In the Rain

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Amy snapped her wrist in an upward motion then stepped back to admire her work. The annoying throb in her lower back subsided, and the confidence trickling through her lifted her spirits. It was exactly how she had pictured it. The colors bold, lines soft. Imagined images of presenting the piece for display in the art gallery downtown, flicked through her mind, widening her smile.

In her moment of excitement, her thoughts suddenly shifted to what Mark might have thought of it. “Its beautiful Amy, just like you,” she knew he would say or perhaps, “your artistic creations showcase your inner beauty,” he’d tell her then wrap her up in his arms and spin her back out. He would love it too. Just as he did every thing she created with paints or otherwise. Closing her eyes, she refused to acknowledge the tightening of her chest that often came with thoughts of her late husband. She swallowed past the lump in her throat and gently reminded herself that he had been gone for nearly 6 years.

Amy sighed inwardly as she tapped her answering machine with only her fingernails, contemplating the play button. She knew Jeff’s voice would awkwardly request her company to an over priced meal in town where he would blatantly try to seduce her. She hated rejecting her newly divorced neighbor, but couldn’t bear another night of his droning conversation, and unflattering flirting. She rolled her eyes, as each of her dates in the last four years mirrored the one before in her mind. They always ended in a drunken blur, a bed full of tissues and regret.

Gunther whined in the corner unknowingly helping to redirect her thoughts. A heavy sigh blew between her lips, she turned from the answering machine to meet Gunther’s impatient stare. With his ears perked and his tail thumping viciously against the wall she couldn’t help but to giggle. Amy grabbed his leash from the wall considering, only for a moment, grabbing a sweater. The leaves had begun to fall outside and she knew the slight breeze could be chilly. If it rained, she thought, it would make her walk that much better. Amy smoothed her dress, gave herself a quick glance in her full length mirror, then whistling for Gunther, she headed for the door.

The smell of rain and the warm breeze filled her senses as she stepped outside. Inhaling slowly, she enjoyed the soft breeze that danced across her shoulders and swept her hair into a lazy flight relaxing her body. The smell of coming rain surrounding her and the leaves crunching under her feet cleared any prodding thoughts.

Sauntering between the small trees that lined the worn and narrow path off her back yard, she thought about her next painting. Gunther galloped ahead marking his spots and sniffing for any new smells. Amy inhaled another lingering breath and welcomed the colors, lines and forms that filled the forefront of her thoughts.

A low rumbling growl of warning from Gunther snapped her attention to her dog. Crouched low to the ground he watched something that she herself could not see, something passed the line of trees ahead. Rarely did they encounter anyone else out here, which was part of the beauty of living several miles outside of town. Even so she didn’t feel fear, but rather curiosity. Just another person out enjoying the start of the fall weather, Amy thought as she confidently approached her dog and stroked his standing hair, before making her way to the edge of the trees.

A man stood only a few yards away with his back to her holding, what she guessed to be a camera to his face. Instead of heading in a different direction and leaving the man to his business, she stood completely still and watched him. Something about the fluidity in which he moved heightened her curiosity, reminded her of Mark.

Her eyes flicked over the flannel material that covered his broad shoulders and lean torso. She had never seen him around the small town she lived in, she was sure of that. He would be hard not to notice. Her gaze dropped to his waist, taking notice that the faded blue jeans he wore fit him nicely. Her gaze lingered before lazily following his long legs down to the dark boots he wore on his feet. A tattoo on his forearm uncovered by his rolled up sleeves, caught her attention but she couldn’t make out what it was. She wondered half heartedly what he was like. Something about just the sight of him intrigued her, catching her slightly off guard.

Clyde clicked the shutter of his camera capturing the dark rolling clouds, the tree braches that seemed to reach for them, and the naked hills in the distance. The high desert had been a pleasant surprise supplying just what he needed to indulge in his hobby.

The snapping sound of a twig and the crunching of fallen leaves sent him spinning on his heels towards the sound, his camera still pressed against his face. He hardly expected to see the beautiful woman that filled his lens, and barely noticed the dog at her side. She stood perfectly still staring at him, her shoulders squared, her wide open reality kings porno eyes reflecting slight surprise. Slowly he lowered the camera and smiled awkwardly at the woman watching him, wondering how long she had been standing there.

