A Date with Pet

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I have a date with my Pet. She didn’t know the plans. I just told her when to be ready, to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. She knew to work within certain parameters we had. Dresses or skirts, no bra or panties. The rest was up to her. I arrived at her place at 7. She was waiting at the door as instructed. She looked beautiful as always, wearing a simple but flattering dress, hugging her hips, her breasts full, enough cleavage to tease without being too obvious. But it was her smile that always got me. And it was on full display as I opened the door.

‘Hello Pet.’

‘Hello Master’

I just looked at her for a few minutes, and she stood there, not sure what to do, head down but wanting to make eye contact with me. I could see her looking up, hoping to connect. I put my finger under her chin, and picked her head up so her eyes met mine. I didn’t say anything, I just leaned in to kiss her. I loved kissing her. Her tongue so soft, mouth so inviting. We always kissed well together, both enjoying the deep french kissing that you could feel down to your toes. I pulled her tight to me, arms wrapped around her, grabbing her short cropped hair, then moving down and cupping her perfect ass. I love to hold it in my hands while we kiss. I could her breathing change, as she both relaxed and become aroused. She was easily aroused in the right circumstance, and I could tell she was receptive.

‘Come on, let’s go.’ I said, and took her hand and let her out to the car. I opened her door, and as she went to get in I pushed her up against the car, kissing her deeply again, burying my tongue in her mouth, wanted to put all of me inside her.

We started to drive, and I reached over and put my hand on her leg. She looked at me and smiled. ‘Where we going?’ she asked, the tone in her voice saying ‘I’m not sure what’s going on here.’

I just ignored her, my hand caressing her leg, touching her arm. So many times before while driving, by this time her skirt would be up, or her mouth on my cock. I know she liked playing in the car, liked knowing someone might see her. But tonight, we just drove.

We arrived at her favorite restaurant. It wasn’t super fancy or exotic. I chose it because I knew f she liked it, and I wanted to ensure she enjoyed her meal. Our table was ready, and we sat and ordered drinks right away.

‘So what are we doing?’ she asked again.

‘Don’t you worry, Pet, just enjoy the night. I promise you this will be a fun evening.’

We enjoyed our drinks and just talked. She was finishing up her degree, had grown kids, even a grandkid. Yes, she was a very young and hot grandma. We ordered food and more drinks and sat at that table for 2 hours. She told me about her plans, getting her masters, starting a new career, her family, her dreams for the future. I talked about my music, my plans, my dreams. All throughout dinner I couldn’t stop looking at her, reaching out and touching her hand or leg. What I really wanted to do was grab her and fuck her on the table, but for now, this would suffice. She kept smiling at me, asking me what I was thinking. I would just smile and say ‘Nothing.’ She knew that wasn’t true, and pretty much knew exactly what I was thinking. But I preferred to keep it to myself for now.

Finally, after plenty of food and drink, it was time to go.

We walked out to the car, which I had parked in the back corner of the parking lot. I opened her door, and she went to get in I grabbed her by the waist. I pushed her against the car, facing it. I wrapped my arms around her, pressing my body into hers. I put my mouth to her ear. ‘Mmm, you feel so good Pet. How I’d like to fuck you right here in the parking lot. Maybe someone will come and watch. Would you like that?’

‘Yes Sir, whatever you wish.’

But that wasn’t really my intention. I wanted to keep her on her toes. I started to kiss her neck, trace my tongue up to her ear, flick in inside, whispering to her. I could feel her breathing harder, pushing her ass against me. I reached down and grabbed her ass with both hands, squeezing it hard, feeling her strong muscles flex under my grip, urging me on to squeeze harder. I pulled up her dress and she gasped. I just stood here, dress in one hand, admiring her beautiful body, her ass and legs exposed to me. She instinctively arched her back and spread her legs a bit for me. She waited, I’m sure thinking I was going to take her right there. But I just looked. I could look at her for hours really.

Finally I let her dress down, turned her around, and kissed her again. Deeply, passionately, we made out, pressed against the car, the cool night air on our skin, the perfect temperature to counteract our heat. Her hands reached down, rubbing me through my pants. I told her to get into the car, in her seat. I stood in front of the open door, unzipped my pants, and took out my cock. It was already throbbing. She knew I loved to make her watch me stroke it. Something about masturbating for my Pet was incredibly bursa escort arousing and satisfying. She just watched me as my hand slid up and down my cock. I pulled my balls out too, and there we were, her just sitting there, watching me pleasure myself. I knew she wanted to touch it, suck it, but she was a good girl and knew to wait until told.

