I Can Sign For That

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I put on my shoes at the door, pushing away the cat pouncing at my feet. Maybe pouncing is an overstatement…the kitten was reared back, frozen with her paw up as if to say, “Remember, I attack.” I couldn’t help but smile at the ball of cuteness, a smile made brittle by the burst of cold air as I opened the apartment door. The air outside was 20 degrees under brisk, and I hunkered down into my coat as I descended the flight of stairs from to the ice-slicked parking lot. The ground wasn’t really frozen, so I knew the roads and sidewalks would be fine by mid-morning. Here in the pre-dawn, though, it was like nature’s own insurance nightmare. I moved cautiously, and slowly made my way through the parking lot. At least my office would be warmer.

It was a slow morning, organizing email and receiving out-of-office responses on nearly everything I dealt with. At some point in my career, I had moved into a skill set of management where the product no longer particularly mattered to my higher-ups. I now run a Systems department within a corporation, and am good at my job. Given time, I figure I’ll move up into an office in this company, and a larger office beyond that, onward and upward. So far, it’s been a good place. Promotions seem at least mostly based on merit and profitability, and that was a game I could play to win. I had never been particularly adept at social climbing, so at least a rising career star helped round out my cat/apartment cosmology. I had long since put my energies toward academics and relegated sexual urges to fantasies and scheduled alone time. It wasn’t that I didn’t like sex, quite the contrary. In fact, I had been feeling a little lonely in the chill of the holidays, and had found myself turning to my little vibrating “rabbit” more and more.

The week between Christmas and New Years was always like this – skeleton crew and quiet phones. Quiet emails too. I sat back from checking Facebook for the thousandth time in the past hour and got up to go to the breakroom for lunch. Just a small salad and a Diet Coke. It was nothing too fancy, but the dressing was good and I was looking forward to it when it occurred to me that the office was empty. Completely empty. Of the 3 or so people actually physically present at work today, I was all that remained. Jamie had gone home for lunch and emailed that she wouldn’t be back. That was fine, I was planning to lock it up at 4 anyway (and I was even thinking maybe a bit earlier, provided the phone and email chatter remained silent) but then Susan’s kid had popped at flat at the mall, and now with both of them out I was the only one here. And then, as if in some horror flick, the buzzer for the outside office door went off. I am willing to admit I jumped and made a small squealing sound I’m not proud of.

I walked quickly to the front of the office, heart racing, and stopped short of the holiday-cheerful but unmanned front desk. As I looked around the last cubicle wall I let out a sigh of relief. Our regular FPS Delivery man, Frank, was standing in the cold holding a package for delivery. I smiled and reached under the front desk to the button that released the door’s magnetic lock. Frank was kind of the office hottie, and package deliveries frequently caused conversations to trail off into fawning awkwardness at the front desk. I myself had thought fondly of Frank now and again, his strong body taking me from my bed and straight to orgasm, Priority Overnight please. I forced the smile off my face and composed myself czech super models porno/ as Frank rushed inside. He put the package down on the desk and rubbed his hands together in front of his mouth.

“You holding down the fort?” Frank asked as he flexed life back into his thick fingers and looked around at the empty array of cubicles.

“Yeah, I stayed in town for the holidays and it’s dead here this week, so there were only three of us in the office today anyway. I sent Jamie home at lunch, and then Susan’s kid called with a flat tire. I’m it until I shut it down, I guess. Your rounds getting easier now that Santa-time is done?”

“Thank God. Actually, it’s my last day on this route.”

“Oh no! We’ll miss you around here. Changing jobs?”

“No, just shifting routes. It’s a promotion, in a way. Still, I was glad to see the delivery for y’all today on my list. Gives me a chance to say ‘bye.”

