Ricky , Karen Home Alone Ch. 03

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Ricky thought this must be what heaven was like, if heaven was sex. The feeling of waking up to a blowjob executed by an enthusiastic expert was incomparable to anything else.

Karen’s brown shoulder length hair and his sleep-crust filled eyes hid most of the action from his view, but he did not care. Oh, he was a visual guy, no doubt, but right now the sensations alone were plenty to get him boiling.

Ricky could not help but shudder on one very long and tickling upward lick, which Karen started beneath his balls and kept so close that the lick pulled his skin along for the ride. At the little spasm, Karen looked up for the first time and noticed her nephew was awake. She smiled at him, her lips covered slightly by his cock.

“Morning sleepy.”

“Morning.” Ricky said back. He could not stop looking at Karen’s mouth, wanting her to take him inside the warm hole again.

She took the hint and began to fellate his member again. Her hands twirled and her mouth took just over half of Ricky’s shaft down in long and luxurious thrusts. Just as he felt his body start to shake from the building orgasm, Karen actually stopped and squeezed, hard, just at the base of his penis. The orgasm which had been right there on the field of play suddenly ran for the sidelines.

“Not so fast,” she said as she smiled. A long, thick drop of jizz dripped from Ricky’s cock. She looked at it for second and then sucked the liquid off. “You taste good. Like fresh lemons, not salty and bitter ones.”

She stood and flung her robe off. She bent and lifted her breasts provocatively for a few moments before straddling Ricky. She positioned his cock straight up and then sat down, easing Ricky into her one delightful inch at a time. She had something new to show her nephew.

“Do girls ever…squeeeeeze you, Ricky?” Karen drew out, moaning a little as she started to ride Ricky fully into her opening.

“Squeeze me? While doing this?” Ricky asked back.

Karen smiled. She finally got him fully inside, buried to the hilt. She said, “Feel this.”

She lifted herself up, and at first Ricky wondered what was going on. Kris had ridden him before of course, how was this going to be different?

Then he felt Karen’s vagina tighten and contract around his cock like a vise. Ricky had not seen this or heard of this in any of his porns before, though he supposed you couldn’t really show this no matter how hard you tried. Ricky’s cock tingled as the muscles gripped and pulled on his skin as she slowly rode up and down his cock.

Karen had to go slow to flex so tight. She actually found it easy to kegel around his big cock, much easier than any other man. Of course, Ricky did not mind in the least. Every up and down movement felt like the greatest hand job ever with warm lube mixed in. In other words, it was sensational.

Finally Karen could not stand it anymore. She stopped her kegel like thrusts and rode Ricky faster and faster, grinding back and forth instead of up and down. Ricky felt himself sliding in and out, back and forth, up and down, her pussy seemingly moving in every direction at once. The sensations finally caught up with him, and before he knew what he was doing he was cumming directly inside of his aunt.

Karen kept going until Ricky stopped thrusting inside her. Once done, she stood and wiped the cum off her legs that had mixed with her own juices and started to run down her thighs. She moved up to lie next to Ricky on his bed.

On her back, Karen began to play with herself. She would be damned if she did not get off. Luckily for her, fingering and masturbation, especially with a girl, was Ricky’s specialty.

He playfully slapped her hand away a few times as she tried to finish herself off. Then he grabbed one of her wrists and pinned it over her head. He left that one in place and took her other wrist up, putting both arms up over her head. Ricky wasn’t really into rough stuff at all, not even in porn form, but pinning her arms back like this was so hot.

Staring deep into Karen he moved his fingers to her mouth. He put his thumb and index finger in for her to suck. The experienced women she was, Karen left some saliva behind to make sure his hands were nice and moist.

One thing his ex Kris had taught Ricky was a particularly pleasurable masturbatory move that could be done with only one hand. It was great for crowded places where discretion was necessary. He put his thumb and forefinger just barely outside Karen’s clit before he started to twist move his fingers lightly counterclockwise, circling her love button but not pressing overly hard. Every 20 seconds or so he switched the direction he moved his fingers.

Karen moaned and writhed in pleasure. It was like a vibrator that was spinning instead of shaking. Ricky even kept her hands pinned nice and tight in place, a little bit of a rough sensation she loved but had not often experienced. Before hardly any time passed she came; her ass and hips lifting fully into bursa escort the air as Ricky kept circling and circling her clitoris. She bucked and writhed in her orgasm.

