A Dream Come True

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Big Tits

You sent me a message asking if I wanted to joint you for breakfast the next morning. You promised to make the Tea I love.

I got this feeling I always get when you send me a message, I get all tingly and lightheaded.

I know we just are colleagues and I am so much older than you, but it do not stop me from loving you.

The funny thing is, the first time I met you and for several months. I did not think of you as anything other than just another colleague.

I have never been attracted to petite, colored or short haired girls. But still here I am! Head over heels in love with you. A tanned Indian/Pakistani petite girl with half log hair.

Then I got the opportunity to work with you on a project. My “worst mistake” ever!

Since then I have cared more and more for you. I can get so irritated when you always argument against me, but when I see your smile. The world stops and I am lost again.

When I see you small elegant hands I wonder how it would feel to hold your hand, the sensation of your fingers between mine.

To kiss you beautiful slim neck, fell your lips against mine. But most off all, to have you eyes look at me with love and to see your beautiful smile every day.

I have hoped that I could just get over these feelings for you and go on with my life.

But now a year has passed by, I still think of you when I get out of bed in the morning, every hour during the day and you are on my mind when I try to fall asleep.

Here I am pushing the button at your building entrance. The door buzzes, and I enter.

When I get up to your floor, I see you standing there smiling and wishes me good morning.

In a blue jeans and white t-shirt looking amazing.

You have this smile where you look like “the cat who just swallowed the canary”, I know something you don’t know grin.

We enter the kitchen, you give me some plates and tell me to set the table. You are in a playful mood, teasing me about how I place the knives and how I cut the bread. Pushing me gently when you show me how to do it.

You stand in front of the stove waiting for the tea to warm up, you grab you left shoulder and knead it a bit. I take the chance, put my hands on your shoulders and gently start to massage them.

You freeze up, I feel you muscles tightening. I ask if I’m massaging to hard, but continue to rub your soft skin with my fingers. You slowly let your shoulders sink down and says almost inaudible says “No, it is perfect”.

You tuzla escort lean a little backwards, just enough to let me feel your body toward me.

I move your hair away from you left side and ask if it is here it is tense, you mumble “Mhm” and tilt you head just a little bit.

Your perfect skin is so soft when my lips touch your tanned neck, I feel a tremble in you.

I kiss a path from you collarbone, up your perfect neck to you hairline.

You have gone quiet, I can’t even hear your breathing. I get this chilling feeling that I have done something very wrong.

I slowly raise my head. You take my hands and pull them around yourself. It is like you hug yourself with my arms, pulling us closer. You turn you head and rest it against my chest.

With a soft voice you whisper “I’m confused, but this feel so right…”

I push the tea away from hot plate end turn you around, you are looking down, pushing your forehead against me.

I gently let my hands slide from your shoulders along your neck until I hold your head gently, I tilt you head backwards until I can kiss your forehead.

You slowly open your eyes and meet my lips, your lips so soft and gentle shyly tasting me.

I kiss you back, now a little more confident. I let my tongue slide over your lips, they part for me and your tongue meet mine. I can feel you are getting more confident to, you explore and demand.

Your tongue is circling mine, your lips sucking and kissing. We embrace and lock on in a kissing frenzy, lips and tongues playing and demanding more.

In a gasp for air after almost blacking out we stop and look into each other’s eyes. You pull back and start unbutton my shirt slowly. I gently start pulling your T-shirt up, when it is free from the jeans I go down on my knees. I lift the T-shirt until a line of skin is visible, I kiss it gently. I slowly lift a bit more kissing the exposed skin. As I work my way slowly up, I feel your fingers running through my hair, caressing me lovingly.

When I reach the bra, you take the t-shirt off, grabbing my hand and leading me to your bedroom.

You take of your jeans and opens you bra, you lay back on the bed still holding the bra. I take of my pants. When you point to me and beckoning me to you, I do not need to be persuaded.

As I enters the bed you meet me with soft kisses, I can’t wait to learn more about your body, explore every inch.

I start kissing my way down your arms and up again, always tuzla escort bayan stopping at your soft and waiting lips.

