Obsessed With My Son

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It started simply enough. I entered the kitchen after a day at work to find my senior high school son between her legs, leaning firmly against his girlfriend, pressing her against the counter by the sink. They had not heard me come in, and were locked deeply in a kiss. As I rounded the corner, my son’s hips arched lower, tilted up as he pushed his crotch into her mound, pushing upwards, grinding his sex into hers. Her hands were on his ass, pulling him hard against her. I heard a stereo groan from both of them. I stopped dead in my tracks, a hot flash raced through my pussy as I focused on their waists. My son humped her hard for several seconds, grinding his pelvis against hers. “God I want you,” he whispered.

“I’m home,” I said, startling even myself.

“Mom,” Jake almost shrieked. He turned away quickly, the large bulge in his pants evident as he turned quickly away. “You’re early,” he continued, moving toward the end of the counter, tugging his girl by the elbow to follow him.

“Apparently,” I laughed.

“Mom, it’s not what you think,” Jake glared.

“It’s not,” I asked quizzically. “Kids, I understand making out and sex,” I continued trying to smooth the discussion. “You’re over 18. Do you,” I finished, turning to face them. I tried to look stern, hiding my internal feelings. I glanced to Jake, his bulge still visible.

“Mom,” he groaned. “We gotta jet,” he followed.

“Dinner in an hour,” I said, raising my voice so he would hear as they headed out the door. I reached for the counter top. My knees felt like rubber. My cunt throbbed. I needed fucked. Glancing at the clock, I headed upstairs to change clothes.

The house was so quiet. My mind continued to race, thoughts of Jake continued to fill my mind. Was he a virgin? How many girls had he had sex with? Was he doing safe sex? Did he know how to have sex? Please a woman? Woman, hell I chuckled to myself. Had I gotten so cynical? God, I could not remember what I knew at his age. When did his dad and I start our sexual relationship? Seniors in high school. Yep, now I remembered. Our first time was not unlike what I had observed minutes ago with Jake.

Opportunity, lust, hormones, all combined to make our sex quick, unfulfilling, and painful. We did try again though, and it got better with the years. I sat contemplating my life, our lives. We loved each other! We were faithful, honest, and still sexually active. Even at my age, 36, I still had strong sexual desires. And Kevin, he still lusted for me. I had kept my body in shape, I worked out religiously. Actually, my body was as toned now as it ever was. Almost naked, I stepped in front of the mirror on the closet door. I look pretty damn good I thought to myself. My hands caressed down my body, starting over my tits, pinching my hard nipples, sliding down my torso, over my mound. I allowed my fingertips to slide softly over my mound, over the hump to feel my lips, puffy lips hidden by my panties. It felt so good. I snaked a finger between my lips, feeling my clit. I’ve got time my brain screamed. I moved quickly to the bed, stretching out on my back, slipping my panties down, spreading my legs wide. I pushed a hand between my legs, dipping my fingers into my wet slit. Within seconds, I was furiously mashing my clit against my body, pushing the limits of my body’s senses, needing an orgasm, a release.

My mind flooded my senses with Kevin, kneeling between my legs, his lips wrapped around my clit, sucking me, biting my flesh, his fingers dipping into my dripping cunt. “Yes,” I growled. “Suck me baby,” I whispered. My brain switched a vision of Kevin for a vision of Jake instantly. “No,” I grunted, feeling my orgasm approaching. My fingers moved faster over my hard clit. “No,” I repeated, moving quickly to my orgasm. It was Jake’s face between my legs, his tongue, his lips, his fingers flooded my mind. My body exploded into a serious orgasm. I humped my fingers hard, grinding my clit against my slick flesh for a second orgasm. “Yes baby,” I whispered softly, growling deep in my body. I relaxed for several minutes, my mind turning over my thoughts again and again. What kind of sick mother was I? How could I even imagine Jake having sex with me? Shaking my head to clear the thoughts, I jumped up, dressed, and headed down stairs.

It’s funny how an obsession clouds the mind. Over the next days, weeks, and months, I watched Jake carefully. I purposefully made chances for my confrontations of him, checking his shorts for stains, checking his sheets, observing his hours, his dates, his phone calls when possible. I grew to know when he had a sexual release, or I believed he had sex. His manner, his temperament, his mood all changed. But for a super high school senior stud, he seemed to have very little actual sex, but more red palm play in his room. I even found myself looking through his clothes to find cum stained boxers. I would inhale his musky odor in his dirty clothes.

