Persistence Pays Off, Again

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The events describer her actually happened. The characters are real. The first story about Alice and Pete is called ‘Persistence Pays Off’. The reader is encouraged to look at that story first to gain an insight into the character’s background.

The authors invite your comments.

Chapter One – Casa Del Privado

Alice and Pete stared out of the large picture window in the bedroom of their hotel suite at The Terra Del Casa de Privado. All the rooms were suites. Each suite had a view of the private beach with its colorful cabanas, volleyball nets and seaside bar. They had started to undress, thinking of taking a walk and exploring the club. Now they just stood there trying to work up the courage to join the other guests. Neither Alice nor Pete had ever been to a nude resort before. Saying that they wanted to go for a walk was one thing, actually doing it was quite another.

Later that morning, they found themselves in a small cove just a few steps from the hotel. They sat in comfortable sand chairs under a colorful beach umbrella. The sand beneath their feet was soft and warm and a small inlet of cool clear water from the beach splashed on some rocks not too far away. The cove wasn’t crowded, but there were several other people sitting in chairs or lying in the sand. Everyone wore shorts or swim trunks and the ladies all wore some kind of top. This was the ‘clothing optional’ area for those folks not quite ready for totally nude activities.

The staff was serving drinks, the kind made in a coconut shell with little umbrellas, to anyone who asked. Pete and Alice both took advantage of the offer, twice.

Whether it was the drinks, the slowly rising temperature or something entirely different, Alice sat up, looked around, and slowly pulled the tee shirt she was wearing up over her head. She sat back, smiling, having made her decision. As she sat back in the chair, she felt the breeze, still cool in the morning, caressing her breasts. She closed her eyes and lifted her hands to rub them gently and she felt her nipples harden at her touch. In the past few weeks, probably due to her increased physical activity, sexual and otherwise, she had lost several pounds. Her stomach though still provocatively rounded was more defined. The effect made her breasts seem bigger. She looked younger.

When she opened her eyes again and looked around, she noticed that no one, with the exception of Pete, was watching her. As long as Pete was sitting between her and the other guests, she made up her mind. She lifted her butt off the chair and slipped off her shorts. She stretched out her legs and let the breeze kiss the rest of her body. When she turned to look at Pete, she had a challenge in her eyes. Pete understood and in a moment, his swim trunks were lying next to the pile of her clothes. Another look around and again no one was paying the slightest attention to them.

Pete looked at Alice and delighted in seeing her naked. From the brown hair curled around her face, to her firm, rounded breasts. From her dark pink nipples, now stiff in the cool breeze, to the very fine small hairs on her tummy. From the thick patch of soft downy pubic hair, to her well formed and graceful legs. Try as he might, he couldn’t control his almost painful erection. He whispered a suggestion in Alice’s ear. She opened her eyes and nodded. Without a word, they stood up, gathered their clothes and started walking down the path to the beach.

Before seeing the sun glinting off the ocean water, they stepped off the path and walked into the low dunes. They found a spot with a single palm tree offering some shade and fell to the ground in each other’s arms. Pete started kissing Alice hungrily, but she pushed him down on his back. She knelt between his legs and reached for his now throbbing cock. She wrapped her small hands around the shaft just below the helmet shaped head, and squeezed. She immediately saw what she wanted. Several drops of clear pre cum dripped out, glistening in the light. She relaxed her grip, and with one finger, rubbed the precious liquid around Pete’s cockhead. She squeezed again and more precum oozed out. Again using her finger, she smeared Pete’s own lubricant up and down his shaft. She traced the sensitive spot under the head with her fingernail, causing Pete to twitch and cry out softly. She rubbed her fingernail along the underside of Pete’s cock from the head down to his balls, teasing. She repeated this several times until Pete was twisting in the sand. Now with just one hand encircling his cock, she started stroking. Up and down, Up and down. Pete tried to be as quiet as he could, but moans of pleasure and sighs of anticipation, escaped his lips. Not wanting to allow a mess that would be a sign of their activities, Alice leaned forward, positioning herself over Pete’s cock, her mouth open, waiting. When Pete tensed, indicating he was about to cum, Alice took her other hand and gripped Pete’s balls. As the first rush of cum fountained escort kartal up into her mouth, Alice squeezed Pete’s balls. As she closed her mouth on Pete’s cock, two more squirts of warm, salty cum filed her mouth and shot down her throat. Alice, now using both hands, stroked the cock faster and harder. As she swallowed, another load erupted into her mouth. She kept the cock in her mouth until she felt it soften and become flaccid. Before letting it slide free, she sucked until she was sure that no cum had escaped her eager mouth. Pete lay quiet for many minutes. When he did move, he sat up and took Alice in his arms and kissed her tenderly.

