Party of Five Ch. 20

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Author’s Note: All right, I know it’s been a while but I’ve been working some other (non-erotic) stories, and I couldn’t find the time to finish chapter 20. But here it is.

I also wanted to make people aware that I now have an online journal dedicated to Party of Five and my other erotica, so if you want things like updates on new chapters and to discuss how the story is going, with me and with other readers, give it a look. I can’t actually put the address in this author’s note, but if you click on my username above (it’s blue) it will lead you to my member’s page, where you can find the link in the Biography tab. Hopefully someone’s interested. Enjoy the chapter.


Chapter 20

After Valerie left on Monday afternoon, Josh chased Dawn around the house for close to an hour, until he finally cornered her in her room and threw her down on the bed. He gripped her wrists and brought his face close to hers, smiling now that the adrenaline had eroded his anger. A few months ago, Dawn would have done anything (including kneeing Josh in the crotch that she now loved so much) to get him off her. Now though, she looked entirely pleased with their current position.

“What’re you gonna do, Josh?” she asked him, grinning like mad. “Are you gonna spank me? Have I been a naughty girl?”

Josh suppressed his smile and lowered his face until their noses were almost touching – something he never would have done a few months ago. He articulated each syllable carefully as he spoke. “Leave – Valerie – alone.”

“Ooh, sticking up for your girl are you?” said Dawn. “I bet you’d never stick up for me. Or would you?” she added, tapping Josh’s crotch lightly with her knee. He was hard, of course, and of course Dawn’s grin widened.

Josh turned around to check that the door was closed, then turned back to Dawn. “She’s not my girl,” he said. “She’s my friend. And if you embarrass me in front of her again…”

“You’ll do what?” said Dawn. “Spank me? Slap me? Whip me? Because I’m fine with any of those.”

Josh grunted in frustration and let Dawn’s wrists go. Dawn sat up slowly and looked up at him, smiling brilliantly. She ran her hands over his chest, then took his hands in her own and pulled him gradually down on top of her. “Want me to make it up to you?”

“Dawn…” Josh replied, sounding reluctant; but her lips found his and she kissed him until he was forced to kiss her back. Josh hadn’t realised how much pent up excitement he had, after suppressing it when he was with Valerie. He didn’t like to ogle her like a piece of meat (not that he liked to do that to anyone), but he couldn’t fail to notice her bare legs or the soft curve of her breasts, much smaller than his sisters’ but much cuter too. Luckily though, he managed to keep his hormones under control when she was around.

“She’s cute,” said Dawn, after she had turned her head aside to let Josh kiss her neck.

“Can we please not talk about her now,” said Josh. “I feel bad enough as it is doing this after she’s just left.”

“Why?” said Dawn. “You’re not dating her.”

“No,” said Josh. “But I still feel guilty.”

“Mmm … I don’t know why,” said Dawn, as Josh slid his tongue up the side of her neck. “She might be a lot more open-minded than you think. Maybe the real reason she was blushing in front of us was because she was getting all we—”

“Don’t!” said Josh, clapping his hand over Dawn’s mouth. “Don’t finish that sentence.” Dawn’s tongue slithered out from between her lips and licked Josh’s palm all over. “That won’t work anymore,” he said with a satisfied smile.

In response, Dawn arched her back so that her breasts were pressing up against Josh’s chest, and moaned deeply. Josh staggered back a bit, his hand coming off her mouth. Dawn giggled and pulled him back by his hand, sucking each of his fingers into her mouth in turn. “Valerie might not have been wet,” she said, “but I am. Wanna see?”

Josh yanked his hand back and stood up straight. “No, not now,” he said, even though he was trembling with excitement. “We can do that tomorrow. Jacquie’s going out with some friends. She’ll be gone all day.”

“She will?” said Dawn, looking as though Christmas had come early and Josh hadn’t gotten any presents. “And can you stay home from school?”

“I have one class in the morning that I have to go to,” said Josh, “but I can come back after that. Should be around ten-thirty.”

“And then we can make love,” said Dawn, with a funny twist in her tone on the last two words.

“Yes,” said Josh. “Then we can make love. Although I’m still doubting your ability to do so.”

“Oh, I’ll be good,” Dawn promised. “I’ll get rid of all those nasty hormones tonight. I think that if I finger myself, say…eight or nine times…I’ll be right.” Josh’s body shook. Dawn grinned as she noticed it. “You could always do it for me.”

Josh shook his head clear. “I think I’ll leave you to it.”

Dawn shrugged. “Suit yourself.”


