Pervert Ch. 02

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Later that evening Jackson heard a knock on his door. “Come in.” He said, sitting up a bit on his bed. He was now dressed in shorts and t-shirt. His mother hesitantly walked in. She was now wearing a dress, though compared to the last time Jackson had seen her anything would have covered more.

“Can we talk?”

“Sure.” Jackson smiled. Obviously she was as uneasy as he was about what had occurred earlier. Jacey sat on her son’s bed, banishing quickly the image of him naked, his thick, throbbing cock pressed between her buttocks…

“About earlier…”

Jackson couldn’t help but eye his mother up and down, he now knew what a killer body lay beneath that dress, and that she was now totally shaven. He cursed his cock for twitching. “Don’t mention it, Mom. I’ll understand if you just want to forget it.” Like you I could ever forget it!

“Technically we did nothing wrong…” Jacey burst out. You did! You let your son help you shave your pussy then had an orgasm as his cock thrust up between you! “Please don’t feel bad.”

“I don’t I promise!” No way! That was the best wank I’ve had in ages! Shit, shut up! “We don’t have to tell dad do we?”

“Oh God no!” Jacey replied a little too fast. Because it was so wrong! “He doesn’t need to know, Jackson. Besides, I think he’ll be shocked enough as it is when he sees me.” Why did you say that??

Jackson smiled as his eyes shot between his mother’s legs, knowing she was talking about her newly shaved pussy. He started to imagine it; he had seen it very close up. But not actually touched it… Why are you even thinking like that? You don’t need to touch it; she’s your mother!

“He’s home tomorrow isn’t he?”

“Yes!” Jacey burst. She needed her husband home. Her need for a cock between her legs, in her hands, her mouth was getting unbearable. You had one between your buttocks earlier… Stop it! That is NOT OK. But why can I feel myself getting wet? Oh shit, just one more night to get through! “Are you coming down for something to eat?”

I can think of something I’d like to taste… The thought shot into his head before he could stop it. “I’ll be down in a sec, mom.”

“Why not now?” Jacey asked, innocently. Then she saw Jackson’s expression, her eyes dropped to between his legs, is he hard again? Did he not cum before? Course he didn’t. He’s your son! He wouldn’t have wanked over you, just because you did over him!

“Oh, I umm… Sorry, I can leave you to take care of… that.” Jacey said nodding to her son’s tent.

“Mom…” Jackson said, showing embarrassment again.

“Well you can’t walk around the house with it can you?” You could sort it out for him… No, shut up! She reached under her son’s bed and found the magazine that had started their whole game off in the first place. “Here, dinner will be ready when you are.” She smiled and walked out.

Jackson sat there; his mom had seen him hard, again! Though at least this time he was clothed. The magazine slipped onto the bed. He pulled out his cock, he didn’t need the images in the mag, he just closed his eyes. This is so wrong, she’s your mom! But fuck she looked good… It’s just a wank, it’s not like I’m actually fucking her…

That was what he kept telling himself as he pulled on his cock to thoughts of his mother once again. This time he was between her legs, licking and sucking his way up to her smooth pussy, tasting it first hand, she was moaning as she pinched her nipples. It wasn’t long before she was cumming over his face, Jackson licking up her juices. He got on his knees, holding his cock in one hand he aimed it at her wet hole, guiding it in.

Just as the fat head of his cock entered his mother he exploded all over his hands. Oh fuck. I’m in trouble!

Jackson found it hard to make eye contact with his mother over dinner. He ate quickly and then disappeared into his room mentioning how he was going to go for a run. He had to get out of the house and clear his head. Stripping down to nothing, he pulled on his jogging bottoms and a t-shirt.

Jacey had noticed how her son was reacting to her over dinner. She felt bad, she knew it was her fault. She had taken the game too far, and now he couldn’t even look her in the eye! Then she remembered what Jackson had come out in last time he went for a run. Maybe he’s picking the game back up? She should have realised it was her horny sex-starved mind that was running her thoughts and stopped them.

Jackson came out of his room and stood where he had last time, Jacey turned, expecting to see the small shorts, she felt a pang of sadness when she saw the jogging bottoms. Why are you sad? You don’t need to see more of him!! She walked over to him,

“No little shorts this time?” She smiled.

Was she expecting me to come out in those shorts again? She wants to see more? No, stop it; it’s just your imagination! “They’re not exactly decent.” Jackson smiled back. “Hence the escort kartal joggers.”