Amy’s breath caught in her throat when their eyes met. His hair hung defiantly against his face, dark and untamed, amusement flashing in his blue eyes. The short stubble on his unshaven face darkened the line of his strong jaw, and his smile caused her to struggle with an uneven breath. There was something that lurked just under the surface, something mysterious, dark even, that captivated her.

“Hello,” Clyde offered nodding to her.

“Hi,” she mumbled, unsure if he had even heard her. He looked so much like Mark.

The curious glare of his gaze sent a chill dancing up her arms. She was barely aware that Gunther had lost interest and was now in the thick of the trees.

Her mind screamed at her to say something else, or at least look away, yet she did neither.

Clyde raised an eyebrow at her strange demeanor, but quickly abandoned the thought as a pair of hawks flew fitfully above the trees behind her. He quickly brought his camera back to his face, capturing a shot of the birds. Keeping the pose for a moment he contemplated his new surroundings. She was still watching him, seemingly frozen in place. He shifted his weight, as a breeze swirled her peach colored dress around her knees, revealing her shapely pale legs. Her long honey colored hair blew softly off her slender shoulders, and before he could finish the thought, he clicked the shutter closed.

Amy felt her blood pool under the skin of her cheeks. Had she imagined the sound of the shutter? No, she didn’t think so. Her mind raced yet she couldn’t form a clear thought. Standing as if concrete held her in place, she waited for him to lower the camera again.

He didn’t. And as this handsome stranger continued to watch her through the lens, she felt heat rush over her skin in a raw mixture of embarrassment and excitement. Her mouth felt dry, and despite the breeze perspiration dotted her skin.

Clyde watched her, smiling behind the camera, a little surprised by her lack of reaction to the photo he had just taken of her. Her almost black eyes reflected something he couldn’t quite indentify as they fell to the exposed skin of his chest. His blood stirred as he studied her full, slightly parted lips.

The quickening of her breaths brought his attention to the rise and fall of her small supple breasts, their tips hard and pressing through the material of her cotton dress. Another gust of warm wind blew her dress tight against her small frame, and Clyde found himself following the lines of her waist and hips. Again he closed the shutter, ignoring the strange feel the situation produced.

Strong tingles of excitement swept through her as the sound of the shutter echoed in her ears. Was she crazy to just stand there and let a perfect stranger take photographs of her? He angled the camera, still focused on her as she shivered against the long forgotten feeling of desire that hit her like a strong bolt of lightning. What was happening to her?

Again the sound of the shutter filled her ears and the heat rushing over the surface of her skin grew to flames that licked furiously at her flesh. The thin silk of her panties captured the heat that rose between her legs, dissolving her mind’s resistance to her body’s reaction.

She held her breath as he lowered the camera, and met her gaze. Like twin flames, his eyes bore into her, quickening the pulse between her thighs. She barely noticed the first couple of rain drops that fell with a splash on her heated skin.

Clyde struggled to keep his feet planted. He wanted to touch her and the fact that he knew nothing about her, no longer mattered. The sight of her made it hard to swallow. His grip tightened on the camera and all rational thoughts dissolved. He watched as the rain dampened her hair, skin, and dress. She didn’t move. He moved slowly towards her, adrenaline racing through him, watching her slender throat as it worked to swallow.

The rain began to fall harder, soaking her dress to a sheer thin material. He could see her skin through the clinging dress, the curves of her hips and hollow of her belly button. Her hardened nipples created a low groan collecting in his throat.

Thunder crashed in the distance, rain water dripped off his hair and into his eyes blurring his vision slightly. He continued to close the distance between them, watching her; stoping only when he was inches away from porcelain like face. Her dark, intensity filled eyes searched his own. Her small lips quivered slightly, goose bump’s springing from her pale skin. The smell of jasmine filled his nostrils as he lifted his camera.

“Clyde, my name is Clyde” he whispered hoarsely, watching a rain drop travel the length of her neck.

Amy smiled, “Amy,” sexmex porno she told him watching his lips curve.