“My God that was incredible.” Pete said as he reluctantly pulled his lips from Alice’s.

“Where did you learn how to do that?” He added.

“It’s a secret.” Alice answered smiling coyly.

“Don’t tell me that you’ve been checking out porn sites.” Pete stated.

“Ok, I won’t tell you.” Alice said, smiling cutely.

“Well you have changed I guess.” He said.

“As long as we’ve come this far, wanna try walking further, maybe find something to drink?” Alice asked.

“You read my mind.” “For some reason I’m a little dry.” Pete stated, smiling down at Alice as she stood up.

Pete and Alice walked back to the beach path carrying their clothes. At least for the time being, Pete wouldn’t be embarrassed by a raging erection. Once past the small dunes, the path opened unto a broad stretch of sandy beach. To the side was a thatched, open-air building with comfortable looking chairs and a few small tables. The thatching extended over a row of padded stools that suggested a bar. When they sat down, a staff member took their order and offered a lightweight shoulder bag to put their clothes in. When their drinks came, ice tea this time, they looked around. There was one older gentleman on the opposite side of the bar and two middle-aged ladies at one of the small tables. All three were naked and seemed totally at ease.

On the beach, a dozen or so men and women were playing volleyball. A half dozen large beach umbrellas were scattered up and down the sandscape. When the staff member refilled their glasses from a large frosted pitcher, she suggested stopping around the corner to pick up hats and sunblock, reminding Pete and Alice that it was nearing the hottest part of the day. When they left, they also picked up a large beach towel and walked down the beach away from most of the activity. They found a spot under several palm trees not too far from the water and spread out their towel on the clean white sand. A quick walk to the water told them that it was too cold for swimming, but they got their feet wet and splashed each other like kids. Once back on the towel, Pete and Alice laid close to one another.

Pete brushed Alice’s hair back from her face and kissed her lightly. He placed one warm hand on her tummy and looked questioningly at her.

“No, I’m not pregnant, not as of last night anyway.” Alice said.

Pete leaned forward and kissed her again. When their lips parted, he leaned back and deliberately slid his hand lower until he was covering the soft silky hair covered mound above her slit. His finger played with the delicate hairs, stroking her like petting a cat. Alice closed her eyes, surrendering to his touch. With one finger he parted her pussy lips. He easily found the small bud of her clitoris. He teased it out of its sheath until it started to swell. He rubbed it and started to pinch it with his finger and thumb. Alice spread her legs apart, giving him more room. As Pete leaned forward to kiss her again, his exploring fingers slipped lower, searching for an opening. Alice spread her legs even more, inviting him to touch her very soul.

Pete pressed his fingers into Alice’s vagina. The hot, wet, slightly slick hole sucked at his fingers. He directed some of her juices down, wiping them towards Alice’s anus. She sensed his intent and lifted her legs to make it easier. Pete inserted one finger into the tight forbidden hole. He felt Alice trying to relax. More moisture, and now two fingers probing, easing the tight muscles. In and out, fucking her ass with his fingers. Soon, he thought to himself, soon. He was well aware of the exquisite pleasure Alice’s pussy could afford. Soon, he thought again. Soon he would sample the tighter, virgin asshole.

But for now, patience. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his thumb, using his hand to cradle one of Alice’s ass cheeks.

Pete lowered his head and brushed Alice’s lips with his own. A quick, suggestive kiss. He bent lower and delicately, tentatively licked the underside of Alice’s right breast. He traced the curve of her breast with his tongue. He covered her rounded orb with tiny, quick kisses, barely touching the skin. His thumb still stuck in her ass, holding her in place through the wiggling and wriggling she was doing. Pete felt Alice’s body tense and relax, tense and relax. He licked the maltepe escort circle of her areola, feeling the softer texture on his tongue. Alice’s nipples were normally puffy but now, in her excited state, they were stiff and seemed longer. He closed his mouth over the right nipple and sucked greedily, teasing it with his lips and tongue. He bit down, not hard, but enough to cause Alice to gasp.

