Paid to Seduce His Mother V. 02 Ch. 05

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Mike is a rousing success. His passion and need become almost too much for him to handle. Relationship with Evie is formalized. Life throws a couple of curves. Comments, good or critical, welcome. Sign them and I’ll acknowledge them. Jb7


By noon the Saturday feature meals were prepped for the final cooking. In the small city, word of mouth acted quickly. News of the cacciatore the night before had spread and otherwise regular customers who had been absent for a while returned to see if the reports were true. Mike had suggested to Evie and her mother that one of the game hens be sacrificed and portioned out in sample cups to be given to customers as they were seated.

Dinner service began at five. By eight, they were out of the game hen, and nearly out of the cacciatore. By ten, they were down to sandwich service. Including the bar, they could seat ninety patrons. That night they turned the room over three times, the biggest non-festival night in the restaurant’s colorful history.

Mike was stoked. He was on an adrenaline high so high he didn’t know what to do with himself. As soon as kitchen clean up was underway, he went looking for Evie, only to learn she had left the restaurant for a couple of hours since she had to close the bar that night, at two AM.

Anna was in the manager’s office, going over the night’s receipts. She looked up when Mike stuck his head in the doorway to ask about Evie. “Hey, Mike! Congratulations! Looks like your game hen dish is a big success. You actually sold out of it?”

“More than. We sold out everything we had prepped for tonight, and all of what we had set aside for tomorrow.”

“Uh, what are we…”

“When I put the birds on to cook, I had Evie call the supplier. He’ll have fifty birds here by nine o’clock. Hot damn! I am so …unngh! I can’t describe it. It’s like being on the edge of a huge orgasm and it feels so fucking good, you’re not sure if you want to come or not. Know what I mean?”

Anna laughed and walked around the desk to approach him. “Well, why don’t we see if I can help you over that edge, and then…”

“Easy, Mom. I’ve seen him like this before. Mike doesn’t often get rough during sex, but when he’s on an adrenaline high like now, he’s a little unpredictable. You can leave or watch, but let me get him calmed down for you.” Evie walked into the office and closed the door behind her.

She walked up to Mike and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Hey, big guy! You had a good night, huh, and feel like celebrating? Here’s what I’m gonna do for you. It’s been years since you fucked my ass, and tonight is a good night for it. You have to start slow, until you get all the way in, then, when I tell you, as hard and fast as you can.

“Afterwards, I’m going to send you home with Mom so you can fuck all three of her holes while I close up here. Then, I’ll join you at home. Okay?” she asked as she stroked his re-bar-like cock through his uniform pants.

She saw Mike’s face darken as his libidinous need began to assert itself. “I’m going to fuck both your pussies on the desk, then I’ll do your ass before I leave with your mother,” he growled.

“My ass first, Mike. Remember the last time you got like this, at the frat party, with the freshman girl. She needed to be carried to bed, Mike. Remember?” She turned to Anna. “Mom, go into the kitchen and get us a couple of cups of canola oil. There might be a small bottle in the storeroom.”

She pushed Mike to sit on the edge of the desk and reached for the drawstring which held up his pants. “Now, lets see if we can take some of the edge off your need.” She pulled his pants from under his hips, freeing his cock.

“Mmm. Ooh, babe, look how angry he looks, all red and swollen up. You could hide your cock in a basket of plums, it’s so purple. I might need mom’s help with this before I let you in my butt. Would that be okay, letting Mom suck you for a bit? I know she’d like it. She’s told me stories about the big cocks she’s gone down on.”

Just then the door opened and Anna came in, carrying a pint bottle of oil. “Who’s told you about…OhMiGod! And you’re going to let that monster in your ass! Are you sure you want to do that, baby?”

“Unh uh, Mom, that’s why I’m going to ask you to help me give him a blow job, to take some of the edge off. I think with both of us working on it, it shouldn’t take too long; probably longer to clean up the mess than to cause it,” she giggled.

Anna reached out and wrapped her hand around Mike’s hot rod. “Mmm, oh, Mike, that feels so good. Let me start, Evie. Just remember, whoever makes him come, we have to share his cream, okay?” Evie nodded and moved aside so her mother had access to Mike’s monster.

Anna poured a few drops of the oil on Mike’s glans and smeared it all over the glans and shaft. While she did that, she was building up a large dollop of drool which she let flow over his glans and shaft, and used her hands to swab it all over both. She escort bostancı looked up at him, engaging his eyes. Without losing eye contact, she lowered her mouth to the tip of his cock, and in a single motion, swallowed his glans.

