Oozing Love on Mel’s head

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I’m still shaking with excitement and smiling from ear to ear at the recent events in my life and how Mel and I became much more than siblings. I’m so in love with her that it oozes onto her head. What? You don’t understand what I’m saying? Well, I don’t really know how to explain other than to just tell you.

My sister Mel or Melanie as she likes to be called now, is older than me with a curvy, busty figure, and is the kindest, sweetest girl you could ever imagine. Her waist-length hair is black and silky and she spends an incredible amount of time taking care of it. She needed some extra money for college, so she applied for a job as the print model for a local hair salon. She had filled out the application and sent it in a few weeks ago, and ever since had been almost unbearable to be around, she was so excited about it. I did my best to avoid her and work on my own college priorities.

It was a Saturday afternoon and I was back from school. Melanie was watching Baywatch on T.V. and I was studying the mating habits of marmosets for an essay due the next week. Our folks had left town on Friday afternoon for the weekend, to attend a family reunion. Somehow, Melanie and I had been able to talk our way out of going with them.

Melanie is shorter than me by about 8 inches and besides her large, sweater- straining breasts, her most attractive feature is her incredibly long, wonderful hair. One day I found her diary on the living room couch, and couldn’t resist reading through it. I learned that she got aroused if someone played with her hair or undid her hair bun without her knowing it. Ever since I read her diary and especially the parts about how she got turned on by having her long hair played with, I would have some incredible dreams about Melanie and her silky hair, which left me very confused and frustrated. I finally came to the conclusion that it wasn’t wrong to fantasize about Melanie as long as nothing came of it.

As I was reading about animal mating habits and day dreaming about my sister’s hair again, the door bell rang. Melanie was too busy staring at David Hasselhof and Pamela Anderson to get off of the couch so I jumped up to answer the door.

There was a strange little man there who asked, in broken English, if he could see Madam Melanie. Doing my best not to laugh at my sister being called madam, I went and pulled my sister to the door.

The strange little man introduced himself as VJ and asked Melanie if she would be able to attend a live audition at his studio just around the corner from our house at eight o’clock that night. My sister thanked him profusely and agreed to be there. VJ left after giving my sister his business card and address, and confirming the appointment again.

Melanie ran up the stairs as soon as the door closed and started to get ready for her fifteen minutes of fame.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was very happy for my sister but I got a weird vibe from this VJ guy and I wasn’t about to let Melanie get herself into a dangerous situation.

I bounded up the stairs to join her in her bedroom and found her brushing her hair in front of the huge mirror on her dresser. She was very happy and was literally glowing with anticipation. She had never seemed more beautiful to me. I raised my concerns about VJ and how she didn’t know him from anyone.

She asked me to give her some peace and quiet so that she could get ready for the audition. She had about 4 hours to get ready. I was still struggling with my feelings escort ataşehir towards my sister and wasn’t sure if it was the protective brother that was taking over or if I was actually jealous of VJ. I had spent hours and hours helping with her hair through the years and sneaking peaks at her wonderfully large melons straining against her clothes and threatening to escape on more than a few occasions.

In my dreams and fantasies I would slowly touch her breasts and gently squeeze them with one hand as the other got lost in her silky hair.

After getting Melanie to agree that I should go with her and be her bodyguard, I reluctantly left her to her preparations.

By 7pm, we were ready to leave our house for VJ’s studio. We decided to walk since it was a clear and warm spring evening. Melanie and I joked and talked the whole way there. It was like she wasn’t my sister anymore, but a beautiful girl from my neighborhood. If I hadn’t been so internally conflicted over my feelings for her, I would have actually been happy.

We arrived at the studio ten minutes early and Melanie knocked on the green door. VJ opened the door and welcomed us in. “The waiting for your arrival is over then I think,” he said as he looked Melanie over from head to toe.