I grew jealous of his girlfriends. I watched as they played, touching, caressing adalar escort softly, anything that indicated more intimate contact could be expected. I encouraged him to get to the gym, work out, spend adequate time in his studies, actually ready him self for the rigorous requirements of college life. Then, I became concerned about the coed college life with a young man that was a real physical specimen. I was “Damned if I did, damned if I didn’t” encourage him.

I often imagined I was his girlfriend, noting how he touched them, how his hands would massage their neck, back, legs, and even chest when I would sneak a peek to discreetly catch them in some sort of torrid passion. I placed his hands on my body at every opportunity. I hugged him, pressed my body against him with great caution. My nipples would grow hard, my cunt would flood at the thought of him, his hands, his cock. And with the changes of weather, fewer clothes were worn, increasing my desires for this hot, young piece of meat. I imagined the size of his cock. Man sized on a young man. Stamina, I bet he could fuck like a bull, hammer my hungry pussy, and come back for more before my orgasm had even diminished. My son was the best fuck I could ever imagine. And God did I masturbate. I flooded more panties than ever. I was always on the prowl. I was obsessed, I needed his cock.

Kevin never even questioned my increased need for cock. I grew very aggressive, jumping him at least 2-3 times a week. I grew randy, needing hard, fast, uncomplicated sex, pounding my sex to submission. I needed his cum in my mouth, on my tits, sprayed over my face, in my cunt, shoved deep in my ass. I needed cum. I kept Kevin drained now. He loved it, calling me his sex slave. I did his bidding, all the while switching Jake for my husband in my mind.

I grew more obsessed. I needed Jake’s cock, his thrusts, his penetrations, his cum in my mouth, my cunt, my ass. How could I tell him? How could I seduce my own son? I needed a plan, but none came to mind. The school year passed quickly, Jake graduated the last weekend of May. Half the summer flew by, and Jake was getting ready to move to campus. I grew sick inside. The love of my life, my son was leaving me. And taking his cock with him. I was growing desperate. I had to have him before he left. Somehow!

And luck fell my way. Just after July 4th, Kevin had a large contract arise out of state, and would require him to spend the next 8-weeks at minimum 1500 miles away. While all was addressed, he felt bad that he would not be available for the weeks before Jake had to leave. Hugs, tears, and tender moments were spent prior to Kevin leaving. Now it was Jake and myself. I would act quickly to make him the man of the house. Just thinking about him floods my pussy even to this day.

Kevin left early Friday morning, heading out by car to the new client. During the day, I ran errands, got groceries, had a facial, and readied myself for the planned seduction later this evening. Arriving home, I started Jake’s favorite light dinner, dressed in a very short floppy, flowing skirt, tub top, and began the dinner. Jake arrived from a day out with his best friend Steve. Jake invited him to stay for dinner, letting me know Steve had plans for right after dinner. I agreed, no need to do something out of the norm. The way Steve reacted to me, he flirted from the get go. Compliments flowed, he busied himself setting the table, standing close behind me to watch me stir, poured a glass of good white wine, made conversation as Jake sat at the table and watched. He grinned numerous times as Steve made comments, even calling me a MILF indirectly. Jake waved his hands frantically. “Steve, she knows that acronym,” Jake laughed as he turned bright red.

“Jesus Ms. G, I’m sorry,” Steve apologized.

We had a great dinner. I even teased the boys about the change in their routines once college began. I addressed they would make their own decisions, and live with their own consequences of those decisions. I commented about how hot the coeds would be, experiencing life, free from mom and dad as well. I cautioned them, even shaking my finger at the boys in a mock stern moment. “Keep your pants zipped,” I instructed. I excused myself, headed into the kitchen to grab some cake and ice cream. Standing at the counter, I felt a body saddle up against my backside, a hard cock pressing softly against my ass. Glancing quickly over my shoulder, I found Steve, looking, hesitating, not quite sure what was going to happen next.

“Steven, are you thinking about me,” I inquired, teasing him verbally. “Don’t do this Steve,” I said sternly. “I’m flattered. Honestly, but I don’t think so sweetie,” I continued. I stepped away, moving quickly around him to enter the dining room. A minute passed, Steve returned.

“I’ve got to run buddy,” he stated looking directly at Jake. “Call you tomorrow,” he told Jake. “Thanks for dinner Ms. G,” glancing my way, and he was out the door.

Jake looked to anadolu yakası escort me, his eyes searching for some explanation. “Do you know what that was about,” he asked?

“I believe he made a pass at me,” I said softly. “I did not respond the way he hoped,” I continued, taking a long, slow bite of cake. Jake sat dumbfounded, unable to speak.