He reached out to wrap his hands around Anna’s head, but she intercepted his hands and pushed them away from her. Only then did he become aware of the feathery tickle on the front of his scrotum. He moaned and leaned back, driving his cock further into her throat as her tongue continued caressing his nutsack.

He was vaguely aware of her pulling back and her cheeks and tongue massaging his cock on its trip out of her throat. He was very aware of the tingle in the back of his knees and the unbearable pressure in his balls. Anna felt the increase in size and signaled her daughter to get in position next to her.

Mike’s first blast nearly caught her off guard. His second was spread across Evie’s nose and chin, while the third made it into her mouth. The fourth Anna caught along with the dribbles making up the fifth and sixth. She shared those two in a kiss with Evie after licking her face clean.

Mike watched the exchange, grinning like an idiot. His immediate need had been blunted, but the euphoria from the night was still extant, as was the truncheon between his legs. Evie broke the kiss with her mother and immediately engaged in one with Mike, thrusting her tongue into his mouth. His hands gripped her ass and pulled her between his thighs as he tasted himself on her tongue.

She pulled back. “Are you ready for me now, Mike? Are you ready to fuck my ass?”

“Just as soon as I get you ready. How do you want it, standing or laying down?”

“I’d better stand up and lean on the desk. Momma, bring the oil. Get my skirt up out of the way, Mike; in front, too. I don’t want to get any oil on it.”

Mike pushed her skirt up out of danger, revealing she was pantiless. He then dribbled some oil in the top of her ass crack, watching as it ran down to her rosebud, where he trapped it and massaged it around the area, pushing some inside the sensitive muscle.

As Mike massaged her crinkle, Evie remembered why she hadn’t let anyone else do this to her since Mike had the weekend she had visited him at school. She bit her lip to keep from moaning in pain as his fingers invaded her most taboo area.

Slowly, she grew accustomed to the outward pressure against her anus as it was spread to accommodate his fingers. “H… How… many fingers is that?” she huffed.

“Three, babe. Just have to add some oil and you’ll be all set. Okay?” he asked, his voice sounding caring and concerned.

“Okay, Mike. Just remember, slow until you’re all the way in; then I’ll let you know when you can start fucking it hard and fast.”

“Got it, love. Anna, is there a towel of something I can wipe my hands on? I don’t want to get oil on her clothes when I hold her.”

“Sure thing, Mike. Here. Shit, kids; I can’t tell you how sexy that looks. I can hardly wait, Mike, until you do it to me.”

“Have you ever, Mom…ooof! Easy, Mike! Go slow! That’s better… ennnh… ennnhh… AAAhhh, there you go; slow and easy, now. Back a bit and push…unnh…again….mmnnh…that’s good; again…unnngh,,, damn, it hurts and feels good at the same time and I can’t tell which is more. Unnngh… are you almost there, Mike? How much more?”

“Just an inch or so, sweets. One more push…want me to ease up a bit?”

“Ye… no, just go for it, then wait…aaaahhhhoooowwwoooo!!! damn, I wasn’t expecting that. Now just wait a bit, honey. So, Mom, you didn’t answer my question. Have you ever tried it this way?”

“N…no, and after watching you now, I’m not sure I want to.”

“The bad part’s done, and most of it is right up front, trying to get Mike’s monster started into my butt. After that, until he actually starts fucking me, it’s uncomfortable, like you haven’t been to the bathroom in a week or so, but not unbearable.

“Ready, love. Start slow, and keep the oil handy, just in case. Yeah that’s good; more… faster now… harder…oh god yess, fuck me, Mikey!! Do it; fuck my ass!! Take it, Mike! Taaake me! It’s yours to use fuck it uhuh oh ohhh Mike yes yes yes uh uih uh uh u hu hu huh uh uhuh uhuh oh my god I’m gonna… don’t stop, Mike, don’t stop until you come in my ass keep it… i’mmm commmmaaaaahhhh!!” Evie’s climax tightened her asshole, increasing the pressure on Mike’s cock, triggering his own climax.

The pair collapsed on the desk in front of Anna, whose hands had been busy inside her blouse and up her skirt. Her loud gasping moan a few seconds after their own explosive climax roused the young couple.

