Saffron and Sam Ch. 16

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Ch 16 Sam takes many journeys

All characters in this story are 18 years of age or older unless otherwise denoted. All characters are fictitious and this is a fictitious story, any resemblance to any characters, living or dead, in this story is purely coincidental. I appreciate the comments and appreciate your input. This is a continuous story and you should read the first 15 chapters so you understand the dynamics of the story. Enjoy the story and thank you for reading. JDC

When I reached my apartment, I really felt like I needed a shower. I smelled like sex and Barb, not that that was necessarily a bad thing. I was having feelings of regret for the previous night in giving Barb hope. I went inside, stripped down, and hopped in the shower. The nice hot spray felt good and worked to clear my head a little. I really liked Ally and felt like pursuing a relationship with her. I was still in love with CC, but felt that was going nowhere. I got out, dressed in a pair of lounge pants and a T-shirt. I went in to get something to eat and my phone rang. It was Saffron asking if she could come over.

“I was going flying this afternoon.”

“That’s great I’ll go with you if you don’t mind?”

“That’ll be fine; I’d like to talk to you anyway.”

I drove over and picked her up and we drove up to the airport. When we got the Halsey aviation, Buck was working on the Beech trying to work on the wiring with Chet. They had dashboard out and you could still smell the burnt wiring. Saffron looked at that and said, “Boy that lightning must’ve really nailed you; you’re lucky it didn’t do more than that.”

“Yes we were quite lucky that it didn’t get either one of us; it just got the airplane. It could’ve been much worse. Of course, I told you that before.”

“When did you become an ‘I told you so’ guy?”

“Boy, you really have your work cut out for you there don’t you Buck?”

“I’ve got 15 hours and already and that’s just getting it all apart. It’ll be another 20 to 25 hours putting it back together. I could think of more enjoyable things to be doing.”

“Speaking of that, do you have a single engine Cessna open this afternoon?”

“Just go to your office and see what’s going on with rentals. Ally’s in there, she can help you.”

“Thanks Buck, I’ll leave you to it.”

As we went into the office, Ally was sitting there and got a rather perturbed look on her face when I walked in with Saffron.

“Ally, excuse me, Alyssa Halsey this is my sister Saffron Sanderson.”

“Ally is fine, nice to meet you Saffron; your brother has told me a lot about you. By the way, call me Ally; your brother’s the only one that likes my name.”

“My brother is usually quite right about his judgment and it is a pretty name. However, I know all about strange names and how we interpret them ourselves. Saffron isn’t exactly a common name, but I’ve come to grips with it.”

“What can I do you for today flyboy?”

“How about a rental on a single engine Cessna?”

“We just happen to have one open for special customers. It’s all fueled up and setting out front. You just have to do the preflight. How about you Saffron, are you gonna let your brother fly you or do you need a real pilot?”

“I’ve flown with my brother before and I trust him wholeheartedly. Besides, your father already said that he’s a good and very instinctive pilot.”

I gave Ally a rather dismissive smirk and Saffron and I walked out the front of the hangar to board the plane. I did my preflight and climbed into the Cessna. Saffron had learned from the last time and already had her headset on and strapped into the seat. I started aircraft and began taxiing as I received my takeoff instructions from the tower. We began taxiing to runway five, throttled down the runway, and took off into the West. It was a very calm, bright day and we were really enjoying the flight.

“That Ally didn’t seem to know that I wasn’t your girlfriend Sammy.”

“I don’t think it was that at all; she’s just been under a lot of pressure from her dad. He was none too happy about the lightning strike.”

“Still, she likes you Sammy. Maybe you ought to do something about it, she’s pretty. She also doesn’t appear to take any shit from anybody. She’d be good to keep you busy until CC finishes school.”

“That wouldn’t be very fair to Ally, to just be a fill-in. And what if CC finds somebody else before she finishes school; that would really leave me in a lurch wouldn’t it?”

“Sammy, CC loves you with all her heart and you two are meant to be together; I just know it. I feel it in my heart. Remember you would have never seen her if she’d went away to school to begin with. Don’t you think that’s a little hypocritical of you?”

“I never thought of it like that sis; but she still said she had no time for me, but I’ve seen her out at parties and the Mad Pack get-togethers. She has time for them.”

