How I Fell in Love with Brittni4U

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This is the true story how I met fell in love and experienced my first time making love to Brittni. Brittni and I are total opposites and I think that’s what drew us together. So let’s start from the beginning and we will go from there.

About a year ago I joined Lit Chat while dealing with my divorce from my wife of 9 years. She cheated on me and left me for a woman. So I just needed to talk to someone about my sexual appetites and since they are a little different I wanted to be anonymous. Never in a million years would I thought I would find the woman that my heart always wanted but didn’t know where to find it here on Lit. I have been reading Lit stories for years and I love Literotica, so it only seemed natural for my first chat room experiences to be on Lit. I had to teach myself how to do it all and thanks to the countless Lit users as I totally screwed up chat room protocols with, but were kind enough to help me.

So a little background about me and Britt. I am a Midwestern man born in raised in Illinois. I am 38 years old. Brittni is 24 from sunny so-Cal. Brittni is so beautiful. She has the smallest cute little nose, enchanting green emerald eyes, and the softest lips I have ever tasted. Her freckles on her nose squint up when she laughs and I could just talk to her forever. Brittni has long sexy legs that go on forever and her passion for pantyhose only rivaled one other person me. So seeing her gorgeous legs in nylon a lot was a fantastic dream cum true.

As I said opposites attract. I am a large man 6ft 1 inch 300 pounds. On top of this I am permanently disabled and I walk with a cane. So here I am Quasimodo from the Hunchback of Notre dame looking at the illustrious Esmeralda. Never in my lifetime would I have believed that Brittni would love me or for that matter be attracted to me. She changed my life. She healed my broken heart. After my break up I was disgusted with myself because I drove the love of my life into the arms of another woman. What was so wrong with me that I would not be able to satisfy her?

Brittni had me send her pix of me and she said I was sexy and cute. Of course I didn’t believe her at the time and just thanked her for her kindness. Well that pissed my lady off. Boy can she win a debate when she is passionate about something. She said no matter what your bitch ex did it didn’t matter because if she left for a guy you weren’t getting the job done, but she left you for a woman you could never get the job done.

What can I say Britt and I really hit it off? She taught me what I thought were a big deal like age, size, disability, and wealth are not important. I always was taught to be the provider and earn the money. Britt agrees that’s important, but should not be a condition for love. This was a new concept for me as where I am from it is a very bigoted place; if you don’t look a certain way, have certain things, or behave in a certain manner than you are nothing.

Brittni and I talked nonstop just learning as much about each other that we possibly could. She learned I was finishing my HR Degree and she is in pharmacy school. We talked about our friends and she told me about her friends Lisa and Maggie. Both I do have to say are some pretty wild and fun ladies.

Just like with anything Brittni and I began having sex electronically where we got to explore our sexuality together. I told Britt about how I am obsessed with pantyhose and she said that she is to. It think every sexual encounter we have had has included some form of nylon which has been fine by us.

We especially enjoy masturbating each other virtually. Seeing my woman moan as I get hard and my cock goes to its full ten inches. Then when I cum and she screams cum it on me you bastard spray me with that Goddamn Fire hose of yours. Yes, Yes, Yes, that’s it, oh fuck I am cumming. She then pretends to rub my spunk all over her breasts and into her pussy lips and on her little red rosebud. We also send each other videos to keep each other nice and happy. We very much enjoy dressing up and making love with each other. We still do this in between actually seeing each other when we are both free, but this is fucking incredible foreplay let me tell you; and when you are in love with someone it’s special no matter how you make love. However, I know you don’t want to just hear about the times we made love virtually, but you want the really good shit the nitty gritty.