Josh was so excitable that night that he, like Dawn, had to relieve some of those nasty hormones. It was true that he was doubting Dawn’s ability to make kartal escort actual love to someone, but he was also doubting his own ability to make love to her. She wasn’t the kind of girl that inspired a slow pace when it came to sex. One look at her supple young body was enough to make most guys want to tear her clothes off, and other guys to cum straight away. Josh wasn’t sure if he’d be able to restrain himself, but he liked a challenge.

Though he only had one class at school that he really needed to go to that day, it dragged as long as five classes. Luckily, he didn’t see Valerie, so he managed to avoid the inevitable guilt trip that would result if he did. He was burning and itching and tingling all over to get home to Dawn, but he reminded himself that she wouldn’t be satisfying his urges with a quick blowjob this time. So he calmed his nerves with a few deep breaths and began the seemingly long walk home.

He found Dawn in the kitchen when he arrived; all the curtains were pulled shut across the windows and backlit by the orange light of the sun. It was dark inside, but that only added to the atmosphere. Dawn stood up when she saw him and Josh almost burst out laughing. “Pigtails?” he said dubiously.

Dawn shook them from side to side with a grin. “Like ’em?”

He did. He’d never seen Dawn with pigtails before, and she did look quite cute with them, but Josh hoped she wasn’t wearing them for the wrong reasons. He chose not to say anything though.

Aside from the new hairdo, Dawn looked positively divine in the semi-darkness. The light that filtered through the blinds turned her skin a coppery colour and accentuated all the soft curves of her body. Even her eyes, which were usually the only sharpened parts of her, looked soft. Josh couldn’t help but smile with amusement as Dawn crossed the kitchen and stood on her toes to kiss him. She didn’t really need to stand on her toes to reach his mouth, but it did make her look awfully adorable.

Josh remembered suddenly that day he had read Dawn’s diary aloud to her, and made her cry. It was the first time he had ever seen her without her emotional defences up, and he remembered liking it, just as he liked the way she was rubbing her hands up and down his arms now. And that smile…

“Come on,” said Dawn, taking him by the hand and leading him upstairs. She took him into her bedroom, where the blinds were closed and the darkness lit only by—

“Candles?” Josh laughed. The entire room was bathed in the scent of jasmine or lavender or one of those girlish aromas that his sisters seemed to like so much. It was quite pleasant though. But… “You lit candles?”

Dawn was smiling. “I found them in my closet. I think Jacquie gave them to me, but I’ve never used them.” Her smile widened as she drew Josh over to the bed and sat down. She was holding his hands lightly with her fingers and smiling expectantly up at him. Josh, however, was still looking bewilderedly at the purple stalks burning around the room. “I can’t believe you lit candles,” he said, laughing.

“Would shut up about the fucking candles!” Dawn barked, then sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose in exasperation. “This isn’t off to a very good start.”

“Sorry,” said Josh, turning to look at her. “I just…I mean…candles…”

Dawn grunted irately and yanked Josh down onto her. “Come here!” Losing his balance, Josh tumbled forward and flattened Dawn to the bed. She didn’t seem to mind though; she let out a long, calming breath and forced her face into a smile again. “Now…are you going to make love to me, or not?”

In reply, Josh lowered his face and pressed his lips against Dawn’s. Her arms snaked around his neck, and it was nice to be able to kiss her without having the breath squeezed out of him as he did. Maybe Dawn was up to this.

They managed to shuffle around on the bed without breaking the contact between their lips, so that Dawn’s head was resting on her pillow. “Under the sheets?” she asked.

“If you like.”

Dawn held them up for Josh to crawl under, and once he had, he realised suddenly how nervous he felt. It was different, being this close to Dawn when she was smiling at him like that. She usually looked into his eyes when they were intimate, but instead of their normal impish twinkle, Dawn’s green eyes now held a polite curiosity and seemed to be looking far deeper into Josh’s. That, coupled with her beatific smile and adorable pigtails made her look…rather pleasant. Josh couldn’t help but stare at her, and marvel at the sheer amount of beauty that existed within her body. She was gorgeous.

“Josh,” Dawn chorused. “You’re staring.”

“Sorry,” said Josh, making no effort to stop. It wasn’t until Dawn raised her head, with some effort, and kissed him that Josh was snapped out of his reverie. With a soft smile, he wrapped his arms around her and began to cover her entire face and neck with kisses. Dawn closed her eyes with a sigh and let Josh do as he pleased.