“Well, lemme buy you a going-away drink, then, sailor.” I grinned at my bad joke and Frank chuckled as we started to walk to the break room. I dropped two quarters from my coin purse into the honor jar and took a couple of Cokes out of the mini-fridge. Frank popped the top on his and I took a second to look him over one last time. It was no secret that Frank was a main attraction around the office. He was big and handsome in a rugged way, nothing you’d put on the cover of GQ, more like a guy who could help you fix your car. He was almost fireman-calendar hot. Dark, thick brown hair that hung a little low into his forehead on sweaty summer days and his deep green eyes were the most romantic aspects of Frank, but they weren’t all there was. The rest of him was calloused and rough, all sinew and muscle under a plain khaki uniform. The only real strike against him was the few months of the year when his delivery uniform changed to shorts, making Frank look like he was some schoolboy with a pituitary disorder. The rest of the seasons? Nothing but yummy.

I think I had been lost in reverie for a moment too long. Frank cleared his throat and took a swig of soda.

“Well, here’s to new opportunities, right?” I toasted a little late, catching Frank as he lowered his can. “Wish the rest of the office were around to see you off.”

Frank took a step closer to me than was absolutely necessary for conversation and the hairs on my neck perked up.

“Meredith, can I tell you something that…well, I guess maybe isn’t exactly appropriate?”

“Frank,” I demurred, “was that a stammer and a blush?”

“Heh. Yeah, maybe it was. What I was going to say was…” Frank moved a bit closer. I could smell the musky combination of aftershave and sweat from his uniform, the warmth of his neck was on my face as he leaned into me. “What I was gonna say was I only really wanted to say goodbye to you. I’ve looked at you every time I’ve delivered here, and never said anything. But now we’re probably never going to run into one another again and I thought maybe”

I cut him off with a kiss, my tongue in his mouth pushing those words back, replacing them with passion. Suddenly his arms were holding me, almost lifting me as we shoved against the breakroom wall. I put my hands on either side of his head, running my fingers through his short, thick hair as I continued to kiss him. Our mouths paused and pressed against each other, lips touching then parting. I opened my eyes and his were closed, I smiled and he kissed me again. His strong hands slid down my back and I shivered at the caress. He cupped my butt through czech tax porno my skirt and I lifted my feet from the ground, leaving my weight in his capable arms as I wrapped my legs around him. My back was against the wall and cork-board tacked memos stared down at us.

“Oh God, Meredith, I’ve always fantasized -“

I pulled his head back by his hair and stared at him intently, sitting in the sling of his hands. “We’re never going to see each other again, you said?”

“Nope” he said.

“And we’re the only ones here.”

“Yep” he said.

“Then Frank, I want you to listen closely to what I’m about to tell you.”

Frank was hanging on my every word, our bodies shaking on the edge of eruption.

“Yes, Meredith?”

“Fuck me.”

Frank spun me around and put me down on the break room table. He reached under my skirt and pulled down my panties as I unclasped my bra and shimmied out of my top. God, if HR were here right now….but they weren’t.

Frank was.

I undid the buckle on his pants and dropped his trousers to the floor. He wore boxers, and his cock was straining, making a tent-pole inbetween his meaty thigh and the thin cotton. Just above the hem of the shorts a wet spot of pre-cum gave away his size. I turned to sit on the edge of the table, kissing him again as my hand found his hardness. I stroked against his shorts, my palm mapping the length of him, feeling his hot cock stiffen at my touch. In return, his hand had found my womanhood, parting my lips with those sturdy fingers, more gentle that I’d imagined but still rougher than my own caresses. I felt my juices begin to flow as my pussy moistened to allow his fingers in. I rocked onto his stiff middle finger, shifting my hips to pleasure myself on his hand as my kisses became tiny bites down his neck. That intoxicating smell of him filled my nose and I nuzzled into his shirt, trying to pull us into a single, writhing body. My squirming became more intense and his hands were at my hips again, laying me back against the table as his mouth found my neck, my collarbones, my breasts, my nipples. He snapped fierce kisses down my skin, nipping at me, perking up my nerves. His rough hands, warm against my thighs, opened my legs to take him. His cockhead brushed against my lips and bobbed up and down, slapping lightly against my clit. I put a hand down there and began to rub myself, spreading open to take him. I couldn’t believe that here, in the break room of work was where I would get to have easily the best sex of 2012, and just under the wire. Frank’s fist was around his shaft and my fingers continued to work my clit as our eyes locked. My other hand was cupped around the back of Frank’s neck and his free hand teased my nipples as he entered me. Slowly, so slowly…his cockhead pushed past my pussylips and into my warmth. In and out, gently, slowly, as if he were getting me accustomed to it all. He seemed to tease and fondle and near-fuck me like this for ages until I couldn’t stand it anymore. With wildness in my eyes I pulled myself up to him holding onto his neck, off the table, and bit his lip as I kissed him hard. He put me back down and leaned close, that teasing tip of his manhood inside me. My hand was a mad dance on my clit, and I heard myself whimper as he leaned to my ear and said, “What do you want, sexy?”