Thinking the sex done, Karen tried to move her arms. She found she could not as Ricky was holding her tight.

Ricky wouldn’t let her move. She opened her eyes, still shaking a little from cumming and said, “Oh…God….”

He did not answer. Ricky had stopped his fingers but had yet to move them. Then he just kept going.

Karen was so sensitive that the feeling was almost unbearable. Her heart and loins felt like they were about to explode. As she thought she could take no more of the tickling, itching sensation she let go for the second orgasm in a row.

When her ass finally hit the bed again Ricky finally stopped. Her pussy was soaking wet and her clit had grown to twice its size, large but not as large as Jenny’s the day before. Ricky wanted to suck it into his mouth but knew Karen would not be able to handle that right at this moment.

After a few moments of catching her breath Karen turned over to push her entire body against him. Her breasts pressing into his side almost made Ricky hard again as they held each other.

Then he remembered something. The day before, she had not let him cum inside of her. This time, she had. “Karen, was it ok that I came in you?”

“Hmmm?” she asked a little sleepily. Karen just wanted to close her eyes and not wake up until it was time to fuck him all over again. She spoke without opening her eyes. “It’s ok. Got the MAP yesterday.”

Ricky knew she was talking about the Morning After Pill. She must have gotten it yesterday to make sure there would be no little ‘accidents’. Not a condom had been used so far. They trusted each other. Once she confirmed they were being cautious, he suddenly felt much better about the whole situation.

Karen kept talking with her eyes closed. “How was the squeezing, Ricky?”

“Great. That was… a first. Can all women do that?

“You have to do your exercises, but yes.”

“How was your ‘double trouble’?”

“Hmmmm. You did that just right. Who taught you that one?”


“Ha! You learned well. I never even thought of trying it that way before.” Karen reached down and grabbed his cock. It was half hard and sat perfectly in her hands. She loved the slight weight of it. “Would you like a second go?”

Even though he was still horny, Ricky did not know if he could handle going again. “Thanks, but how about a break until this afternoon?”

Karen just nodded and nuzzled into him. Ricky knew she felt safe with him, comfortable. His aunt had not yet told him that her husband had been cold and unfeeling towards her for the last 6 months. She more or less just wanted someone to cuddle with, to share touch. Strangely enough, her nephew had been that first available person. It was only physical, but she found she felt so much better. Smiling inside, even.

They both fell asleep for bit, napping in the after-glow of amazing, guilt free sex.

An hour later, they were both in the kitchen. Ricky had woken up first and had showered alone. Once he had made coffee and ate a quick blueberry muffin, the giant kind, he watched as Karen walked into the room in just her robe. It was tied in the middle but hung mostly open at the top. He could see her cleavage and the top color of her left areola. His cock throbbed at the sight. He was regretting not taking her up on her offer of a second cum.

“So what are we going to do today, Karen?” Ricky asked his aunt. She was sipping her coffee slowly and tapping the table.

“Well, we have all day. Your mom won’t be home until the morning, right?”

Ricky nodded. They had already seen two movies and screwed multiple times. What else was there to do?

While he thought about it, Karen asked, “So what did you do yesterday while I was gone? Sorry I got home late; I was with my friend Sandy all night. We got a little drunk. I came home when I sobered and you were asleep on the couch. Do you remember me waking you up?”

Ricky had wondered how he had gotten up to his room. He shook his head. “Did we…?” he asked.

“Oh, no. I was too tired and drunk and you were totally asleep.”

Good, Ricky thought to himself. He was glad they had not fucked if he wouldn’t be able to remember.

“So what did you do yesterday?” Karen asked again.

Ricky did not know what to do. Tell her the truth? Lie? Just say nothing happened? ‘No Aunt Karen, I was not in a foursome with my ex-girlfriend and her friends.’ All the answers he could give seemed right and wrong at the same time.

“Kris and her friends came over to use the pool for awhile after you left. Then I just sat home all night. I was tired.” Well, it was mostly the truth, with no direct lies. That would have to do.

“Kris, huh? Didn’t you two break up?” Mom and Karen had talked about this, obviously.

“Yeah, but we are still friends. We only split because we are bursa escort bayan going to be so far apart for school.”

Karen nodded. “So did you all have fun?”

Ricky could only nod. Karen got the hint and dropped that part of the conversation, incorrectly assuming they had not gotten along very well. She stood and let her robe fall open, asked, “I am going to shower. Join me?”

