Patriarch Ch. 03

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Dana was going crazy, but took no action. I told her to go home and wait for me, and she didn’t hear from or see me for 3 days. She wanted to call me. She wanted to leave the house. She wanted to come to me. She wanted to run away and never look back.

It took everything within her to be patient. The small blonde was not a patient person. She was used to moving forward, taking action, being in charge of her own life. Now, however, she had given up control to another. He had subjected her to pain and humiliation. He let others use her.

That thought screamed through her psyche. He had let strangers use her. In addition, he knew many things about her. She had admitted fears and desires, crimes real and imagined and her entire family life. More to the point, she had told him about her sex life in great detail. If there was anything left to be learned about her, she couldn’t guess what it could be.

She was spending this day as she had the day before. Pacing, looking out the windows, cleaning, cooking, working out, just anything to occupy herself. She was drowning in self doubt, convinced he was never coming back. Even so, a thin thread of hope said he was coming. This was a test. He was coming. She sat down and cried again.

It wasn’t as though I was unaware of what could be going through Dana’s mind. I had already made up my mind. She was going to be my partner. That decision would take both of us down a road that would change us forever. I would have to train her and prepare her for a different life, one that she had most likely never considered.

For now though, I had some work to do. I replaced Dana with a new manager, and since I promoted from within, I didn’t have to do as much work as I thought I would. The new woman I promoted signed her papers without reading them, and this was my concern. It set me on a course of watching people that signed without considering the effect of what they were agreeing to. I resolved that I’d have to have a few meetings with her.

My priority now, however, was setting up a loss prevention department. We didn’t suffer much loss, but I was aware that as we got bigger, it would put more temptation in front of customers and employees alike. Anyone could make a run at exploiting any of our weaknesses. I thought it better to set the bar high, knowing that people can be creative when they’re looking to ways to deceive and steal.

Mace was taken through my property. Over the course of the day, he fucked my sister a total of 3 times. She explained the systems to him. Since my mother and sisters often walked around the property naked, I had added to my father’s original designs. I had the place locked down. It would have been hard for a fly to land on my property without my knowing about it.

I had some outside help early on. As my situation evolved, I got rid of outside contractors and had 2 very close and trusted friends helping me. I paid them well and made them part of my family. Eventually, the 2 fell in love with each other. That, however, is a different story. I’ll tell you that tale sometime. For now, Mace was taken around and my security was explained to him by Jackie.

Through the course of the day, he took notes and asked questions, felt up my mother and ate at our table. Jackie took him shopping, fucked him and bought him a new wardrobe. He couldn’t resist having my sister one more time, and he fell into bed exhausted. Jackie slipped out when he fell asleep, wrote me a report on my computer and got ready to go back to school after she dropped Mace off in the morning.

I came in late. I do some of my work after hours at my stores. There are no distractions, and I can review profit and loss, check orders and watch customer service first hand on the video monitors. I like doing this once or twice every week. I have a private door to my bedroom and can come and go without going through the house. My mother checks my bedroom often, and knew that I was home.

I lounged in bed, awake but not ready to get moving. I heard the noises in other parts of the house, and I knew that Jackie and Mace were on their way out. When it was quiet, mom came in with a fresh cup of coffee. She uncovered me and began to suck my cock. She looked up at me and I shook my head. Mom backed away and left the room. Not long after, I caught the aroma of breakfast.

I hadn’t had sex to completion in a few days. Saving myself for the encounter I’d be having soon or just relaxing. I could never be sure. I drifted in and out of emotional connections. I had always been looking for someone that would accept this part of me, that I could be fire driven passionate for a time and then slip into a period when I could be aloof. Not a split personality, just timing. There was a switch inside of me that determined a time for work and a time for play.

I got up and went to my office. I scanned the report about Mace; nothing I hadn’t expected. I watched them, Mace and Jackie, on the recordings. Again, nothing out of the ordinary. I even watched my mother for a while. She was efficient in a way I couldn’t explain. She moved with a kartal escort bayan quiet grace and seemed to have a flawless internal clock. She could start baking, go down to her treadmill and return to take the finished product out of the oven, beating the timer by seconds.