Pete let his thumb slip out of her vagina. He placed his now free hand on her hip and urged her to roll towards him. On her side, Alice wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close. Pete’s mouth found her left breast and treated it to the same licking, kissing and sucking that the other one had. When he heard her start to moan deep in her throat and he felt her breathing increase, he shifted his weight on top of her. Her mouth sought his and they kissed as only lovers can kiss. Their tongues dancing together in a passionate oral heaven.

Without releasing her kiss, Alice rolled her hips back, enticing him to enter. The head of Pet’s cock found the now dripping entrance to Alice’s pussy. With little effort, the head slipped inside causing a low moan of pleasure to come from both lovers. Pete’s broke their kiss and lifted himself on his elbows. He smiled at Alice and started his cock on its journey deep inside of her.

The first time they made love, Alice couldn’t take his entire length. Today, he had no trouble burying his cock as deep as he could. Alice lifted her legs and crossed her ankles behind Pete’s back, trapping his cock inside her. She released the pressure only enough to allow him to pull most of the way out before plunging back in again. Over and over his cock fucked her. When he thrust his cock into her pussy, he saw her breasts bounce and jiggle in response. The blowjob earlier adding many more minutes to his staying power. Alice was gasping for breath and making small grunting noises. Her breasts moving with every stroke he made.

Pete felt his orgasm approaching. The tingling in his balls signaling that he was about to flood Alice’s pussy with a heavy load of thick, stringy cum. Alice too felt her own orgasm building. The first waves of ecstasy enveloped her entire body. She felt the pressure building. When it peaked, the pleasure center of her brain exploded. She clutched Pete to her, holding him tightly against her. Her eyes were shut tight, small tears escaping to run down her cheeks. Pete tried to keep track of the number of ejaculations he experienced and lost count. He pumped load after load of cum into Alice. So much that quite a bit leaked out from around his still hard cock onto the towel.

They both lay there for some time, catching their breath and talking quietly.

“Well.” Pete started. “We found the courage to take off our clothes in front of other people.” “We had outdoor sex twice.” “And we walked on the beach.”

“Got any other ‘firsts’ we should try today?” He added.

“I don’t know about you, but I’m starving.” “I think you better feed me.” Alice said laughing.

“Good idea.” “Lets head back, grab a shower and get dinner.” Pete said.

The walk back down the beach and up the path to the hotel was uneventful. A few people looked their way as they passed the thatch-roofed bar and the occasional staff members they saw only nodded and smiled. Back in their suite, they both showered, and once clean and presentable, they looped their key cards around their necks and walked down the corridor to the buffet restaurant.

To provide a pleasant and friendly atmosphere for dining, and to promote health and safety, Case Del Privado, as well as most similar resorts, adopted a minimum dress code for their restaurants and cafes. The only exceptions were the beach front snack shops and the pool bars. Shoes or sandals, shorts and a shirt or blouse were required. Pete wore blue, loose fitting broadshorts and an unbuttoned Hawaiian shirt. Alice put on a colorful sun dress that left her shoulders bare.

The buffet they chose was bright and airy with several serving lines. Several couples and a few single diners were seated or walking along the buffet tables.

“I could get used to this.” Pete said, trying to talk and eat at the same time.

“What?” “The food or running around naked?” Alice kidded him.

“Both I think.” Pete said, grinning broadly. “But as long as I can see ‘you’ naked, I’ll be happy.”

“Is that all you think about.” Alice said, blushing slightly.

“No, I think about other things too.” Pete answered, still grinning at her.

“Like what?” Alice asked, batting her eyelashes coyly.

“Well, for one thing, I’m curious how my prim and proper wife found out about those websites you hinted at before.” Pete said.

Alice leaned forward, and whispered “It’s a secret.”

“I never knew those kinds of things were so easy to find and read about, much less buy.” She confessed.

“It wasn’t so long ago.” She paused, winking, “That I would have pendik escort bayan fainted if I saw that kind of thing.”

