Return to Harper Valley

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Just a reminder that I am the original author of The Harper Valley series (refer Profile) and this work has not been plagiarised.


All I can say is, if Larissa did have any plans on remaining a virgin for the return trip home, she was in for a major disappointment. Certainly it had never been her father’s intention, judging by the stream of hot cum he sprayed in his daughter’s face and which had her gasping, just seconds after I filled her beautiful pussy. Let’s face it, neither of them could have been that naïve, willingly attending a function where her school-friends were expected to be routinely fucked in parallel.

The two gentleman behind us who I mentioned had been orchestrating themselves into a frenzy earlier, had doubtless had their view of Larissa’s progress towards orgasm, obscured by my not inconsiderable contribution to the events at hand. Retracting from her now overly sensitive but de-virginised pussy, I retreated from the immediate vicinity, thus affording them an unobstructed view of her legs still at an angle of some one-sixty degrees up on the arms of the chair.

Larissa herself was simply lying back, emotionally drained and breathing stertorously. Her father appeared to be in no hurry to invoke some degree of modesty for his daughter and was in fact now lightly caressing her breasts once more. The two men moved closer and obviously inspired by her naked and spread vulnerability, came together, shooting a significant quantity of cum all over her tummy, inner thighs and pussy. Larissa appeared stunned and just put her hand down between her legs, casually retrieving a sample as it ran down the face of her slit. Her father took her hand and made her rub it into her breasts and nipples. I heard her moan softly and look up at him pleadingly.

“Why don’t you fuck her man?” said one of the observers. “I would, if she were my daughter!”

“C’mon dad,” Larissa was gazing up at him. “Fuck me……go on.”

I have commented on this phenomenon before. It is quite incredible how, what you would term respectable and “good” girls can behave, when gripped by sexual passion. Things they would never think, let alone say, spill from their mouths at such times. I seriously doubt Larissa had ever uttered the word “fuck” in her life. Right now, that and the phrase “don’t stop” probably constituted her entire working vocabulary.

Whether at the men’s urgings or simply playing out his own (understandable) desires, George knelt between Larissa’s legs and wasted no time penetrating her. She gasped audibly and if possible spread a fraction wider. The two other fathers moved to either side of her and taking hold of a leg each just beneath her knees, held her wide open. They also took the opportunity of fondling and rubbing her breasts and nipples as George really began his main assault.

Larissa was just far and away out of it by now, murmuring “Ohh fuck me dad” intermittently. It was making me crazy to watch but I couldn’t have turned away if you had paid me. Even given that this followed on so closely to his earlier performance, I think George filled his daughter pretty much up to her chest cavity. Which of them was the more spent is open to conjecture. I was ready to fuck one of the pot-plants. I hadn’t even noticed, but I must have been stroking myself throughout the entire performance. Thank God for that PTA evening!

Looking across the room momentarily, I saw Jerry’s daughter Michelle, sitting abstractedly on a woman’s lap of all things, watching her father fuck the bejesus out of a shapely blonde girl who was face-down on the carpet with a cushion up under her little hips. Some guy was holding her arms steady and saying stuff to her. I had the impression it was her father. From the angle and distance I was, she appeared to have the tiniest of breasts which Jerry was indulging himself with pleasurably as he fucked her stupid. Her rounded ass looked remarkably cute too as it shook hard with each and every thrust Jerry was submitting her to.

As for Michelle herself, she was wearing once more a pair of panties that the fully-dressed woman had one of her hands well down inside, as she whispered God only knows what into the girl’s ear. With her spare hand she was holding Michelle’s legs apart and quite obviously fondling her pussy like a pro. Those taut little breasts were also targeted for the occasional squeeze and fondle. Hard to say which of them was enjoying it the more.

I was going to leave Larissa but she came marginally to life as I got up and said “Please don’t go yet.” So appealing was her request, I walked across to her, bent down and kissed her on the lips. She put her arms around my neck and said, “Let me sit on you.”

“Now that could be dangerous,” I said to her. She smiled the prettiest of smiles.

I sat in the chair and she more or less fell into my lap. I don’t suppose her legs were working all that well right about then. Retrieving her knickers she pulled them back up – she didn’t seem to worry about being bursa escort topless.

