Planet of the Pink Mist

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The fallen spaceship had ploughed a canyon into the crust of the planet. The inhabited command section had broken free and rested three kilometres away from the rest of the ship, which lay burning, bigger than a skyscraper, even half buried in the ground. Almost the entire crew had been aboard the bridge, where the shockfields had failed to activate. Captain Benning and the other deck officers had been killed. All except for one, that was.

Lt Kai Samson had not been at his station. The medical unit where he had been, along with every other area of the living quarters, had filled with crashfoam the second before impact. He had been suffering from yet another one of his migraines. This one had saved his life. It had also saved the life of the Venus Nova’s medical officer, Dr Francesca Miller, who also happened to be his mother. As the foam dissolved and he found his mother alive, and uninjured apart from a broken radial bone, he had burst into tears.

Prof Alan Landau and Specialist Ray Tanner had also been in the living quarters, and survived with only minor injuries. They later found three of the ten engineers alive, although they had sustained multiple fractures and internal ruptures. Dr Miller, once her arm had been splinted by her son, set about saving them. Thanks to her ardent, one-handed efforts, and the surgical-drone she had programmed, the three injured men were placed inside auto-med cells that provided life support and trauma therapy. The four of them then set about detaching the habitat module to make a set of living quarters, which Prof Landau powered with an emergency cold-fusion generator. Robots cleaned up the bridge and froze the dead bodies. There was an informal ceremony but no funeral. Religion had largely gone out of fashion a century or so ago.

Looking at the wreck of the Venus Nova Kai could not quite believe they had walked away. It was only his second mission; he had qualified as an astronavigation officer, second class, only eighteen months previously. He guessed they had been hit with a meteor storm as they fluxed from metaspace, and had been caught in the planet’s gravity well. Although agnostic, Kai thanked God for saving him and his mother. When he had been assigned to the same ship as his mother his flight school friends had taken the piss out of him relentlessly. He could see their point. An InterStel officer, but still a mummy’s boy. This was not sheer coincidence of course; InterStel deliberately placed relatives together on long voyages for the harmonious effect on group psychology.

By some quirk of fate, the planet – it only had a number (UB487D) — was an Earth type atmosphere, and was listed for possible terraforming, although it had not even been properly explored yet. The air was short on oxygen, but a respirator was all that was required. The planet orbited a binary yellow sun in a relatively close orbit, so it was exceedingly hot during the day, and freezing at night, but the extremes were well within tolerable limits, providing the habitat was functioning.

Prof Landau decided to pilot a functioning survival module to an automated navlink station on the edge of the system, from where they could send for help. It was a two-man craft and he insisted on taking Tanner with him. The journey would take one month. Lt Samson and Dr Miller watched the small ship rise on the haze of an AG field until it shrunk into a dot and disappeared into the orange sky. There would be a rescue, but they would have to wait. Someone should get to them with three months.

The two stranded space travellers set about improving their habitat and, to some extent, exploring their new world. The planet had been due for a survey with the inception of the system’s navlink station, but with their crash they had got there first. Although qualified in astronavigation, Kai had also studied biology, and had only chosen astrophysics because it was the quickest way to get him into space. Taking one of the AG sleds he explored the desert-like world, collecting samples. There were lots of burrowing arthropods, moths and cactus-type plants. He was chuffed that one day his samples might be used by a real biosphere analysis team.

At the end of his fifth day, Kai thought he had seen a vaporous pink substance moving near to him. His instinct was that it was something living, but when he turned the scanners on it there was nothing there. It had vanished. Or perhaps he had just imagined it.

That night he had a vivid dream. Pink mist filled his cabin, swirling about him. It assumed weird forms with different faces. It spoke to him:

”We are curious about your species, intruder. You are crude carbon based organisms, but you also create high pattern electromagnetic energy inside your cranial processing organ. This we find interesting. We would like your permission to examine you. Do you consent?’

”Errr… I’m talking to some pink mist.”

”Yes, we hoped you’d get over that already. Do you consent?’

”What if I say ataşehir escort no?”

”We will study you anyway. But the process will be more invasive. We are ethical, as you would say, and do not wish for our specimen to suffer.”