Mike looked at Anna and grinned, then leaned down and kissed Evie on the back of the neck. “You okay, Ev? Didn’t mean to pound you so hard.”

“‘Sokay,” she slurred. “It’s hell getting ready, but the payoff when it comes, pun intended,” she laughed, “makes it worth it, every three or four ümraniye escort years.”

“I’ll put it on my calendar and check back with you in a few years then.”



“Did you hear that, Momma?”

“Hunh? Hear what?”

“You’ll have to excuse her, Evie; she’s recovering from her own orgasm.”

“Damn, that’s twice now you’ve nearly proposed in front of witnesses and neither time were the witnesses able to say whether you did or not.”

“Evie, my love, when I propose, you won’t need a witness,” he whispered, flexing his cock in her ass before he pulled it free.

She straightened up with a small strain induced moan and turned to him with a smile. “When, not if? That’s three times now, Mike. Once more and I’ll hold you to it.”

He grabbed some tissues to wipe his flaccid cock off. He just smiled at her in return. “Well, I guess I’m safe to take your mother home. What time do you close up?”

“We shut down the kitchen at eleven-thirty, and last call at the bar is quarter of twelve. Cleaning crew comes in at twelve-fifteen, so I should be home by twelve-thirty.”

“And I have to be here at nine to get the birds and get them started…”

“Then I’ll have to come with you so we can have that talk I mentioned.”


Mike opened the passenger door on his Jeep for Anna, to drive her to the apartment she shared with her daughter. She turned to sit on the seat, then lifted her legs in one at a time, giving Mike a nice upskirt view of her legs and wet panties. She turned to face front without straightening her skirt. Mike looked up at her face, to find her watching him, a knowing smile on her face. Mike returned the smile and closed the car door.

He walked around his SUV and got into the driver’s seat. Before starting the car, without saying a word, he reached for Anna and pulled her face to his for a passionate, tongue-filled kiss. “That was for the blowjob,” he whispered after breaking the kiss.

She reached up and pulled his face back to repeat the kiss, invading his mouth with her tongue. “That was for the show,” she whispered.

He grinned and gave her a quick peck on the lips and started the car. As he pulled out of the parking space, Anna told him, “We need to drive by the bank. Turn right out of the lot and take the second right turn. Keep watch for anyone following us closer than a block.” As they approached the turn, she asked, “See anyone?”

Mike gave her a negative response, to which she answered, “Good; take the third left. The bank is in the middle of the block on the right. The over night depository is next to the walk-up ATM. Keep an eye out for loitering pedestrians.”

As they approached the bank, Mike noticed a couple of tall figures standing in doorways near their destination. He pointed them out to Anna, who swore under her breath. “Shit! I’d better take it home and deposit it tomorrow or Monday. D’you know, we took in over twenty two hundred tonight, on your game hen, alone, plus another twenty four hundred on accompaniments. With what we took in from the other customers, we more than doubled our usual Saturday. Thank you, Mike. Between the game hen and whatever you did to the cacciatore sauce last night, you’ve already made this weekend a record. Take me home, please.”

Anna pushed the door to the apartment open and entered, with Mike only a step behind her. She dropped her tote bag and purse to the floor by the table in the small entry way and continued into the living room. “Would you like a drink or…What?” she screamed as Mike swept her up, cradling her in his arms.

“Which bedroom is yours?” he asked her, nuzzling into her neck, just below her ear.

“Down the hall, on the left. Put me down; I can wa…mmphmmm!” whatever she was saying cut off by his lips pressing on hers as his tongue slid into her mouth. Anna’s arms found their way around his neck as she started to return the kiss.

He carried her to her room and pushed the door open with his hip. She giggled like a young woman as he swung her through the door and carried her to her bed and deposited her into its center without breaking the kiss.

She felt his hands sliding up her thighs to grab her panties and pull them off. As he broke the kiss, he pushed her skirt up above her hips. With a saucy smile, before she could move, Mike dropped his face between her legs and attacked her furry lips with his tongue.

She responded with a series of sounds which was a combination of scream and giggle. As his tongue explored her punani, her scriggles consolidated and transmuted into a long, soft moan. He delved into her labial crease, separating it, revealing her clit and exposing it to the actions of his tongue.

Mike clambered up onto the bed, positioning himself between her knees, which he pushed up toward her chest, further exposing her punani, and making it easier to reach and caress her clit with his pleasuring tongue. His mouth closed kartal escort bayan over her vulva and his tongue renewed its exploration of her labia and the area between them.