She struggled to comprehend the effect this stranger had on her, or the way she was responding. She could feel his heat, hear his uneven breath. The raw, musky smell of him mixed with tobacco swirled around her and she clenched her thighs in an attempt to ease the pressure and tingle between them. Even his eyes shared many similarities to Marks.

She watched his jaw clench, and heard the shutter close again only inches away from her. His unruly hair swirled around his thick neck, and she found herself watching the rain water roll down his stubble covered face. She seemed to have little control over her own actions or even her thoughts.

He lowered the camera, sexuality filling his clear blue eyes, his breathing a little raspy. She swallowed hard, her skin burning in the places she yearned for him to touch, anticipation rumbling through her.

He moved his hand towards her, his gaze sliding over her soaked face, and gently pushed her wet hair away from her eyes. A grin raised one side of his lips in response to her smile. He knew that she was feeling something very similar to what he felt, and he knew he would act on it.

“Can I kiss you?” He asked, his voice sounding almost forced.

She only smiled in response and felt a rush swamp her body, heat radiating through her from the inside out. His eyes flicked over her face, as if looking for permission and when her smile widened his eyes seemed to change, becoming darker as he watched her.

Something in her, feminine yet completely primal came alive, when their lips met. She pressed her body against his solid chest, and slid her arms around his neck. His tongue slipped through her parted lips, sensually dancing with hers. A low groan rumbled from his throat, adding to her excitement. She had forgotten what a passionate kiss was like, how her whole body could respond with riveting, desire.

A throaty moan stalled in her own throat as his hands moved down over her body, touching her breasts, her stomach, hips before grabbing her ass and lifting her easily off the ground. Amy wrapped her legs instinctively around his waist pressing her sex against the bulge in his pants. Tiny pulses of anticipation shot through her veins, as his body trembled against her own.

“Don’t stop, please don’t,” she whispered between hard, deep breaths. She felt a little out of control and knew she was acting completely out of character, but she didn’t care. It felt good to do something wild, something different and crazy.

Clyde’s desire ripped through him as her words filled his ears. Every muscle in his body suddenly ached. His lips moved across the soft skin of her face until he caught her earlobe between his lips. “I wasn’t planning to,” he whispered softly.

She jumped slightly in his arms, as thunder crashed again in the distance. The heat of her body and the urgency he sensed from her was almost more then he could bear. Closing his eyes, he demanded himself to stay in control. His desire seemed to roar in response, forcing him to fight the urge to lay her down and fuck her until he found his release. He wanted to savor this once in a lifetime experience.

Amy let her head fall back as his lips moved across her skin, the stubble on his face scrapping against her, sending frantic beats of pleasure pulsating through her. She let a long moan glide from her throat, her toes curling in her sandals.

Holding her weight in one arm, he pulled her dress up until he could feel the cool, damp, silky skin of her ass. He flexed his rough hands over the taunt skin, and felt her head fall against his shoulder. The contrast of his rough hands scraping against her soft skin was mouth-watering.

She heard him grunt, his voice sounding strangled. He stood completely still for a moment his head resting against the space between her breasts. She felt the rain splash her face as she rested her cheek against his shoulder, his muscles tense and rigid under her finger tips.

Slowly she lifted her head, and searched his eyes when their gaze met. She kissed him tenderly, wanting desperately to melt into his chest.

“Hang on,” he told her, his voice thick.

Amy clutched his shoulders, and squeezed her thighs against his hips as his arm snaked around her waist and lowered both their bodies to the wet patch of grass beneath them.

Clyde hovered above her, resting his weight on one elbow, allowing himself time to reclaim his control. Rain splashed against her body as he watched her breasts rise and fall with rapid, shallow breaths. His gaze holding her own, he lowered himself to lie beside her and traced his finger across her bottom lip and down her body until he came to her thighs.

There he lingered, and kissed her throat before closing his lips around her hardened nipple through the wet material of her dress. Gently he touched her inner thigh caressing sindrive porno it, until she let her legs fall apart. He watched her face as his fingers slipped under the silk of her panties, easily parting and slipping through the warm, puffy lips of her pussy. His muscles twitching he watched her, eagerly pushing the tip of his finger inside her slick opening, stroking her gently and listening to her soft moans.

