask.

“We’ve been talking for hours now and I’ve never asked you what perfume you are wearing,” you muse.

“Eight,” I say the word slowly.


Your mind races. You’ve been here before. It feels like home—this mouth watering fragrance of a lover.

“When I first discovered this perfume, I nearly didn’t buy it. But is SO me! Still, all my superstitions involve odd numbers. Luckily I’m brave enough to live a little!”

You push my shoulders forward away from your chest. I melt as your fingers brush my hair away from the side of my neck. Your warm breath inhaling and exhaling engulfs me. Words escape my body.

“I want to drink you in,” you state.

The directness of your desire makes me skip a breath. I can’t move from where you’ve curved me forward pressing my breasts softly into the top of your thighs. Shaping me how you wish stirs and startles me.

Imprison me. I do not wish for escape.

We flit about and exchange sexual fantasies. I succumb to the heat of your innuendo. I love this verbal foreplay. It tempts and sharpens my desire. The delicious sound of your breath taking soft, uneven gasps in response to my thrills me. It swoops down swelling my labia against my jeans.

A small wave laps against my toes. The tide is coming in. We stand and brush off the sand. Orbits that have been circling parallel universes now find themselves face to face.

I observe you as I never have before. You are raw, soft, hard and tempting. How did I let you slip out of my life?

You undress me with your eyes. All the barriers of appropriate restraint that owned the intervening years molt effortlessly into a heap of debris. I relish how neither of us can hide the naked burning of desire.

I want to remember what you sound like when you come.

You step in toward me and lift my chin up with a curved index finger while your thumb strokes softly across my bottom lip. The fire in your eyes consumes me. You move in playfully, not in one fluid move, softly dancing toward my lips. The night is black yet I melt into the vortex of your sun.

I want THIS kiss. I fear you see my knees tremble. Deviously you tease me and softly kiss my forehead instead. You step away, as if to taunt the rising tide.

I ache to know what you desire. I grab your hand — the one with the exploring thumb. You turn to watch as I bring your thumb back up to my mouth, sucking you in. My tongue darts swiftly around its firm perimeter ending with a bite — not as soft as you expected. You gasp at the intensity. I giggle, and keeping your cumlouder porno hand in mine, begin walking toward the twinkling lights of the hotel.

Round One: Draw.

As we drift and glide back along the beach, I leave on a playful joyride of imagination visualizing ways I want to take you. Ways I want you to take me; eat me. I revel in your fantasies imagining quenching your thirst. I ask you if you are tuned into my dream channel because I had just taken you a dozen ways in my dreams. You reply that your channel was showing a preview of you having your way with me until I begged for mercy.

God I can taste you.

Reveling in this provocative distance in our intuitive foreplay rhythms, I imagine releasing our bodies into dewy sweat. We enter the hotel hallway and the air conditioning floods me. As my damp shirt brushes over hard nipples, I savor the thought of you tonguing them and me into submission.

You slip slightly behind me as I prance through the hallway. Watching my hips move in tight, low-rise jeans, you delight in the curves and firm shape of my ass. You want to grasp and pull it hard against your growing erection.

As we reach the door, I turn to face you in the bright hallway light. The hunger and danger in your eyes makes it harder and hotter to hold your gaze. In the darkness, you hadn’t realized how see-through my top was.

You try, unsuccessfully, to hide your surprise that my nipples are unencumbered as they press freely like marbles against a thin t-shirt. I glow at the attention your eyes brush over my body. I want to slither my body in purring motion all over yours.

I press the key into the door. It clicks to open but I whirl back around to you instead. Your prowess and power saturate me.

Grasping your hair, I tiptoe up against your ear and tease, “Are you sure you can handle a wild filly?”

The thought rushes through you like primal command. The intensity in your chest leaves you no doubt that you will tame me.

I dance into the room, tossing the key on the floor.

I continue to dare you, “Do you intend to use a whip or can you ride me bare back?”

Your desire unleashes and you move swiftly after me. Catching me from behind you spin my back against the wall. Grabbing both of my wrists you pin them above my head drenching me with desire. I gasp and my knees struggle to stand.

“Do you want me to fuck you?” You demand.

I giggle but you look dead serious.

“Answer me,” you insist.

“Make me,” I giggle back.

Your free hand slides under my shirt up toward longing nipples. You roll the hard bullets between your fingers and pinch. Intense hazel pools burn into me.

All I can gasp is, “Yes, please, YES.”

Your lips and tongue dive into me melting me into the outline of your body. You draw me close, inviting me back inside a space I have not traveled for so long, pressing my breasts softly across your steel.

Moaning, I return kiss for kiss, pressing my tongue into your lips expressing my longing. It is impossible to resist this primal sexuality that draws me to you hard and deep.

You release my hands and tenderly cup my face in your hands, kissing me again and again. My fingers lap dance through your hair. You pull back, still cupping my face and smile. How can you be both tender and powerful? How can I feel this safe while burning with intense desire?