I practically growled it at him. “I want you to fuck me.”

“What? You know you look so gorgeous, I’ve wanted this since two years ago, when I heard you were divorced…you get me so turned on…I’ve got the hardest defloration porno cock ever and I just want to know -“

“God damn you, Frank, SHUT UP AND FUCK ME!”

I screamed it into the empty office and felt Franks hand slide over my mouth, his palm warm on my cheek. I took one finger into my mouth and began sucking on it when finally he released his dick from its hindrance and slid into me. It was ecstatic, his manhood filled me and touched inside me at all the perfect angles, each stroke rubbing masterfully against my insides as if this man were made to make me come. I felt tears start to leak from my eyes and my hand continued its jitter as he pushed in again and again, driving me into the break room table, sending wave after wave of shimmering sweet pleasure through me. I laughed and came and kissed and licked as his cock brought me to orgasm.

His hand drifted down to my breast and then off the table to brace himself as his body tensed. He chewed a bit on his bottom lip. His pace and stroke changed, and he leaned deep down toward me and we kissed. Our lips and tongues moved in harmony and I felt him shake inside me, his come flooding into me, warm and hot proof of the desire we unleashed. We hugged there, nuzzling and kissing as he softened and fell from my sex. My fingers played in his hair a moment, and then the fridge kicked on and the reality of the break room sank in.

I stood up from the table and began to piece my outfit together while Frank did the absolutely unfair “guy’s cleanup from a quickie” – he buttoned his pants and shirt and looked immediately as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened on his run today at all. Well, his cat who ate the canary grin gave it away, but otherwise, he looked like the soul of discretion. I, like most women in this situation, now looked like I’d Just Been Fucked. I had JBF hair, makeup clothes and smile. I was never more glad to work in the information age, all emails and phonecalls, because no amount of bathroom triage was going to undo the rats’ nest in the back of my hair, or change the fact that this break room now positively reeked of afternoon delight. Frank saw my dressing turning to panic and came over, placing his hands on my arms and leaning in to kiss me on the mouth. Then softly in my ear he said, “There’s nobody here, thankfully, and anyway, you look so hot right now I want to fuck you again.”

I smiled up at the man who had just completely made my day. “I thought we were never going to see each other again…”

“I changed my mind. I’ve got to see that at least one more time.”

I handed him my cell phone from my jacket pocket and said, “Put your number in, then, and I’ll call when I need a delivery.”

He handed it back to me after a few thumb-swipes. “You know,” he said, “I can deliver dinner and a bottle of wine, too…”

“Why Frank,” I cooed. “Are you coming on to me?”

We both laughed and walked to the front of the office. Frank gathered his clipboard computer and put on his coat, then gave me a sly look as he disappeared out the door and into the afternoon. I went back to my desk and sat down, staring at a couple of low-priority email updates that had rolled in during my tryst. As I started to read the annoying requests of clients halfway around the globe, I shifted in my chair and felt Frank, hot and wet inside me. My lips curled up with devilish delight and I set about my work with come on my thighs and a song in my heart. The afternoon flew by, and I floated through my commute and up the stairs, back home at last.

The kitten was on point as I entered the apartment, standing guard with her tiny meeps and that hesitant outstretched threat of a paw. I smiled at her and picked her up a moment to shut her up, then put her down next to her food and water bowl. I was much more interested in my rabbit at the moment. My day had given me quite a lot to think about…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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