The need to taste her consumed him and in a swift movement he positioned himself between her legs, pushed her panties aside, and lowered his head until he could suck her swollen clit into his mouth. His tongue early tasting, feeling her.

Amy cried out in shock as pleasure exploded through her, he suckled her begging clit, flicked his tongue across it as her heels dug into the wet grass. The rain continued to splash her face, as his fingers moved inside of her, pushing against her throbbing walls. The sensations of hot and cold made her body shake and tighten as her temperature rose. His movements were gentle, as she arched her back and relished the sensations that she had longed for, for so long.

She knew her orgasm was approaching quickly as her body trembled against his touch and the wet grass beneath her. Only moments later and in a scream of erotic ecstasy she flooded his fingers with her climax, bucking her hips against his face. White hot flashes burned through her in a rippling effect as wave after wave of delicious aftershocks rocked her body.

Slowly she felt him remove his fingers, lifting his head to smile broadly at her. Standing, his eyes never leaving hers, he unbuttoned his jeans his smile transforming to a playful, devious grin. She wanted to feel him inside her, and hastily ripped her panties down her legs. She watched him struggle to get the wet denim past his hips, smiling when his cock, hard and throbbing, jumped from his jeans.

Through her erotic haze, Amy moved towards his rigid cock, taking the tip between her lips. A noise somewhere between a roar and a moan escaped him, encouraging her to take him deeper into her mouth. She flicked her tongue over the swollen tip, pressing her lips around it and bringing it to the back of her throat. His slick shaft slid easily into her mouth; she sucked hungrily, touching her sensitive clit in gentle slow circles. His fingers tangled themselves into her wet hair and she could feel him vibrate as she wrapped her hand just below her lips twisting and pulling, saturating his shaft with her saliva.

Gathering her hair away from her face, he watched her, her soft mouth eagerly sucking and sliding down is cock. Pleasure ripped at him, his knees felt weak and he struggled to stay standing. He watched her slender fingers touch her clit, little moans gurgled from her as her tongue twisting around the head of his cock.

Only when he knew he couldn’t handle it much more did he pull her away and lower himself to his knees. His fingers hooked the straps of her dress, slipping it down her arms. She smiled at him as her breasts bounced out of her dress.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered.

“You’re pretty irresistible yourself,” she said almost giggling.

Slanting his mouth over hers he kissed her, lowering her back down until she was flat against the cool wet grass. His lips left her own, traveling down her neck, then further until he captured a hard wet nipple between his lips.

Her pussy twitched as another wave of pleasure lapped over her. Eager to feel him, she wrapped her hand around the hot soft skin of his shaft and pulled gently until the tip of his cock brushed her clit.

Amy gasped, letting her head fall back as she used it, rocking her hips so that his cock slid over her clit back and forth, over and over again. Irresistible sensations burned in her, the need she felt quickly becoming overwhelming.

She moaned hoarsely, loud in an attempt to release some of the tension ripping through her. When she opened her eyes, he was watching her, his own tension apparent, etched in his eyes. She leaned forward and slowly guided his throbbing cock into her pussy, her breath stalled.

He pushed into her, stretching her, inch by tantalizing inch he moved until he completely filled her. Amy whimpered, rocking her hips slightly, trying to accommodate him. It had been so long since she had been with a man; it almost felt like the first time. She wiggled against him as hot liquid seeped from her.

He didn’t move, instead with his cock buried inside her, be bent his head and suckled one nipple then the other, giving her time to adjust around him.

Amy squirmed under him, desperate for him to move inside her. Finally he moved, gliding in and out of her in rhythmic motion. She moaned heavily as heat raced over her skin, the walls of her pussy gripping his cock. She couldn’t stop herself; she withered and pushed underneath him as her orgasm grew nearer, rocking herself and molding his cock inside her.

He pushed against her, filling her small body up with his rigid shaft, she was tight so wet and so good. The sensations of hot wet friction sent flickers of flame shooting through his veins. His balls rolled and he felt his cock twitch as she squirmed, thrusting her hips to collide with his own.

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