“Sammy, everyone needs a break from studying and she really feels that she will pendik escort get you back after she’s done with school.”

“So I’m just supposed to be there like a little puppy dog waiting for her?”

“And such a cute puppy dog too,” as she reached over and scratched me behind the ear. I reached over and shoved her hand away and continued flying. We flew over Moaning Lake and Beggars Bluff and I reiterated again that I was going to own that property and build my family’s home there.

“There’s no doubt in my mind Sammy that you’ll do that too. That would be a great place for you and CC to raise your family.”

“Saffron, you never give up do you?”

“Sammy looked me right in the eyes and tell me you’re not still in love with her.”

“Of course I still love her, she’s been the girl my dreams for years, but I’m tired of people crapping on me for their own selfish needs. I’m going to move on with my life; there are too many variables.”

We flew around over our area for about another hour and it was time to turn back to the airport. I made a very smooth landing and we taxiing back up to the Halsey hangar and saw Ally standing outside. As we got out of the plane Ally told Saffron that she was glad that I got her back in one piece.

“I’d fly with Sammy any time,” as she slipped her arm through mine and hugged to me tightly. Ally came over and lightly punched me on the shoulder and said, “As a matter-of-fact, so would I. He’s a good pilot.”

Saffron waited outside while I went in to turn in the items from the flight and finish my paperwork. Ally came in and started talking with me.

“Your sister is very pretty; looks like I made a fool out of myself that day when you’re parents were here. I’m sorry about that; I guess I just get a little jealous sometimes.”

“Maybe if you wouldn’t go about like a bull in a china closet, you would’ve understood that that was my sister. It’s like you said, it’s not like we were an item or anything.”

“Well from what my dad tells me, that wasn’t your sister with you the day you flew your friends up to Findus Resort. All he talked about was how beautiful she was; was that the supermodel Charlie talked about?”

“As a matter of fact it was. She was at the wedding and she asked if she could fly up with us, so I let her.”

“Can I come over to your place tonight and maybe take you out to a movie?”

“I will tell you something Ms. Halsey; to prove I’m not a male chauvinist pig, I’ll let you do just that. Come over around 5:30 PM and I’ll make you dinner as well.”

“Sam you’re the most charming man I’ve ever met. No reason girls at the college talk so good about you.”


I took Saffron home, walked in to say hello to the parents, and went on home to prepare supper for Ally. She arrived probably at 5:30 PM and we ate our spaghetti and meatballs after starting with a salad. She seemed really happy and said she looked forward to a good evening. I was enjoying our dinner and conversation and she was very frankly asking about Barb. I explained things to her and went through the story in detail about Barb, CC, and the beating I took from Bronco Billings. She talked about how awful that must’ve been for me and actually seemed sympathetic.

I thought that the conversation was getting entirely too serious, so I changed the subject to ask how her classes had been going. She told me she was getting through okay and asked how my classes were going. I told her that with the extra classes and summer classes I was doing I could graduate in three years. She reminded me again about what an over achiever I was and asked if I was ever gonna find somebody to be in a relationship with me and I told her I might have.

“Who with, that CC girl or the supermodel?”


“Me, are you crazy? Who says I even like you.”

“You have, several times.”

“To tell you the truth Sammy, I would like that. I really do like you a lot and think we have a lot in common.”

“Well good, it’ll save me a lot of trouble courting you.”

“Oh no you don’t; all girls like to be courted, I’m not that easy. I want flowers and candy and you have to try,” as she started laughing and giving me a big hug. We went to the movies and a surprise to me was that she wanted to see a new action thriller. As we sat through the movie she reached over to hold my hand and I put my arm around her and she snuggled into me.

We watched the movie and went out for ice cream afterwards. As she was licking her ice cream cone she got some chocolate ice cream on the tip of her nose. I reached over with a napkin and wiped it off for her and she smiled really broad.

“I love the way you treat me Sammy; you treat me like my father does.”

“I don’t think your father treats you the way I plan on treating you when we get back to my apartment.”

“I really don’t feel that you’ll survive the night, as keyed up as I am tonight. You’re in for some fun.”