“Well miss, are you going to let us have a turn?” said one of the fathers expectantly. I was going to tell him to “Fuck off” but Larissa turned her head to me, “Would you hold me while he does it?………please?”

Seeing as her father had temporarily wandered off – probably for medical attention, I said “Alright, if you really want to let him have a turn?” I have to admit, the idea of seeing her fucked again wasn’t too big a burden to have to shoulder.

“Can we do it on the floor love?” he was asking, “On your knees sweetie?” (Has a virgin ever had to come so far so quickly I was thinking?)

Well I didn’t think much else could shock me. How wrong could I be?

Easing herself to the floor, she turned round and facing me, climbed back on my knees where she knelt on all fours, her bottom to the man. I know how hot she looked from my perspective, her extended cleavage now right in front of my eyes, God knows how it must have appeared from the rear-end view. The man wasted no time given the incentive before him. He pulled her panties down to her ankles and she kicked them off. Never losing eye-contact with me for one moment, she wriggled slightly as he put his hand up between her legs and pushed his fingers into her, exploring her pussy every which way. I hoped he liked it messy, with at least three men’s cum in her already.

She opened her mouth in surprise as he eased into her, and none too softly judging by her expression. “Kiss me,” she pleaded as he began to work at his task. Without having to move in the slightest, I just met her lips and kissed her deeply. I don’t know if any reader has ever had the extreme pleasure of kissing a girl passionately while she is being fucked from behind – I certainly never had – but there is something unimaginably arousing about it. Her whole body being pushed forward with each thrust and her breasts in vibratory motion. The harder he fucked her, the more demanding she became of being kissed. The other man, who up until then had been fondling her bum while his friend penetrated her at will, was now beside her and began to fondle her breasts. Inexplicably, I shoved his hands away and just said, “Don’t.” I surprised even myself. It was obvious from her partner’s increasing urgency that he was nearing orgasm quickly. Larissa herself was moaning now between kisses, one hand around my neck holding me to her. I whispered softly, “Cum Larissa, cum while you’re kissing me.” She was pushing back on to his cock now and the man came in a vocally impressive display of sexual release. Right then Larissa shuddered the full length of her body. It was a doozy! Between her breasts I could see fresh cum trickling down her inner thighs. How hot she must have felt?

Before she had time to even get her breath, the other man waved his friend aside and took his place. Larissa’s eyes opened wide as he just pushed right up into her, causing her breasts to shake once again in my direct line of vision.

“Can you take this sweetie?” I asked her. Incredibly, she nodded. She then put her left hand up between her legs and guided his cock in to where it was evidently a little more comfortable. I doubted lubrication was a problem. I think she was still feeling the effects of the last orgasm since she began shuddering and making such hot little noises almost immediately he penetrated her. Again she wanted to be kissed the whole time.

Considerably rougher than his friend, this guy just fucked her like a rabbit. No points for culture but he brought her (and himself) off in grand fashion. I have a sneaking suspicion that he also had his finger in her naughtiest enclave whilst mid-intercourse.

This time she had definitely had enough. I retrieved her bra and panties and she put them on. Only problem was, that just made her look sexier. I had other areas to go and monitor and (hopefully) other girls to “assist.” So like Brianna, I just gave her a kiss and promised to see her later. I noticed a couple of other men walking in her direction as I left. I wondered if she was up to it?

On my way across the room, I came across Larissa’s father seated behind another group, with a very pretty girlsitting on his lap with her back to him. She was quite nude and as happy as he was apparently, about the fact his cock was way up inside her. He had one hand around her, playing with both breasts while she was rubbing her own pussy as he arched up into her. No wonder he had been in no rush to get back to his own daughter!

Heading towards the eastern side of the room, I nodded to Jerry in passing who evidently was recuperating between assaults. I then did a double-take….no, make that a triple-take! There before me, and not surprisingly with a small audience of former participants one presumes, judging by their scanty attire, was a couch containing an all-girl affair in motion. Central to the tableau, was the mother I saw earlier attending rather indecently to her own daughter’s panties, bursa escort bayan now attending even more indecently to a rather cute little redhead. The girl was on her knees on the couch actually sucking a slightly older girl’s nipples while the latter was playing with the redhead’s. For her part, the young mother, clad only in her lower undies, was occupied in licking the redhead’s pussy feverishly.

