Poor Little Heidi

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(As a request by a lovely young woman I submit this story to you exactly as it was told to me.)


My story might not be as erotic as some others but sometimes life is just what it is!

I was sitting around thinking the other day about things that have happened in my life and the fact that I have barely shared any of it with anyone up until now. My concern has always been that people that I know would feel that I was weird or something but by telling you I know that I would feel better getting it off my chest since you may never know who I am personally. You see I am an exhibitionist. I may not have been born this way but as you read you might understand how I came to be one.

My name is Heidi. I’m a very small girl, I mean woman, at only 4’8″ tall and a mere 92 pounds. I am an adult (honest!). I have long natural blond hair and blue eyes. My measurements are 34C-22-34 but they say that I have the face of a 15 year old girl. People have a hard time believing that I am as old as I am but when they see my body they can’t deny that I must be.

My parents died in a car accident when I was very young. I was forced to move from one foster home to another without ever getting comfortable with anyone or staying very long. I never had any close friends as I moved from town to town and from school to school. The kids at school used to tease me for being small and treated me like I was too young to play with them. Of course that led to my being very insecure and self conscious. I spent most of my time after school at my foster home alone.

When I was 13 someone came to the foster home that I was staying in and asked to speak to me. They told me that I had an aunt and uncle that I didn’t know about and that they wanted to adopt me. It took a few weeks for all of the formalities to go through but but the day finally arrived when a woman in a business suit came and brought me to meet, what would come be, my new parents. It wasn’t quite what I expected as the car drove into a trailer park and pulled up in front my new home. It was a double wide with flowers in the window box and a nicely landscaped lawn. They would always get upset when anyone called it a trailer preferring to use the term mobile home.

I grabbed my suitcase and lugged it up the front walk alongside my neatly dressed escort. She rang the bell and a woman opened the front door while she dried her hands on her apron. She appeared to be in her early forties, brown curly hair, and a tad over weight. She had a pleasant smile on her face and when she made eye contact with me I felt a connection like I never had with any of my foster parents.

“Hello. You must be Heidi. I am your Auntie Marge. Your mother was my sister and spoke about you all of the time before she passed away. I remember visiting you when you were very young but you probably don’t remember that. Please come in!” She backed away from the door to let us in and had us sit at the kitchen table.

The two women talked about the terms of my adoption and stay there as I looked around the room. I found the inside of the house neat and well kept. I had often heard the term “trailer trash” but I saw nothing that would make me think that here. I noticed that the women had stopped talking for a moment and were looking at me.

“Would you like to see your new room Heidi?” Auntie Marge asked as she got up from her seat.

“Yes ma’am.” I replied nearly jumping to my feet.

We walked down the narrow hall and she opened the door to my room. It was all set up with a small canopy bed, cute pictures on the walls, and stuffed animals all around. It looked as though a child was already living there.

“Like it?” She asked.

“Is there someone else living here?”

“No, I’m sorry to say. We had a daughter named Beth. Your cousin. She passed away one year ago this month. We wish that you could have met her. She was such a sweet little thing.” Marge said as her eyes welled up.

“How old was she?”

“She was five. She was looking forward to going to school with the other kids but never made it. Leukemia. She went quickly. We never had the heart to throw out her things.” She choked up and left the room to be consoled by the other woman.

I remained and looked around. I could tell that everything was probably left as it was before Beth died. Now I would be replacing her. It made me feel a bit uneasy for a while. After the foster care lady left I talked to my aunt for a while. She seemed to be a genuinely nice person and we had a very good relationship for our time together.

Later in the day my Uncle George came home from work. He was also in his mid forties, balding, and had a Santa like belly. When he walked into the house he saw me sitting at the table and quickly came to give me a big bear hug. We talked for a while to get comfortable with each other and I found that he was a hard working man and that he too was devastated when they lost their daughter.

“How old are you Heidi?” he asked.

“I’m thirteen.”

He had a puzzled look on his ataşehir escort bayan face.