When I start kissing your chin, you stretch your head back so I can kiss the soft and sensitive skin on you neck.

Your deep moan and your hands caressing my hair gives me the confidence to continue lower. You remove the bra and guide my mouth to you stiff nipple.

I suck it gently, circle my tongue around it. You pushed my face harder towards your chest. I suck the nipple hard and bite gently, you moan loudly and whispers “Yes…”

I caressed and sucked both nipples long and hard, they enjoyed the treatment standing rock hard like peas on your brown perky breasts.

I kiss my way down you beautiful body, stopping at your belly button. Caressing and licking it.

You were unable to lay still when I kissed your belly, I stopped at the top of your panties.

Sliding down in the bed, kissing my way from your feet, along the calves, up your thighs. I kissed a trail along your panty edges as you were getting impatient.

You pushed me away with a foot and removed your panties, your hands grabbed my head and guided me between your legs. You were soft and shaved except for a patch of black trimmed hair at the top.

You lips where glistening with moistness, I spread your legs even more and kissed the soft skin between your thighs and lips, letting my tongue slide over the soft and hot skin.

I felt an impatient pressure on my head, I let my tongue slide inn between your lips, licking your sweet juices. You moan loudly and clamp your legs around my head, I continue to lick and suck your lips.

Your loud vocal tells me I’m on the right way, I slide my tongue as far as possible inside you, licking you nectar. Your legs is holding my head in one minute and spreading for me in the second.

I move slowly up towards your clit, spreading you gently and licking it patiently. Your high notes are telling me you are about to climax. I suck your clit into my mouth and let my tongue dance over it.

Soon you start shaking, your legs lock behind my neck. I don’t stop until you are pulling my hair to stop. You roll on your side, breathing heavily.

I lay behind you, with my arms around you holding you thigh and close. Kissing you shoulder gently.

You lay there getting your strength back, you push against me when you feel my erection against you.

You reach for my erection and stroke it a couple of times, escort tuzla it hardens even more. You lay on you back and pulls me over you. I tell you that I do not have any protection, you responds by kissing me and whispers “me neither”.

You spread your legs and grab my butt, pulling me toward you, I bend your legs and steer my erection into you. We look in each other’s eyes as I slowly slide into you, now it is my turn to moan loudly. You work your muscles so both of us feel each other inch by inch.

When I am all the way in and feel out bodies meet, sweaty and lustful. I have to stop, just look at you and kiss you.

I place your hands above your head and fold my fingers with yours, then slowly I start to pull out.

I pause before entering you again so we feel every stroke as much as possible. You wriggle your hips and meet me. You feel so good.

We both feel this can’t go on forever and I let go of her hand so I can go faster. I feel your nails in my back pulling me as far inside as I can go, you whispers “Take me, come inside me”.

That is all I need, I can feel the buildup and start to go faster and harder. We are both panting and moaning, you cross your legs on my back when you start coming.

My last strokes as I shoot my load inside you lifts us both from the bed because we are so entangled, as we climaxes out we lay there out of energy and breathe.

I hold on to you, so when I roll on to my back you end up on top of me. You lay you head on my chest and after a kiss we both fall asleep.

When I wake up, I see right into your beautiful eyes as you have folded your hands on my chest, and you are resting your chin on your hands. Looking at me with a content smile. I love your smile, just seeing you makes me giddy.

You feel it to, you stroke me and I have an erection again. You smile and says “Well it do not look like we are going to get to the meeting in time anyway”.

You get up on your knees and grab my erection, you steer it into yourself and let yourself slide onto it.

You start riding me slowly, you place my hands on your breasts and increase the speed. I can feel that this is going to be a short and hard lovemaking. I lift my hands so you can hold on for stability as I start to meet your strokes. We are both being loud this time, pure lust and newfound love.

As we climax this time I hold you tight and give you all I have.

We roll over on the side, panting and smiling. You smile and say “Sorry about the breakfast”.

I am still not sure who seduced who that day, but I know it was the beginning of the best time in my life.

The “happy” end 🙂

My first published story, hope someone may enjoy it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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