Relieving the Tension

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My mother- in- law is now 59 and I am 37. We have not had the smoothest relationship since I married her daughter. It has had its ups and downs. Bonnie is your average looking lady, 5′ 6″ shoulder length hair that is naturally brown but she dies it blonde with blue eyes. She is a little over weight and hardly has a butt at all and nice 36 B breast. I am 6’2″ with short brown hair and hazel eyes and 270lbs. The last six years Bonnie has been retired but stays home most of the time. She has been divorced for 30 years and has not had a boyfriend in over six years. She mostly wears these summer dresses and time to time she will wear this terry cloth halter top with matching shorts which is my favorite out fit. Bonnie has much smaller breast than my wife.

Bonnie is a very odd person. She does not want to be alone but when she is around others she is very negative. I have notice that she is a walking contradiction, on one hand she despises men and on the other she wants one around and does what they say but is hard to get close to her. The more I have been around her, I find my self fantasizing about her and wondering what her breast look and feel like. Any time Bonnie has come over I watch for a glimpse down her top.

One time during the summer we had a large storm heading our way and my wife had gone to visit some friends in another state so I invited Bonnie to come over and ride the storm out here at my house. She arrived and the day went pretty smooth. We talked and prepared for the storm that was just a few hours away. She was wearing the terry cloth outfit that I like so much because it so her breast off rather well. After we finished dinner she was leaning on the bar and I walked up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders. She said that was nice and just lightly moaned as I was rubbing her back. Under her breath I heard her say it would be nice to have the front rubbed to. I pretended bursa escort like I had not heard it and continued to rub down her back. When my finger reached to bottom of her shirt run my hands under it going up her back making her moan a little more. Has I reached her shoulder I quickly went around her side and before she knew it I had her breast in my hands she quivered and drew in a deep breath. Her nipples got has hard has a rock with in seconds. There was no denying what her body was saying at that time.

Her breast felt great, they filled your hand just right so that you had it all at one time. Her nipples had grown at least two inches long and about a centimeter wide. I rub round her breast and chest for several minutes. Her breathing was getting more rapid and I could tell she was ready and wanting more but was afraid to ask. I could smell her excitement has it was building. I took her by the hand with out saying a word and led her to the bed room. We stood there face to face next to the bed and has she started to say this is….. I leaned over and kissed her like a man that has been with out to long. What little, if any resistance she had was now gone. She was like putty in my hands. Has we broke away from our kiss I was lifting her top up and off. There she stood in front of me her breast completely exposed to my hungry eyes.

They were more beautiful than I ever imagined they were. Her breasts were still very perky and firm, and covered with my freckles. The nipples long and hard light brown spears, sticking out there just waiting to be taken into a mouth. My shorts had already been getting tight from touching her breast and then kissing her. Bonnie looked down and saw my cock straining against the material of my shorts. Bonnie reached out and touched my cock and it jerked as she did. It felt great as she squeezed it tight. I bent down and took her nipple into my mouth and teased it with bursa escort bayan the tip of my tongue making her moan loudly and caused her to get weak in the knees. I stood up straight and kiss her passionately again probing each others mouth like teenagers on their parents couch. The whole time she held my cock in her hand slowly stroked it. She said with a little smile I can.t wait to feel that deep inside of me. I told her I know it has been a long time and I was going to fuck her in every possible position.

I told her I had wanted this to happen for a long time now. I ran my hand down her side to her waist and in on smooth move I push her panties to the floor. She now stands there naked and her pussy just inches from my face. I can see the moisture glistening on her dark brown hair that is covering her thick pussy lips. I can see her lips are wet and her musky smell is making the pre-cum start to drip from the end of my dick. I push her back on to the bed and spread her legs wide. Her pussy opens easily exposing her pink tender flesh covered in her fragrant juice. I kiss my way down the inside of her thigh. Her breathing more rapid and when my lips meet hers she let out this deep moan loudly spilling into a yesssssss. My tongue is exploring every inch of her pussy. Her clit is so hard and wants to be licked and sucked so bad it is sticking out farther than any I had ever seen one go. I let my tongue slide down into her hole which was difficult because it was so tight but I wiggled it as far as I could get into her.

When I finally took her clit into my mouth she let out a moaning scream unlike any I had never heard. She started cumming immediately with the first lick and did not stop for at least five minuets. I stood up and slide my shorts off to free my straining dick at last. It is 7 inches long and three and a half inches thick. The head is slightly purple and with a much defined ridge. escort bursa I positioned her in the bed and kissed my way back between her legs. By this time she had caught her breath, I ran the head along the length of her pussy to get it good and wet. I felt the tip of my dick at her hole and I start putting some pressure on it. Her pussy slowly gives way to my cock. Has the head enters her pussy she draws a deep breath and says you are really big. I continue to put pressure on it sliding in an inch or two. I pull back to make sure my dick gets coated well. I pushed my cock back in about half away and she is moaning and wiggling like crazy and then ask me to push it all the way in, her eyes get wide as she gasps deeply and states oh yes. I sit perfectly still as she gets use to me inside side her. She is so tight I feel her contracting trying to relax. I never thought she would have been that tight. I almost lost my load then. After a minute or so the sperm settles back down into my balls and I am ready to start moving back and forth slowly picking up speed in response to her movements. Before long I am slapping her ass with my balls.

She tenses up let out this long oooh god I am cumming yess fuck me right there oh god yesss. I feel her pussy grabbing my cock like a milking machine. I could not hold on any longer and let go with a massive flood of cum. I had never cum that much in my life. It was squirting out around my dick and ran down her ass. We stayed intertwined and my cock still lodged deep inside her. When we came to our senses she kissed me deeply and told me I was the first to ever make her cum with my dick. We then realized I was still in her and getting very hard again. I rolled over and she climbed on to and road me so I could play with her tits. Bonnie lowered her pussy to my cock and guided it in to her gapping hole. It felt so good having her pussy wrapped around my cock again. Bonnie rode me hard making her self cum two more time before making me fill her womb up again. We still have fun together as much as possible, needless to say our relationship has improved, we have lots of ups and very little downs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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