“And now?” Pete whispered back.

“Well, because of you, you naughty boy, I’m seeing things a little differently.” She said, sitting back in her chair and looking around.

“For instance.” Alice continued, “I know you want to get into my ass.” “You’ve been fingering it ever chance you get.”

“I thought you liked that.” Pete said.

“It’s not that I like it.” Alice said. “It’s a different feeling, not bad, just different.” But, fingers are one thing, you’re, ah, cock is a bit bigger.”

They were interrupted by an announcement that there would be dancing later at the beach pavilion, and for those interested, it looked like it was going to be a pretty sunset. Pete and Alice decided to watch the sunset and after finishing their dinner, walked out on the patio. They found a place to watch that didn’t have many people around. Pete stood behind Alice and wrapped his arms around her, hugging her close. As the sun west down and it got darker, Pete lowered his head to kiss Alice’s neck. He found the sensitive spot just below her ear and nuzzled her neck. Because they were standing so close to one another, no one could see that Pete had eased his cock out through the fly in his shorts, and lifted the back of Alice’s sundress. They swayed in the cool evening breeze, Pete’s cock sliding back and forth along Alice butt crack.

Over her shoulder, Alice said “Don’t you ever get enough?”

“We’re on our honeymoon aren’t we?” Pete answered.

Alice turned around slowly to face him. Pete dropped the back hem of her dress as she moved and lifted the front as she finished turning. Now his cock was poking her in the stomach. Alice snuck her hand between them and bent his cock downward. Pete flexed his knees and was able to slide his cock along her pussy slit. He couldn’t penetrate her in this position, but the contact still felt good. Alice reached up and pulled his head down until she could reach his lips. They kissed, there in the twilight, for a long time.

The next few days were filled with sun, fun and sex. Pete took Alice golfing where she had more fun driving the cart than hitting that tiny white ball. They decided that naked horseback riding was something for the younger crowd, but they did visit the well kept stables and petted the horses, and each other. They spent most of the time on the beach, splashing in the water or just lying in the sand, enjoying the peace and listening to the waves singing their never ending song. When it came time to check out, they did so with a promise to come back as often as they could. They both quietly thanks Samantha for her gift (see Persistence Pays Off), and headed home.

Chapter Two — Surprises and Secrets

The ride home was uneventful, if you don’t count Alice unbuttoning her summer dress in the car and letting it slide off her body on each side. She hadn’t bothered with underwear that morning. Pete didn’t mind although he had to concentrate on his driving and couldn’t look at her for too long at a time.

Its safe to say, that in the following days and weeks, both Alice and Pete changed. Their lifestyle changed, some of their friends changed, and their sexual habits and tastes changed.

Pete and Alice settled in to married life. Pete sublet his apartment and moved the rest of his things into the modest house, on the shady street, in a quiet town. He put is extra hours at work trying to make up for the time they were in Palm Springs. Alice spent time around the house and in her garden. She kept thinking about their honeymoon. And a couple of times, in the afternoon, alone in the house, she masturbated in bed. She hadn’t done that for many many years. She found that unless she needed to, she was more comfortable not wearing any underwear. She started walking around the neighborhood for exercise after breakfast, and got re-aquatinted with several old friends. Alice had changed.

And, she found time to explore the Internet. She started with the site that she kidded Pete about, back in the sand at Casa Del Privado. She was surprised with the amount photos and the types of pictures that were available. She looked at short and tall, skinny and plump, old and young, men and women, and everything in between. Several times she fantasized about seeing pictures of herself on the computer. Alice had changed.

Pete did his best to keep Alice happy and content. He learned to help out around the house, mowing the grass and doing some of the shopping. With his added income, they were able to make some needed improvements around the house, like a new fence and a larger patio. Pete had changed too.

Pete came home from work one afternoon and found Alice in the back yard planting flowers. He watched her silently for several minutes, watching her kneeling and digging. It took him that long to realize that the sundress she was wearing must have bunched up in front from her repeated bending and straightening as she worked. The back of the dress left her ass partially exposed, and she wasn’t wearing any panties.

“You’ll attract a lot of attention that way.” Pete said in a voice just loud enough for Alice to hear.

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