Risky Business Ch. 05

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Ian had gone out to a Rotary meeting, which meant he wouldn’t be back until late, and very much the worse for wear. Zoe, having cleared up after dinner was now soaking in a hot bubble bath with a large glass of Cava – always drink bubbles when in bubbles was her favourite motto. She was smiling gently, thinking about the events of this morning. She could scarcely believe what she had done, her boldness. She had just had a quickie stand-up fuck with her husband’s best friend in the kitchen, with her husband and daughter upstairs!

Warm and relaxed, she began to feel horny again. Her orgasm shortly after Ian and Peter had left had been earth-shattering – she had cried out, then panicked that Debbie may have heard her. Fortunately, when she’d finished she had walked past her daughter’s bedroom and glanced through the open door to see Debbie sitting at her computer with headphones on, listening to music.

“Mummy!” Zoe heard her daughter’s call and snapped out of her reverie.

“In the bath!” she called back.

There was a few seconds’ wait before Debbie walked in.

“Hi, how are you?” Debbie asked.

“Fine. You?” She reached up for her glass of Cava and took a sip.

“Yeah. I guess. That looks nice, can I get in with you?”

“Of course.”

Zoe watched as Debbie undressed, admiring her body as she stood facing her to take her watch off.

“God you’re beautiful.” She said quietly.

Debbie looked at her and blushed.

“Thanks. Well, I guess I get it from you.”

She clambered into the bath – Zoe sat up and moved her feet apart to give her room.

“Ow! The taps’re cold!” Debbie giggled.

“Turn round and lie back with me.”

Debbie turned round and lay back against her mother, who hooked her feet over Debbie’s legs. Debbie sighed as she snuggled back against Zoe, her head resting on her right breast.

“Ok?” Debbie asked.

“Lovely.” Zoe said quietly, running her hands over Debbie’s shoulders and down her arms. She stared down at her daughter’s pert breasts, then gently slid her hands over them, cupping and squeezing them lovingly.

“You have such gorgeous boobs.”

Debbie watched her mother’s hands caressing and squeezing her boobs, then closed her eyes, sighed, and relaxed into the delightful feelings.

“That feels nice.”

“Mm. I like having mine caressed. Women do it so much better than men. Your father has all the sensitivity of a bull walrus.”

Debbie giggled. “Not all men … I need to talk to you. And how do you know women do it better?”

Zoe paused her caressing to sip from her Cava, handing it to Debbie who took a good swig.

“Well, I hope you’re not shocked, and this is not to go any further …”

“Of course!”

Zoe gently tweaked Debbie’s nipples, then resumed her gentle caressing and squeezing. Debbie was feeling pendik escort decidedly horny by now, and was thoroughly enjoying having her breasts fondled. She was acutely aware of both her own body and that of her mother, feeling her hairless mons pressing into her back. She was resting her hands on her mother’s thighs, gently rubbing them.

“Well, when I was at college I had a couple of flings with other girls.”

Debbie was intrigued. “And?”

“And I’ve occasionally had a fling since I married your father.”

“Oo-err. Does he know?”

“No. And he’s not to.” Zoe said firmly.

“Do I know any of these women?”

“Only one.”



Debbie’s eyes opened wide; her next door neighbour, Zoe’s best friend!

“Gosh.” She said softly.

“Exactly. So don’t tell a soul.”

“When did this happen?”


Debbie sat up, now totally intrigued, half turning to face her mother, who looked back at her with and insouciant expression.

“What, every Tuesday?”

“Hmm, usually.”

“How long has this been going on?”

“Since about a week after Tom left her.”

“Wow, that’s … “

“Three years.”

Zoe held her arms out and pulled Debbie to her. Debbie squirmed round and cuddled into her mother’s embrace as much as the awkward position would allow.

“It’s a very important thing for me, Debbie. I like men, and I love your father, but I guess I’m bisexual and I just love the look and feel of a beautiful woman, and I love making love with one. It is so different to a man. I can’t explain it, but I don’t regret it. Your father must never know. He’d either be disgusted and make my life a misery or want to be involved … and make my life a misery; that can never happen, if only for Becky’s sake.”

She kissed her daughter on her forehead.

“I hope you can understand.”

Debbie lay quietly, her feet in the air, feeling her mother’s arms around her, her mons pressed into her belly and her face resting against her right breast. On an impulse, she kissed her mother’s nipple.

“It’s ok, I’m fine. As long as you’re happy.”

“Good. Now, the water’s getting cold, so let’s get out.”

Debbie clambered out of the bath, grabbing a towel from the rail, then handed the other to her mother as she climbed out, pulling the plug to let the water drain. They smiled at each other as they dried off, then in another impulsive gesture, Debbie flung her arms around her mother and hugged her.

“I love you!”

“And I love you. You said you wanted to talk to me.”

“Oh yes. About men. But first, can you do something for me?”

“Of course. What is it?”

Debbie broke the cuddle and looked down at her mother’s bare mons, and then at her own blonde bush.

“Can you shave mine like yours. I daren’t try it myself.”

“Of escort pendik course darling. You’ll like it, it feels much nicer … for everyone.” She grinned at Debbie. “Go and lie on the bed and I’ll bring the stuff.”

