Summer Camp Siblings

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Brother and Sister Discover Love at Summer Camp

“I can’t believe how much Elaine looks like her mother Debbie” thought Father Matt. Matthew was a Minister who just performed the marriage ceremony for his niece and her new husband. He was riding in one of the wedding limos to the reception while the wedding party was getting their photos taken. Over a glass of champagne, Matt thought about many years ago when he and his fraternal twin, Debbie, were counselors at a Christian summer camp.

Matt and Debbie were the only children in the household. Born fraternal twins, Matt and Debbie were close playmates as kids and remained close as they grew into the teen years. They spent many summers at a Christian summer camp where they learned to swim and master other sports. Their father was an influential member of the church and after they turned 18 and graduated high school, he arranged for Debbie and Matt to have their first summer jobs. They were going to be counselors at the summer camp. The twins thought it would be a lot of fun before the hard studying at college would begin in September. Their father thought it would be a safe place for them to be in a Christian environment, especially for his daughter. Debbie had grown up to be an attractive girl with big deep blue eyes and brownish blonde hair which she kept in a ponytail.

It was the 1960’s and at summer camp the boys and girls were kept fairly separate. The boys stayed together on one side of the camp with male counselors and the girls were on the other side with female counselors. About the only time the sexes spent time together was at the outdoor auditorium when religious services were held. Matt and Debbie were allowed to meet on regular occasions as they were brother and sister and because their father was a church big shot. They were in charge of about 10 campers each and they primarily taught swimming although they had to teach other sports or crafts on occasion. After a week or two went by, Debbie was told that she would have to teach something on bird watching. The person who normally taught that was out with dysentery. During a lunch break, Debbie explained her plight to her brother. Matt thought that he could help and on Sunday after services, they could practice with a guide book and binoculars. Neither knew much about birds but after a few hours of practice, Debbie could probably fake it for a short while. At least until the regular instructor came back.

On Sunday after morning services, many of the campers went home after a week’s stay and a new group would come on Monday morning. The counselors usually had that Sunday afternoon off to relax or go into the nearest town to see movie. Matt went over to Debbie’s cabin and help her figure out something about bird watching. He had been to the camp commissary earlier and packed some items to bring along for lunch. She came out with this large lens binoculars hanging from her neck and a well thumbed guides to birds in her back pocket. They looked twins with identical khaki shorts, white T shirts, and tanned skin.

“Got everything?” Matt asked and tried not to laugh.

“Yeah” grimaced Debbie, “It is everything that the regular instructor uses. I don’t know how I got stuck with bird watching. The head of the camp knows I don’t know anything.”

“Maybe he likes you” teased Matt, “Sometimes they give counselors a challenge. Some sort of character building stuff. Keeps us on our feet.”

“But bird watching!” said Debbie, “I think they just stuck it to me.”

“Could be worse duties.” said Matt, “Could be supervising the stable cleaning.”

“Yeah” mumbled Debbie, “So, what do we do and where are we going?”

“I thought we could go to this place where Dad and his friends would hunt in the winter months around here” said Matt, “And look for birds with the binoculars and see if we could recognize them in that guide.”

“What are you talking about?” asked Debbie, “Who hunts in this place?”

“Last winter, Dad took me and some of my friends hunting here.” said Matt, “The camp and lake are in about 700 acres of woods and no one is around in winter, so if you are a big shot with the church, they let you hunt in here. There are some hunting blinds that have been built over the years and Dad showed me one that I think would be perfect. It is a tree house and isn’t good for hunting but great for spotting game.”

Matt and Debbie left the summer camp and hiked over a little used trail that extended about four miles into the woods and then up to a bluff that overlooked the lake and surrounding woods. It took Matt a few minutes to see the hunting blind as it was partially hidden by the then dense summer foliage. Upon seeing it, they hiked up a dry path which was carved by water runoff during the rain. The stopped by a large oak tree and Matt motioned his sister to look up about 10 feet to see the hunting blind. Debbie waited while Matt climbed to the blind first. The tree had a series of short planks of wood nailed into the bark which you had to climb like ladder rungs until you reached this tree house. Once Matt reached the top, Debbie followed.