As if to answer me, you move toward the bed and command gently, “Come here, beautiful.”

Wordlessly imploring your eyes, I wonder, do you feel me melt in your tenderness? You hold the secrets that heal my soul, you know. You beckon me, effortlessly commanding and holding my heart.

I surrender.

I stand before you again. Your gaze washes over me searing my veins. Rendered speechless, my being pulses with a rhythm you evoke in me. You reach out to brush hair whipped into frenzy from the beach.

You lick the salty ocean mist from your bottom lip—like a lion possessing its prey, lingering over my vulnerability standing helplessly in wait. Does this power excite you?

“You are more,” you observe, toying a wild curl between your fingers. “More temptress than I remember. And you were a damn fine temptress.”

Your hands slip alongside my waist sliding down to reach the hem of my t-shirt. You peel it up slowly, pleasuring in each new soft glimpse. You pause at the bottom curve of my breasts savoring me like candy.

Oh how I delight in the shapes you reveal in me.

As you pull my shirt up past my up stretched forearms, you pause, absorbing the naked succulence before you. You wish to ravage me but choose not to yet. You have waited this long. You will revel in every moment.

You move down, grabbing the top button of my jeans between your teeth and shake your head back and forth with a mock growl. Desire blinds me. Shuddering, I close my eyes. czech amateurs porno You whip off my belt in one quick motion, cracking it in the air. The snap races like lightening igniting my quickening pulse. My jeans slide off and the revelation is complete. You fall backward on the bed, propping back against your elbows taking me in.

“Fuck you!” escapes my lips. The lioness in me is awake. “Enough of you fucking taking charge.”

You laugh at my joyful lack of inhibition. It’s raw and excites you.

I kneel in front of you pressing my hands to spread your knees. My fingers press into your thighs, moving further inward. The intensity of crawling between your legs burns me. My clit throbs awake.

I straddle your thighs unbuttoning your shirt. Tempting nipples bounce lightly just out of your lips way. You dart your head toward them and I instantly push your face back pressing my thumb hard against your lip and down on your teeth.

“I own you right now,” I playfully snarl.

You drop your head backward, shaking it slightly as if offering a plea to the gods.

I tug your shirt away accidentally ripping off a button.

“Sorry,” I stammer.

“Who the fuck cares,” you reply.

I toss the button in the air. It lands beside the clock radio. But I don’t notice. My fingertips drown in a sinewed landscape that beckons to be explored. Let me drown; I do not wish to be rescued.

Your hands discover and enthrall me. I writhe and explore naked on you. I am the kiss dancer melting kisses into your soul.

I marvel at your wisps of gray. There is wisdom, tenderness and life here and it touches me. What you’ve learned, what you’ve experienced, is like reassuring blanket.

The softness of your hair nuzzles me in marked contrast to the hard edges of your muscles and your erection aching below a bulging zipper.

I bounce off the bed and demand,” Stand up.”

You grin. Cockily letting me know you are merely granting me temporary power. But you stand.

“Take them off,” I insist.

You drop your jeans, never wiping the grin from your lips. Deliberately, you leave on your underwear revealing an aroused cock aching for discovery. You found a way to defy me, did you? I drop in front of you.

You are fucking eye candy.

Using only my teeth, I bite the top of the band and pull them down and off to the floor. This chiseled malescape floods my senses. I want to suck in every discovery. One discovery more than the rest. Your cock glistens deliciously long and hard. I can’t withhold my gasp.

I wiggle my body up, nipples sliding across every inch of you I can tease until I am face to face with your naked desire. You feel your pulse, but somewhere you’ve lost your breath.

I take your hand and pull you toward the shower. I want to immerse in this wetness with you.

What a palatial bath this is. A mirror lines one entire wall across from the large glass enclosed shower. You are going to enjoy this show. I want to melt away all the salt and dust and distance between us.

You watch me arch back under the gently pulsing flow. Wild curls now flow long and glide across creamy breasts. I invite you in to join me, letting water, like my passion, surge over you.

I slide you back against the wall pressing your palms against the tiles.

“These are off limits,” I tease, tapping your hands.

I slither up and down your body slipping silkily in this waterfall. With my back to you, my ass travels up and down against your cock, pressing you between my cheeks until I hear you moan.

Oh god, what an incredible turn-on hearing you moan is to me.

You watch in the mirror, as I face you slithering downward, until my lips poise in front of your cock. You gently sigh and look down to watch. You want to grab my hair and pull my mouth onto you. But you can’t. You indulge this delicious delight of staying enslaved to my command.

Without using my hands, my tongue curves under the tip of your cock. I tighten my lips around your shaft plunging downward sucking you deep into me. You are dessert. You gasp at my unbridled desire. I want to swallow you. The pleasure of my stroking renders your senses on blissful overload. You forgot how much I love doing this.