She kept herself in very good shape. It was in these times that I had to be the most self aware. In my role, I could not soften over sentiment. In conversations, she explained herself in frank terms. She considered herself at her best when she was under control and under pressure. It wasn’t during when she felt the best of herself emerge. It was immediately after, when she had endured. She felt a glow that she was unable to explain, when she took all that was delivered and was ready for more. The boxer that gets knocked down many times and gets up to win in the end.

She expected me at my best and worst. She only had respect for people that demanded the best of her. She functioned best with clear lines, clear rules that she intended to break often to feed her desires. Being used sexually, being degraded and being physically punished were at the top of her desires. At the bottom were things that she didn’t enjoy, but would push through; isolation, sensory deprivation and a few others. I didn’t force her into some of these positions, although I had tested those limits early on.

I felt that at this point, I knew my mother well.

I found myself testing the quality of those around me. I put my sister and my mother in front of the big Samoan. Mace never wavered. He put his training first, listening to my sister and taking notes as they went through their day. Only when they took a break did he indulge himself, and I suspected that was more my sister’s desire than his. I got a text that Mace was at the gun range.

I wanted Mace trained to be ready. He would have 3 months of classes ahead of him; self defense, weapons, physical training, surveillance and procedures. I had a surprise for him in his personal training. His training was set up to be on his own time, but when he completed his courses, I thought he would be a great asset. My investment would pay off in more ways than I imagined.

I made a few calls and checked in on the stores. I relaxed for a while. Mom checked on me from time to time. I had lunch outside in the Jacuzzi as I waited for Mace. He had been instructed to be back at the house by noon. Before he arrived, my little sister, Heidi came in. We spoke for a time. Confident that she understood what I wanted, I saw her smile. Heidi was the smallest of the family, but easily the most powerful.

The girl was tiny, but extremely athletic. She played soccer in college, ran cross country, boxed and took judo and karate for fun. She won several tournaments and was a black belt. This was a deadly package. I was proud of her. She was aggressive and thought fast on her feet. It was fun having 2 sisters that were so different. Jackie was the girl next door, all lace and skirts pretty. Heidi was the tomboy, jeans shorts and t shirts.

They both had high sex drives, and enjoyed being with men and women. While they both accepted punishment, they each took it differently. Jackie considered it foreplay. Heidi took it as a personal challenge. Both were vocal in what they wanted, but Jackie liked being on the bottom, opening up to her partner. Heidi liked being pounded from behind with no emotional connection.

Leaving Heidi, I took a shower and got ready to leave. By the time I went back out, Mace and Heidi were already getting started. I hadn’t actually told her how to proceed, I just explained what I wanted. I watched her strip. Her nipples stood out when she took off her shirt. She stripped off her shorts and panties, standing in front of Mace in nothing but tennis shoes. She waved her hand in front of her body.

‘You want this?’

Mace said nothing, just looking the girl over top to bottom. Heidi turned around slow to give him the full view. Heidi repeated herself.

‘You want this?’

Heidi turned again and gave her ass a wiggle before turning back to face him.

‘I know you fucked my sister. She is a good fuck. I’m better’.

Mace perked up at this.

‘My tits are more sensitive’.

Heidi pinched her nipples.

‘My pussy is tighter. My ass, too’.

Heidi played her fingers over her bald pussy lips.

‘I suck cock better than Jackie, but not as good as mom’.

Heidi licked her lips.

‘Actually, my big sister Jenn in probably the best cocksucker, but she isn’t here very often’.

Heidi pulled out a chair and sat across from Mace. She let her legs fall open, giving him a full view of her pussy. She rubbed her fingers over her lips.

‘So here is the deal. I expect you to fuck me. A lot. If you don’t, I’m going to make fun of you. Kind of my thing’.

Mace had a confused look. Heidi was smiling.

‘The rules are simple. You do 1 more push up than me, you can fuck me. You do 1 more sit up than me, I’ll suck your dick. You run 1 second faster than me, you can fuck me in the ass’.

I escort maltepe smiled. Only my little sister would come up with something like this. If there was a way to get someone in shape, I think she found it.

‘2 hours. Every day. 7 days a week. On my schedule. Agreed?’

Heidi stuck out her hand. Mace held for a beat, then extended his hand and shook hers.