“Oh I don’t know. They weren’t that bad.” What are you doing? Control yourself! “C’mon, show me them again, I’m sure you’d be too hot in those joggers anyway!” Jacey couldn’t stop herself. It’s only looking and it’s not like I haven’t seen more of him recently… And felt… Get a grip!

“I can’t show you, mom!” Jackson said, he was about to explain why, but Jacey cut him off.

“You can, don’t be shy, look, here!” Jacey grinned, and before Jackson could stop her, she grabbed his jogging bottoms and yanked them down, squatting as she did so in front of her son.

“Shit! Mom!” Jackson cried out.

Holy shit! Jacey gasped to herself, as Jackson’s cock was released just inches from her face. It hung there, thick, resting atop his large balls. The fact it was shaved bare made it look a fair old size even when soft. Jacey could feel the heat coming off it, the aroma filled her nose.

Neither of them moved. Jackson was frozen to the spot, begging his cock not to grow now. Jacey knelt there in stunned silence, just staring at it. She had felt it hard between her buttocks, but not actually been this close to see it. She licked her lips without realising.

Please no, please don’t! Jackson urged his cock, but the site of his mother on her knees in a perfect blowjob position was too much. Oh shit, mom, please move!

Jacey saw her son’s cock move. It thickened at first then ever so slowly it began to rise. God it’s getting bigger! She licked her lips again. I should move, it’s going to hit me in the face otherwise! But she couldn’t. It continued to grow, thicker and longer. MOVE! This time her legs reacted and she stood up. Though before she backed away there was a momentary touch of the tip of her son’s cock on her hip.

Jackson felt a surge of electricity flow through him even at that little touch. He turned beet red, as did his mother.

“Sorry! I thought you had them on underneath…” Jacey said, breaking the silence.

“They showed too much…” Jackson replied. “Though that’s kinda a moot point now isn’t it?” He tried to smile. Jacey was struggling to take her eyes off of it.

“Have you not taken care of that today?” Does it matter? It’s not like you’re going to help him!

“Yes…” Jackson blushed again. “Several times.”

“Oh…” Several times??? How many times does he go? Stop thinking that, it doesn’t matter! “I’m sorry.”

“It’s ok, mom, but maybe I should just go for my run?” As opposed to what? Staying here and fucking her brains out? That’s your mom!

“Sure, honey. I’ll probably be in bed when you get back.” Trying not to think about that thing between your legs. God what’s wrong with you?

That night while on the phone to her husband, Jacey had one of the most powerful orgasms she could remember having with just her hand. The sound of his voice made her melt, her nipples ached for her touch to be his. By the time she had trailed her hand down her body to her smooth pussy she had already soaked the sheets.

“I can’t wait until you’re home tomorrow. I’ll have a surprise waiting for you!” Jacey squealed almost like a little schoolgirl talking to her crush.

“I can’t wait, baby.” Came the gruff voiced reply. “I have to go now, my flight should get me home for mid morning.”

“Looking forward to it!” Jacey grinned. Though as she lay there, the heat almost unbearable, her pussy started tingling again. She tried to convince herself it was over her thoughts of finally again being with Franc, but every time she closed her eyes it was Jackson’s cock in her mind. So thick, and right there in front of her face. Just one little lick wouldn’t have been bad surely? Yes it would! Seriously! Just a few more hours.

The next morning Jacey started putting her plan for her and Franc into action. She had a long shower, re-shaving her already sensitive pussy, trying not to imagine her son behind her again. She then moisturised her body until her skin practically shone. She made the bed, and positioned the silk ties at the head end.

Pulling on a robe quickly she left her room to find Jackson. His door was ajar so she walked in.

“Hey, baby.”

“Hey, mom.” Jackson replied. His eyes widening when he saw his mother. She looked even more stunning than usual.

“Are you leaving soon?” Jacey asked, trying not to let her urgency for him not to be in the house show. Jackson’s smile widened, he knew exactly why his mother wanted him out of the house.

“In a couple of hours maybe. I’m not sure…” He joked.

“What? Not sure? Why?” Jacey burst out.

“Relax, mom, I’m just kidding, I know you want the house to yourself for when Dad gets here.”

“Don’t joke about that! You know how much I need this!” Jacey squealed, swinging at her son in mock anger. She hit his chest with her fist, but Jackson didn’t maltepe escort react. In fact he was just staring at her. “Shit! Sorry!” Jacey blushed, when she realised that her robe had fallen open.

