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Roger came home drunk that night. He had been coughing up blood for two days and he knew that the end was near. Although he had taken fairly good care of himself, there were things he couldn’t forsee.

His wife had left him quickly and silently ten years ago and he had never heard from her since. Her not was short and to the point when he came home from work. “I do not love you and I never have. Goodbye, Roger.”

He didn’t think of her too much these days, but he dreamt of her often.

His children were the only ones who kept him going. Ecco, nineteen, and Dane, sixteen. Although he hated working long hours, his children understood. Ecco had learned many things on her own when her mother left and he felt terrible that he hadn’t been there for her. Dane, on the other hand, hadn’t changed at all and he took faith that his father would always be there since his mother wasn’t.

He had difficulty opening the door, but he managed. He saw dane laying on the floor of the family room. He was there every Sunday night afte watching Nosferatu. Dane figured it annoyed his sister, Ecco, but she loved that film in truth and allowed him a little spite in a normally well behaved repartee between brother and sister.

As Roger tried to climb the stairs, he remembered Ecco was in her room alseep. He had to shush himself on several occasions because he was afraid that he would wake her.

In truth, she was already awake. His car alerting her like it did every time he came home. She was scared. She had never seen her father drunk before, but she knew that was what his problem was. He didn’t drink in all the time she could remember so she became frightened. If he had never been drunk at home before, what else would he do?

She had been close to drifting off when there was a knock at her door followed by her father shushing himself again. She pretended she was sleeping, hoping that he would go away. She didn’t want to see him that way. When she didn’t answer, he opened the door quietly as he could and crept in. He came to her bed and stumbled himself to the floor beside her.

He stared at his beautiful daughter and thought about how much he loved her. He stroked her hair, touched her arm, and thought about how nice she smelled. Like her mother.

He felt his cock stirring as he watched her move sleepily. She turned over to face him fully, lips parted slightly.

She waited for him to leave and pretended to sleep. She could smell the liquor on his breath, his musky cologne drowned by the mask of sour mash whiskey. His hands were so hot on her cool skin. bahis firmaları She tingled as he stroked her arm and tugged lightly on her earring.

What was he doing? What did he want? She couldn’t figure what he was up to.

“Ecco. Ecco, wake up a bit.”

“Mmmm, wha’ daddd….”

“Ecco, let me lay next to you for a bit.”

“What’s wrong daddyyy…”

“Daddy feel a little lonely. You don’t mind if he feels better with you, do you?”

“Mmmmmm, whatever makes you happy, dad…goodnight.”

Roger took his shirt and jacket off as he flipped off his shoes. He settled into her bed as she moved to the side. He was so hot on her skin, but she didn’t dare complain. He put his nose in her hair and sniffed deeply, hoping to hold her scent in his mind forever.

He wasn’t mindful of where is cock was and Ecco felt it poking at her back. Roger held her so tightly that she thought he was going to absorb her. When she tried to move a bit to get some air, he moaned and pumped his cock against her.

She felt too good to him. He couldn’t help but respond as she ground against him. She just didn’t know what she had been doing to him. For the past three years she had blossomed into a voluptuous and stunning woman. He wondered with a little envy if anyone had sampled what she had to offer.

“I love you, baby.”

“I love you, too, daddy. Go to sleep, you need some rest.”

She was dismissing him! He wanted to tell her how proud he was of her and all she could think of was sleep!

“Oh, is that how it’s going to be? Turn and look at me, girl.”

“What’s wrong, Daddy?”

“I think you know.”

“I don’t, really. What is wrong?”

“You are. And you are going to change right now.” He tossed her blankets to the floor and raised to his knees. She was too stunned by his actions to move and she bit her lip to keep quiet. She didn’t want to wake Dane.

Roger leaned over and ripped at her night shirt. She clung to his hands, trying to keep him from stripping her, but he was too strong. She struggled to keep her shirt on, but he flipped her over with the force of tearing it from her.

She tried to get off the bed and run, but he grabbed her and flung her back down. She kicked out and fought against him. He grew tired to restaining her and held her wrists over her head with one hand. She tugged to get loose but his grip pinched the harder she fought. She decided to kick more hoping it would break the spell he was under. It proved useless. He dodged her feet and managed to pin her down with his body. All she could kaçak iddaa do was strain against him and squeeze him between her thighs. Both efforts seemed to increase his desire.

“Don’t, don’t…sshhhhh, don’t. Ecco, don’t. Settle down, baby.” He smiled as she let loose one more time and lifted her hips hoping to throw him off. All she did to him was make it easier for him to hold her down.