Britt and I agreed to meet up at the Los Angeles airport, she would see me coming in from my flight. I emailed her all the information and gave her call as soon as I hit the Tarmac. It was my first time in California I was a bit overwhelmed at the sheer massive size of the airport. So I am trying not to get lost and Britt is steering me here and there trying to get me to her, but she first had some fun with me by leading me to places where she could see me and I couldn’t see her. My lady is one hell of a jokester. She had teased me endlessly on what she would be wearing ankara escort when she met me. She had on a red silk blouse with a black twirl ruffled skirt that was very flowy and could easily be lifted up. When I guess she was satisfied I was who I was she decided to reveal herself to me. She had on black sheer pantyhose and she looked absolutely incredible. What I didn’t know was Britt took a white piece of paper and a Sharpie and wrote a sign and taped it under her skirt. When she sees me she steps out lifts up her skirt and it says “Here I am come and get me.” She makes sure to spin around and giggle while she is doing it so everyone gets a 360 show of her shaved pussy under her sheer hose with no panties. I come back up to her and hug her and say hey you that’s my pussy you are showing here. She just laughs as she kisses me you better believe it big boy. She then grabs my hand and pushes it under her sex and closes her legs. She is dripping wet. I grab and massage her bald pussy and I said someone has been expecting me. She is like she has been waiting all day now let’s go.

We hop in her jeep and we head to the Hotel I am totally lost, but thank God Britt knows where she is going. We arrive at the Hotel and I check in and get my key cards for us to get in. We head to the elevators and they are all glass. I lock out anyone else from getting in and I pin Britt to the back of the elevator put her legs on my shoulders and I devour her pussy in front of everyone to see. By the time we get to the 33rd floor she has already cum 4 times. She was like damn babe I am going to need to return that favor. I just stand up grin and kiss her dead on the mouth letting her tasty her sweet nectar from my lips. She’s like mm baby thanks for sharing that tastes good.

We get into the Hotel room and before the door slams shut Britt has my belt pulled, my pants undone, is pushing me back onto the bed to rip them off of my body. I was like damn baby we have a few days lol. She said hey you started this by firing up my pussy in the elevator she said all is fair in love and war. The next thing I know she has my ten inch cock halfway down her throat. The deeper she takes me I can feel the ridges in her esophagus massaging my cock head. I am so worked up from her oral adventure in the elevator it wasn’t going to last long. After about five minutes from the best blow job woman in the world I couldn’t find the strength to hold out any longer and she doesn’t give me a choice as she begins humming and it’s just too much. I lost it and it just kept cumming and cumming it didn’t stop. There was so much it began dribbling down her chin; and I felt horrible that she was getting it on her face. As soon as she could breathe again she just scooped up the remnants and said mmm… yummy tangy. I am sorry for getting on your face and she just laughs baby before we are done you are going to hit me full force in the face with that damn hose of yours.

After our both intense orgasms we fall into each other’s arms wrap our arms around each other and we say hi nice to meet you. We just giggle as we kiss each other and take a brief nap in each other’s arms.

I had been on a several hour long flight so Britt decides to let me rest for two hours because of all the connecting flights and two hours’ time zone difference. I wake up to this most incredible sensation in the world. Britt has straddled my cock flat between her pussy lips and is rubbing her nylon pussy back and forth on my cock. I move a little bit and she’s like baby don’t move the tip of your cock is hitting my clit just right and I’m cumming oh fuck I am cumming. Britt began grinding hard into my man meat and just sprays my cock and balls. It’s so intense she is quaking on top of me. Once she is done she literally falls on top of me panting. By this time it’s time to put my cock deep into her pussy. I lift her up and put her on the bottom. I rip off her bra, shirt, and skirt. I take scissors from my bag and cut a hole in the crotch of her hose. I am as hard as steel I take my cock and lube it with her pussy juice. She is so wet and moist I slide right in. After having cum so hard earlier this was going to be a marathon love making heart pounding fucking.

For the first hour I kept it a nice even pace. Just enjoying this goddess connected to my body. It felt so incredible I wanted it to last forever. Britt is clawing into my back as she is orgasming over and over on my big beautiful cock. Then she pushes me up and says that was fantastic baby but now I want you to punish my pussy with that big cock. So I pick her up put her on her knees face forward and enter her from behind to get maximum leverage and penetration. I am hammering as hard as I possibly can into her little pussy pushing her into the bed. All that can be heard are my balls slapping her ass and her tits smacking her stomach. After about twenty minutes of this intense pace I tell her I am close to orgasm. I can tell she is teetering on the edge as well. Then escort ankara it happens the gates open up and I am loading Brittni’s pussy with cum. The heat and intense explosion in Britt’s pussy is just too much for her to take and it launches her into a gut wrenching orgasm. You can tell when an orgasm is an earth shaker because you feel both pleasure and pain at the same time.