”Cool. That sounds all right with me then. I guess. Experiment away.”

”Thank you. We hoped you would see it that way. You will not remember this encounter when you awake as not to affect the results of the examination. You are an interesting species. We have absorbed the contents of your detachable silicon outgrowths. We find it particularly fascinating the way you continually destroy and procreate. Your behaviours are crude, yet complex. Your contradictory natures are of great interest to us.”

”Good. That’s nice. I’m glad we’re interesting. You promise not to do anything nasty?”

”We shall endeavour not to damage you. Only your inner nature interests us. Thank you and goodnight, Lt Kai Samson.”


The following day Lt Samson and Dr Miller set about launching the communications satellite. It was a heavy task that needed all the robots, as they also had to erect a reception dish, and lay power cables and Ethernet relays. Kai was waxing avidly about a new type of moth he had discovered. Francesca had just about had it with moths, and was concentrating on the job in hand. They had started early, but it was already hot.

As she struggled with a transceiver on a tripod, Dr Miller was leaning forwards and bending over. Kai suddenly caught a glimpse down his mother’s open flight-suit. In a fleeting, unexpected moment, Kai was smitten by the sight of his mother’s beautiful sweat-beaded neck and big breasts hanging pendulously in the constraints of her underwear. A hot tingle of excitement shot through the young navigator’s cells. The next moment he felt guilty and knew he should look away. But he didn’t. The view was just too good. He could see the lace of her bra and the wobble of those creamy white orbs.

Good lord, I used to feed from those things. They were the good old days, he thought.

She kept leaning forward, so he kept watching. It was a lovely place down there. The loveliest place on this planet, that was for sure.

”Hold that cable steady! Are you stupid?”

”Sorry Fran… Dr Miller.”

”You’re a daydreamer, boy.”

Kai licked his lower lip. If only she knew what he was dreaming of. A piece of cheek suddenly struck him. He moved the tool box further away when she wasn’t looking, making her lean further forwards, and so further opening that delightful chasm down her flight suit.

”Right. Now try the AV3 channel. Are you paying attention?”

”Oh, I’m paying attention all right.”

Fran looked up and shot him a look of puzzlement cut with irritation. Bless her, she had no idea she was being ogled. As she leant forwards to close the tool box he saw everything down to her beautiful navel. The bra was black, and he could just see the two protruding dents of her nipples before the folds of the suit covered them away. Fran stood up, adjusted her suit, and the fun was over. Dr Miller ran her fingers through her shoulder length raven hair, and looked at her son with suspended irritation.

”Well? Hit the power reboot then.”

”Oh, yes. Sorry. There.”

She rolled her eyes at the sky. ”You forgot to connect your brain today. Stupid boy! Where’s your mind? Andromeda?”

”Errr… yeah. Sorry. Must be.”

Actually its right down your fucking flight suit, you bossy old bitch, he thought.

When they walked back to the habitat Kai walked behind his mother so he could watch the fluid movement of her lovely round arse. Knowing she couldn’t see, he waggled his tongue at her. It was only a bit of fun. Every boy, at some point, had imagined fucking his mother. Hadn’t he?

”I knew we wouldn’t finish today. You’re going to have to buck your ideas up, lad,” she said in a mock authoritarian tone. ”We’re here for months yet.”

”Yes Dr Miller,” said Kai, not taking his eyes off her swaying derriere.


That night Kai accessed the ship’s database and searched for pornography. To his dismay he found it had all been deleted. Lt Khan had been a religious man and had erased it all, even though it was provided by InterStel. Kai punched the console and said a few things that were not consistent with the eulogy he had spoken when Khan’s remains had been scraped from the bridge.

Retiring to bed, he proceeded to masturbate himself into a stupor. It was the longest wank of his entire life (this was lost on him as he was not in the habit of timing himself.)

At first he tried to think of an actress, then another actress, then his maths tutor when he was fifteen. Then he gave up and thought about his mother. As he thrashed away, deep in the folds of his imagination, long buried memories resurfaced. Specifically, two separate family holidays spent on the beach when he was thirteen; kadıköy escort bayan one where his mother’s left boob had slipped out when she was changing beneath a wonderfully not-quite-big-enough towel; another when his friends had come for the day, and had gawped relentlessly at their friend’s mother in her new black swimwear.