VJ led us down a long corridor and into a large room filled with lights, cameras and other kinds of equipment that I had never seen before in my life. My sister introduced me as simply Seth. For some reason she didn’t mention that I was her brother.

After motioning us to sit and relax on a large oversized sofa, VJ went over to a small wet bar and prepared three drinks. He never bothered to ask us what we wanted but, after our brisk, forty minute walk to his studio, I was down for anything.

I gulped my refreshment thirstily and glanced over at Melanie, only to see that she had finished hers off before I was halfway done. VJ had definitely put some kind of alcoholic beverage mixed with Sprite or soda water but I couldn’t place my finger on what it was exactly.

There was a huge TV at the far end of the room with some raw video footage of [what I assumed was] another photo shoot. As I tried to discern what the product or purpose might have been, VJ returned to us with a second drink. There was definitely a lot of alcohol in the second drink as well and though I knew my sister had a low tolerance for drinking, I thought it wouldn’t hurt her to have a few drinks to loosen up and help calm her nerves about being in front of the camera.

After downing her third drink, Melanie was really feeling the effects of the alcohol and all signs of nervousness had left her. VJ and Melanie began looking at some paperwork and photos and discussing the audition and shoot.

Melanie came over to me after VJ left the room and told me that she would mainly be combing and brushing her hair for the pictures as well as tossing her head around for some special effects shots he wanted to take.

“Thanks for coming with me Seth. It means the world to me,” Melanie said and then leaned in and gave me very erotic kiss right on the lips. She smiled and pulled away, then walked over near the lights to get ready for the shoot.

My emotions as well as my hormones were running rampant now. Was that just the drinks making her do that? Did she miss my cheek and kiss my lips by accident? Does she think of me as more than a brother? These and dozens more questions started swirling around in my head.

VJ was kadıköy escort bayan finally ready to start. He asked Melanie to undo the top button on her shirt and then directed her into some simple poses as he got behind his camera and started filming.

I had never seen Melanie look so sexy or beautiful as she did that day. Smiling from ear to ear as she leaned this way and that, she threw her hair all over the place. She nearly knocked one of VJ’s lights off its tripod at one point. After twenty minutes, VJ called for a break to get a different camera and offered Melanie another drink, which she accepted without question.

After VJ wandered off down the hall looking some piece of missing equipment, I went over to Melanie and made sure she was doing ok.

“I’m just peachy Seth,” Melanie responded. “I know you think I’m drinking too much but you’ll be my protector won’t you?”

“Of course I will.” I told her enthusiastically. “I will walk you safely down the street arm in arm and even carry you if I need to!” I said with a little bit too much bravado.

We both laughed at that and then she leaned forward and gave me another kiss on the lips. “Thanks Seth,” she said looking into my eyes. “This is a dream of mine and to have you here sharing it with me, means so much to me.”

Then my world turned upside down forever. Melanie leaned forward and embraced me as she gave me the most passionate kiss of my life, mashing her wonderful breasts between us. We kissed like lovers, only breaking our embrace when we heard VJ coming back down the hall.

Her kiss left me stuttering. “What… I….”

“Please don’t say anything,” Melanie said to me and then moved toward VJ to discuss the next part of the photo shoot with him. VJ pulled out a chair and had Melanie sit on it and then started to run his fingers through her hair. I could see Melanie relax, close her eyes and lean back into the chair enjoying this attention to her wonderful locks. VJ began to apply some make-up on my sister’s face and neck, while asking her to reveal a little bit more of her deep cleavage. Melanie obligingly undid the next two buttons on her shirt.

I was mesmerized by the sight of Melanie in that chair and the soft bulges of her breasts straining against her shirt. I was soon bought back to reality as VJ walked over to me.

“I want you to comb your friend’s hair for the next part,” he said, handing me the hair brush.

Melanie smiled at me, staring into my eyes as I walked over to her, brush in hand. “Are you ready for this?” she asked me.

“Start brushing now,” VJ squeaked at me from behind the camera and after another second of hesitation, I started to brush my sister’s hair.