“Mom, I’m so sorry,” he finally stuttered.

“Baby, I’m flattered actually,” I explained. “It’s just not expected or wanted,” I finished.

“I understand why he would make a pass at you,” my son stated. “My friends all think you are hot,” he laughed.

“Really,” I drew the word out, contemplating his words. “I’m an old married woman,” I stated flatly.

“Not bad for an old married woman,” Jake stated. He grabbed his bowl, stood for an instant, and headed into the kitchen. In that split instant, I glanced to his crotch, finding his pants tented, pointing directly at me. I focused on his crotch, glanced quickly back to his face. He noted my focus.

“Up for a movie tonight,” I hollered over my shoulder.

“Sure, I will go rent that new Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey movie,” he replied.

He left to go get the movie, I made some popcorn to munch during the movie. Jake soon returned.

As we retired to the media room, I brought a nice glass of wine, the popcorn, and a soda for him. I plopped down on the couch, snuggled into the cushions. Jake started the movie, and sat down next to me like always. Wiggling his shoulders, he expected a backrub, a normal interaction while watching movies. The McConaughey guy is a nice looking man, and the movie shows several sequences where he is shirtless, lifting weights, and sweaty.

“Mom, do you think he is sexy,” Jake asked.

“Absolutely baby,” I responded, rubbing his back. I let my nails trace little scratches over his skin. He leaned back beside me. My hand dropped to my thigh, resting against his thigh as well. With fingers bent, I trailed my fingers back and forth over his leg, up and down his thigh to his shorts. Nothing was said, we munched and watched the movie in silence. In one sequence, McConaughey has a rather intense sex scene in the semi-darkness with an attractive young lady. During that moment, I dug my fingernails into Jake’s thigh, squeezing firmly as a twinge of lust crossed through my sex, making me groan as I imagined her position, imagined her impaling her cunt on his rigid cock, and felt my hips wiggle as I would do in driving the rigid flesh deep into my body. I groaned out loud. I excused myself, ran to the bathroom embarrassed by my reactions in front of my son.

Upon returning, Jake had rewound the sequence, and started the movie again just prior to the sex scenes. I lay down on the couch, stretching out with my head on Jake’s thigh, also a common position we shred many many times in the past. As the scene passed again, I squeezed my legs together, and watched intently as the scene finished. I caressed Jake’s thigh from mid thigh to his knee as he caressed my hair, neck, and shoulders. To my surprise, I felt Jake’s cock under my head, on the inside of his thigh. Hard, extending down his leg, I could feel his hard meat almost throbbing, flexing hard along side my head. My fingers traced high under my cheek, under his shorts, stretching to reach up his thigh, nails dragging over the sensitive skin. I bumped into his cock head softly, covered by his boxers. I moved against his cock head so softly, inadvertently, wanting to tease him, but not to acknowledge his cock. “Oh fuck,” Jake whispered, just barely audible. His hips arched upwards slightly. I pulled my hand back down, away from his rigid cock. I felt his hips relax as he sank back into the cushions.

Jake’s hand slid down my body, sliding quickly over my side, brushing the side of my tit. His hand hesitated, not sure what to do. He moved his hand further down my body to my waist. He caressed my abdomen, his fingers pointing down, sliding under the waistband of my shorts and panties. I held my breath, sucking my stomach in. His hand stopped movement, pulling out. He rubbed my back for several minutes more as I casually stroked his thigh. We did not speak, but watched the movie in silence. I moved to sit up, placing my hand on Jake’s thigh. My fingers wrapped around the girth of his cock under his shorts as I pushed up. I gave the slightest of squeezes, feeling the firmness, the softness of his flesh through his clothing.

I straightened my flowing skirt, raised my arm and looked to him. “Your turn sweetie. Put your head on mommy,” I stated. Jake scrambled to lie down on the couch, putting his head high on my thigh. I stroked his hair softly as we watched the movie. Jake’s hand rested on my lower thigh, in front of his face. Jake caressed slowly, moving up and down my thigh. His fingers dipped deep over my thigh, reaching down to the inside of my thigh. His fingers would stretch to trace his nails on my other thigh as my legs were close together. ataköy escort Trailing fire, he would slide his fingers up my thigh, using his nails to rake the skin softly. He would drive the fingers up past his head, just slightly under my skirt. Each time he did this, the material of my skirt bunched upwards, exposing more thigh for him to feel and caress. With each upward movement of his hand, I took a deep, slow breath, wanting his to push hard, to drive his hands into my crotch, to feel how damp my pussy was, to feel my engorged lips, my clit protruding from between my lips, aching for his touch. But with each pass, he slowed, pulling his hand back down. It got to be a game, in my mind, my hips almost arching, my thighs trying to spread, my cunt opening to capture his probing fingers. In reality, my hand caressed down his torso with each caress from him. I dipped my fingers beneath the waistband of his shorts slightly, nails teasing his ass so slightly. I moved to his hip, pulling hard on his hip bone, sliding my fingerstips into the crevice between the hip bone and abdomen as he slid his hand up my thighs. I would scratch him as he pulled his hand back, making sure he knew the effect he was giving Mommy. The movie progressed slowly, but our time raced. The movie ended far too quickly.

