It’s Great Being a Girl

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I. The sun shone through the shear curtains, dimly lighting the bedroom. Shandra lain draped across Nicholas’ strong body with her left arm on his chest and her left leg between his legs as he slept on his back. His arm was beneath her head and she nuzzled into his neck, breathing lightly. A bird flew cross the window and its shadow fluttered over Shandra’s body.

Slender and firm with a light brown skin tone she was truly beautiful to behold. Her black teddy did little to cover her and only enhanced her full breasts and tight waist. Her slim hips and perfectly formed ass led to long slender legs and pretty, well pedicured feet. She wore no panties and with her leg cocked over Nicholas her neatly trimmed pussy showed between her legs. The chirping of the bird as it flew past the window caused Shandra to stir and she moved into Nicholas even more, his body heat offsetting the cool morning breeze that drifted in through the slightly cracked window.

This movement caused her smooth thigh to move across Nicholas’ groin. He wore dark blue boxers made of a soft, satiny material. Nicholas moaned softly as his cock responded to the stimulation. Cocking his head to the left he gently kissed Shandra on the forehead.

“Its time to get up baby.” he whispered as he removed his arm from underneath her head. His arm was numb from lack of blood flow and he started to flex its muscles to restore circulation. His arm was powerful with muscles. He obviously worked out on a regular basis but was not bulky or muscle bound. As he rose from the bed Nicholas stretched. His t-shirt stretched across his broad chest and his boxers did not hide his strong legs or firm ass; especially with a half engorged cock straining against its material.

Shandra mumbled something inaudible and pulled the white satin sheets over her head. Nicholas just smirked. Shandra loved to sleep late and was next to impossible to get moving in the morning. If he had had more time Nicholas would have given her a “morning surprise” that would have really gotten her moving. Instead he walked to the bathroom to shower and shave.

Shaving first, Nicholas could hear Shandra finally get out of bed and start to pick out clothes for them both to wear today. Starting the shower he stepped in after adjusting the water to pleasant temperature. The water sluiced over his head and down his well built back. He was lightly tanned with various scars on his torso. He had led an interesting and rugged life before he met Shandra and happily became hers’ body and soul. Shandra seemed to think the scars enhanced his “manliness” even though Nicholas was very self-conscious about going shirtless in public. His head was shaven though it didn’t conceal the fact he was well on the way to becoming bald. Vanity wasn’t one of his vices so he never considered using anything to try to reverse the receding or surgically alter his hairline.

Nicholas heard the door open as he stepped out of the shower. He didn’t like super hot showers so the steam was at a minimum. Shandra was brushing her teeth, waiting for him to get done. She had slipped out her nighty already and Nicholas’ eyes ran down her body, admiring his lady love for all her glory. Her dark brown hair was shoulder length, full bodied, and slightly wavy. After she finished she turned and gave him a kiss on his cheek as she stepped by Nicholas into the shower. Nicholas let out a sigh and walked back into the bedroom very disappointed that he didn’t have more time this morning.

Shandra turned the heat up on the water and arched her back, ankara escort stretching as the water warmed up her body. She washed her hair and then let it condition as she shaved her legs and pussy. She finished and stepped out to blow dry her hair and apply some light makeup.

Nicholas was dressed when she stepped back into the bedroom. She thought he looked absolutely delicious in his tan Dockers pants, grey pinstriped dress shirt, and tie. Not that he didn’t look good in jeans and a t-shirt, but he looked so “in charge” when he was dressed for work. His fashion sense was average so Shandra picked his clothes out for him. Her sense of what looked good extended to work and led to her successful career as an interior decorator. Her hours were hers to make and she loved the freedom and interesting people she met. Nicholas was a department manager at locally based corporation. Between the two of them they had a nice, comfortable lifestyle.

Shandra slipped into a black, knee length skirt and put on a dark purple silk blouse. She finished the outfit with open toed, three inch heeled shoes. She wore her hair up, which accentuated her long, graceful neck.

Nicholas often called her his “beautiful swan”, which, while a little corny, was very sweet.