After I let go I remember rolling to the side of Britt still inside her and we both pass out in orgasmic bliss. This time it was my turn to wake up first and so I went and started us a bath in the spa bathroom. I was adding bubbles to the spa when all of a sudden I get slapped in the ass hard. Startled I dropped half the soap in the tub and spin around to see Britt fall on her ass laughing at my predicament. Bubbles are going everywhere and I am trying to get the bottle from the bottom of this huge ass spa and turn the jets down so the bubbles quit cascading in a waterfall over the side of the tub. Then I turn to Brittni besides herself with tears streaming down her face. What the hell was that for? She is trying to talk to me but it’s not going well and by now I’m laughing at her. She finally gets out I thought you saw me coming from behind in the large mirror. She said I was congratulating you on such a good job done because you made me and my pussy very satisfied. She goes I’m sorry, but the look on your face when you dropped the bubble bath in the tub was priceless. The look was between what the fuck and you saw soap going everywhere you went from WTF to oh shit. She said it was priceless baby. I’m sorry I startled you though.

Brittni crawls into my lap as I am sitting on the spa steps outside of spa; wraps her arms around my neck and we begin kissing. After a few moments of intense making out I break away and say I have a question and she was like yes baby? So would you like bubbles with our bath? And I just burst out laughing and she goes well smart ass I was going to ask you for some more. I said okay. I stood up turn around and toss her into the deep bubble bath. Now it’s my turn to start laughing. I reach over crank up the jets and bubbles start floating to the cathedral bathroom ceiling. Britt curses back at me you ass, and I say turnaround is fair play baby. She’s not at all angry she’s laughing and having the time of her life. I pick up the tube of lube and throw it in the bedroom and said I think we have lubrication covered don’t you honey? She’s like yeah we are good there. I said okay wait here honey because I have another surprise for you. I walk out of the room open the champagne and pour two glasses. I take it in with one red rose and you said you remembered. I said yes I remembered. This champagne is really good care to join me. You know it babe. I took a huge drink directly from the bottle of champagne and then I climbed into the spa. I lift you from the water and I spew champagne all over your tits and begin devouring your breasts. I love your breasts so much if you remember honey I spent a good twenty minutes on them. I had you so tuned up that you orgasm just from me sucking on your nipples. Gents, I have to explain my goddesses’ breasts. They are full and round like medium sized melons with half dollar areolas and the tightest pointiest nipples. When God made breasts he put them on my lady and said now I have made the perfect pair of breasts I am done. That’s how freaking awesome they are.

I lifted Britt up in front of me and pushed my cock up against her ass while I rubbed her breasts from the front. Britt arched her back towards me and we kissed passionately while I tweaked her nipples she was jacking my cock in the water. I said okay baby here is what you and I have been waiting for and she just grinned from ear to ear. I gathered as much bubbles and soap I could and I slathered it all over her ass. I took some soap and lathered up my cock nice and slimy. I set Britt back down and gradually inch, by inch, little by little the head of my cock slid between her sphincter. I had her take it slow because I am so big I didn’t want to hurt her. So Britt then gets completely settled and as soon as I bottom out in her bowels I am so large that she begins cumming. She was like holy shit honey I am cumming I can’t believe it I am cumming don’t move you are in the perfect position. She came so hard she bends over and half to dunk her head below water and come back out to cool off. You are so big baby I am going to ride you. I said baby this is all for you, you do what you want and what is comfortable for you. I asked do you mind if I play in front of you while you ride my rocket. You fucking better. Yes Ma’am I am to please. Mm mm… Yes you do.

