Summertime Is The Best Ch. 02

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I woke up the next morning to find myself alone in bed with the usual morning stiffy. I rolled around a while before getting up. I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. While there I looked over at the tub and remembered the events of last night. That did little to get rid of my pestering erection. I slipped on some jeans in an attempt to at least conceal myself. I walked into the kitchen and saw Sophie sitting at the table. She was still wearing the panties and tank top she wore to bed last night. Since the AC was still stuck on cold her nipples were hard as pebbles…pressing against the white cotton top. She smiled at me as I sat beside her and made myself a bowl of cereal which she too was eating.

“Well good morning Josh…and how are you this fine morning?”

“Um…great,” I replied.

“I bet…so how was Stacy last night?”

“It was fine,” I said as I felt my face turning beet red, why I was still embarrassed in front of Sophie, I did not know.

“Just fine?…hmph…I’ll have to let Stacy know.”

“More than fine…it was amazing…she was great,” I blurted out.

“Hmm…amazing uhh…I’m sure she’ll like hearing that a lot more.”

Just then there was a knock at the door.

“Ohh….Josh…would you get that…Stacy ran out to do some errands, and I better get changed out of these.”

Sophie ran off to the bedroom as I got up and answered the door.

A tall well built man in a blue uniform was on the other side of the door as I opened it.

“Hi…I’m here to fix the AC…”

“Yeah….umm….the temperatures can’t adjust….and it’s freezing,” I replied.

“Ok…it shouldn’t take long,” he said walking past me and heading over to the AC unit.

I went ahead and finished my cereal while the guy worked and Sophie was in the shower. About twenty minutes later the guy found me in the living room watching television.

“Ok Sir, it’s all fixed…there was an electrical problem…the thermostat wasn’t transmitting to the unit…but it’s all fixed now…everything works fine.”

“Great…so what do we owe you?” I asked.

“Ohh….the company bills you…so if that’s it, I’ll be off.”

“Oh, okay…that’s fine….thanks for coming out,” I replied walking the man to the door and seeing him off.

“Hey Soph…the AC guy fixed the problem…they’ll be billing you,” I shouted.

“I heard Josh,” Sophie said as she emerged from the bedroom. I was stunned at her beauty. She wore a blue cotton skirt that barely reached her knees, and a sexy short sleeved shirt with the first two buttons unbuttoned…her B-cup breasts fighting to get out. The sight sent a tingling to my crotch causing my cock to stir.

“I take it you like?” Sophie said, hinting at the newly formed curve in my jeans.

“Let’s go to lunch Josh…ohh…and I have a little surprise for you….come here.”

I slowly made my way over to Sophie, standing in front of her. She took my right hand in hers…holding my by my wrist. Sophie lowered my hands down her body…running it over the softness of her skirt till there was no more. She pulled a little…my palm now pressed onto her leg. Sophie slowly began to raise my hand…running it up her leg…causing her skirt to hike up as she moved my hand further and further up. My hand was now resting on her inner leg. Sophie adjusted her grip….now holding my fingers with her. She continued moving upwards…now moving a little to the side…she ran my fingers along her hipbone and onto her abdomen. She stopped and looked at me.

“Don’t be nervous Josh….this is supposed to be fun…for you and me,” bahis firmaları she said…giving me some relief. Sophie resumed her control of my hand…now moving down. My palm was pressed onto her stomach and her palm pressed upon mine. The smoothness of her stomach slowly turned to prickly stubble. Further and further down…I expected to feel her panties…but there none…my fingers went straight from feeling the stubble of shaven skin to the slick feel of her outer lips. I guess Sophie’s surprise was no underwear…and boy was I excited. When Sophie finally reached her pussy she lingered…holding my fingers and rubbing them against herself. She subtly slipped my index finger into her pussy passed her outer lips. Allowing me only briefly to savor the feel she retracted my hand brought it up to her mouth and began to suck on my fingers. After releasing my hand Sophie adjusted her skirt and headed for the door.

“Come on Josh…we’ll never get to lunch if we continue this.”

We decided to walk since the restaurant was that far away. As we arrived Sophie took a seat in one of the outside tables. I followed her and took the seat opposite her when she stopped me.

“No Josh…over here…next to me.”