The girl was evidently enjoying the attention, wriggling her bottom in pleasure. As I watched, she must have cum because she stopped sucking the older girl, clutched at her pussy and lay still just curled up in a semi-foetal position. The mother was then targeted by a couple of men who I imagine had plans aplenty for her, especially dressed as she wasn’t. They got no further than pulling her to her feet.

The ringing of a bell broke up the activities as everyone was asked to get dressed. There must have been some incredibly wet knickers under those skirts, dresses and jeans.

Coming evidently to a highly anticipated part of the afternoon’s get-together, everyone was herded into the center of the room where the host was speaking. Males and females were separated into two groups and it was only then that I could see the lopsided count. Some seventeen girls and women – at least twenty-five men. Quite obviously a stack of “inductees” like myself there, especially as a few fathers had brought either two daughters or a wife and a daughter.

Numbered cards were handed to everyone. I figured they were about to hold an auction and I wasn’t too far wrong. The host was continuing to explain procedure. After the women and girls were lined up along the far wall, all the men were asked to vote for one female. Those attracting the top three votes were to be taken to a bedroom each where, for a thirty minute period they had to submit to, and obey the demands unquestioningly of the men accompanying them. In the event of a tied third place, the host would pick the winner. Awesome concept I couldn’t help thinking!

I voted for Larissa, who I noticed was looking remarkably flushed and unsteady on her feet. I don’t think she’d had any respite since I left her. The votes were counted and the three girls called forward. The hottest looking little brunette you could imagine (I hadn’t even seen her yet) won, followed by Brianna, which was no surprise to me. Third-place was though….one of the girl’s mothers no less! A young looking and admittedly gorgeous blonde who obviously would have appealed to men preferring a more mature woman. It had never occurred to me that anyone would choose a woman in her thirties – however pretty, to a hot young teenie. I certainly wouldn’t have, but tastes differ, don’t they?

Each of the selected three then had to choose five men to accompany them upstairs, the little brunette taking out top place, having first choice. Of the five she chose by number, I wondered if one had been her dad?

Brianna was up next. I was willing her to see me! Either she liked slightly older men or I had fucked her just how she liked it – but she chose me first. It was all I could do to restrain myself from punching the air and shouting “Yes!” Former partner Chris, missed out. Four other extremely lucky men didn’t!

The host detailed the remaining rules. Nothing permitted that might hurt or injure. No wandering from room to room (damn that one!) and everything which transpires during that thirty minute period to remain private and undisclosed. I wondered if that included getting her pregnant. That reminds me, these guys must all have an extremely clean bill of health as I didn’t see a solitary rubber used anywhere. As for pregnancy, maybe they only allow in girls during their “safe” period.

Danielle, the cute brunette, was packed off first, our group followed and “Ms maternal hotpants” (coz that’s what she had on) took up the rear. What everyone else did downstairs during this time, I have no idea – wishing they could go upstairs and watch I imagine?

The bedrooms were colossal, the beds too – I learned one thing though, you can do a hell of a lot to a girl in thirty minutes!

Brianna had on jeans and a midriff top, but not for long. Ordered on to the bed the instant the door was closed, the men demanded she show them her tits. Kneeling there, she pulled her top off and coyly pulled down her straps. A couple of men started wanking hard as her lovely little nipples were exposed.

“Show us your bum Brianna,” was the next call. I didn’t mind that one!

Turning round she stood up, undid her jeans and just eased them down teasingly. I think she had done this before. Just seeing her hot little light pink panties was enough to get every appendage in the room interested. Slipping her fingers beneath the waistband, she tugged them down just below her bottom and leaning forward wiggled her bum rather enticingly. Too enticingly for one dad. Dropping his duds he climbed on the bed, made her kneel there and wanked a hot stream of cum all over her bottom. That was undoubtedly escort bursa a signal for the others.