Debbie was surprised canlı bahis how secure the tree house was after climbing the wobbly wood planks. The floor had strong wood nailed between two large branches of the oak tree. It had a two small side walls which held a wooden roof that probably leaked in the rain but was very shady on a hot summer day. They sat on the tree house floor with their legs dangling off the edge in midair and stared at the view before them. The lake and surrounding woods was a colorful blue and green in the hot yellow sun of summer. They spent some time sharing Matt’s canteen of water and snacked on the food he had brought. After resting for awhile and then began to look for birds with the binoculars. It became quickly evident that they had to share the binoculars to see the same bird at the same time and then try to identify it in the book.

Matt and Debbie placed their faces next to together, placed the binoculars between them, and each sharing one of the eye pieces. It was tricky at first for brother and sister to view in the same direction but after a few jerks in opposite directions, they began to move in unison. Matt had never been this close to his sister for any length of time and enjoyed the continuous contact of her smooth skin against his cheeks. Matt wrapped his arm around Debbie’s waist as they moved their heads side to side for birds. They would see a bird and then hunt through the guide to identify it. Occasionally there was a small argument over which bird it was but after an hour, they did not see any new birds to identify.

“I guess we have seen all the birds common around here” said Debbie.

“Well, there can only be so many.” said Matt, “If you can remember what we saw, I think you can fake it with the campers. If nothing else, make up a bird name. The campers won’t know and they think the counselors know everything anyway.”

“The wild Puffdankle bird”, joked Debbie, “Very rare in these parts. Thanks Matt, I don’t know what I would do without my brother” She moved her lips onto Matt’s and gave him a light kiss. Matt had kissed his sister before but it was the first time that it caused his cock to harden.

Not sure of the feeling he experienced, Matt said, “I guess we had better head back to camp soon.” Debbie nodded and began to slide the guide book in her back pocket. Matt looked at his sister in a new light. How pretty her face was and how cute she was with her hair pulled back in a ponytail. When she leaned over and thrust her hip up to put the book in her back pocket, Matt stared longingly at his sister’s hips and shapely legs. Realizing that he was looking too long at Debbie, he turned his face away and looked in the opposite direction. Gazing indirectly at another adjacent bluff, something in the distance caught Matt’s eye. He wasn’t sure what it was but there was some movement that seemed out of place.

“What are you looking at?” asked his sister, “You see some new bird?”

“Emmm, I don’t know.” said Matt pointing to his right, “Something on that bluff moved, something out of place. Give me those binoculars.” Matt watched as Debbie as she took the binocular straps and raised her hands over her head to remove the leather strip from around the back of her neck. Matt noticed how nice his sister’s chest stuck out when she was raising her arms. She handed the binoculars to Matt who pointed them in the direction of the bluff and began to adjust the focusing dials.

“What do you see?” quickly asked Debbie.

“I don’t know yet” said Matt seriously, “There is so much foliage that is blocking the view. What a minute, just saw a flash of something. Wow. There are 2 naked people over there!”

“What!” exclaimed Debbie as she yanked the binoculars from her brother and scanned the area. “You are tricking me. I don’t see anything.”

“Over there” said Matt pointed his finger to the area, “It hard to see with all the trees. But you can barely see two people moving. It looks like they are naked.”

“I see them now!” said Debbie, “Wait, I can’t see them now but I think you are right about them being naked. I don’t see anything now.”

Matt yanked the binoculars from his sister and began to view the bluff. “I can’t see anything, now. Let go over there for a closer look.” smiled Matt as he hung the binoculars from his neck.

“OK” said Debbie, “I wonder who it is and what they are doing?”

“I guess we will find out” said Matt, “More fun than bird watching”

“Yeah” smiled her sister as she waited for her brother to climb down first. Matt descended the wooden strips and jumped to the ground bypassing the last three rungs. He watched Debbie gingerly descend and as she came with reach, he held her by her waist until she finished climbing down. They worked their way back to the trail and then followed the edge of the bluff to where it met the adjacent bluff. Then they quietly slipped through the wooded area to where they thought they saw someone. The twins heard voices and knew they were close. Matt and Debbie began to crawl on the ground towards an open area then Matt raised his hand, paused and pointed. There were 2 naked people bahis siteleri in the clearing.

