Paige Ch. 15

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Things were really moving fast. The estate sale had gone really well. Just about everything in the house had been sold and it was almost all gone, just a few items to be picked up. Paige had accepted the first off she got on the house. We had bought a motor home for the trip west and had stocked it with fresh food and water. We were ready and anxious to go. If all went as planned, we would leave the next morning.

Megan was around a lot and I made an effort not to be alone with her. Paige had yet to tell her that she was not coming along. I thought it was understood, but Megan kept acting as if I would change my mind at the last minute.

Paige had just a last few papers to sign and she left early to get it done. I tried to make myself busy, packing a few last things when Megan arrived. Paige had only been gone for a few minutes. She let herself in and found my in the nearly empty dining room. “Hey you big, delicious hunk,” she chimed, “Home alone?”

Megan sat on the floor beside me and went on, “That’s not right. You shouldn’t be left alone. But then, you’re not exactly alone right now, are ya.?” I tried to stay busy and not look up.

“I guess I’m not alone,” I kept working.

“But we are alone, you and me. Alone together.”

I looked over at her and my heart skipped a beat. She was smiling, so sweet and innocent looking, sitting cross-legged on the floor. My eyes traveled down her body. She was wearing a tight little t shirt. Her firm, young breasts were straining the fabric. The shape of her nipples was evident.

Her shorts were riding high up her legs. When my eyes moved back up to her face, the innocent smile was gone. She tilted her head and cast such a seductive glance that I nearly melted into her dark eyes.

I went back to packing the box and she crawled on her hands and knees until she was just inches from me. Her aroma filled my nostrils, vanilla. I felt her warm breath on my neck and cheek. Finally she whispered, “Are you going to keep ignoring me?”

I slowly turned to face her. My nose brushed hers as I turned. Our eyes locked. Her deep, dark eyes slowly closed and her head tilted. She leaned toward me and our lips met. It was a soft and tender kiss that quickly escalated to a hot, passionate, soulful one. I grabbed her head and pulled herwith me as I rolled onto escort bostancı my back. She lay upon my chest, her gorgeous breasts, crushed into my chest and her tongue plunged into my mouth.

Megan sucked and licked at my mouth as I grabbed and groped her firm, young body. I took both cheeks of her ass in my hands and pulled her closer to me. I knew that I found myself alone with her I wouldn’t be able to resist. I rolled us over and pried myself from her grasp. I stood up and took a step back.

A whimper escaped Megan’s lips that turned to what seemed like a growl. She moved to her knees with feline prowess. She lunged, wrapped her arms around my legs and buried her face in my crotch. She nibbled my hard member through the fabric of my shorts. I tangled my fingers in her long, dark hair. She took the waist band of my shorts in her teeth and started pulling them down, looking at me with that wanton look in her deep brown eyes. She pulled the elastic down enough for the head of my cock to peek out. She gently bit the tender flesh and I liked it.She nibbled and chewed on me. It hurt, but I loved it.

I pulled Megan to her feet and kissed her mouth, hard. I scooped her into my arms and carried her to Sarah’s old room. It was an empty space, save for Sarah’s bed, that had been disassembled, awaiting to be taken away. I dropped Megan on the mattress. She pulled off her t-shirt and squeezed her breasts, pinching her nipples between her fingers. I pulled my shorts down, freeing my throbbingcock.

She squirmed and writhed in her pink cotton panties. She wriggled out of her panties and lay there naked there on that bare mattress

I dropped to my knees beside her. She took my hard cock between her delicate fingers as her hand ran across my chest. I was soon between her legs with her leading me into her. As I pressed the head of my cock to her warm wet pussy, she cried out, “Oh yes! Fuck me!” And I did.

I plunged my cock deep into my tender Megan. We had both been waiting for that moment. She gasped and I grunted as my member sunk deep into her. I drove my cock as deep as possible onto her. I was horny and I was angry. I had tried to avoid getting involved with her in that way. But I knew from the moment I touched her the very first time, it was inevitable.