Debbie returned to her parents’ bedroom and lay down on her back on the big bed. Zoe came through a moment later with a towel, a bowl of warm water, a razor and a can of shaving foam. She put the shaving equipment on the floor and draped the towel over the end of the bed.

“Ok, get your bottom to the end of the bed and open your legs.”

Debbie giggled. “Isn’t that the man’s line?”

“Not necessarily … ” Zoe said softly, raising an eyebrow and smiling archly at her daughter.

Debbie giggled again and scooted to the end of the bed. Zoe knelt between her legs, pulled the lid off the foam, then paused as she stared at her daughter’s vulva.

“God, you’ve even got a gorgeous pussy.”

“Mummy!” Debbie giggled, leaning up on her elbows to watch her mother.

Zoe squirted a generous blob of foam onto Debbie’s blonde curls, then smoothed it gently into them. Picking up the razor she pulled her belly skin taught and began to shave her daughter’s mons. Debbie watched, fascinated as the soft, pale skin of her mons was revealed for the first time since puberty. After five minutes her mons was hairless. Zoe used the towel to wipe the excess foam off, then ran her fingertips gently over her daughter’s naked mons.

“First bit done – feel.”

Debbie ran her fingertips over the soft skin, grinning at her mother as she did.

“It feels really nice!”

Zoe grinned up at her. “Good. Now the tricky bit. Lift your legs right up.”

Debbie lay back and lifted her knees up and wide apart. She was acutely aware that her vulva had opened, exposing to her mother the fact that she was quite aroused. Zoe, staring, smiled inwardly.

“You’re so neat.” She paused. “Even when you’re feeling horny.”

“Mummy!” Debbie squealed, blushing furiously.

Zoe laughed. “It’s ok, I’m feeling horny too.”

Debbie lay quietly, her mind churning over recent events. She was thinking about Peter, about her mother’s revelation of her bisexuality and her lesbian affair with Becky, about what had happened in the morning with Peter, about what she wanted to do, and how she was going to tell her mother. She suddenly focused on the here and now when she felt the cool touch of the shaving foam on and around her vulva. She stared at the ceiling, not daring to look down between her legs at what her mother was doing. Then her mother’s fingers were gently smoothing the foam around and on her labia and over her perineum. She couldn’t stop an involuntary flinch as Zoe’s fingertips slid across her clitoris.

“Sorry.” Zoe said softly.

She didn’t flinch as the same fingertips slid over her anus.

“Keep pendik escort bayan perfectly still.”

Then she felt her mother pull her labia and the razor sliding across the taut skin. Five minutes of having her labia pulled and pushed, and her clitoris occasionally rubbed left her very aroused. When Zoe had finished she gently cleaned away the excess foam, then ran her fingertips gently around Debbie’s vulva. She smiled at her daughter’s obvious arousal; her open vulva was bright pink and very moist.

“Good. Feel.”

Debbie slid her hand down over her mons and gently caressed her vulva.

“Feels good.”

Zoe lifted Debbie’s hand away, admired her handiwork for a moment, then leaned forward and kissed Debbie’s clitoris, which was erect and exposed. Debbie flinched but was quiet for a moment.

“That was nice.” A slight tremor in her voice.

“Want to cum?” Zoe asked quietly.

“Yes.” A hoarse whisper.

Zoe smiled, then leant forward and kissed and licked her daughter’s clitoris, running her tongue along the soft folds of her vulva and prodding it into the opening of her vagina, the tip just squeezing through the opening of her hymen. Debbie lay tense and still, shocked by what was happening but so turned on and desperate to come that she just accepted it. Zoe put the index finger of her right hand into her mouth, wetting it copiously, then closed her lips gently over Debbie’s clitoris and sucked it in, flicking her tongue rapidly over it. As she did so, she eased her wet finger firmly into Debbie’s anus. Debbie gasped, went rigid and came, clamping her thighs together against her mother’s head.


Zoe kept up her rapid tongue-flicking until she could sense that Zoe’s orgasm had peaked, releasing her clitoris and reverted to a gentle licking around it. She pulled her finger from her daughter’s bottom and pushed it back in again, which seemed to prolong the young woman’s orgasm still further. Finally she withdrew her finger, lovingly kissed her daughter’s inflamed vulva and stood up, pushing Debbie’s knees apart so that she could lean forward and kiss the gasping girl on the lips.


“Amazing! Even better than Peter!”

“Pardon?” Zoe’s eyes widened in surprise.

Still breathing heavily, Debbie told her mother what had happened that morning. As she spoke, she pulled herself back up the bed to lie against the pillows, and Zoe lay down beside her. Debbie cuddled into her mother.

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about.” She finished.

Suddenly, Zoe began to laugh.

“What? What’s funny?” Asked Debbie.

“Oh, nothing really.” Fibbed Zoe. The woman-musk she had smelled and tasted on Peter’s mouth and which had excited her into the madness of her adulterous stand-up fuck had been her own daughter’s, not Peter’s wife. She had secretly lusted after Diane for years, and just as she thought she had had a second-hand taste of her she found out it was an even more forbidden taste.

“Anyway, I want to make love with Peter … and I want you to be there with me.”

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