They could clearly see some naked legs on a blanket and an occasional flash of body and hair. Matt got close to the ground and crawled a few feet closer then raised the binocular eyepieces to his face. Now he could see everything. There were two people and they were not only naked but they were fucking! Matt was entranced by the view. This thin girl with red hair was on her hands and knees while this guy was his knees pumping away. He couldn’t get a good look at their faces from the angle he was at. Debbie was tired of waiting a few feet back and snuggled next to her brother. She could vaguely make out what was going and after tugging the binoculars from Matt a few times, he gave them to her. She raised the lens to her face and let out a quiet gasp. She put the binoculars down from a second and looked at her brother. Debbie smiled and mouthed a silent “wow” and then looked some more. The couple began to moan loudly and Debbie could a quick glimpse of their faces as they jerked about. Matt whispered that they should leave before the couple sees them. Debbie nodded and handed the binoculars to her brother. He took another long look before they quietly crawled out of the wooded area.

Brother and sister walked quietly along the bluff until they reached the bluff where the tree house was located. Figuring that it was now safe to talk, they looked at each other with big smiles and broke up into laughter and giggles. They returned to the big oak tree and climbed to the tree house. “Man! That was something” said Matt.

Debbie giggled, “Especially out in the woods. I have never seen two people really do it.”

“Well, I haven’t either” joked Matt.

“You know who they were?” inquired Debbie.

“No, I couldn’t get a good look at their faces. The girl had red hair though.” said her brother.

“Yeah, I did” smiled Debbie, “Have you ever seen Sandy Meyer before?”

“Ummm, Sandy” thought Matt, “Oh yeah from swimming……….That was her! Wow! Aren’t you her counselor?” Matt remembered seeing her in the girls swim instruction.

Debbie nodded her head in agreement. “I sort of remember her from last year but she is in my 2A group last week and the rest of this week. Do you want to know who was with her?”

“Like yeah!” exclaimed Matt.

Debbie moved close to her brother and whispered the answer, “It was Paul”

“Paul?” pondered Matt, “Only Paul I know is…….. in my group, her brother? No way!”

“Yes!” Debbie giggled in delight, “That was Sandy and her brother doing it!”

“Wow” said Matt in astonishment, “Never in a million years would I think of them doing that. Sandy is kind of cute in her own way. I guess I would do it if I was in Paul’s shoes.”

“I don’t think Paul had any shoes on.” joked Debbie. “If Sandy was your sister, you would do her?”

“I guess” said Matt almost blushing.

“Well” said Debbie seriously, “What should we do now?”

“Nothing” said Matt, “I really don’t want to get them in trouble and I am not responsible for what they do. I know that it’s wrong what they are doing but………this could stir up a big mess around here. I don’t want to be in the middle of it and besides they are going back home in a few days. No need to be a rat over this.”

“Oh, I agree.” smiled Debbie, “I just wanted to know what you thought. I don’t want any big complications either. Just want the summer to pass by smoothly. Besides I don’t think what they are doing is such a big deal. Even though we are preached to that incest is wrong, half of the people doing it in the bible are related anyway.”

Matt thought about it for a second and said, “You are right. I wonder if they are still doing it?” Matt picked up the binoculars and scanned the adjacent bluff.

“See anything?” asked Debbie and Matt slowly moved his head back and forth in a negative response. “They probably have to get back for roll call and dinner anyway.”

“That late already?” asked Matt who then glanced at his Timex as the sun was still high for the late afternoon.

“It’s OK” said Debbie, “I’m not really hungry anyway. They won’t miss us if we aren’t there for dinner.”

“Me too” said Matt, “I’m not hungry… maybe a little too excited to eat anyway.”

“So, my brother is all worked up?” teased his sister, “You wish you were Paul right now? Like you said before.. if Sandy was your sister would you really do her?”

“Ahh, Debbie” Matt paused, “That’s just kind of guy talk.”

Debbie placed her hand on her brother’s thigh just below the edge of his shorts then asked, “Are you sure?” Brother and sister looked at each other, not sure of what to say next. “Matt, I have seen you stealing looks at me when you thought I wouldn’t notice. Honestly, I have taken some admiring looks at you as well. If you wanted to kiss me or something, it would be alright…. with me.”