‘Today we see what kind of shape you’re in. I suspect it isn’t very good. Strip’.

Mace blinked.

‘If I’m naked, you’re naked. Do a good job today and I’ll let you put a blanket down so your dick isn’t in the dirt when you’re doing push ups’.

I still had a smile on my face as I was leaving. I couldn’t wait to see how this day would turn out. I kissed my mother on my way out. I ran my fingers over her slit as I kissed her.

‘I think we need to take you to the bar’.

Mom blushed a deep crimson. She knew full well what that meant. Large black men shoving large black cocks into her small body for their own pleasure. I felt her getting wet at the thought. There were times I took her to the bar as a reward. There were times I took her there as punishment. The difference never did register with her. She was used, abused, passed around and left with what always felt like gallons of cum dripping out of her. She wiggled her pussy against my fingers.

I had intended to take my mom there, but she didn’t know that. It would be a way to introduce Dana to our life. Subjecting Dana to the bar was one thing. Her watching me subject my mother to the same treatment would be another. I knocked on Dana’s door.

The door whipped open. I was looking into red, puffy eyes. Very obvious that she had been in tears. I wasn’t sympathetic. In fact, I was unmoved. I took a handful of hair and propelled her to the closest mirror I could find. I held her face up for her to look at herself.

‘Is this how you prepare for me?’

Her reaction was a contortion of her face. She was sorry and defiant, angry and relieved, loving, jealous and happy. Emotions played across her face in rapid succession. I made a mental note to teach this one to control herself. In her state, anyone would know what she was thinking and would be tempted to try and exploit her.

‘Get yourself together. Now’.

The emphasis on the last word snapped her out of her self pity. She went to the kitchen. A few minutes later, I saw her cross to the hall leading to her bedroom. She held a towel to her face. I could only guess it was filled with ice to take down the swelling. She was wearing a robe. I had the feeling it would take her a while. I took my time looking around, checking out her living space.

She finally came out. She looked more like herself. Still a bit puffy and red eyed, but her recovery was well on the way. She had changed into a different robe. I could see right through it. It was red, with some feathery things along the sleeves and bottom. It was tied loosely. I shook my head and she shrugged out of it. She stood naked a few feet from me.

I expected the stance of vulnerability, a naked woman standing before a dressed man. Rather, I saw her draw herself up, taking in confidence with every breath. She was becoming her true self, the one I had recognized. I saw more potential in her than ever before. We spent the next few hours talking.

I was very clear, and I think she was very sincere. In the end, I think we set some parameters about where we were going. I felt like she understood me. More important, I had established our roles. Dana accepted that mine would be the final word. She would be trained. She agreed to my scale of punishment and reward. All the while, I felt her heat. She was tempting me to sex. I ignored her flirtations.

I told her to dress for dinner. I called my mother and told her the same. It was time to introduce them to each other. An hour later, we were in the car. I pulled off at a small park. It was nearly deserted. I opened the door for Dana. I opened the back door and placed Dana in front of my seated mother.

‘Feel her tits’.

Dana blinked, uncomprehending. Mom arched her back, pushing her chest forward. Dana finally reached forward, undid a single button and put her hand inside. Her palm found a naked nipple, already stiffening at her touch.

‘Reach under her skirt’.

Mom opened her legs. Dana’s fingers found the folds of her naked, hairless pussy. Mom pressed forward. Dana looked at me, then back to mom. Mom spoke.

“We don’t wear panties. We don’t wear bras. We like easy access’.

Mom smiled. Dana got the message and lingered under her skirt. As if to illustrate the point, I unzipped my slacks. Mom immediately got out and dropped to a crouch, putting my cock in her mouth. Dana registered somewhere between shock and jealousy. I pulled back and put myself away. Dana hesitated for just a second. Then she pulled off her panties and tossed them in a trashcan. The bra, pulled out through a sleeve, quickly followed. Dana was on her way to becoming part of the family.

I opened the pendik escort door for Dana. Mom got in the back on her own. We went to dinner. Somewhere toward the end, Dana excused herself. Mom followed her. To me, they were gone a while. Girl talk, I assumed. Getting to know each other. They returned smiling. When mom had got in the car, Dana whispered in my ear.