When we pulled back escort pendik up to my apartment, she wasted no time shuffling me into my abode. As soon as she got me through the door, she was trying to get my clothes off of me, and hers off of her. She led me into the bedroom, dropped to her knees, and unceremoniously grabbed my flaccid cock and swallowed it. She began her sucking in earnest, hollowing her cheeks as she slid my now hardening cock in and out of her mouth while using her tongue to bathe me with her saliva. She had a very intense technique that was not lost on my sense of arousal. She was lapping up my precum and actually moaning as she swallowed. When I was hard enough that she could’ve stopped, she just kept on going seeking her reward. As I felt the urge getting close, I warned her I was about the pop through gritting teeth.

“Ally baby, I’m going to come,” as she just reached around and grabbed my tense buttocks in both hands, pulling me harder into her face. I came into her mouth and she swallowed greedily. I was almost out of breath when I said in one word sentences, “Baby that was fantastic, you sure know what you’re doing.”

“That’s a good thing because I aim to please. You always do well when you eat my pussy, so I felt it was the least I could do. Speaking of which…”

“Oh my, does Ally wishith her pussy to be eaten?”

“You bet your ass she does; did you like my subtle hint. I mean I thought I was as subtle as I could be without hitting you in the head with something.”

As she lay back on the bed and spread her legs, I noticed what a beautiful body she had and dropped my head quickly between her legs and covered her pussy with my mouth. The smell of her always made my mouth water and I almost drooled into her sobbing gash. This girl had one of the best tasting quims I’d ever eaten. Her mammoth, engorged clit was pushing up in full arousal and as usual her rose petals were in full bloom as I slid my tongue inside her.

As always, she was going crazy, her pelvis rising up to meet each of my tongue thrusts. Ally always gave as much as she got in bed. She reminded me of how giving CC was when we made love. It didn’t take her long to come in my mouth and I drank her juices down as ample reward for my ministrations. She reached down and grabbed my head into her hands pulling me up to her at breast level. Ally definitely liked to have her nipples sucked during foreplay. I was always glad to accommodate her because her nipples always seemed to be in a state of arousal, hard pencil erasers to play with. I took one of her nipples in my mouth and began my usual nips sucking while she placed her hands on the back of my head to urge me into her supple, but firm tits. I pinched the other nipple between my thumb and forefinger while I worked my mouth on the other. I had expanded this technique and used this moment to slide my free hand down and slide into her with my first two fingers. As I finger fucked her and worked back and forth between both breasts, I thumbed her clit until she came again in roaring fashion, trying to squeeze my fingers off with her cunt muscles.

“Sammy, I need your dick in me right now; I want to feel you gush your come inside my pussy.”

She pulled me up and kissed me passionately, while reaching down with one hand to guide my cock into her waiting cooz. As I slid into her, she moaned loudly into my ear and started thrusting her tongue in and out of my ear to match my thrusts. This was a favorite thing of hers and she knew it drove me wild. We began a fast almost primal rhythm until she came again. This girl was very easy to please, able to reach multiple orgasms without a lot of major effort. It’s not that I thought that I was that good, although I’ve never had any complaints; just that she was easy to get off. It didn’t bother me any, I enjoyed that she enjoyed.

Not long after she came, I reciprocated and unloaded inside her, giving her everything I had. She wrapped her legs around my buttocks and used her heels to spur me on and it actually felt so good I almost came a second time. This girl was really good in bed and was quite giving. It was one of things I noticed about our lovemaking. Other than Barb and CC, none of the other girls I had fucked had done that.

We lay there in our post orgasmic haze and she managed to breath out some words, “Sammy, I really enjoy fucking with you. I really want this to work for us because I think we’re good together.”

“I really like you too Ally and I think we’ll do okay together, if we give it a try.”

“Oh Sammy, I’ll more than give it a try; I’ll give it a do. I can’t wait to tell daddy. Look at the time, I’ve got to get home,” as she got up and dressed, bit down and kissed me, and went out the door. I felt that same lonely feeling again, like the first night we made love and didn’t sleep all that well during the night.


That week we spent a lot of evenings together and even managed to have lunch a couple of times at school when our classes pendik escort bayan came close to one another. We even managed to go flying together a couple of evenings during the week. Even though my class schedule, between conventional and online was hectic, I still managed to eke out a social life with her.