Mike felt Anna’s hands clutch his head and pull it closer to her. He worked his hands under and around her legs, searching for her mammas. His hands closed on them, pushing them together, as his thumbs found her nipples and began to rub them through her clothing, coaxing them to erection.

His tongue began to dip into her opening, pushing against the sides, forcing it open. He thrust it inside her, to caress the sensitive walls near the opening, alternating with featherlike caresses to her clit.

In a few minutes Anna’s body went rigid for several seconds before she collapsed, breathing hard. She reached down and pushed his head away, gasping, “Wait, just a minute.”

He pulled back, sitting on his heels, giving her room to sit up if she needed. She reached out to him, and asked him to help her up. She pushed herself into a sitting position and began to unbutton her blouse. Mike grinned and pulled his shirt off over his head.

When the blouse was gone, the older woman removed her bra and unzipped her skirt before lying back and lifting her hips. Mike read her signals and pulled her skirt off and down her legs, leaving her with just her pull up stockings on. He pushed his slacks off and moved up over Anna’s body to kiss her.

He started by running his tongue around her navel, lightly tickling the area, eliciting several quiet scriggles, actually more of a smothered giggle at this point. After torturing her so for a few minutes, he moved up to deliver the same sort of caress to her breasts, resulting in more moans and some subtle hip thrusts.

He reached down and pulled his cock up between their bellies, positioned in her crease so when her hips pushed up, her clit rubbed against his cock. Putting a pillow behind her head so she could watch him, he renewed his assault on her tits, sucking and biting on her nipples while maintaining eye contact. At the same time, he began to gently thrust his rod along the groove between her labia.

“Unngh,” she moaned. “You son of a bitch, stop teasing me and fuck me,” she demanded.

With a grin, Mike pushed his hips back, searching for her entrance. “Just waiting for an invitation,” he said, finding it and pushing his staff into her, drawing out a long low groan, until he was totally enclosed in his girl friend’s mother’s cunt.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned. “Wait, just a minute. It’s been a bit since I’ve had anybody that big. I can’t believe Evie took you in her butt. I might let you try that, but not tonight. Tonight, just slow and easy, please. I’m going to have to get used to you before we try anything else.”

Mike reached down to kiss her. “In that case,” he said and reached down to pull her legs up and over his shoulders. He crossed his ankles and sat back, pulling Anna up to sit in the opening in his legs as he sat back, campfire style.

“Oh!” she said, her eyes opening in surprise as it felt like he pushed into her another inch or so. She looked into his eyes, and saw the delight there as she discovered the advantages of his favorite Tantric position. “This is cozy,” she said with a smile. “Is it possible to fuck in this position?”

He leaned forward to kiss her. While their mouths were engaged, he began to slowly and gently raise and lower his knees. She pulled back, breaking the kiss, with a look of surprise, which quickly morphed to a smile while she resumed the kiss. After several minutes, her breathing began to become labored.

“Ohmigawd, I don’t believe it. You’re gonna make meeeeeeeeoh shit, Mike unnnngh!” her entire body stiffened on his staff even though she remained folded in half. In a short time, she went totally limp and collapsed into his lap, breathing hard and quivering all over.

“Oh, Christ! Where did that come from? One second, I’m sitting here barely moving, and the next, my whole world is centered in my pussy and it’s exploding all over the place. You’re just full of fucking surprises, aren’t you?”

Mike chuckled. “Those are the best kind, aren’t they?” He reached to raise her face to his and kissed her. “Ready to ride me. I’ve already come twice tonight, but I can feel the tickle which says I’m ready for another one, and cowgirl is the easiest position for me to come.”

With a wide grin, Anna nodded. “And then I get to clean you up, right?”

Lying back, Mike nodded. “Ready now, Anna? Then fuck me,” he ordered when she nodded.

Part LIX

Evie let herself into the apartment, trying not to make any noise which would give her presence away. As silently as she could, she made her way down the hall towards the bed rooms. When she came to her mother’s, she stopped and peeked around the corner, to see Anna lying in the middle of her bed, her legs spread, and evidence of her recent activity plainly in view.

“Enjoying the view?” asked Mike, behind her. He had come from the bathroom, with a towel around his hips. His hands rested on her hips at the same time he spoke.

Evie yelped in surprise and spun around, to find herself in his arms. Holding herself away from him, she asked, “Is she okay?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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