“Funny. You really don’t much older than Beth did.”

“I know, Sir. I get that all of the time. I’m thirteen. Really!”

They became the loving family that I never had before. I became very close with my Auntie Marge and we were inseparable when I was home. They were very protective of me as I was to come right home after school and spend most of my time inside of the house. This didn’t bother me much because I never did have any friends per-say and loved the bond that I had with my aunt. The one thing that did bother me, however, was the way that they treated me as though I was still five years old and it made me feel that they wanted me to be their own daughter, Beth.

They had me wear clothes that were designed for a younger girl. For bed they had me wear what amounted to only a t-shirt. I was not permitted to wear panties to bed so that from the time that I got ready for bed to the time that I dressed the following day I was naked below the waist. I’m sure that this may have been all well and good for a five year old but I was thirteen and felt very self conscious about strutting around the house with my privates showing. I didn’t understand it but I excepted it none the less.

Let me say this before it goes on much further, my aunt and uncle never molested or physically abused me. They never touched me in an inappropriate way so there was not anything incestuous in our relationship. That is not to say that things didn’t get eerily close before I moved on.

As I said, from the time that I moved in at age thirteen to the time that I headed off to college at eighteen it was just normal for me to walk around the house half naked. By the time that I turned sixteen I started puberty. My body was late in every way. I still looked like I was twelve but my breasts started blooming at a very slow rate. Still in denial about my growing older, my adopted parents would not allow me to wear a woman’s bra.

My auntie noticed that I was beginning to grow pubic hair as well as some fuzz under my arms.

“Oh my. We can’t have this. A young girl like you shouldn’t have hair growing down there yet. We had better do something about this before your uncle sees it.”

I thought that I must be different from the other girls and I really didn’t need the girls at school to ridicule me about this so when my aunt took me into the bathroom to shave it off I was thankful. She first had me soak in the tub for a while before she put shave cream all over the mound of my vagina. The hair was light and wispy but she was concerned that my uncle would see it and think that his little girl was growing up too fast. She ran the razor over the surface slowly and carefully. It didn’t take a minute before she was done. After wiping the area free of the remaining shaving cream she ran her hand over it to check for stubble. I was relieved that she had noticed this before it could become an issue and after shaving under my arms as well as my legs I got dressed in time for my uncle to come home from work.


Part 2

My Auntie Marge developed cervical cancer and the following year was a nightmare. She passed away on my eighteenth birthday making what could have been one of the happiest days of my life into my worst. My uncle and I had a very hard time dealing with the loss as she was everything to us. I did my best to fill her shoes and help my uncle. We became very close and although, as I said before, he had never molested me he began to look at me differently. My body was now becoming fully developed and even with the fact that I was small my boobs became very noticeable.

The first time that anyone besides my family saw my privates was early on a Saturday morning. I was in the living room watching TV wearing only my bedtime t-shirt when there was a knock on the back door. It was the cable man coming to make some repairs as we were getting bad reception from time to time. My uncle let him in through the kitchen and explained the problem before pointing the way to the living room where I was.

I was engrossed in some silly show as usual when he entered the room alone. He was a young man probably around twenty. I sat in my usual position with my feet up on the sofa and my knees pulled up against my chest. My arms were wrapped around my legs as my chin rested on top of my knees. He walked into the room and was standing between me and the TV before he stopped and turned toward me.

“Hi there………… Oh my!” His eyes were as wide as saucers as a broad grin appeared on his face.

I didn’t think about it at the time but because of the way that I was sitting he had a perfect view of my vagina and butt. It was as if framed for his viewing. He started to look nervous as he tried to look away but couldn’t. I didn’t understand what the problem was.

“I’m sorry. Should I move?” I asked.

“Oh no. Please don’t. You’re fine just like that.” He said quickly trying to keep me from spoiling escort kadıköy his view. “How old are you?”

“I just turned eighteen is that OK?”

“Oh that’s great! I was afraid that you were a lot younger than that. Eighteen is good.”