“Do you want it, Pet?’

‘Yes Sir.’

I stepped forward, and she instinctively put my cock into her mouth. She was obviously very ready, and she immediately took me down her throat, fucking it with her mouth, hands on my ass and balls. It was too good, too easy. Her tongue pressed against the shaft, then she would pull off, run her tongue over my balls, up the shaft, then engulf it again. I moaned without realizing it, the pleasure of being in her mouth triggering every nerve in my body. The pleasure wasn’t just physical, but was also derived from knowing how much Pet enjoyed sucking me. She didn’t do it because she was my sub, out of some sense of duty. She genuinely enjoyed the act. And knowing that she was deriving as much pleasure as I made it that much more enjoyable for me. I allowed her to enjoy my cock for no more than a couple of minutes, then I pulled away.

I squeezed my cock back into my pants and got into the car. We drove off to our next stop

There was an excellent Dead cover band playing, and we both loved the music. We arrived at the club and went inside. The band was just about to start. We moved up to the front, the music started, and the crowd went crazy. If you’ve never been to a Dead show, it’s basically 3 hours with the entire audience dancing together. I loved the sense of community and peace at the shows, and I know she did too. At times it got crowded up front, so much that she was pressed up against me, and I used those brief moments to tease her, caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipple, grabbing her ass. Nothing obscene or obvious, but just enough to remind her that she was mine, how much I loved her, and how much she turned me on. I wanted her wet and sweaty and ecstatic.

The show ended, and we walked out to the car, hot, sweaty, exhausted, and thrilled. I held her hand as we walked, neither of us speaking. We got to the car, and again, I had to kiss her. Again, I pushed her up against the car, the length of my body pressed to hers, staring into her eyes, and covered her mouth with mine. I held each of her hands in mine as we kissed, even in that moment, she knew I was in control. I could feel her pressing herself into me, her cunt wet and aching, nothing separating it from the night air, from being taken and used. That made me smile, I enjoyed it when she ached for me, and when I made her wait. We kissed for a while, sometimes hard, sometimes soft, our bodies never apart.

‘You’re a good girl Pet.’

‘Thank you Master. You’re a good Master. Thank you for tonight.’

‘You’re welcome Pet, but it’s not over.’

She got a look in her eye, like ‘oh no, what does he have in mind.’

I know she was expecting something like our many nights together, her being used in a club, outside, at home. She could be the filthiest piss whore the world had seen if I chose. But tonight was going to be different. I didn’t want to humiliate her tonight, or parade her. I just wanted to love her.

We got into the car and headed back to her place. As we got inside the door, she waited for instructions. She had been trained well. Normally at this point she’d be naked for me. Of course, I preferred her this way when we were alone. But I just told her to go inside and open the bottle of wine I brought with me. She did, and poured us each a glass. We sat on the couch, drinking our wine and making out. I reached down and pulled up her dress, finally exposing that perfect pussy. She kept it like I preferred, smooth from the clit down, but with a stripe on top. I liked the stripe because it showed me she was a woman, not a little girl. She opened her legs for me and I could see her lips glistening, her juices flowing. I didn’t touch it yet, just watched her hips moving in little circles and her thighs open and close in anticipation. Instead, I reached into her top and touched her breasts, gently at first, feeling their firmness, my fingers on her nipples, gently pulling them into hardness. Then less gently, my tongue in her mouth, fingers tugging her nipples, finding the point where I felt her flinch, then backing off again, letting the pain subside, until I did it again. Each round took slightly more pressure to make her flinch, and her tongue worked itself harder in my mouth as I progressed. The sounds from her throat urged me on, and my hand moved from one breast to the other, working them until she could take an impressive amount of pressure from my fingers before flinching.

‘Take off your dress.’ I said, and she stood up and lifted it up over her head.

“Just stand there and let me see you.’ and she did, arms at her sides, eyes on mine. So beautiful, bursa escort bayan strong legs, perfect pussy, perfect breasts, those eyes, that smile..

