One Summer with My Cousin

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I grew up in a rather sheltered home. The mere mention of sex was practically forbidden and I guess my parents just figured I would learn it all on my own somehow. I was 18 and yet my parents still had parental controls on the internet and such, blocking anything to do with sex or nudity or anything like that. I couldn’t believe I was so old and yet knew so little. I mean I kinda knew about sex through the grape vine, but I had never seen a vagina in my entire life and the only breasts I’ve ever seen where in National Geographic.

Sometimes my sister’s hot friends would come over and sleep over and stuff. I was always attracted to them and well, wanted to see them naked, if only so that I could finally see a girl naked. Yet I never had a chance. I try to spy on them but I could never see anything. One time, I found a broken makeup case in the trash. It had a small mirror in it, that was still good, just the rest of the makeup case was cracked. I pocketed the mirror, hoping to use it to help me peep on one of my sisters friends, yet I never had a chance, since my sister always seemed to be around when one of her friends was taking a shower in the bathroom or changing or something.

Meanwhile, during the summer after my senior year and right before I was off for college, my mom got a call from my aunt. Our cousin was going to visit us for a few weeks. She had never been to California, so it would be a big treat for her. They had been trying to get her to come for years, but it never worked out until that summer. Eventually the day came, and my parents picked her up from the airport.

My cousin’s name was Saeda. She was about two years older than me but one year younger than my sister. I hadn’t seen her since we visited her a few years back, and although she hadn’t changed much, she definitely matured. She had lost a little bit of weight, but she was still slightly chubby, more curvy than really anything else. She had a cute face with a small nose but she had big lips and big brown eyes. Her hair was black and was ALWAYS in a bun or pony tail. Her legs were thin but she had slightly big thighs and a nice round butt. She didn’t have a stomach, although it wasn’t flat, but you could hardly notice because her most noticeable feature was her large breasts. They weren’t gigantic, but they were definitely huge, having grown since I last saw her.

I remember, the second I saw her, I wanted to see her naked. Yet, it seemed I would never ataşehir escort bayan get a chance. She and my sister were inseparable. They always were around each other, and it never seemed I had a chance to peek on Saeda without the chance of getting caught. Nearly two weeks of the three she was staying passed, and I hadn’t had any openings. I was beginning to give up on my voyeuristic attempts.

But one day, it all changed. Saeda was in my mom’s room with the door closed. I had no idea what she was doing but I didn’t really care to find out. As I thought this to myself, my sister came up to me, telling me not to go into my mom’s room, because Saeda was ironing her clothes for today and changing. My sister then went to the guest bathroom to take a shower, giving me my first opportunity to spy on Saeda. As soon as the shower started, I was at my mom’s door, with the mirror in hand, using it to look under the crack below the door.

At first I couldn’t see much but as I angled the mirror, I caught a glimpse of Saeda. She was ironing her clothes alright, but in her underwear, wearing a pair of gray panties and a matching sports bra. Although she wasn’t naked, this was still hot to me, so I ran into my room and jacked off to thoughts of her ass in those panties. From then on, I couldn’t stop staring at Saeda, be it her chest or backside.

Little did I know that the little peak I got was just a sample. A few days later, my sister and Saeda were going to go to the mall. They asked if I wanted to join them. I said sure and quickly got dressed. I then sat around in my room watching TV as the girls got ready. My sister came into my room and told me they were taking showers. Her words didn’t really click with me at first, but then I realized what she said and I ran to the guest bathroom just as Saeda closed the door behind her. My sister was taking a shower at the same time, so this was a perfect opportunity. I then lay down on my stomach and busted out the mirror.

At first glance I thought I missed my opportunity. Saeda was walking into the shower, and all I got was view of her bare ass. While that was nice, I figured I just blew my only chance at seeing her naked. Boy I was wrong. Just before I was about to get up and go back to my room, the shower door opens and Saeda walks out. And just like that, I finally got to see my first naked woman in all her glory and boy was it glorious. Her boobs were even bigger than I imagine, escort kadıköy slightly sagging, but the best was I caught a glimpse of her pussy, which was visible underneath her slight bush. I was in heaven. She then bent over and picked up a shampoo bottle she forgot, turned around, and went back into the shower.