Jackson stared at the smooth, glowing naked body of his mother. “Fuck…” He breathed before he knew it. Jacey blushed again, pulling her robe around her.

“So you’re heading out now?”

“Err, yeah, sure… Just now.” Though Jackson wasn’t really concentrating. Just get out, cool off with your mates!

“Thank you.” Jacey leaned forward and kissed her son on the cheek and bounded out of the door. Jackson heard her door shut. You have to stop thinking about your mom like that! It’s not right. Just because her breasts are so round and her hips so curvy. And now her pussy… Stop it!

Jackson spent a few more minutes getting ready to leave and then shouted a goodbye to his mom before heading out.

Jacey gave her bedroom a quick tidy, lit some candles, brushed her short hair, sprayed some perfume. She wanted to be perfect for Franc for when he walked in. Opening the box under her bed she pulled out the sheerest nightie she could find in the store. The thin black straps looked delicate enough to snap and the lace effect bra section teased her oversensitive nipples every time it brushed over them.

Pulling it on almost had her cumming right then, her nipples aching already, tingling as the material moved over them. She had to bite her bottom lip. The nightie barely covered the curve of her ass and she debated whether to put panties on, to increase the surprise of her newly shaven pussy when revealed.

However she was already so wet, Jacey decided that soaking a pair of panties was pointless. She checked the clock. Franc was due home in ten minutes. It’s now or never! She lay back on her bed, and tied one wrist to the frame above her head with the silk tie, then twisted the second around so that she was secure.

Wiggling a bit to make sure the nightie attempted to cover her modesty the lacy top was painfully teasing her nipples and she brought herself to the brink of orgasm. Through all her preparations however, she never noticed the 17 missed calls on her mobile.

Jackson had not been out at all long when his phone went off again. He had ignored the first three calls, but now it was starting to become annoying.

“Hello? Dad?”

“Hi son, thank God you answered!”

“What’s wrong? Is everything OK?” Jackson replied, starting to get worried.

“Everything is fine. Well, no one is hurt or anything. My flight was cancelled. There is nothing they can do until tomorrow morning.”

“Oh shit! That’s bad. How can I help? Mom must be gutted!” Jackson said, knowing too well how badly she needed his Dad home.

“Well you’re mother isn’t answering her phone. She said she was planning something. Can you just let her know? I’d hate for her plans to be ruined if they could be saved until tomorrow.”

Jackson knew that his mother’s plans were basically focused more on the being naked for a long period of time rather than a meal that needed to be saved, but he couldn’t tell his father that. “Sure thing Dad.”

“Thanks, Jackson. Get her to call me when you can.”

Jackson checked his watch; the heat of the day wasn’t putting him in the mood to be hanging out with his friends. He really wanted to just lounge in his pool. Now that mom doesn’t need the house to herself I guess I can do that…

He rushed home and found the downstairs empty. She must already be in her bedroom. I wonder what she had planned… Seeing that his mother’s door was closed he just knocked and spoke through it.

“Umm, mom?”

Jacey’s heart leapt from her chest when she heard the knock at the door, then when her son’s voice came through, with her wrists fastened she prayed to God her son didn’t walk in, “Jackson, I thought you were going to stay out?!”

“Dad called me, said you hadn’t been answering your phone. He says he’s really sorry, but his flight got cancelled. He won’t be home until tomorrow.” Jackson waited for a response. None came. “Are you alright mom?”

Jacey almost cried. She was so horny, she was so close to release, and she NEEDED her husband there. “I… I’m fine baby.”

“Ok, well I’m going to use the pool if that’s ok?”

“Sure, Jackson. I’ll be out in a bit.”

Jackson knew his mother must be upset, but didn’t want to push the issue. He went to his room and stripped down. Shit, my shorts are downstairs! He grumbled to himself. Grabbing his towel he thought he must be able to make it downstairs and pull his swimming shorts on before his mother came out of her room. No sooner had he opened his door, however, he heard her cry out,

“Jackson! Please help!”

Jacey could have screamed! Her body was so full of erotic energy that it trembled. She tried to sit up a bit, to untwist the second tie from pendik escort bayan her wrist. Thankful she had not gone with her original plan of handcuffs. She tried one way, then the other, and then her smooth, moisturised butt slipped down on the bed, causing the twist to tighten.

