Picture This Ch. 06

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I pulled out of her, and Beth curled up on the bed, ignoring the total disarray her clothes were in, the sticky whiteness between her thighs. “You promised me something,” Sarah reminded me, and Beth turned to watch as Sarah knelt, took my still-hard shaft between thumb and finger, ran her tongue up it from base to tip, tasting, swallowing, then again. “Mm, Beth, the taste of you, and his stuff…”

I threw Beth a knowing glance. “Remember what you said, about a younger man having more stamina? I think I could…”

Sarah’s eyes widened. “Oh! Oh, yes, please…”

I put my fingers under her chin. “More fantasy, or a little closer to reality? Your choice.”

She chuckled. “What a dilemma. But until yesterday all this would have been fantasy anyway, so… make it about how you really feel.”

I nodded. “Well… I’m with someone, she’s gorgeous, I love her very much -” I saw Beth’s soft smile, and she rolled over, propping her chin on her hand to listen – “but there’s someone else I keep thinking about. I’ve known her for a really long time, she’s – well, a good friend, she looked after me when I needed it.”

Sarah raised an eyebrow at my creative description of motherhood, but she let me go on. “She’s a little older, but sexy as hell -” this time Sarah grinned, putting one hand on her hip and vamping a little – “and she’s featured in my fantasies since I found out that girls were different.”

Now Sarah’s curiosity was piqued. “What sort of fantasies, exactly?”

I snorted. “Teenage boys aren’t exactly sophisticated, are they. They imagine seeing bare tits, she’s on her back, opening her legs, somewhere wet and tight they can stick their thing – and they’re reaching for the tissues, right?”

Sarah chuckled. “I had to empty your bin, remember.”

“But I grew up a little from there. I used to watch you when you went out for dinner with Dad, think about what you were wearing under your dress, deliberately give you a hug so I’d catch your perfume. I’d imagine you coming home but Dad not being there, it was me taking off your dress instead.”

I glanced at Sarah. “What I imagined you wearing underneath – well, all in black, stockings, bra, panties with lace at the front so I can see – you know.”

She put her hand over her mouth to cover a smile. “They say life imitates art, don’t they. So… in this fantasy, what happens when you’re taking off my dress?”

I caught Beth’s wink – of course she’d already imagined this for me, almost our first night. But here was Sarah in the flesh, a warm, living woman, ready and waiting for me to get us from ‘now’ to ‘ohh…’

I moved behind Sarah, just as in Beth’s fantasy, my hands cupping her bottom for a moment then resting on her bare stomach. She pushed back against me, fingers on my hip, and I heard the smile in her voice. “Mm, I can feel you, you’re still a bit sticky from before, even though I used my mouth.”

“Sticky like this?” Beth queried, using her finger to catch white slipperiness from her entrance, deliberately sucking it clean.

Sarah turned in my arms, kissing me firmly on the mouth, and wrapped her fingers around my shaft. “Oh, so hard.”

I watched mesmerised as she pulled the front of her panties down a little way, moved closer so that my hardness was between her thighs, her fingers pressing me upwards against the warm wet lips of her entrance. She gasped quietly, then looked into my face. “Not inside, not this time, you understand, Timmy?”

She flexed her hips a little, and I felt her nub pressing against my shaft. “Mmm,” she breathed.

I started to move more insistently, and Sarah’s face showed increasing pleasure. She shifted position slightly, then “Oops”, I gasped as my next thrust took me inside her. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Yes,” then a pause, Sarah closing her eyes, her face showing her internal struggle. “No – I -” then her eyes snapped open. “Oh god, you’re going to make me – ohhh…”

I felt her tighten deliciously around me, and even though this was my second time tonight, I couldn’t help myself, thrusting hard once, twice, then yielding to my own climax. Sarah’s expression turned dreamy – “Oh, so much…”


We were still sleeping in a tangle of limbs when Sarah’s phone started to ring insistently. She rolled over to pick it up, “Hello? Oh, hi, darling.”

Beth winked at me as we listened. “Oh, that’s great news, we’ll wait to eat until you get here,” Sarah smiled. “See you later, love you.”

Sarah put the phone back on the bedside table. “We need to talk, don’t we.”

“I’ll get us all coffee,” Beth volunteered, walking to the kitchen, returning with mugs.

Sarah wrapped her hands round her mug, sighed. “I guess I have to go back to being ‘Mum’.”

Beth concentrated, thinking. “You don’t think Dad -?”

Sarah shook her head. “He doesn’t even know about you and Tim, remember. No, we’ll have to keep most of our secrets.”

Beth nodded. “OK.”