The kissing was addictive. Minutes passed, and Josh knew he should move onto something else, but he didn’t want to take his lips off maltepe escort bayan Dawn’s. If he ever needed any pointers on kissing (not that he would, now that he had three grown-up girls to practice with) he was sure he’d ask Dawn – she was incredible at it. Every kiss was different, every sensation unique. One moment she would drag her tongue along the roof of his mouth, the next she would nibble on his lip, and then, to Josh’s utter delight, she would take the entire length of his tongue inside her mouth and suck on it until he trembled. And when he had any kind of reaction to her kisses, like trembling, Dawn would always smile, which, as their lips were still pressed together, aroused another sensation yet again.

If it had been any other day, Dawn would have taken matters into her own beautiful hands and shrugged off her top or removed her skirt. Now, however, she seemed perfectly content with kissing, which was good because Josh was sure that only some kind of natural disaster would be able to stop him from enjoying this carnal delight. And even then, he’d simply try to avoid the falling rocks and keep his feet out of the lava, so that he could continue kissing Dawn.

But all good things, Josh knew, had to come to an end, and – if you were lucky – move on to even better things; in this case, Dawn’s breasts. Josh felt them through her purple top as Dawn watched him with satisfaction, in the way Josh guessed an older woman must watch her boy toy. Was she still amused by his inexperience or was she simply enjoying the sight of her brother groping her chest? The latter, Josh hoped. He could stand to be inexperienced around Jacquie and Alice, but he didn’t want Dawn to see any of it, or to know how nervous he was whenever he was with her. Better to simply talk the way she talked and go with the flow – even if it was a very rapid, very orgasmic flow.

Josh drew out the time it took to fondle Dawn’s breasts through her top, for no other reason than he wanted to see if she’d stop him. And while she didn’t, she did pick up on his intentions. “You think I’m going to get frustrated and tell you to rip it off, aren’t you?” She grinned at him knowingly.

“I do,” admitted Josh.

“Well,” said Dawn, running a finger down the side of Josh’s face, which again made him tremble, “I’m not going to do that. I told you I’d be good. You can take as long as you like.”

Josh turned his mouth aside to kiss Dawn’s hand. “I think I’m done waiting.” Dawn smiled back at him and let him work her top up to her collarbones. She was wearing a seamless black bra, which Josh discovered, on inspection of the tag, was a Calvin Klein. Dawn did love her designer labels.

For the meantime, Josh forced his attention away from her ample, succulent, delectable breasts (Shut up!) and started low on her belly, where he planted kisses around her navel. Dawn was watching him with a smile on her face that was bookended by her mountainous breasts, which looked extremely large from Josh’s vantage point. The voice inside his head got the better of him and he reached his hands up to hold them. Dawn let out a soft moan and closed her eyes with a smile. Josh’s mouth, meanwhile, was still preoccupied with her taut stomach, which was just as soft to his lips as her face had been.

It struck Josh that whatever part of Dawn’s body he kissed, it had most likely been covered in his cum at one point. He found himself ticking them off mentally. Stomach, hands, neck, face (definitely), thighs, and that one time on her feet where she’d squished her toes together and laughed like a little girl. Josh remembered it with a smile.

He wanted to see her in her underwear before removing her bra, so he slipped her skirt off next and found it hard to breathe all of the sudden. “You should be in magazines, you know,” he told Dawn as he brought his face close to hers.

Dawn encircled his neck with her slender arms. “I’d rather just have you look at me,” she said, and kissed him. As she did, she undid the buttons on Josh’s school shirt and slipped it off his shoulders, then cast it to the floor. After that she flipped Josh over, quite suddenly, so that she was on top, radiant in her black underwear. She lowered her mouth to Josh’s chest and kissed it as he had kissed hers. Josh wondered how Dawn had managed to keep so still when she had been in his position, when he felt like squirming his way to orgasm. His muscles tensed every time she kissed them, and he gritted his teeth to avoid the other reactions his body was on the verge of expressing.

Dawn took much longer than Josh had to explore his chest. When she finished, she moved lithely up the bed so that she was straddling Josh’s hips, and carefully removed her bra. She did it so slowly, and so enticingly, that Josh feared he might cum. It didn’t help matters much that Dawn had sat her pussy directly down on his cock. It had been many months since Josh had needed to resort to sexually discouraging thoughts, but he did now. A cold shower, he thought, but then remembered the time he and Dawn had spent so long in the shower that the water had turned icy cold. Damn. Um…okay…spiders. escort pendik But that made him think of the way Dawn walked her hand up his chest when they were in bed together. Er…um, Josh thought desperately, baseball! But he banished that thought immediately when a conversation he’d had with Dawn came back to him.