‘Come closer.’ and she stood right in front of me, her pussy right at my face level. I put my mouth an inch from it, and just let my hot air flow over her. ‘Oh fuck!’ she said. I loved when she did that. She knew she could always voice herself with me. I reached around to grab her ass gently, just holding her there while I tortured her clit with my hot breath. I saw a drop of juice fall out of her. My pet was a gusher, and she knew how much I loved when she covered me in her juices. I did this for a while, enjoying her squirm. Then I gently reached out with my tongue, and ever so lightly, touched my flat wet tongue just above her clit. She groaned, half pleasure and half frustration. I retracted my tongue, moved it slightly to the left and did it again. In and out of my mouth, my tongue touching her, all around, but never on, her clit. Above it, then down to her labia, pressing my tongue into her flesh. I wasn’t licking, just letting her feel the softness against her skin. It was getting harder for her to stand, and now the juice was a constant trickle, dripping onto the carpet below us. Finally, I took my firm tongue and ran it up and down her slit, from clit to hole and back again, my hands holding her ass, not letting her escape.

‘Please Sir, may I cum?’ she asked. So I took my mouth away.

She groaned, not in pleasure, but frustration. She knew I was going to make her wait, but she also knew it would be worth it.

I told her to follow me into the bathroom. I knew she thought I was going to feed her. Pet was a good girl in that way, and took my piss like the whore she could be. She immediately went to get into the tub, but I stopped her.

‘No Pet, sit on the toilet and pee for me. I want to see it.’

I knew she had to go, as we had several beers at the show and she never left the dance floor.

She sat on the toilet, spread herself open and relaxed. The hot stream came in force, and it seemed to go for minutes. Her bladder was full, and I enjoyed watching the stream emerge from that beautiful place. When she finished, I told her to stand up. I took out my cock, and instructed her to hold it as I pissed into the toilet. I think she was surprised i wasn’t giving it to her, and I considered she might be insulted thinking that I didn’t want her to have it. But tonight was different and it wasn’t what I wanted. I did however instruct her to clean my cock when I was done, and like a good girl she dropped to her knees and took my cock in her mouth, cleaning it. I knew she could taste the last drops on my cock and I also knew it make her cunt throb.

‘Look at me Pet’ I said, and she looked up into my eyes.

‘You’re mine, you know that?’

‘Yes Master, I’m yours.’

“Do you like being mine, Pet?’

‘Yes Master. Thank you.’

I instructed her to crawl to the bedroom. I loved watching her crawl. Even that she knew how to make incredibly erotic, head and ass up high, back arched. Her ass was so amazing, and in this position, with her cheeks spread, holes exposed, it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

She made her way to the bedroom, and then stopped, awaiting instructions.

“Get on the bed, on your back.’

She jumped onto the bed, on her back, arms up, legs spread. I got undressed while she watched me. Normally I made her undress me. Tonight I wanted her to watch. I stood at the end of the bed, stroking my cock. ‘Show me your cunt Pet, let me see you fuck yourself for me.’

She came to life, legs open, fingers on her clit, in her cunt, pulling her nipples. I could hear her them plunging in and out, she was so wet. I knew she wanted to cum, but it was too soon. I went into the toy drawer and pulled out four pieces of rope. I tied her to the bed, arms up, legs open. She was mine to use. Her breathing was so heavy, I loved watching her tits heave with each breath, her excitement showing on her glistening cunt lips, her clit full and pink.

I lay on top her, my weight on her, and put my mouth to hers, kissing her deeply. My hard cock teased her pussy, and she pushed her hips, hoping to slip me inside of her. I let the head of my cock push against her clit and she groaned. I rubbed the head up and down her slit, put just the tip inside. She tried to take it all, but I pulled away.

“No no no Pet. Not until i say so.’

“Fuck! Please Master, just fuck me. Please.’

There are no better words a woman can utter…but she’d have to wait.

I slid down her body, kissing her the entire way. Her mouth, down to her neck, little kisses, then harder, my tongue in her ear. Then down to her breasts, kissing them, licking them. Taking her nipples into my mouth and sucking on them, lightly, then harder, finally adding just a touch of teeth to get her squirming. Down to her belly, I could feel it moving hard in anticipation escort bursa as I worked my way down. My mouth arrived at the top of her pussy, at the stripe. Again, I put my mouth over it, my hot breath on it, her groans uncontrollable now, urgent, frustrated, aroused, angry, pleading. Her pussy was gushing already, the juice staining the bed beneath her. I made my tongue firm and pushed it inside of her, and she grunted and let out a squirt into my mouth. Fuck, that was fast. I slowly tongue fucked her, still avoiding her clit, moving my tongue in and out, then around, flat now, up and down her lips, then back to a sharp point, forcing it’s way inside of her. Then, up to her clit, running my tongue around it in circles, each one getting closer to the target.