How had he ever forgotten that? The dirty grins on their greasy pubescent faces. His chagrin at their muted conversation when she’d sat nearby. They had not spared the details. That was still some of the dirtiest talk that had ever reached his ears. He had been angry with her, oblivious as she was. I mean, why had she chosen to sit there? They just happened to be in the right place; from that angle, with her sitting down in that swim costume, there wasn’t a hell of a lot you couldn’t see below the waist. The other mortifying moment had come when she’d strode out of the sea, her costume dripping wet and clingy. You could have hung your coat on her nipples. He didn’t blame his friends; in fact, retrospectively, he was happy for them to enjoy her. All the same he was glad they weren’t there for the boob-slip day. That was his treat alone. At the time he had been grievously embarrassed. Right now it was highly gratifying. Even his embarrassment was a turn on.


The next morning they resumed the com-sat launch. Kai was walking a little funny after the night’s exertions, to the extent that his mother actually noticed. He said he’d slipped in the shower and strained his groin, and not, ”I damned near pulled my cock off masturbating to you last night, mother.”

Flushing the previous night out of his mind, he concentrated on the task before them. By the time they were setting up the launchpad most of the robots were recharging, so they had to bolt the frame sections together between them. It was hard work, the twin sun was rising, and they were sweating buckets. Francesca’s hair was half plastered to her face. Being both a gentlemen and an opportunist pervert, Kai always helped his mother with anything heavy or awkward, making a show of kind concern in rubbing her arm where the surgical-drone had fused the bone fracture. The first time he’d done it out of genuine concern. But touching her skin reminded him of last night. He smoothed his hand up and down her forearm, tutting with concern. She complemented his consideration, and flashed the warmest, loveliest smile he’d ever seen. The old tart was gullible all right.

By mid-morning they still weren’t ready to launch. Kai then produced a masterstroke, albeit an unintentional one. Overheating in his uniform, he removed it during a water break, and covered himself in anti-rad cream. It gave better protection against UV, but meant discarding his clothing. He assumed Fran had finished by then, and went back to work alone; but before long she joined back in. Then she stopped and returned naked to her underwear, similarly smeared in

anti-rad cream. Kai asserted he could finish by himself, secretly hoping she’d insist on continuing. She insisted on continuing. Being helpful, he offered to spread cream over her back where she had missed a bit.

Missed a bit? Have I? Thank you. Kind offer. Once he was smearing that stuff over her shoulder-blades and down her back, there was no chance of holding decent thoughts in his head. He emptied the pot. There was perhaps a little more smoothing than was necessary. Well, he didn’t want her to get burnt, did he? Actually, he didn’t – he cared about her deeply. Also, it sent a hot, angry tingle through his cock.

The next twenty minutes didn’t last long enough. His enjoyment of doing the job mingled with the appreciation of her womanliness. They were a good team, exchanging witticisms, polite advice and encouragement as they worked.

Dr Francesca Miller was an amazing specimen. Kai thought so, and he was willing to bet he wouldn’t be the only one. She was fifty-three, but thanks to the Retrocrone drug she took, biologically, she was thirty-five. Elegant and graceful, she was Junoesque, with quite broad shoulders and hips, a big round arse and fairly slim waist, sleek but chunky thighs, thick shapely calves, a near perfectly flat stomach, and colossally nice tits. What were those things? Double Ds? Es? They were a handful and a half, anyway. They’d swelled enough with middle age to spread out at the sides a bit, whilst still being youthfully firm and pert enough for her nips to point at the sky. He could have written a dissertation on her tits alone. Retrocrone affected everyone differently, but he’d never seen a reaction to the drug that compared with his mum’s tits.

The only disappointment was that her bra and knickers weren’t the lacy numbers of yesterday, but boring practical white things. Try as he might, he couldn’t make out the nips. Making up for that, her melons bounced beautifully in the 0.86 gravity. He ooed and arred a few times when they did a particularly pleasing jounce; she heard him escort maltepe but thought he was just puffing from the effort of the work. His prick was semi-engorged the whole time, slapping against his leg, and would have needed only the slightest prod to stand to attention. Unbelievable as it was to him, she really had no idea whatsoever she was being ogled.