“Time for bed baby,” I told him. I was tired. I was horny. I needed to cum.

“Ah mom,” whined Jake. He made no effort to move, caressing my thigh again. “You smell good Mom,” Jake quipped, turning to kiss my bare thigh as he pushed himself up to a sitting position. My mind raced. My musky smell? My perfume? I panicked, moving to stand quickly.

“Night honey,” I said, leaning to him. He jumped up, pulling me close, wrapping his arms firmly around my shoulders, mashing my body against his. I could feel his hardness pressing against my abdomen, rigid, standing up under his shorts. Wrapping my arms around his waist, I pulled his body tighter against me, wiggling my shoulders, driving my body tight against him, pressing his cock hard against his body. Without thinking, I turned to him, pulled his head down to me, my mouth brushing his lips quickly. “Night baby,” I whispered, pushing back away from him. I turned, bent at the waist to grab my slippers, exposing my long legs as my skirt road up my thighs, and moved to the door as I headed upstairs. Turning to look, Jake was stroking his crotch through his shorts. I moved quickly up the stairs to my room.

I could hardly breathe. My cunt was flooded! My brain was cursing me, begging me to go rape my son, to grab his swollen member, to suck his magnificent cock head into my mouth, drive my tongue into his monsters eye, to lick the precum from his tool, to jam his manhood down my throat. I wanted to grab him by the hair, to pull his face into my wet slit, driving his mouth onto my clit. Oh fuck I wanted to wash his face in my flowing juices. My hand reached into my wet crotch, my panties were soaked. I jammed a finger between my lips, thrust across my engorged clit, mashing her back and forth quickly. My knees buckled. I turned to sit on my bed, my hand pumping back and forth across my cunt, my finger thrashing my clit. Closing my eyes tightly, I pictured Jake, on his knees, his head firmly attached to my clit, his fingers thrusting in and out of my wet hole. I attacked my cunt with both hands, pulling my lips wide open, mashing my clit hard, thrashing it back and forth fast. I probed my wet hole, sticking my fingers deep into my pussy, driving two as deep as I could penetrate my body and flick my clit at the same time. I lay back on the bed.

“Jake,” I whispered. “Suck mommy, baby,” I growled. Closing my eyes, I pictured Jake between my legs, my cunt lips wrapped softly on his mouth as he sucked my clit deep into his mouth, his teeth firmly holding me, his tongue flicking the sensitive flesh back and forth hard, fast. “Yes baby,” I growled as my orgasm approached. “Suck mommy,” I breathed audibly. My first orgasm washed over me, consuming my mind, all thought gone, a purely sexual satisfaction warming my insides, radiating from my sex and spreading out through my body. My breathing stopped, my hips arched, my cunt throbbed. I continued to flick my clit hard, slowing only to allow a breath to be inhaled. As I held the next breath, I again thrashed my swollen clit, faster, harder than before. I ached. I needed to cum again. Seconds passed, a second orgasm washed over me, raising the bar, flooding my cunt with more juices. My fingers penetrated my slick cunt quickly, driving two deep as I continued the assault on my clit. My breathing was now ragged, I was gasping for a breath as I thrust my fingers in and out of my wet pussy. I needed cock. “Oh fuck,” I grunted as I slammed my fingers deep into my swollen pussy. I squeezed my legs together, grinding my fingers deep, feeling them press against my hard clit once again. I pinched my clit hard, tugging, pulling on the sensitive flesh. Seconds more, a third orgasm pounded through my body, causing my cunt to throb uncontrollably. “Oh fuck Jake,” I whimpered loudly. “Fuck mommy,” I continued. I pumped my fingers in and out of my cunt. I rolled to my stomach, raising my ass in the air, forcing my hands deep into my crotch. I humped up and down my fingers and hands as I thrashed my screaming cunt. I screamed into the pillow.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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