Britt begins going up and down slowly just to get the right friction and pace that she wants. Then her tempo begins to increase as she begins to get hornier. The next thing I know she is riding me reverse cowboy style as fast as and as hard as she can. Her ass is so fucking incredibly tight. I didn’t know how ankara escort bayan long I was going to be able to keep from cumming in her ass. Believe it or not Britt was an expert she was able to ride me for a total of twenty minutes with bringing me close to cumming while stopping me. Britt was enjoying herself so much she orgasmed six times. I’m like I am going to blow honey I am going to blow. She goes then do it your bastard dump that shit in my bowels right fucking now. My cock gets really hot and Britt is like you are burning me up and I grunt hard and fire shot after shot after shot of cum straight up her ass hole. Britt falls backwards me still sitting inside her that was fucking amazing. So you going to get up so you can wash it out before we get out of the tub? Uh huh. I want to keep it. I begin laughing and said how do you plan on doing that? She said watch. Britt closes and crosses her legs and slowly pulls off of my cock. Leaving my cock cold in the water after being so warm for the last thirty minutes. Then Britt gets out and runs into the bedroom and holds her legs into the air while her ass is filled with cum. I get a wicked idea and I gave her a treat. I grabbed the chocolate syrup, whip cream, and cherries that I had brought with me for sexual fun and I loaded her ass hole with whip cream, topped it with hot chocolate, and put a cherry on top and said there you are my dear desert. You bastard I love it. I just fucking roared out laughing. Would you like a spoon honey? Fuck no why waste dishes and she begins to scoop and lick cum, whip cream, hot chocolate, and cherry out of her ass. I think that this sight would not be appealing, but damn it was so hot.

Honey I know that this was a beautiful show and I thank you for it, but how about we go rinse off in the shower get dressed and go get some dinner? That sounds perfect come on. So went showered off got ready and we went to get some dinner. We ended up just grabbing some pizza at Brittni’s favorite Italian restaurant.

We then went to this night club Britt was dressed is a silk maxi dress Black Wolford Neon 40’s and heels that make her legs never quit I was in love. I was having the time in my life and I wanted the world to know she was only my girl. So when a sassy Salsa dance came on I took Britt out and we danced the Paso Doble I was the strong bull fighter and the way we snapped those turns with that red dress she was on fire. I added a sexual element to it by running my hands down the outside frame of my love pulling her into my body and as the song ended a deep passionate French kiss as the crowd was cheering. Let’s get out of here now. Ok honey we will head back to hotel.

Brittni is a fantastic dancer and she just never ceases to amaze me. We walk hand in hand out to Brittni’s jeep. I just sat in the jeep under the stars with Britt looking at how the star light reflected off her beautiful emerald green eyes. My fellow Lit users this is my Brittni if you love my lady’s stories you know my Brittni. Sorry I digress, but wanted you to know my gem and goddess Brittni. Well back in the jeep I have my hands on Brittni’s legs feeling those incredible and hot legs in the Woolford’s pantyhose. You really are my pantyhose boy aren’t you? Guilty as charged. That’s just your disclaimer. My disclaimer? Yes you’re a pantyhose boy. Well you’re a pantyhose girl that’s your disclaimer lol. She goes no I’m a witch. Well you are the sexiest witch I have ever made love to. She just laughs. So come here my witch. I believe you have put a spell on my heart.

We head back to the hotel and Britt and I head to the room hanging all over each other. This time I put Brittni on the bed took off her dress and attacked her pussy with a vengeance. I began eating her pussy with a voracity non parallel to before. I pull out two egg vibes and turn them both on. I put one in her ass and one in her pussy, pull her pantyhose down to get enough direct contact with her pussy. Before long Britt has had four more orgasms. Next she asks me to straddle her and fuck her tits. I take baby oil and pour it all of her tits.

I left the vibes going and began fucking her tits over and over. I want you to cum and I want you to shoot it all in my face. You big bastard paint me spray that seed all over me. Baby I am getting so close you want in the face? Yes shoot. Before she could close her mouth I blew open and I filled her mouth full plus painted her face. Britt wasn’t expecting so much and began gasping for air. I hurried up and tried to get a towel to help. She was determined to clean it off herself. Once she took care of most of it I picked her up and carried her to the bathroom and gave her a bath. I was so worried she couldn’t breathe I forgot to take out the vibes and so when the water hit her just right she went to her knees. I thought she slipped and then she started moaning and screaming in orgasm. You bastard you didn’t take out the vibes, but I am loving you this is one hell of an orgasm. Then finally she got to her feet and said okay baby take them out. She reaches up on her toes and kisses me on the lips. That was amazing. Yes it was, but it’s time to go get some sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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