‘What do you want Pet?’

‘My clit, Please, my clit.’

‘What about your clit?’

It took her a few seconds to answer.

‘Lick my clit.’

‘Ask me properly. ‘

This drove her crazy. But she knew there was a correct way to ask, regardless of her situation.

‘Please Master will you lick my clit?’

‘Good girl’ I said.

I flattened my tongue and tried to make it as wet and as soft as I could. Then I placed it onto her clit. I’ll never forget the sound that came from her throat as i did this. I lapped at her clit, gently, softly, then slowly increasing the pressure. I could feel it building, and I wanted it, but didn’t want her to know that.

‘Oh fuck please’ she cried. I knew what she meant, but would make her say it.

I slid a finger inside her as I licked and she said it again. “Fuck master, please don’t stop.’

I slid a second finger inside, and her juices poured out as i worked her clit and fucked her cunt. Finally, she asked.

‘Please may I cum?’

‘Are you forgetting something?’ I said.

She was confused as first, and she knew she had to control herself as I continued to torture her.

‘Please will you let me cum? She asked again.

‘Not quite, Pet’ I replied.

She lay there in frustration, confused, aroused, angry. Then, she realized her error.

“Please Master may I cum?’

“Good girl Pet. Yes, you may cum at will.’

‘Oh fuck, fuck fuck I’m going to cum!’ and her cunt squeezed my fingers and I fucked her harder and she groaned and then exploded, her juices literally squirting out of her onto my face, covering me, my hand, the bed. Her orgaasm lasted what felt like a minute. I gave her a minute to rest, but I knew she wasn’t done. I crawled up to her, kissed her deeply, wanted her to taste her juices on my tongue. Then I put my fingers in her mouth, and she sucked and licked them clean, wishing it was my cock.

I reached back into the toy drawer and got out the rabbit. I knew what this toy did to her. I turned it on that placed it on the bed between her legs. The tip of it just touched her pussy, and she could feel it vibrating and moving. She arched her hips trying to get more of it on her.

‘Such an eager cunt you have Pet,’ I said.

“Yes sir.’

Instead of giving her more, I left it there to tease. I moved up her body and straddled her chest. She knew what I needed. I took my cock in my hand and put my balls over her mouth. Pet has an amazing mouth, and I have had her lick my balls for hours while I edge myself. She wasted no time in covering my balls with her tongue. She knew what to do. I don’t like them sucked, but licked, her tongue flat and wet, running it all over me while I stroked my hard cock over her face. She moved down, lower, underneath them, to the spot that put me in orbit. I moved up to give her better access, her tongue under my balls now, licking me. I knew what she wanted, and she knew what I wanted. I turned around, so I was facing her cunt, my ass over her face.

‘Do a good job and I’ll fuck you with your toy’ I said. That’s all she needed to hear and she plunged her face into my ass, licking me, fucking my ass with her tongue. I pushed down hard onto her face, forcing her tongue up inside of me, then picking it up so she can give be broad strokes from asshole to balls. I reached down, moving the rabbit closer to her pussy, allowing the little rubber prongs to touch her clit. She groaned and worked her tongue even harder. We stayed that way, my ass on her mouth, one hand on my cock, the other slowing working the toy into her. I was slowly moving it inside, first half an inch, then another, taking my time, watching her cunt contract around it, gushing over it. She knew she could cum at will, and so she said, over and over again, until finally the rabbit was embedded in her, only the base visible, motors on full, fucking her into oblivion as she tried her best to service me. It was a struggle as she came over and over, and to be honest, I really enjoyed it.

I have no idea how many times she came, or whether it was just one continuous orgasm. I do know that she pretty much lost her ability to speak or to service me properly.

But that was ok, because I was ready.

I moved down on top of her, my body on hers, my face on hers. I looked straight into her eyes.

“Do you want me to fuck you, Pet?’

‘Oh god yes please Master.’

‘Then ask me’

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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