“Do you have any interesting today?” Nicholas asked.

“Not really. My new client rescheduled for tomorrow so I’ll just get some errands done.” she replied.

“Ooohh, how exciting.” Nicholas teased. He gave her a firm, yet gentle kiss. Her lips were soft and had a slight strawberry taste from her lip gloss.

“Try to stay out of trouble sexy.” He said as he walked out of the room and down to his Jeep.

Shandra walked over to the dresser and put some perfume on her wrists, neck, and the back of her knees. Checking herself out in her full length mirror she couldn’t help but be impressed by how utterly hot she looked.

“I’d fuck me.” she said as she preened and posed. She grabbed her purse and put on her sunglasses as she walked out her red Mustang convertible.

II. She had a breakfast date across town with an old girlfriend of hers and hopped on the freeway going 85 mph in 65 zone. She was a couple minutes from the exit ramp when she saw the flashing red lights behind her coming up fast.

“Damn it.” she muttered as she pulled onto the shoulder. She had a handful of tickets on her record and didn’t need anymore. Insurance on a sports car was expensive enough as it was. She saw it was a male State Trooper and smiled to herself as she unbuttoned the top three buttons on her blouse and hiked her skirt up, exposing her pussy. As the trooper came up to her window she hit the button to lower the it as she ran her right hand up her golden thigh to her now slightly wet cunt.

The trooper’s mouth went half open as he took in the sexiest sight of his life. His cock instantly responded as Shandra took off her sunglasses and locked his eyes onto hers with her best “come hither” look.

“I’m sorry officer but I was a little distracted and didn’t realize how fast I was going. My boyfriend has been out of town for a couple weeks and I just needed to relieve a little stress before I got to work.”

She reached down and hit the button to recline her seat back. She brought her left hand to her mouth and licked her thumb and forefinger. Spreading her thighs even wider, which forced her skirt up on her hips, Shandra started masturbating with her right hand and tweaking her nipples with her left.

“I’m sure you can understand. Don’t you ever blow off escort ankara a little steam while you’re sitting by yourself on the side of the road?” She closed her eyes and arched her back as she licked her lips. She faked an orgasm and then looked back at the trooper. He still looked stunned but a dark stained had appeared on his crotch.

“It’s too bad that you guys video tape all your traffic stops. I would have enjoyed some help and looks like you could have too.” She adjusted her seat back up and stared him in the eye.

“You probably need to go take care of that big problem you have. Shall we call it a warning?” she said with a smirk and knowing glance at his fully engorged dick bulging in his pants.

“Yes, ma’am.” was all the trooper said as she rolled her window up and drove away.

“Its great being a girl.” Shandra thought.

III. Breakfast was rather nice. She caught up on the latest gossip with her friend as they had a light breakfast at the country club. Her friend was dressed for her morning tennis lesson. The short skirt and rather tight shirt showed off her body quite nicely and the two of them drew many a long, lusty gaze from the male dinners and waiters.

Eva got a good laugh when Shandra told her what had happened with the trooper. They both considered using their sexuality to manipulate men as perfectly natural. Being born was beautiful was no different than being born a genius or athletically gifted. The fact they were beautiful and smart just made it that much easier to enjoy life. Eva was a very gifted divorce lawyer with very few unsatisfied customers.

“Hey, if you don’t have any plans today I could schedule an appointment with the new massage therapist they just hired here. He has hands that are gifts from God.” Eva said with a sly smile.

“Really? Do tell.” Shandra said; her curiosity piqued.

“His name is Rafael and he’s from Spain. He’s tall, dark, and handsome with a great smile. Interested?”

“Sure, I could use a good rub down.”

Eva made a quick call to set up an appointment for Shandra and they talked some more as they finished breakfast.

Shandra went to the bank and then came back to the club for her appointment. She was escorted to a changing room and undressed. Wrapping her body and hair with very soft towels she walked into the massage room and laid face down on the table. A couple minutes later she heard the door open and someone entered, locking the door behind them. She raised herself onto to elbows and saw a tall, well built man standing next to the table.