I thrust my cock into Megan’s ümraniye escort hot, wet little twat again and again; pounding that little pussy. “How dare you put me in this position, you little slut,” I thought, “I’ll show you. You wanna fuck a real man? Well now you got it.” I let loose with a torrent of raw lust and passion, fucking her as hard as I had ever fucked anyone. I pushed her knees back to her shoulders, opening her wide for me.

“Oh yeah,” she cried, “”Fuck me! Fuck me hard!” I was determined to show her what “Fuck me hard” meant. I drove deep into her, hearing her whimpers and moans turn to cries and screams. I almost hoped that her cries were those of pain. I wanted to hurt that little bitch for torturing me and putting Paige through what she had. All the while I wanted to please the little minx, and show her how good sex could be with a real man.

Megan just kept screaming, “Yes! Yes!” and, “Fuck me! Fuck me!” So I kept up my assault. She twisted and turned beneath me as I pounded her pussy, with a relentless piston’s thrusts. She whimpered, moaned and cried out. I felt I was teaching her some lesson as I satisfied our prurient needs.

“Oh shit! Oh, shit, Fuck, fuck fuck!” Megan bellowed and I knew she was cumming. She shuddered and shivered, twisted and turned. She bucked against me and nearly threw me off. She came hard and came wet; wetter than I had ever know. She was squirting, soaking me. I fought to stay on her, and in her until I could cum too. When I did cum it was so intense, that it was almost painful.

Megan wrapped her legs around me and screamed, “Cum in me! Yes! Give me your seed!” I did. I erupted into her with a force that surprised even me. I shot stream and stream of white hot cum into Megan’s wet little pussy. I thought it would never stop. It was amazing, agonizing and astonishing. When I finished, I rolled over and collapsed beside her, her legs still wrapped around me. Her long dark hair was everywhere; across her face, sticking to the sweat on her neck, shoulders and breasts, as well as clinging to my sweaty skin. She was one of the messiest, sexiest sights I had ever beheld, as she lay there panting.

I was tumbling into the deep, dark, limpid pools of Megan’s eyes, struggling to catch my breath. I felt I needed to say something. I wanted to say kartal escort bayan something deep. I wanted to describe what I felt at that moment but words escaped me. I was afraid of saying too much, saying something stupid, something I might regret. Before I could speak, Megan did. “I knew we would be good together.” She pulled away from me and slithered down until she had my shriveling cock between her slender fingers and right before her face.

Megan kissed the shiny head of my wet, slippery dick. It twitched. She licked and sucked the last drops of my cum as it oozed out of me. She took the crown of my cock into her mouth and I began to get hard again. “Mmmmm,” she moaned. The vibration transcended throughout me.

“You are really delicious,” Megan moaned, “We are delicious.” She started to suck my cock with that lust and hunger that I remembered from the time she’d gone down on me in the kitchen. Just then the doorbell rang. She released my cock with a popping sound and looking up at me with sad eyes, she whimpered.

“I better get that,” I said.

“Fuck!” she exclaimed, then relented, “OK.” She rolled onto her back and sighed. I slipped my shorts back on and Megan gathered her clothes and scampered off the bathroom. I was watching her cute little ass and her lovely legs, with our juices running down her them, when I heard, “Hello? Its Julie. Anyone here?”

Julie was the realtor. She had sold Sarah’s house. I opened the bedroom door enough to shout, “Be right there!”

“Take your time,” came the reply. “I brought Wendy and Ned to get some measurements.” Wendy and Ned were the cute young couple that had bought the house. Wendy was especially adorable. She was three months pregnant, with rosy cheeks and a twinkle in her eye; another one I needed to stay away from.

I leaned back against the door, listening to the water run as Megan cleaned up, trying not picture her. I was struggling to relax and let my erection subside, when I noticed the wet spot on the mattress. I took a towel from a box and pressed it against the wet place, while pushing the mattress near the window so the sun could bath it in it’s heat.

I stepped into the hall, trying not to envision Megan’s wet, naked body; trying not to cave in and invite her to join Paige and me. I wanted her so badly just then.

“Fuck it,” I mutteredto myself. “I can’t leave her behind.” I reached for the doorknob to go back and tell her that she was coming with me; us. I heard the water stop and I could see her. I froze. I held still and realized what I was about to do and changed my mind; again.

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