A thoughtful smile returned to her face. “But if by some chance I can persuade Daddy to be nice to his baby girl…”

Sarah’s ataşehir escort face showed mild shock, then she caught her lip between her teeth. “You’d try?”

Beth nodded. “And we’re here for a few more days, aren’t we – you could both be a fly on the wall, see how it turns out. That door upstairs, remember.”

Sarah blinked. “And here was me thinking we’d already broken about as many taboos as we possibly could.”

Beth finished her coffee. “Right, then. We’d better take a look around, see what we need to tidy up. There’s a washing machine under the worktop, isn’t there…”

Tidying up took a couple of hours, then we showered – “Oh god, Tim,” breathed Sarah, “if you keep doing that but don’t finish what you started, Bill isn’t going to know what hit him when we get to bed later.”

Finally we were dressed, everything looking ‘normal’, and Sarah started to make lunch. “Are you going to try your plan this afternoon, Beth?” she queried as she stirred a pan.


“But how will we get to watch?” I asked. “Bill has to think you two are alone.”

Beth grinned. “Didn’t you see the fire door at the end of the hall upstairs? We leave it open, you two ‘go out for a long walk’, then circle back and up the metal stairs. Simple.”

“When you put it like that,” I chuckled.

We heard tyres crunching on the drive, then the front door opening. “Hi, everyone.”

Sarah walked to meet Bill, putting her arms around him. “Missed you.”

Beth and I both got a hug – I thought Beth deliberately stayed in her father’s arms for a little longer – then we all sat down to lunch. “How was the office?” queried Sarah.

“Oh, it was a storm in a teacup,” Bill shrugged. “But it’s sorted now.”

He glanced round. “Everywhere seems very tidy – what else did you get up to?”

I caught Beth’s wink. “OK – we confess -” Sarah’s eyes widened at my words – “we were incredibly lazy, we didn’t really leave the lodge.”

Sarah picked up my hint. “Actually Tim and I were thinking of going on that long walk you told us about, Bill – you and I can catch up properly later, can’t we.”

The look they exchanged conveyed exactly what catching up would consist of, and Bill nodded straight away. “Beth and I have plenty to talk about, and we’ll make dinner, right, darling?”

Beth nodded. “Sure.”

We cleared up the lunch things, then Sarah and I got ready for our ‘walk’. “See you later,” I waved as we started off down the path.

Sarah threw me a glance. “Which way?”

I looked around. “That side – I doubt they’ll be looking out of the kitchen window just now.”

We made our way round to the back of the lodge, picked our way up the fire escape. “I hope the floorboards don’t squeak,” I whispered as we walked along to the door into the roof space.

Finally we were looking down through the grille into the deserted bedroom. “They might not come in,” mused Sarah, “they might just end up sitting on the sofa and talking.”

“Or not,” I pointed, as the door opened and Beth came in, followed by Bill. Beth seemed to be holding her stomach, and Sarah leaned forward anxiously. “Is she hurt?”

Beth lay down, still grimacing, and Bill sat on the edge of the bed. “What can I do?” he asked.

Beth closed her eyes. “I sometimes get these really bad cramps when – when it’s, you know, that time. A hot water bottle would really help, and some aspirin.”

Bill went out again, and as he returned with pills, hot water bottle, Beth was pulling her sweatshirt off over her head, only her white satiny bra underneath. “Beth -?” Bill blinked as she tossed the sweatshirt on the bed.

“It felt all clingy, tight,” Beth grumbled. She took the hot water bottle and pressed it to her bare stomach. “That’s a bit better.”

She took the glass Bill offered, swallowed a couple of aspirin, then lay back again, shifting uncomfortably. After a few moments, she reached for the button of her jeans, and Bill blinked again as she undid it, pushing the hot water bottle down a little. “I can leave you to rest -” Bill offered as he started to get up, but Beth shook her head. “Stay – please?”

“OK, darling, no problem.”

Beth closed her eyes again, seeming a little more at ease. “Dad?”


“Would you give me a cuddle? I – I really need the hot water bottle to press harder.”

Bill shifted onto the bed, wrapping his arms around her a little awkwardly, and Beth settled against him. “Mm, yes.”

After a few moments we saw her hips flex slightly, as though to ease her cramping muscles, and an unmistakeable flash of panic crossed Bill’s face as Beth’s body pressed into his. “Oops,” I couldn’t help my low chuckle, “I think -“

“You think he’s hard, even though he’s been trying desperately to stop it,” Sarah finished my sentence. “He’s also really hoping she doesn’t notice.”

Beth moved again, and this time Bill’s panic shifted visibly into guilty enjoyment. He wrapped his arms more firmly around Beth, kissed her hair. “Feeling better, darling?”

