Prophet Poppa

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“Yes Poppa! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Oh GODDDDDD!” Lily screamed, frantically gyrating her genitals into the body of her 70 year old grandfather.

Bishop Karl Watters remained almost detached as his 19 year old granddaughter serviced his cock for the third time that week. Lily, a luscious vision of blond hair and large breasts with blue eyes and a killer pussy, was a devoted Christian. Every member of his family were devout followers and recognized his privileged needs in the Church of Saints. One of his needs was the use of available flesh. Bishop Watters claimed it inspired his very best sermons. Thankfully, he had a large family and congregation.

However, the reason for this day’s visit had nothing to do with inspiration and everything to do with family quantity. The congregation watched with bated breath as the Bishop Watters finished this week’s sermon with a prayer for multiplicity. His belief was that a large family was a happy family and Lily had come of age long ago where she should have begun providing the family with new blood.

The good Bishop or Poppa as everyone called him, howled out his thankfulness to the divine for such a rich bounty, “Yes Lord, bring it to me! Allow me to feed this soil with my anointed seed!”

Lucy, his wife watched as Poppa impregnated her youngest granddaughter. The alter was laid out simply that day with a firm mattress to cushion the active couple and provide an unobstructed view of the proceedings. She long ago gave up her very soul to her husband and so observed everything with a charming smile on her face.

Long ago, when escort ataşehir she first came to be his wife, Karl was a simple farmer. They had two beautiful children and lived far from the chaos of city life or county intrusions of family. However, the death of Karl’s father meant that as oldest son, he had a responsibility to the family. He established an easy rapport with the congregation and at the urging of his father’s advisor’s took all his father’s wives as his, including his own mother. Many years had passed and her hair turned as gray as her soul.

“Oh Poppa, yes! Give me life Poppa! Make me a woman in body and spirit Poppa,” Lily moaned loudly enough for all to hear.

Lily’s mother, Mary, couldn’t have been prouder of her daughter’s performance. She remembered well her own ceremony with her father. She remembered the congregation watching as her father filled her belly with cum and she could tell from the look on her father’s face that he placed her daughter in high regard. Lily had managed to not only serve God but in doing so, served her father and for that she knew Lily would be rewarded. Of course, that meant reward for Mary as well.

Within the small church gathered well over a hundred members. Most of which were male. Although faithful servitude was praised among women, procreation was a special ceremony that needed to be guarded by the strongest men in the community. After the initial sexual union between grandfather and grandchild the remaining men would be encouraged to have their turn. This would seal the fate of Bishop Watters’s granddaughter. kadıköy escort Once pregnant she would be auctioned off to the wealthiest landholder. This was usually someone on the council.

There were very strict guidelines that every woman in the community and church had to follow. The most important rule was that the Prophet held rule over all and spoke directly to God. Those conversations were sacrosanct. Whatever the Prophet said was followed and anyone who disapproved or argued could face banishment or worse. Poppa was the Prophet and he spoke the truth. An infidel had no rights once they spoke against Poppa.

Lily began to experience discomfort but was careful to bite her lip to keep from screaming. Poppa squeezed her breasts harshly and his cock rammed inside her mercilessly. She really wanted to rest but Lily knew the night was still young.

Once Poppa was finished with her he would be carried from the room by twelve harlots. The harlots were a group women in the community who had no man to care for them. Their husbands had tired of them or lost them due to unpaid taxes or community dues of some sort and so gave them up to the council. The women belonged to the council, were used regularly by the council and by the Prophet. This was usually sexual use. The council only accepted the youngest, prettiest wives of course. Once they belonged to the council, they were stripped of their names and their clothes and allowed only to wear a red string around each nipple. As Poppa finished squeezing off a shot of seed into her pussy, he instructed the maltepe escort bayan slut to get up on her hands and knees. The congregation hummed in pleasure at seeing the young bitch’s hole so nicely wet and used. Watt Masterson moved the tripod and camera light to the best angle for viewing. He knew the Poppa would love this little memento. Of course all the councilmen would enjoy it. Lily’s thighs glistened with fluid and her ass was red from Poppa’s spankings and urgings. Poppa was an active lover. Watt knew this from experience. It didn’t matter what his age, Poppa believed the goal to a healthy life was lots of sex and God. The only was to get to God was to have a lot of sex with Poppa.

Poppa pushed Lily’s head down into the mattress and hunched over her small body. His hips ground and bumped into her soft skin and the congregation could tell Lily was receiving a special anointing. Her pussy gap was being buried in sticky, precious cum. Lily’s mouth opened and she struggled to take long mouthfuls of air. Gasping she tried to match Poppa’s thrusts. The young girl was clearly having trouble keeping up with her grandfather. When Poppa was involved in holy breeding rites God’s spirit touched him and transformed him into a lion of sexual energy. He could fuck all night and did.

When Poppa finished his task, he raised his hands high spoke while Lily raised his flaccid cock and buried it in her mouth.

“Friends, neighbors, family … I invite you all. I invite you to enter this lost lamb. I invite you to spread your seed and let your tools be the tills that help the planting began. Amen!” Poppa roared. The congregation raised their ecstatic voices in unison and moved towards Poppa, only parting long enough to let the harlots through. Once Poppa had left the room, the councilmen overwhelmed the small woman, grabbing breasts and pussy and legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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