Shit! Fuck! Shit! She was stuck. I can’t call in Jackson, look at me! But he’s the only one… Shit! Oh God! She closed her eyes as she called out,

“Jackson! Please help!”

Jackson paused. He only had his towel wrapped around him. He wanted to quickly go put something on, but then his mother called again,

“Please, Jackson, are you there?!” She sounded in real need, panicked almost. Forgetting his level of dress he rushed to her door and flung it open, and stopped dead in his tracks.

“Jackson, please, I’m sorry, I wouldn’t have called you in, but I’m stuck…” Jacey said, turning redder than ever.

Jackson’s mouth went dry. His mother was laying there, in barely anything at all, tied to the bed. Her body devoid of hair, and smooth from her moisturiser. Her large breasts were barely contained by the lacy top and her nipples looked hard and inviting.

She needs your help you perv! Not for you to just stand there staring!

Why is he just in a towel? Not that I can really talk about attire right now, but fuck I wish he was more covered! Jacey thought when she saw her son, his towel tenting already. The thick cock she knew to be beneath urging to get out.

“I… err…” Jackson started. Jacey cut in,

“Look we’ve both seen each other naked now, it’s nothing new. Let’s just get this over with please, baby?”

Jackson nodded, snapping out of his trance. “Sure, Mom. Sorry.” He went to stand at the head of the bed and leant over, trying to pull the silk ties loose. Jacey turned her head and wished she hadn’t. Jackson’s crotch was right there, barely covered in his towel, and due to his motions, trying to loosen the ties, it seemed to be thrusting towards her.

Just don’t think about it!! She yelled to herself as her son leaned over her. After several seconds of struggling Jackson stood up straight.

“Sorry, mom, I can’t get it from this angle…” Jacey wasn’t really listening, as she was being jiggled about on the bed her nipples were rubbing on the inside of the lace and bringing her closer and closer to orgasm. She was biting her bottom lip, begging her body to hold off until Jackson had freed her and gone. “I’m going to have to get onto the bed.”

“OK.” she replied, not really knowing what she was saying. Then she snapped to, just a second too late. Jackson was kneeling up onto the bed, straddling her waist. “Oh shit, Jackson!”

“Just a second, mom, I think I’ve almost got one hand free.”

“No, Jackson, your towel!” Jacey said, her heart rate increasing to dangerous levels. But it was too late. Almost in slow motion, Jacey saw, and Jackson felt, his towel open and slip away onto the floor. Jackson was fully aware he was now straddling his mother, totally nude.

Jacey stared as the thick cock of her son was once again way closer than it should ever be. God it looks so good! Stop it! Just stop!

“Do you want me to stop?” Jackson almost whispered.

“No, keep going. It can’t get any worse…” Jacey tried to smile. But then it did. As Jackson struggled with the tight knots that had formed he was rolling back and forth. Not only was his cock and balls getting closer and closer to Jacey’s cleavage, her nipples were being rubbed endlessly.

Oh God, hurry up, oh God. Oh shit! “Jackson, I can’t hold, Oh GOD!” Jacey screamed as her orgasm racked through her, her nipples couldn’t take any more and she shuddered violently beneath her son. Her wrists were still restrained causing her body to buck and her legs to flail.

The motion meant her breasts freed themselves of the small nightie she had on, her nipples now free from the lace. Jackson almost slipped off his mother and put his hands down to steady himself, unfortunately landing right on her large breasts, just as they were released. Jacey’s hard nipples pressing against his palms as he involuntarily squeezed his mother’s breasts.

Not now! Jackson shouted to himself as his cock took the opportunity to grow suddenly to its full length, throbbing against his mother, pushing up between her breasts, which were now wrapped around it. Jackson tried not to move; Jacey struggled as her orgasm was still jolting through her.

Her breasts were moving around her son’s cock, Shit, I’m giving my son a tit-wank! “Jackson, I think we need to stop…”

Jackson finally got his balance and released his mother’s breasts. His cock remained throbbing between them. “I’m almost done…” Jackson replied as he tugged hard on one of the ties. Both finally broke free and Jacey rubbed her wrists.

It was then she noticed her son hadn’t moved. He was sitting there, looking down at his thick cock resting between her breasts. Fuck why does it have to look so good! “Sorry about…”

“Cumming?” Jackson finished for her. “Don’t worry, I knew you were on the edge, Mom.” He still didn’t move, but Jacey felt his dick throb when he had said ‘cumming’.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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