One evening after I finished flying, Buck asked me to go up with him for a little while. When we were at altitude he began a conversation with me.

“Sammy, Ally really seems to be taken with you; is the feeling mutual?”

“Buck, I really like your daughter and feel like I want to have a relationship with her.”

“I’m both glad and sad glad to hear that Sam.”

“Well that’s not the way I would’ve put that.”

“Sam, if you were to have a loving relationship with my daughter, I couldn’t be happier. But there’s something you need to know about Ally. When she goes after something she gets very possessive and can actually go overboard. Ever since her mother died, it’s like she thinks she’s going to lose something and won’t let go of it to the point of smothering it. Why do you think I’ve never remarried? Every time I’ve met someone Ally seems to mess things up for me.”

“Even if I tell her that I’m not trying to replace her in my life, she still sabotages my relationships. I’m just warning you that being in a relationship with my daughter is not an easy thing. I don’t want you to hurt her, but you need to be aware of that part of her personality.”

“I don’t think you need to worry about me Buck, I’m monogamous in my relationships and treat my women well. I will tell you that I won’t put up with any shenanigans from her; if that’s what you want to hear?”

“The other thing I wanted to ask you is if you felt like earning a little extra money and flight time by flying some charters for me? We are getting very busy and I could use the help.”

“Won’t I have to get my commercial ticket for that?”

“Absolutely and I’ll pay for it.”

“I’ll be glad to do it for you, but it may cut into my time with your daughter.”

“She’ll just have to get over it and take one for the team.”


Thus began my professional relationship with Halsey Aviation and my personal one with Alyssa Halsey. I was able to get my commercial certification completed without my grades suffering too much, while I juggled my private time with Ally.

Things started out on a rocky on the first evening together which was a Tuesday. She came over to my apartment and wanted to watch television, which was fine. She started talking about doing this tomorrow night and I told her that I wouldn’t be able to because that was my coffee day with Roxy. She immediately got her fired up and the green eyed monster rolled out. She started huffing about like it was the end of the world and I straightened her out quickly.

“I hate to lay the law down to you so early in our relationship Ally, but this is one thing I won’t put up with. I have a lot of female friends that mean a lot to me and you’re just going to have to live with that. You can ask around and you will find that when I’m in a relationship I’m in it to the hilt. It is a matter of trust; either you trust me or you don’t. I’ll tell you right now, two things that I will not put up with are someone not trusting me in a relationship and someone that gives me ultimatums. You won’t like my response.”

“You are welcome to come with me tomorrow evening and meet Roxy, but she’s my friend and you’ll just have to live with it that Wednesday evenings are a solid appointment in my life and I have coffee with her.”

“I’m sorry Sam; I just care a lot about you and I don’t do well when other females are around you. I guess I’ll just have to learn to handle it.”

“I’m just letting you know right away that I don’t like petty jealousy in a relationship and I won’t put up with it.”


When it was time the next Saturday to fly up to Findus Resort Island to pickup Gerald and Melanie, I asked Ally to accompany me and she was excited. She was so excited to go that she even pre-flighted the Cessna 310 for me and fueled up. As we took off, I told her how excited I was for her to meet Gerald and Melanie and that they were two of my closest friends.

As we landed on the island airstrip, I noticed Gerald and Melanie waiting with their luggage as I taxied up to the airport terminal, which was more like a shack. They saw Ally get out with me and looked at me strangely.

“Gerald and Melanie Gearing, meet Alyssa Halsey, a.k.a. Ally. Ally, meet Gerald and Melanie, two of my closest friends in the world. This is the end of their honeymoon.”

“Sammy told me all about you on the way up here and I’m so glad to meet you both.”

They exchanged pleasantries and we climbed aboard the aircraft to take off for the flight back.

“It’s going to be a little bit more cramped once we get back to the airport getting you home because I’ve only got the Mustang this time.”

Ally said, “It could be worse; they could be in my Fiat.”

“Yes and they could put their life in your hands with your driving. She drives like a bat out of hell full-time.”

“Let’s not start getting personal fly boy.”

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