Matt slowly moved his lips towards his sister and they closed their eyes while their lips touched. For the first time, Matt noticed the soft feel and the warmth of his sister’s lips. He felt bahis şirketleri his cock get a little hard as Debbie’s breath pressed against his cheek. The kiss seemed to last for hours and finally Matt opened his eyes to see Debbie smiling and staring deeply into his. Matt gently eased his sister on her back and then lay next to her on the wooden floor of the tree house. Matt resumed the kiss only to feel Debbie’s wet tongue slide between his lips. Matt had french kissed girls before but this time it was hotter and nastier than he had experienced. Matt’s tongue slid along his sister’s tongue until he inserted it into her mouth. Their tongues continue to play and explore while Matt’s cock grew hard in his shorts.

Matt had his arm laid across his sister’s waist as they kissed. Matt quietly debated whether he should take it another step. Over the next few minutes, he slowly pulled a section of Debbie’s T shirt from the waist band of her khaki shorts. Then he placed his palm on the small section of Debbie’s exposed stomach. Debbie sighed slightly and offered no resistance. Matt slipped his hand into the small opening of her T shirt and ran it across her stomach. His sister’s skin felt so smooth and warm. He repeatedly ran his hand across her stomach, going slightly higher with each pass. Matt was building up more courage to try and feel his sister’s breasts. At some point, he pushed his tongue deep into Debbie’s mouth and moved his hand upwards. He placed his outstretched fingers around the cup of Debbie’s bra which supported her left breast.

Matt slipped his tongue back and Debbie returned with her tongue deeply into her brother. Her brother moved his fingers to just below the bra cup and slowly slid them between his sister’s flesh and the cotton material. His hand now covered her naked breast. It was so smooth but firm and her nipples were so hard against his palm. He started to move her bra cup off and above her breast when Debbie broke off their kiss.

“Matt” she said in a heavy breath, “We have to stop!”

“Aww man!” said Matt, “I knew this was too good to be true. I’m sorry.”

“Matt” she softly said, “It’s OK. I loved it but it is starting to get dark if you haven’t noticed. We have just enough time to get back before twilight. I don’t want the camp to send a search party for us.”

“Oh” said her brother trying not to feel silly.

Debbie grinned, “They might see the same thing we say today”

Brother and sister stood up and gathered their belongings. Then Debbie waited for her brother to descend the tree while she adjusted her bra and tucked her shirt back into her shorts. Matt was on the ground and waited for his sister to descend. He helped holding her as she climbed down the last few rungs. Once she was on the ground, he hugged her tightly as their lips met again. The slowly parted their lips and held hands while they hiked back to the camp. They didn’t speak as they walked as they recalled in their minds the events, the touches, and their feelings from that day.

As they got within sight of the camp lights, they embraced for one more kiss before they departed to opposite sides of the camp. Matt retired to his bunk thinking of the day. He lay under his blanket without sleep most of the night and wished that he had enough privacy to jack off and relax. He was dragging the next day as he began to welcome the new arriving campers and give instructions to the ones who were still there from last week. In the afternoon, he walked on the dock which extended out into the swimming area of the lake. It was his time to be the lifeguard for a couple of hours. He sat and watched the swimmers. He saw Paul in the water and thought how lucky that guy was. Matt began to day dream for a second then abruptly woke up to reality founding himself staring across the cove instead of looking at his swimmers. Matt saw this person who was standing on another dock where the girl campers swam. He recognized her red hair and knew it was Sandy. Matt thought that Sandy was smiling directly at him before she drove into the water and then was lost in a group of giggling girls thrashing about in the water.

It remained a tough week for both Debbie and her brother. They continued their routines and met occasional throughout the day. While they maintained their outward appearances as before, they yearned to touch each other. During lunch on Saturday, Debbie told her brother that she needed more help on bird watching instruction for the sake of anyone close by who could hear them. Matt agreed to help her after the Sunday morning services. As they left the lunch area, Matt quickly and quietly told his sister to sneak out after Sunday breakfast and meet him on the trail. Neither of the twins slept well that night. Debbie finished breakfast with her group the next morning and while the group was preparing to leave for services, Debbie slipped away. She walked on the same trail as last weekend and kept looking for brother. Finally after a half mile, she saw him sitting on a large stone at the crest of a hill. They waved frantically to each other and then Debbie raced up the hill. They embraced with strong lasting hugs. Matt felt so exhilarated to have his sister’s body pressed close to his. Knowing they were still too close to the camp for comfort and privacy then continued walking the trail towards the tree house.

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