I dragged my chair beside Sophie’s and sat down. It didn’t take long for our waitress to come and take our orders. I noticed as I spoke to the waitress that Sophie began to secretly rub my leg under the table. As the waitress left I looked to Sophie who was still rubbing my leg.

“So tell me Joshy….what did you and Stacy do last night?”

“Um..well…I don’t know if I should.”

“Ohh please Josh….if I don’t hear it from you…I’ll definitely hear it from Stac….I just want to hear your take on it.”

“Well she pulled me in the bathroom and told me to take off my clothes…I umm….hesitated at first, so she removed her top. Then she took off my boxers. She offered to help relieve me…so I asked for a hand job. She asked if I wanted to try something different and proposed a blowjob so I said of course. She said that first I would have to satisfy her…she then took of her panties and sat down on the tub…pulling me down with her. So I started to lick her pussy and was really getting into it…so much so that I needed to stroke my cock…which I did, but she stopped me with her foot. When I was done…she let me up and we switched positions…then she started to suck on my cock…before I knew it I was cumming. Stacy then wiped me off and we went to bed.”

“Well Josh…sounds like you had the time of your life…Ooo….you’ve got me all hot and bothered thinking of you two in the bathroom……..feel.”

Sophie grabbed my hand and pulled it over to her crotch…she slid it below her skirt and then released my hand. I with my hand still buried in her skirt started to rub her slit which was overly wet. We looked into each others eyes as I slipped a finger into her cunt…moving it slowly in and out of her opening.

“Mmmm….Josh….you’re soo good,” she whispered in my ear. “Hmm….looks like we have and admirer,” she continued.

I looked over to the table opposite us and saw that tow guys, no older than myself, were staring at us, their eyes fixed below the table.

“Hmm, I think that turns me on even more,” Sophie whispered, just as our waitress came with out order. I retracted my hand, wiping my palms in a napkin before Sophie and I started to eat. When we were finished, Sophie and I took a stroll through the town before we decided to head home. About five minutes away from the apartment we saw that the sky had gotten considerably darker, and kaçak iddaa even worse, tiny droplets of rain had started to fall. I looked to Sophie who was staring straight up at the sky letting the water hit her body. I stared as the droplets of water hit her clothes, each time revealing more and more. Soon enough the rain had started to pour down and we decided to make a run for it. By now our bodies were soaked. I kept my gaze on Sophie who was drenched head to toe, her clothes clinging to every curve of her body. Her petite breasts, which were now completely visible through her soaked shirt, looked marvelous with her rock hard nipples poking through. As we ran into the wind and rain I looked down to Sophie’s waist. Her skirt which was now dripping wet was plastered to her legs…and as we were running against the wind, her skirt was fit into every crevice and curve. I could clearly see the lips of her cunt formed in the wet material, thanks to her lack of underwear. Sophie caught me staring at her and grabbed my hand in delight, pulling me with her as we ran. We rushed into the apartment and before I had a second to breathe Sophie pushed me up against the wooden door and began planting kisses on my shoulder, my neck, my face, before I knew it she had her tongue buried in my mouth massaging my own. I took the hint, quickly bring my hands up and slipping it into her shirt…grabbing ahold of her wonderfl breasts. I started rubbing and massaging her tits as she licked every area in my mouth.

“Ohh god Josh…you got me so horny I just had to,” she cooed whilst continuing her invasion of my mouth. Before long my cock had started to grow, no doubt the result of our soaked bodies pressing tightly against each other. Soon enough my cock was sturdy as ever pressing through my pants, pressed onto Sophie’s bare soaked leg.

“Mhmm…seems I got you horny too huh?” Sophie moaned as she lowered her hand and began massaging my cock though my soaked clothing.

Feeling caught up in the moment now, I reached behind Sophie holding her tightly, lowering my hands to her ass, groping her warm flesh through the coldness of her damp skirt. I grasped onto her firmly, picking her up off the ground. Sophie countered by wrapping her legs around my waist. She had now released my cock and was cradling my head with her hands as she continued kissing me, her warm tongue almost one with mine. I began to walk us over to Sophie’s room. When we reached, I threw her down on the bed. She bounced up and down on the mattress giggling before settling down. When she did, she began unbuttoning her shirt, throwing it to the floor before working on her skirt. She then lay before me completely naked, completely beautiful, her damp hair still plastered to her face as she looked on at me longingly. I didn’t need a hint…I quickly stripped out of my wet clothes and joined Sophie on the bed.