“Mm, kadıköy escort bayan much.”

Beth stretched, sat up. “Think I’ll go upstairs and sleep for a while.”

She made her way out, still holding the hot water bottle against her. Bill took a deep breath, then we saw him walk through into the en suite. A couple of minutes later there was the sound of the toilet flushing, then water began to run in the shower.

“Do you think he -?” whispered Sarah, and I chuckled. “No doubt about it.”

Sarah grinned. “Well, at least he’ll be a bit less ‘right now’ when I get to bed with him later.”

We heard footsteps, and Beth joined us. “You deserve an Oscar,” I teased.

She gave a modest shrug. “Anyway, my plan worked. I really am going to have a nap, so if you two come back from your walk in a while?”

The rest of the afternoon was uneventful, and after we’d eaten, Sarah stretched, yawned. “Time we were in bed, Bill?”

I held back from the teasing comment I was tempted to make, and glanced at Beth. “You brought your Switch, didn’t you – we could have another go at that game.”


We went upstairs, and reached our usual vantage point just in time to see Sarah and Bill walking into the bedroom. “Isn’t this Beth’s sweatshirt?” queried Sarah, picking it up from the bed.

“Um, she came in to lie down for a while, it’s -” Bill’s embarrassment was obvious even from where we were. “She had a stomach ache.”

Sarah gave him a knowing smile. “Bill, if you and Beth want to get a little, well, closer, that’s up to you and her.”

She put her hand on the front of his jeans. “Just as long as you’re still ready for me when I need you.”

Bill opened his mouth, closed it again. “Ah, OK, er -“

Sarah made sure the subject was closed by flowing up against him, her fingers on her blouse buttons, then offering him her breasts…

Beth chuckled. “Now he thinks, that she thinks we did it already.”

“So it’ll be easier for you to persuade him to go further next time,” I agreed.

“Come on,” invited Beth, starting back towards the landing. “There’s no doubt where things are going with those two, and today has got me more than ready for whatever you feel like.”

“Whatever?” I queried with a grin. “Think of all the possibilities.”

When we got to the bedroom, Beth slipped out of her clothes, leaving only panties, and laid back on the bed with her head pillowed on her hands. “I know your walk with Sarah didn’t happen today, but why don’t you imagine for me what it would’ve been like – I’m sure you’d have found an opportunity for more than just a ramble, right?”

I followed suit, undressing and lying beside her. “So we head along the path into the woods, and once we’re under the trees, Sarah glances at me. “Wups, need to pee – shout if anyone comes?”

“I expect her to go behind a bush or something, but she just steps off the path, slides down her jeans and panties, and crouches to do what she needs to do. I can’t help watching fascinated as her stream splashes on the fallen leaves, until finally it slows, stops. She gets to her feet, rearranges her clothes, and throws me a grin. “Looks like you enjoyed that.”

Beth chuckled. “I can vouch for that – remember when we got here, and I had to go, your face after you got over the shock…”

Her fingers circled her nipples idly, not touching, and I guessed she was relishing the anticipation. “So what would happen next?”

“We keep on walking, and eventually we come out of the other side of the woods. We’re quite high up now, and it’s rocky – big boulders, outcrops.”

“She points – “Look there.”

“There’s a narrow gap between two outcrops, and I pick my way inside, Sarah following. It opens out into a sort of cave, daylight coming from one side, and Sarah grins. “Just the sort of privacy we need.”

“My eyes widen as she sheds her jacket, her t-shirt, then quickly slips off her jeans, panties, bra. “Maybe I’m some kind of nature spirit,” she grins, turning her back and looking over her shoulder invitingly.

“I don’t hesitate, I shed my own clothes, move behind her. “Mm,” she whispers, “feels like you’re ready, don’t hold back.”

“She leans forward to rest her hands on the rock, moves her feet apart a little, and I press my hardness against her opening. “Oh, yes,” she moans, “more.”

Beth’s fingers drifted nearer to her nipples, then brushed across them, her hips flexing in response. “Give her what she wants,” she breathed, one hand straying downwards.

“So I slide into her, then cup her breasts – maybe it’s chilly, but her nipples are harder than I’ve ever felt them. “Mm,” she gasps, “doing it outside really turns me on – imagine if someone was scrambling over the rocks and happens to see us from up there, where the light’s coming from.”

“I move in her, reach around to use my fingers, and it seems like no time at all until she cries out, shuddering, her voice echoing around the cave, and I’m spurting into her at the same time…”

Beth was touching herself escort maltepe now, the outline of her fingers moving under her panties. “And then?”