Ricky still did not feel up for another cum just yet, though he really wanted it. “I already showered. I think I’m gonna go to the park and shoot the ball around a little. Rain check?” Rick asked jestingly.

Karen nodded, disappointed but not letting it show. “Ok. I might be gone when you get back. I’ll be back around 5 or so, no matter what. Then…”


“You are going to fuck me in the ass. I’ll get some KY.”

Ricky nodded, not knowing what to say. He gave her ass an appreciative look, and watched as she wiggled it a little for his viewing pleasure as she walked up the stairs.

It was only one in the afternoon by the time Ricky actually got to the courts. He found a couple of pick-up games to join and got a good sweat in.

He walked a home around 2:30, a few hours before Karen said she would be back. To his surprise, his mother’s car was in the driveway. Ricky hurried inside to find his mother Lisa sitting alone in the deathly quiet front room.

“Mom, is everything ok?” His mind asked, ‘Do you know I fucked your sister?’

She did not speak to him at fist. He could tell she was trying to compose herself. “I know I’m home early Ricky. I had to come home to see just what was going on here.”

Ricky’s heart dropped to the floor. ‘I’m fucked’, ‘She knows’, ‘I’m dead’; the thoughts all raced at him at once. Like any man would do, Ricky moved straight into denial.

“What…what’s going on?” he lied, like he didn’t know what this was about. He just couldn’t figure out how the hell she knew.

“David, your soon to be former Uncle, called me yesterday. He told me that while he and Karen were fighting, she taunted him…with you as the example. More to the point…your penis was the example. She kept him waiting for three hours and showed up to let him get his things when she was drunk. They fought, and she told him…” she stopped, unsure of how to go on.

Karen had declined to mention that part. Now he knew he was definitely fucked for getting fucked.

“Mom…I…” Rick started. What he was going to say escaped him, the words sounding flimsy and weak.

“No, Ricky, don’t say anything. I also found these, just under the couch.” Lisa held up the yellow bikini bottoms Karen had shucked yesterday before their shower. Obviously, Karen had left them in the damn front room. It was like she wanted them to get caught!

Ricky dropped his head and eyes to the floor, unable to meet his mother’s gaze.

“Now, I want you to go upstairs. Karen will be home soon, and then we’re all going to talk about this. Just tell me…” Lisa stopped, unsure if she really wanted to know this. “Who came onto who?”

David thought back to the little things. The robe slipping up. Seeing Karen sunning nude. Karen staring at his crotch at the pool. Even with his mom yelling at him, the thoughts still excited. “It just…happened,” he finally answered. That was the closest to the truth he could get without getting into details.

Lisa nodded and got up to walk off. Before she could go, Ricky grabbed her arm.

“Mom,” he started, before Lisa cut him off.

“Later, Ricky.”

He had seen her disappointed before, but not like this. It seemed like she couldn’t even look at him. What was he going to do?

Ricky decided he would leave instead of going to his room. He made sure he had his cell phone and took off to the park, where he could be mostly alone and not have to hear his mother moving around the house or yelling with Karen once she got back.

A few hours of cloud watching and nervous worrying later on, Ricky felt his cell phone vibrate. It was Karen, not his mother.

“Hey, Karen. Yeah? Come home? Ok. Is it…” just as he tried to get some details she hung up. She had sounded quiet and upset, but not terribly so.

He worried the entire walk home. As he approached the door, he heard his Mother and Aunt talking at reasonable voice. Far from arguing, they were simply talking about Lisa’s trip.

Ricky opened the door and walked in. His mother was in her normal chair and Karen was on the couch. Lisa dropped her gaze when Ricky looked at her. Karen just smiled.

“Ricky, sit down. We all have to talk,” Karen said seriously, but not negatively.

Ricky sat. A thousand conversations played out in his mind. One should never assume, but Ricky assumed this conversation could only turn out horribly.

“So Ricky. Your Mom and I have talked. She knows everything.”

Shit. Ricky was convinced his mother would think him a freak for the things they had done. So why was she just sitting there letting Karen take the lead?

Karen escort bursa continued. “First, I am sorry I told David. I called him and told him I was just drunk, that I only said what I said to piss him off and freak him out, to screw with him. After we talked your mom called him and explained that nothing happened between us. He believed us both, we think. The divorce is now set in stone, so you don’t have to see him or worry about that ever.”