“I’m yours,” you moan.

I pause only to murmur back, “Completely.”

As my hands, lips, and tongue focus in delicious harmony, you lose yourself in the complex notes. Fire burns through you. My fingers caress your balls, lips grasp hard and my tongue savages wet strokes around and, oh god, over every throbbing morsel.

You can’t think. Cognition mercifully floats skyward with the steam.

“God you taste so fucking good,” I exclaim. But the words hover miles away from the orbit you are taking.

I love the way your cock fills, tightens and aches for release in my mouth. Your balls harden czech casting porno and start to rise. Uh, uh, stud, you’re not going to get off yet. Your orbit abruptly stops as I hold the base of your shaft tight and move up to stand in front of you.

I’ll punish you if you’re not careful,” you warn.

“What do you want?” I implore.

“I want all of you. Nothing held back,” you demand grasping my hair pulling my head backward arching my neck and face up to you.

“Are you mine?” you demand, needing my submission.

“Always,” I moan back.

Imprison me to the delight of your will.

We glide, wet and wanting back to the bed. The moon casts glistening shadows across our bodies. You lay me down like treasure. Tears fill my eyes at this tenderness. This gentle possession you take of my soul. You hover over me and draw your finger, like tender pistol, from my neck to my pussy sketching intention.

“Take me,” I beg.

“I will, my love, I will,” you whisper.

Your hands caress my body, finding their way over soft curves eager to greet you. You slide one arm below my back arching my nipples toward you. My nipples are bitingly erogenous to me. As you play them with your fingers, tongue and lightly bite me, my growing pleasure skyrockets.

You love how I want. You know I want. Oh god, I want.

But it is not your cock that finds me. Your hands grasp my hips and pull me toward you. I gasp. No lover has ever eaten me how you once did. I never allowed myself to believe I would enjoy this delight again.

Your tongue is the devil in a heart where every sin is forgiven. Oh god…

You plunge your tongue into my wet desire. My lips unfold plump against your insistence. I float as you stroke me into flight. As I rise, you tease me sucking my sensitive and hardening clit against your teeth. This ecstasy drives me wild. My body writhes in the intensifying pleasure you evoke in me.

My moans excite you as they reveal my every delight. Oh god, you fucking own me.

You fly me past all the black holes in the universe into a fiery crescendo. I scream in ecstasy as you release me into spasms of orgasm. I float down slightly only to feel you propel me immediately upward. Not once but clenching me over and over again. Each time I come, you pilot me to another piercing release in seconds. You own my flight path circling me in bliss until I beg for mercy.

But you are not in the mood to grant mercy.

You flip me over and drive your cock deep into my tight and swollen pussy from behind. You ride me like a filly, pounding into my soft earth. The rhythmic sounds of my body slapping against your thighs intoxicates me. The depth you plunge into me sends me into an oblivion I can’t fathom.

You want to come. But this pleasure is too sweet. You flip back onto the bed.

“Ride me,” you command.

I straddle you, making you gasp by stroking your cock along my labia before diving onto you. I lean forward holding on to your shoulders. I ride you in fast spurts followed by slow glides letting you linger in every stroke. I play with you, rotating small circles with my hips.

Moving upward, I move the tip of your cock to the tight clench of my opening teasing you. God, you want to fill me. You grasp my hips hard and submerge into my warm ocean. You don’t stop. You ravage me. Waves of ecstasy rumble through you like thunder. In what feels like crashes of lightening, you come hard.

I fall back to the bed. We relax and regain our breathing. In this moment of content, we want for nothing.

We banter about small things. Like about the road behind us. And how getting lost in each other is not a waste of time.

You close your eyes and savor. Recounting tastes, moments, sounds. The delightful scream you heard me cry as I came. Every time. It washes over you warm and fragrant like the evening air. You float…

…you come to, a thin sheet over you with your body rising in pleasure. You had been asleep. THIS isn’t sleep.

As you catch your bearings, you realize soft hair is draping over your thighs and I am under the covers in between your legs going down on you.

“No,” you protest.

It sounds pretty weak to me. I peek out from underneath the covers.

“I’m serving punishment for the rude orbit stoppage in the shower. Is there ANOTHER way you’d like me to serve?”

You chuckle. Maybe you can’t have enough of me.

You ride slowly savoring every stroke and nibble I take of you. You play games, trying not to come, thinking of England. No avail. I will take you and swallow you mercifully into the milky way and back again…

…Warmth dances on your face. You open your eyes. It’s morning and the sun prances through the palm trees skipping shadows and heat across your face. You stretch and turn to kiss me. All that greets you is the clock radio.

An old Bill Withers song is playing.

You get up. Nothing is out of place. Yesterday’s clothes are neatly folded on the chair. You look for the shirt button. It isn’t there. You walk to the bathroom where the towels hang, unused.

Stepping back into the room, you look to see what time it is.

It is Eight.

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