He smiled at me and I know that I must have been blushing. He was kind of cute.

He turned to look at the TV and then back to me.

“Would you like to help me?” He asked.

“Sure, what can I do?” I asked. I went to shift my position and he motioned for me to stay still.

“I’m going to be working behind the TV and I need someone to use the remote control while I make some adjustments. “

He handed me the remote and went behind the set.

“When I say to I need you to point the remote at the TV and push the input button. Can you do that?”

“Sure I can.”

“OK now. Push it.”

Well, I just did what I usually do. I opened my legs and pointed the remote with my arm extended toward the TV. When he looked back from around the TV he looked like he was in total shock.

“OH GOD!” He said very loudly.

I had neglected to mention that I am very flexible and when I opened my legs to point the remote between them my legs spread to the point where my knees were touching the cushions on either side of me. My vagina was opened like a flower and I don’t think that he was ready for that.

“Is everything alright in there. Need any help?” My uncle asked from the kitchen and it sounded as though he was coming our way.

“No no no! We’re, I mean, I’m doing just fine here. Almost done really!” He said in an anxious tone.

“OK then but if the girl is bothering you then feel free to send her away.”

“No bother sir. Really.” He said as he tried to signal for me to cover up.

I didn’t understand what it was exactly that he wanted me to do so in my nervousness I pulled my knees up under my shirt and when he looked back again my stretched out shirt was just not long enough to cover my, by then, ample breasts. By that time I thought that I had to be at least a “C” cup and between my vagina as well as my huge titties looking straight at him he just couldn’t contain himself any longer.

He was sweating profusely as he picked up his tools and headed for the kitchen. He was in a rush as he shot by my uncle and out the door.

“All set sir. Gotta go!”

He was gone in a flash and I still had no idea what happened. I didn’t understand at that time how a man would get excited by just looking at my body. I started to learn as the next year progressed.

In school I was sent down to the guidance counselor to speak with her about the fact that I did not wear a bra. She told me that I was becoming a distraction to both the students and the faculty and to avoid this being a problem I would have to start to wear one before I would be allowed to return to class. I was given a note which explained this to my uncle when he got home from work that night. Even though he understood it saddened him that his “little girl” had grown up. He took me to a store that night to be measured and buy some.

That is how I discovered that my chest size was a 34C. The clerk had me remove my top so that she could take my measurement. Her eyes seemed to light up when she saw how big they were for such a tiny girl.

“You say that you have never worn a bra before?” She asked as she stood behind me and reached around the front for the other end of the tape.

“No ma’am. This will be my first.” I said as I felt the woman’s fingers fumble around my nipples as she tried to grasp the other end.

“You have beautiful breasts. I can’t believe how they stand up on their own without support. I’m sure that your boyfriend must like them a lot.” She chuckled.

“Oh I don’t have a boyfriend.” I looked down embarrassed.

“Girlfriend maybe?” She looked into my eyes and smiled.

“No. Just my uncle George.”

The woman just looked at me puzzled.

“Uncle huh?” She paused. “Well lets go see what we can find in your size.”

I tried a couple on and decided on something that didn’t feel too stiff as my boobs had never been restrained before. When I walked out of the dressing room wearing one under my top my uncle noticed right away and a sad look came over his face. I think that he felt that I was grown up now and would be leaving him too. That didn’t happen for almost another year.

As I said before he started looking at me a little differently than before. On nights that he went out to play poker with the guys he would come home late. I could hear him come into my room very quietly as I pretended to be asleep. I could make out his silhouette standing above me with the light from the hallway behind him. There was a strong smell of liquor and cigars on him as he looked down upon me. Ever so slowly he would take my covers all the way down and bunch them at my feet. I still slept wearing just the t-shirt and with the covers off he could see my vagina perfectly. I still kept it shaved smooth as my auntie maltepe escort told me to. He would look down at my near naked body for a few minutes. I could see one of his hands at the front of his pants but I couldn’t make out just what he was doing. After a few minutes he carefully place the cover back over me and tucked me in. Then he would bend and give me a kiss on the forehead and quietly leave. I knew that I could have just told him that I was awake but I didn’t think that he wanted me to be.