Ricky nodded, skeptical whether or not David really believed her. But what could he do?

“Next, I want you to tell your Mom that what we did was mutual. She is not mad per say, she just thinks I might have taken advantage of you.”

“You did,” Lisa said quietly.

Karen nodded. “I did a little, but it was not abuse or molestation, right Ricky?”

Ricky nodded enthusiastically. “Mom, we just…wanted each other. We both wanted it. It was…great.”

Lisa looked at both of them in shock. “But, it’s not right.”

“It was just sex, Sis. Nothing personal.”

Lisa looked to Karen. “You two don’t have… a relationship?”

Karen just laughed. “What? He’s my nephew. That… would be gross. He’s 18 sis…”

“Ricky, you don’t have those feelings for Karen?” Lisa asked her son.

“No, Mom. It’s just sex.”

Lisa nodded to herself. That part of it did make her feel a little better, at least.

“Why, Karen? Weren’t any of your old flames around?”

Karen just looked at Ricky. “I never even thought it would happen. I wasn’t even up for sex this weekend–at least that’s what I thought.”

“So why?” Lisa asked.

“Well… I was sunbathing nude, but it wasn’t perverted. He could only see my ass a little. I saw him watching me and rubbing himself a little. Then he came outside, and when he got out of the pool the first time…his shorts, or what was in them, looked great.”

To his shock, Ricky saw his mother nod a little and take an involuntary look at his crotch.

Karen continued. “Later on, I got drunk and ordered him to give me a foot rub. I wasn’t wearing anything under the robe, and at one point I moved when he tickled me a little, and he saw my pussy.”

Lisa flushed at the word pussy. Ricky could not believe Karen was being so honest.

“The next morning, I was on the couch with the robe open, and unbeknownst to me, Ricky jerked off while watching me sleep naked.”

Lisa looked to Ricky disapprovingly; he would not meet her gaze.

“Then, I left for the day and got a few minutes away when I realized I forgot my sun glasses. I came back and saw Ricky masturbating to a porn. It was…hot.”

Ricky decided to jump in. “She didn’t know it, I but I saw her at the window. She ran back to her car when she thought I might have noticed.”

Karen nodded. “When I came back, I had a DVD for us to watch. When the player turned on, the porn was still in there. I was so horny, I couldn’t help myself. I told Ricky to come down and I let him watch me play with myself.”

“It started from there,” Ricky finished. A wave of relief washed over him when he realized his mother was already as upset as she was going to get.

“I still don’t see why, Karen? Just those little…quirks? That got you all hot and bothered to the point you had to have your nephew?”

Karen looked at Lisa oddly for a moment. Then she raised her eyebrows when she had the revelation. “You mean you don’t know?”

Lisa looked at Karen oddly. “Know what?”

Karen looked to Lisa and then to Ricky. She seemed to want some kind of approval from Ricky, who had no idea what she was talking about. She turned back to her sister and said, “Ricky is hung Sis. Way hung.”

Lisa sat back in shock. She looked at Ricky, who flushed in embarrassment.

Karen continued. “I noticed when he was in the pool. Its… beautiful Sis. You should see it. I have never had a cock like it.” Without thinking, Karen looked directly at Ricky’s crotch. Lisa could not help but follow the gaze.

“Really?” Lisa said softly.

Karen held her hands apart to show the size. Then she put her thumb and index together in a circle to show the thickness. Lisa blushed when she realized what her son was packing.

Karen suddenly looked at Ricky with a smile. “Show her,” she ordered her nephew.

Now that was a little weird. Ricky glanced back and forth from his Aunt to his Mother in confusion. Was this really happening? Luckily, Lisa intervened before he was forced to do anything.

“No, no, Karen. I don’t need to see it. I’ll take your word for it.”

Ricky breathed a sigh of relief. His dick would not have looked good anyway. Little Rick was hiding in shame and embarrassment.

Karen just giggled. “Well, it’s worth it, trust me.”

“So you… don’t want to stop having sex with him?” Lisa asked.

“God, no! Were being safe, and he seems to want it too…” Karen trailed off, looking to Ricky.

Ricky did not know what to say and just shut up. Lisa finally asked, “Well?”

She did not seem mad, so Ricky decided to be honest instead of chivalrous. He nodded.

Lisa nodded once and looked off to the side. She knew she really could not do anything about the situation. “Just not while I’m… around. Ok?”

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