‘She came into the stall with me. She kissed me there and asked if I wanted her to lick me’.

Dana pointed at her crotch and had a questioning look on her face.

‘I think she gets that you’re going to be 2nd in the family. She is deferring to you. She is taking 3rd place’.

I opened the door for Dana. She considered my words as she got in. I saw a change come over Dana in those next minutes. Everything I had said, everything she thought she understood about our respective roles had been just thoughts, swirling without context. My mother’s actions connected the dots. In those minutes, she became a different person, a different version of herself.

We pulled up to the bar. My mother walked in arm in arm with Dana. Dana walked in this time, not with apprehension, but with purpose. She was ready for anything. I pointed to a stool at the bar and mom sat. The bartender turned the lights off and locked the door. There were 7 people inside, 6 men and 1 woman. The woman came over as I ushered Dana to a table.

We were served drinks. The only other woman in the place was tall and dark. Her black skin nearly shined in the dim lighting in the bar. She gestured to my mom as she approached. Mom scrambled off of her stool and the woman took her place, pulling her skirt up to her waist as she sat. Mom went in, licking and sucking the woman. The guys watched as the woman put her hand on the back of mom’s head, guiding her actions.

She pushed mom’s head up and down, back and forth, putting her tongue where she wanted, going to the edge of orgasm several times. Mom licked and sucked her lips and clit until the woman exploded in orgasm on her face. She held mom’s face against her pussy until her throbbing subsided. Dana watched with intensity, just as several of the men did. The black woman released mom and she fell back to a sitting position.

It didn’t take long for one of the guys to come over and extend his hand to help her up. He pulled her forward and began to dance with her. Mom’s skirt was unbuttoned and unzipped and she stepped out of it as it hit the floor. The guy had a hand under her blouse, manhandling her tits. His other hand was between her legs. He had 2 fingers in her pussy, slowly finger fucking her. Her arms were around his shoulders, barely hanging on to the big man. She went up on her tiptoes every time he pushed fat fingers up inside of her.

The man half danced, half carried her into the next room as she kissed his neck. I took Dana by the hand and we followed. The tall black woman and another man were right behind us. The man lifted her up on the pool table as we took a table. He pulled her legs up and slid her ass to the edge of the table. He said something low. Mom reached out and fumbled around. She finally had a firm grasp on his cock. She stroked it up and down her slit a few times and shoved the head inside of herself.

Dana watched with interest, reliving the event she had felt just days before. Her face contorted as she saw and remembered that first intrusion into her own pussy, the lips parting and the insertion. The man pushed forward. Mom’s head went back as he pressed in. He had a few inches in when he backed out and pushed forward again and again, until he had worked his cock fully into the small white woman.

This guy chased a lot of white pussy but didn’t catch much. He supported this bar with his cash because, every now and then, right place right time, he got served up some quality white ass on a silver platter. This was the first time he got to be first. You couldn’t have wiped that smile off his face if you hit him with a hammer.

Dana twitched as she watch mom being fucked. The guy pushed and pulled himself in and out, holding her legs wide apart at the knees. You could see her pussy lips gripped around his big cock. Her head was back, her mouth open, eyes closed,in a silent scream of pleasure. I could tell that she wasn’t orgasmic. Mom was far from cummimg. She was experiencing a different pleasure, the pleasure of being used, fucked hard and fast.

Finally, the large black man shot his seed deep inside of her, so far that none was leaking as he pulled out. Unless she pushed, his cum would stay deep within her. When the 2nd man began to fuck my mother, Dana slipped her fingers under her skirt.

‘You can play with that all you want’.

I knew what she was doing without looking.

‘You are not allowed to cum without permission’.

I didn’t need to see the look on her face. The 2nd black man, just a bit bigger than the 1st, was fucking himself deep in my mother’s pussy. Another man was climbing up on the table. He fumbled his pants off and my mother’s blouse open. He pulled her nipples and fed her his cock. Mom grabbed his cock and fed it into her mouth. She sucked, then backed off and took his balls, 1 at a time into her mouth and sucked them as well. She went back and forth, sucking cock and sucking and licking balls, seeming to now be oblivious to the cock invading her pussy.

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