“Hello. I’m told you are a friend of Eva. Is this true?” the man asked with a soft, smoothing voice. His accent was light but noticeable and only added to his appeal.

“Yes I am and she recommended you highly.” Shandra replied.

“Yes, the club members seem to be very happy with my services.” he commented as he applied lotion to his hands and rubbed them to warm them up.

“Mmmm, I bet they do.” Shandra said as she let her eyes wander over his body. At least 6’2, Rafael was built like a swimmer. He wore a simple white on white pants Polo shirt outfit. His hair was just short of shoulder length. He had a gentle face with brown eyes and a great smile.

He gently unwrapped the towel from her body as she settled back down with her face in the cradle and her arms at her sides.

Starting at the small of her back, Rafael slowly needed the muscles on either side of her spine, working his way towards her head. He took his time and when he reached her neck he gently ankara escort bayan raked down her back with his finger tips. His skin was soft and his hands strong but gentle. Rafael then massaged her neck which caused a moan from Shandra. He was relaxing her to the point of her drifting off. His finished her upper body by gently massaging her scalp and temples.

“Where have you been all my life?” Shandra said with a laugh.

Rafael also laughed and moved to her feet. He took time to massage each individual toe on both feet before using both hands on first the left than the right foot. He worked the balls of her foot, then the heel, finishing with arch. He purposely did the right foot last. Few people knew that the nerves in the arch of the right foot are connected to the ones in the pussy. Most women become sexually aroused by a massage of their right foot and Shandra was one of those women. Moving her legs apart slightly as Rafael worked his way up her calves than the back of her thighs.

When he reached her ass, Rafael took a beautiful cheek in either hand and began a firm, vigorous rub down of her ass. This caused her already wet pussy to rub against the clothing covering the table. Bringing her arms up over her head Shandra raised her hips off the table and Rafael responded by concentrating on the bottom of each cheek with his thumbs lightly stroking her pussy lips. This continued for what seemed like forever to Shandra. Rafael could read her body to the point that he knew when to ease up to prevent Shandra from orgasm.

“Ready for to roll over?” he whispered as he stopped his attentions.

“Hell yes.” Shandra responded as she rolled over.

Rafael immediately started by working the muscles along her sides moving up to her breasts. Shandra’s nipples were hard as rock by now and when Rafael took her breasts into his hands she shuddered slightly.

“Just relax.” he breathed.

His mouth came down over her right breast and he alternately licked, sucked, and nipped at her nipple as his right hand massaged her left breast and nipple. Shandra’s breathing became quicker and shallower as she place her hands on the back of Rafael’s head and arched her back, pressing her chest into his face.

Rafael’s took his mouth off her breast and started to gently kiss his way down her body, flicking his tongue occasionally. His right hand preceded his mouth down her body and he had already started massaging her pussy lips and clit before his mouth reached Shandra’s soaking wet cunt.

He calmly suck and licked her pussy lips as he penetrated her with first one, then two, and finally three long slim fingers. Shandra’s hands never left the back of his head and she started to grind her hips up into his mouth.

Rafael moved his mouth over her clit and suck on it with occasional flicking with his tongue. He could feel Shandra begin to tense up and increased the tempo of his finger fucking and clit stimulation. The slow build up he done to Shandra finally peaked with Shandra ramming her hips up and face fucking Rafael as she came in wave after wave for several minutes.

After she had stopped convulsing, Shandra stretched like a cat and then lay there catching her breath. Rafael calmly went to a sink located in an adjacent bathroom and washed his hands and face.

“Is the lady satisfied with her session?” he asked.

“The lady is very satisfied.” Shandra replied.

He took her hand with a smile and kissed it before leaving the room.

Shandra composed herself and then stepped back into the dressing room to retrieve her clothes.

Shandra and Nicholas had an open relationship and she couldn’t wait to tell Nicholas about her day. His rock hard cock crammed into her pussy would be a great way for her to end the evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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