“I slide out of her, she turns to kiss me. “Brr, need my clothes back on.” She pulls her panties up, presses her fingers there. “I can feel your stuff… Can’t wait till tonight when Bill has me, he won’t know, he’ll just think I’m even wetter for him than usual.”

Beth gasped. “Oh god, that’s hot. Maybe when I’ve finally convinced Dad to fuck me, you and I can do the same, send me to his bed already sticky.”

I pretended to fan my face. “Wow… Do you want me in you now?”

Beth shook her head and grinned. “I’ll finish myself like this – I want to watch you while you do the same, then you let your stuff go wherever – my mouth, my face, my hair. I can have a shower before we go down tomorrow.”

“Won’t it go all over the sheets?” I asked, and she shrugged. “The people who own this place have to expect their guests to go a bit wild when they’re on holiday, right?”

She moved her fingers more insistently, and I shifted to my knees beside her, starting to touch myself. Unsurprisingly after our shared fantasy I was already close, but I did my best to hold back until Beth’s soft gasps began to turn into low moans, her muscles tensing – “Ready?” I breathed, and she nodded wordlessly. “Mm – oh – mmmm…”

As her body shuddered, thighs clasping round her fingers, I let myself tip over the edge, my stickiness catching her cheek, her lips, then white blobs in her hair. “Mmm,” Beth nodded, tongue sweeping over her now-glistening lips. “Just what I wanted.”


As we were eating lunch the next day, I waited for any cue Beth might give us about how she planned to use the afternoon. But it was Sarah who spoke first – “I think Tim and I need to do some shopping, we can maybe get a couple of treats for the rest of the week.”

“Sure,” nodded Bill. His eyes flicked to Beth and then back, and I was sure he was wondering if she might need looking after again, and where that could lead.

Sarah and I got in the car – “Bit difficult to come back with shopping if we didn’t actually go,” I chuckled.

She nodded. “But I’m sure Beth’ll tell us everything.”

We took our time in the supermarket, and it was starting to go dark by the time we pulled up outside the lodge again. Beth and her father were in the lounge, Beth looking like butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth, but there was something about her that made me sure she’d got what she wanted, or some part of it.

“Hi, you two,” Bill smiled. “Perfect timing, I was just about to start dinner.”

He busied himself in the kitchen, the sound of the extractor fan loud enough to mask any conversation in the lounge, and Sarah and I joined Beth on the sofa. “How was your afternoon?” I asked casually.

Beth closed her eyes for a moment, breathing in. “Pretty special.”

Sarah put her arm around Beth’s shoulders. “I’m glad.”

“Me too,” I nodded. “And Beth – you don’t have to tell us, if there are some things you’d rather keep private.”

Beth gave me a puzzled smile. “Of course I’ll tell you.”

She glanced at the bedroom door. “I ask Dad to come with me, I lie down on the bed again like before, and he gives me a sympathetic look. “You need another hot water bottle?”

“I shake my head. “Dad -“

“He’s starting to pick up that there’s something else I want to say. “Darling, you know you can talk to me about anything – I know maybe you’re not used enough to Sarah to ask her the things your Mum would have helped you with.”

“I give him a sad smile. “I know. Could we – can I have a cuddle again, like yesterday?”

“Of course I see a flicker of alarm in his eyes – I know exactly how he felt and what he had to do yesterday – but there’s no way he’s going to say no. He wants to comfort me, and he must be secretly hoping that I’ll do something that feels like last time.”

“So he puts his arms around me, and I shift closer to him, so the whole length of my body is against his. I think I feel him, but I hold back, I don’t want to rush and startle him.”

“His face is against my hair, and I hear him breathe in slowly. “Smells nice – something new?”

“I manage not to chuckle – how many times did I have to rinse and repeat to get Tim’s stuff out of my hair this morning? “It’s sort of spicy, I really like it.”

“Then we’re quiet for a while, and somehow I don’t even have to say or do anything else, I know we’re both beginning to feel the same. He draws me even closer, slides his hand inside my t-shirt – stops when he feels bare skin. “Beth…?”

Beth paused. “I wonder, what is it with names? Hearing him use the name my friends call me -” She grinned, “And my lovers – well, it stirred something inside me.”

Her face was a little flushed now. “So I whisper back, “Yes”, and he’s stroking my skin so softly, carefully. “I won’t break,” I murmur. “Try a little higher.”

“That takes his fingers to the side of my breast, over my bra, and again he rests there for a while. “Beth – I don’t want to rush this.”

“I shake my head, smile. “It’s fine.”

“He moves to cup my breast, and I can’t help breathing in, my chest rising to press against his palm. Of course my nipples are hard, and he can feel them. “Beth, you’re a beautiful shape.”

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