After years of going to other players homes for his poker games he decided that it was finally time that he had his friends come to our house. Auntie Marge would never allow that sort of thing in her house especially with the smoking. There is a small den at the end of our home that he set up for the game. We made sure that we had plenty of everything before the guests arrived. I stayed in the living room and as the guests came through my Uncle George introduced me to each of them. They all seemed very nice and asked if I would like to sit in but I said no and watched a movie. Uncle George checked on me from time to time on his way to the bathroom. He told me to be sure to stop in and say good night before I went to bed.

Around midnight I was getting tired and got myself ready for bed and headed down the hall to say good night. As I entered the room all conversation stopped. One of the men that had been smoking a cigar had it fall out of his mouth onto the table. They were all looking at me with a shocked expression on their faces. Uncle George looked up from his cards and spoke.

“Ready for bed already? Why don’t you come here and give your uncle George a great big hug.” He reached his arms out to me and I walked toward him and wrapped my arms around him.

Now of course you realize that being dressed for bed that I was wearing just my t-shirt. This was just the way it had been for years but I don’t think that the other men were prepared for what they saw. They began to speak up.

“Hey, how about some of that for your new uncle Tony?” Said the burly man across the table.

Uncle George just gave me a nod to go ahead so I walked around the table and hugged him also. He squeezed me tightly to himself with a hand on my back and the other on my bum.

“Can Uncle Simon have a little sugar too?” Said the next man.

Tony gave my butt a couple of light spanks before letting me go to Simon. The next was my new Uncle Dave who gave one of my butt cheeks a good squeeze before letting go. After that they all wanted me to stay and watch the games but I told them that I was tired and had to go. Later when everyone was gone my uncle quietly came into my room and pulled down my covers to look at me as usual. This time he had something in his hand that he was shaking back and forth but with the light behind him I couldn’t make out what it was. Again, he covered me and quietly left.

After that all of the poker games were played at our house. The men all wanted me to call them by Uncle and they I would be their waitress getting them drinks and snacks all night. They would give me a chip every time that I did something for them and by the end of the night they would cash them in and give me the money that I earned. With each order I got a hug and a kiss on the cheek. I truly loved the attention that I got and it was something that I thought that I really needed being home alone most of the time.

Of course by the end of the night I would have to give each of my new uncles a big hug before going to bed. I did notice that as time went on that their fingers would be touching my private parts more often. I could even feel Uncle Tony’s finger slip into my vagina a few times. I got a strange sensation when he did that but I knew that it was wrong and didn’t tell Uncle George about it not wanting to cause trouble.

That night when Uncle George came into my room to look at me I could see two silhouettes. One was much larger than the other so I deducted that it was Uncle Tony. Uncle George lowered my covers and I could hear them whispering to each other. I heard Uncle George whisper “no” when I saw Uncle Tony bending over. I thought that he was going to kiss me on my forehead so I clenched my eyes shut so that he wouldn’t see them open when suddenly I felt something touching my vagina. He was kissing me right on my pussy! He stayed there for a moment and I felt something soft running up and down it’s surface. It was his tongue. He was licking my pussy! Why would he lick my pussy? I heard Uncle George whisper something again and Uncle Tony stood up and left. Uncle George pulled my covers back up and kissed my forehead and left also. I could swear that he whispered “sorry” as he kissed me.

After he had closed the door I put my hand down to my vagina. It felt wet but it seemed a bit more than what it should have been from just a few licks from his tongue. I slid my fingers around and found that it appeared to be coming from inside of me. It was very smooth and slippery and my fingers began to smear it around. I enjoyed the feeling that I was getting inside as I moved my hand around the smooth mound of my pussy. My middle finger slipped inside and that was it. I couldn’t hold back after that. It felt too good! I began to rub harder and noticed that it felt best up near the top of my crack.

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