“Ohh Josh…I was hoping this week would turn out like this, you have no idea. Stacy thought she’d have you first, but it looks like I beat her to it.”

With those words Sophie leaned into me and resumed kissing me. We laid there, our naked bodies tangled together as the rain beat down on the nearby window. I used my right hand to rub, knead, squeeze Sophie’s wonderfully soft yet firm breasts, leaving my left free to get a good feel of her toned ass. The smoothness and warmth of Sophie’s skin felt amazing against my body. Sophie was now lying on top of me. She was straddling my stomach as she continued planting deep passionate kisses on me. Needless to say, my cock was hard as steel by now and was pointing straight up, right behind Sophie’s body. I could kaçak bahis tell Sophie was horny as well, as she was constantly grinding her slick cunt on my stomach. The moment came when I could no longer stand it…I felt as though my cock would burst.

“Ohh God Soph, I need you…now,” I murmured over our meshed moans.

Sophie heeded my cries and slowly slid her body down my own. She raised herself up a little when she felt my cock press against her ass, dabbing it with precum. Then she looked down at me, as I stared back into her bright green eyes and with one motion she lowered her welcoming cunt onto my cock. It was amazing…the warmth of her vagina enveloped my hardon coating it with her juices. Before engulfing my entire length she slowly slipped it out and back in…and out, and back in, until my entire throbbing cock was buried inside of her. Sophie paused for a moment and savored the moment, the feel of me inside her as she smiled down at me. Then she began bucking her hips…moving up and down. Soon, Sophie was bouncing up and down, slamming her pussy down on my cock each time, her ass slapping my lap with each motion.

“Ohh God!!…yess….you like that Josh…mhmm!” she screamed.

“Mhmm….ohh yeahh,” I managed.

I was tired with just lying there, so I a quick motion I grabbed Sophie by the waist and slipped her off me. I got up and went behind Sophie who I had bent over. I took my position behind her and admired her ass just for a second. I ran my palm on her smooth ass cheeks, before slipping my fingers down and running them along the tender lips of her cunt.

“Mhmm,” she moaned at my touch, “Dammit Josh…I need it now!” she exclaimed.

Not wanting to keep her waiting I position my cock behind her ass and slowly moved forward till I felt the tip pressing against the opening of her warm pussy. I slipped my cock in and began to fuck her, slowly at first, but as we both began moaning and screaming I picked up the pace…slamming my prick in and out of her welcoming vagina.

“Ohh…mhmm, fuck yess,” she moaned with every plunge of my cock.

I myself was lost in the amazing moment, the feel of Sophie’s wet warm pussy around my throbbing cock was driving me crazy, and I was on the verge of exploding inside her. That’s why I was relieved to hear Sophie scream uncontrollably as she herself had started slamming her ass back to meet my thrusts into her cunt. Sophie’s pussy gripped my cock as I slipped into her. I was met with a wave of warm juices and screams as she came.

“Ohh FUCK..YESS Josh!…Aghh!”

I continued with my thrusts till Sophie’s screams had settled.

“Soph…I’m gonna cum,” I whimpered.

On hearing this, Sophie slid forward…my cock slipping out of her dripping vagina. She turned around and immediately bent down taking my cock in her mouth for a few quick sucks. Sophie raised her head and grabbed onto my cock, slipping her hands up and down my now blue bulbous prick.

“I knew you probably wanted to fill my pussy with your cum but I’m not on the pill…not yet anyways,” she explained as she continued to pump me. I could not pay attention given my state of mind. Sophie’s grip tightened as she quickened her pace, which was all I needed. Seconds later I felt my cock spasm as my seed went shooting into the air, bringing a smile and quiet giggle to Sophie’s face.

“Ohh god!” I exclaimed as relief filled my body.

Sophie slowed her stroking now…and used her thumb to press down on my cock as she pulled up on my penis…draining me of every last drop of cum.

We both collapsed in each other’s arms, drenched in each other’s juices, breathing heavily when we heard a voice from the doorway of Sophie’s room.

“Well…you two have certainly been busy.”

I looked over to see Stacy standing there looking back at us both.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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