I was fully erect and horny as hell now, so I ran into my sisters room. I found Saeda’s bag and opened it up. Right near the top was a bra, so I took it out and looked for a sticker or tag on it that would tell me her size. I found it, and read the print of 38D. I then grabbed my member and began to jack off. Before I knew it, I was cumming, and so as to not get my clothes dirty, I came inside a pair of her panties, then tossed it into the bag, and quickly went to my room. I then watched TV like nothing was out of the ordinary. Soon enough, I saw Saeda in a towel walk by my room and into my sisters. I hear her close the door and let out a sign of relief that I wasn’t caught.

That weekend, I woke up really late. I walked around my house, noticing my sister and parents were gone. I then remembered my sister had a soccer game. I figured I was alone in the house, but when I went in the kitchen, Saeda was there. She had also slept in late. So we both decided to eat breakfast and then hang out until they came back. Over breakfast, nothing really happened, mostly small talk. I did get a feeling though that Saeda wanted to say something, and my sixth sense was confirmed when she finally spoke up.

Saeda told me she had found a pair of her panties that were wet a few days ago. The second she started the sentence, I knew I was done for. I didn’t feel like lying to her, so I told her pretty much everything. While I was expecting to have to beg her not to tell my parents or my sister, she was cool about it, and even laughed it off. She said she was flattered that I found her attractive and that she was the first girl I ever saw naked. I thought it was kinda weird she was so coo l with it, but we continued to talk about it and then more about sex and stuff. I told her that I was a virgin and didn’t know the first thing about sex. She laughed at first and then said something I would never forget. She asked me if I wanted to have sex with her.

Before I knew what hit me, we were in my parents room grabbing condoms and then rushing to my room. She got naked rather quickly, and then made me undress quickly too. She told bostancı escort me she would guide me threw it all, but I was still incredibly nervous, shaking almost. I was also already erect and ready to go. I had never put a condom on, so Saeda put it on me, placing the condom over the head of my penis and rolling it down. She then had me lay on my bed as she slowly lowered herself onto me. When my penis touched her pussy for the first time, I jumped slightly, and she raised herself off me. She then told me to relax, and lowered herself onto me again. When I finally slide all the way in, I could feel her insides tighten around me, and I swear I nearly passed out.

She then moved herself up and down on my dick, and I did the best I could to help in rhythm. I had no sexual experience beyond masturbating, so this felt 10 times better. I was lying there, hands at my side, stiff as a board, just watching Saeda. She would close her eyes ever so often, but my eyes were mostly fixed on her breasts, bouncing as she bounced on top of me. It was like hypnosis, her tits put me in a trance, as all I could do was stare at them move and sway. I was so out of it, that I didn’t even notice Saeda was talking to me.

When I finally realized, I looked at Saeda, as she told me, while laughing, that I didn’t have to just lay there, but that I could touch her. I started with my hands on her butt, feeling how smooth and cushy it was. I then raised my hands up her back and ultimately to the things I couldn’t keep my hands off, her tits. They felt so soft and round, and I even played a little with her brown nipples, which were slightly hard. I then moved my hand down to her vagina, and used my fingers to split apart the outer lips of her pussy so I could see her inner lips wrapped around my penis.

Since it was my first time, when I felt wetness near my penis, I thought that maybe Saeda just pissed on me. I looked up to her, slightly puzzled, but she answered that it was just her pussy juices. Shortly after that, I began to feel a tingle in my stomach and chest, and just like that, I came. In all honestly, I admit I didn’t last very long, and I think Saeda was slightly surprised.

We then got up, cleaned up, changed and everything, and then continued like nothing happened out of the ordinary.

For the rest of her trip here, we had sex two more times, mostly in the middle of the night when everyone else was asleep. I lasted longer and I think got better each successive time. Eventually, Saeda left and I didn’t see her again for several years. When I finally did, we thought about rekindling what we had, but we never got an opportunity. Even so, I still fantasize a lot about my first time with my cousin Saeda.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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