My cock started to twitch the moment touched Melanie’s hair. It was glorious, so soft and wonderful. I lovingly undid all the tangles caused by her wild poses only moments before as VJ snapped photo after photo.

Melanie’s huge round breasts were so tempting, especially from my perspective looking down into her open shirt. Just then Melanie undid the next button on her shirt, causing my cock to twitch and grow a little more. VJ voiced his approval by moving closer with his camera and I thought I noticed him adjust himself.

Melanie reached back and brushed the palm of her hand against the front of my pants. That was all it took to get me completely hard. I was inwardly cursing the fact that I had worn my tightest jeans and I was in more than a little bit of discomfort. escort bostancı

Between my discomfort and the thick black hair in my hands, I hadn’t noticed Melanie undo the rest of the buttons on her white blouse until she opened her shirt. The flash from the camera stopped and VJ stood there with his mouth wide open. I was so stunned that I dropped the brush.

AS VJ and I stood speechless, Melanie stood up and completely removed her shirt and then reached back and unclasped her bra, letting it slip off her shoulders and onto the floor. I had been dreaming about this moment all of my life. My sister was standing topless in front of me and I was stunned.

I didn’t care that VJ was right there watching. I moved around to face Melanie and we melted into each other’s arms in a passionate embrace. My hands moved to grasp her breasts. She felt so wonderful. I think she must have known that I was uncomfortable, because she unzipped my jeans and fished out my cock. Melanie dropped to her knees in front of me and took my erection into her mouth.

My own sister was giving me a blowjob! I couldn’t believe it. VJ walked closer, and as he did, he reached out for Melanie’s hair taking a large clump of it in his hands. I didn’t care as long as he didn’t touch me.

Melanie pulled her mouth off of my cock long enough to beg for me to cum for her. Before I had a chance to protest or respond she slid her lips down my shaft again. Her tongue was snaking around my shaft as she sucked me.

I looked over at VJ and he had pulled his own cock out of his pants. He was massive! His cock must have been 10 inches long. He wrapped a fist full of Melanie’s hair around his cock and began to masturbate himself with it.

Meanwhile, Melanie’s expert mouth and technique had me ready to cum. This wasn’t the first cock that had made its way into her mouth. She pulled her mouth off of my cock just in time for me to shoot my load onto her hair. When she was sure that I was done she took my cock back into her mouth and gave me one last hard suck squeezing out every last drop. I was spent!

I collapsed back onto the sofa, watching VJ stroke his cock more violently with Melanie’s hair. He was really yanking hard and I could hear Melanie grunt and grimace in pain as his grip on her hair got tighter and tighter. I could also see in Melanie’s eyes that she was enjoying this more than I could understand.

VJ let out a deep groan and started to cum all over Melanie’s hair. His torrent of sperm seemed to last forever and between the both of us; her hair was covered in goo. When he was finished VJ collapsed onto a chair at the far end of the room and Melanie got up and ran to the bathroom.

Feeling a little bit uncomfortable I pulled up my pants and grabbed Melanie’s shirt. Melanie came out of the bathroom a few minutes later with her hair up in a tight bun and grabbed her shirt. She walked over and gave VJ a kiss on the cheek and asked him if she passed the audition. VJ just nodded and Melanie smiled at the both of us as she pulled me outside and into the night.

You might be wondering what happened to Melanie and I. Are we still together? Are we in love? Did we become emotional dysfunctional adults? Did Melanie ever go back for a second photo shoot?

Well, those are answers that might best be told in another part. I can tell you that Melanie did get some work and money out of ole VJ and that was only the first of many photo shoots. We’re both happy and well adjusted adults, and doing very well now.

And how is Mel you might ask? Let’s just say that I’m sitting in my favorite chair and Melanie’s right here on her knees in front of me, and I’m oozing my love for her all over that pretty head of hair she has! mmmmmmmmmm

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