Five men (and yes I must confess, I helped) can get a teenage girl’s clothes off PDQ. To be accurate we left her knickers on for a while…it seemed naughtier! Pushed on her back, they basically raped her. One holding her arms, one each keeping her legs wide apart, the fourth fucking her senseless. Two of the fathers managed to get their cocks in her mouth during this brief session. She certainly seemed to know what was expected of her. Provoked by such a hot scene, I would defy any normal man to remain uninvolved. When it befell my turn I was just giddy with optical overload. Someone had torn her panties and her pussy was not even covered. She wriggled as I pushed in to her and whispered “I love you fucking me Mr Baker.”

Well if she had been planning on getting herself inducted into the rape-victim’s hall of fame, those were definitely the right words to use. I have never cum so quickly. Maybe it was the surroundings, her complete and utter vulnerability, the fact I’d just watched her get fucked four times running, twice in the mouth…whatever, I just pistoned into her with such vocal encouragement from my peers I should add, that the release was almost agonising in its pleasure. Her little mouth opened wide as I gave it all to her. I can never forget that moment.

Can’t forget the next few either. The bed covers were tossed aside, three of the men crawled under the covers and dragged Brianna in with them. Although beneath the sheets, it was plain to see, she was being fondled, kissed and God knows what else. The remains of her torn knickers were tossed out as they set her on her side between them. One man was obviously fucking her front on, what the guy behind was doing other than pulling her hair back, does not make for sane contemplation. He had two really interesting options though! The third eventually swapped places so as to see out his sixty seconds of fame. Barely ten minutes had elapsed.

The fourth dad – Craig, so he informed me, and I were up next. We had it way better with just the two of us..and Brianna in the middle. I had her facing me to start with and I kissed her hard while Craig took her from the rear, Her little body was just shaking with his thrusts and her breasts trembling beneath my hands. As he lifted her leg and started his home run, Brianna just passed-out.

I’m ashamed to say we perpetrated every possible combination of lustful activity on that hot little body while she was unconscious. Fucking her, sucking her nipples and dreaming of the milk we wished was there. This was right over the line, way into dark territory. Worse, I could not rid myself of the image of my own daughters, their hot bodies at the mercy of these same four men, being suckled and fucked senseless while I watched……and waited.

How I wanted to visit the other two bedrooms and see what would forever remain a secret. Did Danielle end up with two cocks in her? Three? Was the other mom gang raped?

With around ten minutes left and Brianna coming round, the ideas were still not in short supply. Someone produced a piece of rope with which her arms were tied behind her. What was left of her torn panties was shoved into her mouth as a gag. Presenting then the quintessential image of a helpless teenage captive, what little cum must have been left between everyone, found its way either into her overflowing pussy or across her face, tummy or bottom. She was just covered from head to foot, even in her hair.

Finally, someone ran a hot bath for her, maybe this was par for the course…I didn’t ask. Showing eventually some gentility, she was placed in it and quite tenderly soaped up. Fuck, was that hot? Five men giving a schoolgirl a bath? You should try it sometime! We got her out, dried her in a circle (considerable kissing and gentle rubbing of her lovely clean pussy, during this phase) while she stood between us and we dressed her, having to use her ripped undies. Just as we tugged her jeans up, the bell sounded downstairs.

Whatever happened to the other two, we’ll never know, but judging by the way both were walking it had to be awesome. Danielle’s hair was worse than Brianna’s and way stickier. Ms Hotpants was breathing really heavily and I suspect, carrying within her way more than when she went upstairs.

It would appear little if any sexual activity had transacted in our absence. All eyes were on the three girls though and you can only imagine what everyone was thinking. Needing obviously a significant break, everyone then relaxed as we all participated in a most pleasant mid-afternoon snack of sandwiches, drinks and whatever else was on offer. These guys sure knew how to entertain – in more ways than one. Naturally, the multi-million dollar bank account helped out there.

Most of the girls seemed to have drifted back to their own fathers. There appeared to be a lot of stroking and hugging going on – perhaps their dads complimenting them on their performances. Wonder what Brianna’s dad, now stroking his daughter’s neck tenderly, would have thought, had he seen us all fucking her stupid while she was out on the bed? Maybe he has seen that before, maybe even done it himself? He should be so lucky.

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