When it was done, they stood together cheering as they watched the satellite shoot into the sky on a jet of fusion flame. Kai placed an arm around his mother’s shoulder, slipping against her with the cream.

”I told you we could get it up,” he said, pinching her ribs. He wanted to pinch her arse, but had bottled out. She didn’t get the innuendo, but instinctively cuffed his ear in retaliation. Still no idea.

”See?” she said, extending her index finger and holding it up to his face. ”That’s what you can do when you knuckle down and expend some elbow grease. You little slacker.” Her tawny eyes gleamed and her mouth was luscious.

”Yeah,” he said.

I want to see you fucked. Hard. At both ends, he thought.


Over the following days Kai managed to cool down on the whole oedipal compulsion. Or at least he tried. We have to credit him with that. Thinking about the satellite launch and the cream left him awash with shame. But the lustfulness soon returned. And there were not exactly many outlets available.

Now they had a connection to the navlink station he could download pornography from the server there; except he couldn’t because his mother would notice. They were downloading programmes for upgrading the habitat systems, but the dataspeed was painfully slow; every bit of processing space was being used. If he removed something from life-support and replaced it with XXX Nympho-Nurses, or Cheerleaders Need Correction, and diverted it to his PC the old bitch was hardly going to look the other way.

In the end it didn’t matter: he didn’t want to watch some porn model being fucked — he wanted to watch Dr Francesca Miller being fucked. Better still, he wanted to do the fucking himself. That was a difficult thing to admit. But not that difficult. He wanted full-on hard sex with his mother. She would never let him, of course — which made him want it even more. The fact that it was a sordid taboo made it relentlessly delicious. That Greek bloke had gotten away with it, hadn’t he? No, actually, he’d gouged his eyes out. That was his foolish mistake.

Every conceivable fantasy ran through his mind. That day at the beach was replayed in Kai’s mind with a joyously debased immorality that shocked even himself. She had sex with him, all of his friends, all at once, in every combination possible, sometimes including the girls playing volleyball nearby or the group of surfers that walked past them, sometimes with his father watching. Kai imagined his mother fucking her patients, whole clinics at a time, including a schoolgirl hockey team, the astromarines battalion football team finalists – both sides – and the Alien Circus of Horrors. His cock was so sore he could barely take a piss.

His outward appearance deteriorated, and his trips outside lessened. His face became pale and drawn, and red rings surrounded his eyes. Fran confronted him at his cabin door one day.

”Good heavens you look ill! What’s wrong? I should examine you.” That woke his tired dong up.

”Just leave me alone. I’m fine.”

”You don’t look it.”

”Piss off you nosey old bag. You don’t know what I’m going through.”

”You rude little monkey! Stop being so pathetically self-centred. I’m enduring this as well.’

”I wish you’d buggered off with Prof Landau and not Ray Tanner. At least I could have watched porn with him. Then you could suck that old goat Landau’s cock for a month in that bloody module.”

She slapped him. It was good lusty slap. It made him feel better, actually.

”Ouch! That’s it, resort to violence, doctor. You may as well spank my arse raw like father did when I was little, and you let him because you were scared of him.”

That would be good. It might give some relief. You spank me then I spank you, he thought.

She stormed off in a huff. Later he went crawling back to her and apologised, which she accepted. They had the same fiery temperament, and were both quick to forgive. The make-up cuddle was nice. Big soft boobies pressed to his chest. A kiss on the cheek. The smell of her hair. His hands on the small of her back, as low as he dared.


A sandstorm that lasted for days commenced. They were stuck inside. Kai decided that if he couldn’t see Dr Miller naked then he was going to shoot himself with one of the security lasers.

The trouble with that one was she had a bathroom in her cabin, the door to which was always predictably locked. Plans began forming in his devious, horny mind. Suddenly he had a purpose to live beyond moths. All the time the habitat’s cleansing systems were working to decontaminate residual particle radiation. Consequently, more rooms became available to them – including the scientific equipment stores. Of specific interest were the holocam recorders. About the size of a pen, the things were remote controlled and hovered on a suspension field.

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