“Baby, I love you.” He let his head rest on her shoulder. “I love you.” He looked at her neck and kissed her lightly. Her indrawn breath gave him mixed signals and he kissed her again.

Her father’s kisses confused her. She knew it was wrong. He didn’t understand what he was doing. She wanted to get away, but she couldn’t just leave him like that. He needed her understanding. Something was hurting him inside and she had to help him.

“Please, Dad, don’t do this.” He kissed up her jaw and to her ear. She wept silent tears of confusion. “Please, I..I’ll do anything if you’ll stop scaring me!” She couldn’t get more words out with her father’s mouth on hers. He pushed hard against her lips prying them with his tongue. He squeezed harder on her wrists to get her to open her mouth. SHe did and he moaned into her, kissing her deeper. She didn’t fight him, he was too too strong.

“Please baby, it’s been so long since…I’ve had someone with me. I have to do this.”

“No, you don’t.”

“I have to. I won’t hurt you, I promise.” She sighed with relief when he eased some of his weight off her only to gasp when he wrenched his zip down. She could feel him against her thigh, so warm and hard. She struggled a bit and he ripped her panties off, the fabric burning her skin.

“Daddy, please…” He took no notice of her pleadings. All she could do was watch his face as he took in her body in the moonlight. He smiled as he rubbed his member over her full mound, making her shiver. He took a nipple in his mouth and suckled. It tasted so good to him, her sweet young skin.

While she was distracted, he slipped a finger into her to feel her wetness. Her fear and confusion left her soaking under him. He drew in a quick breath and put his head at her entry. Taking a few test pumps, he eased in as far as she could let him. Her pussy was so small, it hurt him. He could tell that she was hurting too. She held her breath and shut her eyes with each entry hoping it would be the last.

“Baby, you feel so good to me. Love me. Open up. Put your legs around me. Please baby, I love you.” She did as she was told, gripping him tightly with her legs on his hips. Her effort made kaçak bahis him slide in more, her pain becoming unbearable. “Oh, yes. Like that, I love it.” He rolled his hips higher and harder, wanting to have al of her that night.

“Aaaahhhhh, Daddyyyyy, no….” He pushed into her with all he had and felt her ripping open. he stopped and looked at her, disbelief colouring his face. A single tear rolled down his cheek as he fell silent. What had he done to his daughter?

“Oh, baby, I didn’t know. Forgive me.” He just stared into her eyes wanting to see her face, wanting her to see his shame.

She stared back at him. What could she do? He was still in her and she felt that there was no more pain.


“Yes, my sweet child?” She took his face in her hands and kissed his mouth. He didn’t know what to do, so he let her kiss him. She kissed him deeper, moving her tongue in his mouth like he had done to her.

“Baby, what…”

“It’s too late now, daddy. And I do love you.” She held him snug against her and ground her hips into his. “Love me.”

He didn’t need to hear any more. He moved in her again, slowly at first and then faster as his lust caught him. Each stroke made her cry out to him. He watched her beneath him, her writhing body sending electricity through him.

“Ohhh, yeah, aaahhhhh, yes pleaseeee, oh God, daddy, fuuuccckkkkk mmmmeeeee!” She screamed to him as he fucked her, his daughter. “Aaahhhh, harder, please. Fuck me more, ooohhh that is so gggoooodddddd!”

She thrashed under him, her body uncontrollable with desire for her father. His own body had betrayed him that night and he was enjoying her. He growled and grunted as he plowed her supple body with his thick cock, the itch of his oncoming orgasm twitching his balls.

“Fuck, baby, I want to come in you. Fuck!! Take my seed, take my come!”

“Come in me, daddy! I want to feel you in me. Make me pregnant daddy!”

That was all he could take. He let loose a roar and filled his daughter’s womb with his sperm. It felt so wonderful as he pumped her full as she clawed at his back. SHe bucked hard beneath him, wanting every last drop. Finally her legs fell from him and he rolled to her side. Their sweat and sex intermingled as a powerful sedative gently lulling them to sleep.

As Roger held her he fell to sleep dreaming of the future. He looked so peaceful to her. She climbed out of bed and picked up his clothes, taking his pants and leaving his shorts on.

When she was through straightening up she went back to bed and covered her father. She donned another shirt and laid next to him, listening to his heartbeat. She fell to sleep thinking about what she had done. She loved her father and he loved her. Now it was up to them.

After all, there was always Monday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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