“Why do you have to go out today? We’ve got the whole house to ourselves!”

“I’m playing baseball in the park with my friends. I won’t be long.”

“Well, why can’t you play baseball with me?”

Josh snorted. “You know how to play baseball?”

“No,” Dawn replied. “But I know how to use the bat,” she added with a wicked grin.

Josh shook his head clear and was extremely grateful when Dawn lowered her body to him, raising her hips off his cock. He was less grateful when he remembered her bra was gone.

“What are you thinking about?” Dawn asked him.

“Ah…those,” Josh replied, indicating her breasts.

Dawn smiled alluringly. “They’re all yours, Joshy.”

Like a kid on Christmas morning, and not knowing where to start, Josh put a hand on Dawn’s back and drew one of her breasts down into his mouth. Her nipple was hard and her skin soft, as Dawn’s skin always was. As he had taken some pointers from Dawn when making love to Jacquie, Josh thought it only fitting he take some from Jacquie now that he was making love to Dawn, and so he refrained from being symmetrical with his attentions. Dawn, though, let out a little disappointed groan. “What about the other one?” So Josh simply smiled and obliged. He lathered her left breast quite profusely with saliva, until both breasts were glowing in the candlelight. Dawn was still peering down at him, her face inches from his own and her pigtails on either side of his head. She looked adorable; Josh found it hard to touch enough of her body to satisfy his desire. He tried though, and made sure he ran his hands all over her back and chest and butt. His cock was screaming with hunger, but he told it to sit quietly and wait.

“You wanna be on top?” Dawn asked with her lips brushing Josh’s, so that she was half speaking the words and half kissing him.

“If you want,” Josh replied. In response, Dawn moved aside so that they could trade places, until Josh was looking down at her gorgeous face.

“You know, I realised something,” Dawn told him.

“What?” Josh asked, smiling at her.

“We have made love before.”

Josh blinked. “We have?”

“Yeah. The first time.”

“The first time you blew me,” Josh said with a frown.

“I meant the first time we had sex,” Dawn corrected him. “Remember?”

Of course he did; it was one of the three most treasured memories he had. “I do,” he said. “Only I remember you were telling me what to do the whole time.”

Dawn grinned widely. “Someone had to teach you.”

“I know,” said Josh, lowering his nose to Dawn’s. “And I’m grateful for it.”

Dawn made a showy display of coughing and spluttering. “You’re actually thanking me for something?”

Josh laughed. “Well, technically I didn’t thank you; I just said I was grateful.”

“Technically, I’m going to kick your ass,” Dawn replied.

“Okay,” said Josh, kissing her behind the ear. “But after we make love.”

“Okay,” Dawn sighed contentedly.

Josh pushed his chest down lower so that he could feel Dawn’s naked breasts against it, the nipples digging into his skin. Dawn’s hands were on his back, holding him to her in a way Josh thought was rather tender, for Dawn. She was also rubbing her foot against his and trying to kiss him back whenever Josh paused from his own kisses, which wasn’t very often. Nevertheless, they spent very little time without at least one of their mouths on the other’s body. It was also the longest time they had been in a room together in recent memory that Dawn hadn’t mentioned the words ‘cum,’ ‘fuck’ or ‘ohmygodIwannablowyousobad’. Josh was impressed.

It was that time though (well past that time, according to his cock), so Josh reached blindly for his fly and got it apart. Then, with Dawn’s help, he slid his pants off and pushed them to the end of the bed, where they lay forgotten.

They were lying underneath Dawn’s silk sheets, but even they paled in comparison to the softness of Dawn’s skin. Bookended between the sheets and Dawn’s supple body, Josh thought he might die of sheer pleasure, and then decided that he wouldn’t care if he did. There were worse ways to go than in your gorgeous sister’s naked embrace. But he’d rather live and get the orgasm, so he didn’t dwell on it.

Removing what was left of their clothes was somewhat awkward, as Dawn tried to remove Josh’s boxers and underpants and Josh tried to remove her panties at the same time. The result was that their arms became tangled and Josh was forced to wait for Dawn before taking off her panties. When he had, Dawn took them from his hands and flipped them up to the top of the bed, where they lay tantalisingly behind her head, the blonde streaks in her hair standing out against the midnight-black of the panties. “Come here,” said Dawn, and pulled Josh into a fierce embrace. She had one hand on the back of his neck, the other on his butt, and was kissing him so intensely that they rolled sideways and then back again, like a ship in a storm. All the while, Josh’s cock was pushing up against Dawn’s pussy, impatiently waiting its turn.

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