I Need You… Ch. 02

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Waking up with your arms wrapped tightly around me is the most amazing feeling in the world. You look almost angelic as you sleep. I begin softly kissing down your forehead making my way down to your eyelids, and continue down your cheeks until I get to your lips where I place passionate kisses until you are awake enough to return my kisses.

I lead you into the bathroom where I run the water for a bath. While waiting for the bath to fill we stand the intertwined with each other. Kissing, touching, tasting, and exploring each other’s body like it is new territory. I break away from you and slip into the warm water. You groan with a small pout but quickly join me in the tub. Sitting behind me with your legs on either side of me you kiss up my back and neck Alternating between light kisses and soft nibbles. I turn over to lay my head on your chest and you reach down to grab my round ass pulling me up to kiss me.

I wrap my arms around your neck as my kisses equal your zeal. You pull away and turn me away from you as you grab the soap. You start washing my body very slowly and meticulously. masaj porno Washing down my neck along my shoulders and stopping at my breasts. With your strong hands you cup my tits massaging them lightly pinching my nipples. You continue down my body rubbing your soapy hands on my ass and sliding between my thighs. I spread my legs allowing you full access to my pussy. You slide your fingers deep inside me and I grind against your hand. I’m lost in the pleasure that you are giving me and I let out a loud moan.

It’s now your turn to be bathed I take the soap and massage it into your skin. I rub your neck, shoulders, and chest. Then moving down to your legs I start at your ankles and deeply massage up your legs stopping right where your hips meet your thighs. And make my way back to your ass and up your back. Saving the best for last I wrap both hands around your cock making sure to keep eye contact I begin stroking it. With an almost evil grin on my face I alternate my pace between fast and slow. You stare so intently at my hands working on your shaft. I lean meet suck and fuck porno in and then wrap my big gorgeous breasts around your cock. As your fuck my tits I suck on the head of your cock. Pushing you over the edge you unleash wave after wave of cum all over my tits. We then rinse off and head to your bedroom.

I climb on top of you as you lay on your bed. The feeling of our naked skin pressed against each other is causing shivers to run up my spine. It feels as though my body is buzzing with electricity. I am suddenly aware of every little touch. Every inch of my body is unbelievably sensitive. As I lean in to kiss you again I can now feel just how excited you have become. Your now fully hard cock brushes against my inner thigh. Just knowing that you are ready to go again was making me so wet.

I give you a mischievous half smile as I lean over you letting my breasts fall right in front of your face. As your hot mouth envelops my nipple I bite my lower lip and a little moan escapes. Your hands start exploring my body. You trace milf porno lightly up my spine with your fingertips causing my hips to grind and wiggle on yours. Now you have me right where you want me the head of your rock hard shaft pressing against my smooth wet pussy lips. With one hand massaging my tits and the other slowly inching up my back and neck. You bury your hand in the hair on the back of my head pulling me back making me impale myself on your cock.

It was almost animal instinct that I felt as I was grinding towards my own climax. With a quiet mix of a growl and purr my body is trembling from what feels like an unending orgasm. I arch my back as I lean back on my hands to give you full view of my body. You enjoy watching my large, firm tits bounce up and down as I rock back and forth. Now you press your thumb on my clit and begin making small circles making the tight walls of my pussy contract relentlessly around your cock.

Soon you feel your balls tighten and the fierce need for release is overwhelming. Sensing your urgency I quicken my pace riding your cock hard and fast. Your grab my ass with both hands and I tell you I want to make you cum. Before I could even finish saying this you let out a yell and shoot your deliciously hot load in my pussy.

I collapse on your chest and you wrap your arms around me. Ah my safe place that I cherish so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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